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Pretty day…..

…..certainly feels like winter around here.

IMG_5561[1]  IMG_5562[1]


Ok, ok, ok…….maybe not as bad down here as my parents have it up in the Erie/Upstate New York area.



In all seriousness I want all my friends, family, and clients who live up there to be safe. Some serious weather especially for this time of year. Here is a pic of I90 from a couple days ago…….crazy and no… I don’t miss this.



Enough about all that… the Post states it turned out to be a beautiful day down here in paradise. I intended to go help Tommy on Sugar this week, but decided last minute to stick around Falcon and finish up my back-up boat……other known as the Sugar Express. I finally got enough money scraped together to buy the console unit (thanks to a killer deal from www. and have been busy putting everything together. I am perfectionist when it comes to my boats. When I work on one I go waaaaaaaay over the top and spare no expense. I think it came out looking pretty good.

IMG_5567[1]   IMG_5568[1]



Looks like I may have a weekend trip and a 5 day trip coming after Thanksgiving so I will be on Falcon quite a bit over the next month or so. I got a very good text/question from a potential client a couple days ago. He read about the great day we had on Falcon Friday afternoon and was surprised we did that well. His question was that he thought Falcon didn’t fish well in the cold and that’s a very good question. Falcon Lake fishes great whether it’s cold, rainy, sunny, warm, hot……etc. It DOES NOT fish well with 25+ plus mph winds. That’s the only real deal breaker 12 months out of the year. Wind. With that said you will have stinkers out on the water every single month and you will whack the heck out of em every single month. It’s fishing…….and speaking of fishing I am heading out to get the gear ready for tomorrow.


Any questions as to what will be on the menu? Going for big bites tomorrow……

Give me a ring, text or email if a Falcon Lake Walrus trip sounds exciting to you.




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