Postponed trip today, did some electronics trouble shooting, Jaime’s friend Jill and the King

My trip for today got postponed and to be honest it was probably for the best. The weather this morning was far from ideal with several thunderstorms popping up with plenty of wind, North wind at that. My Hydrowave quit working after about an hour the other day so I spent the morning trying to figure out the issue. Luckily it wasn’t anything major…..the fuse looked like it had some corrosion so I cleaned it up and she was back to working. Jaime has had a friend from VA visiting the past few days. The weather calmed down in the evening and she wanted to go for a boat ride and catch a bass. She has never fished before. Well, she led the crew tonight catching 7…..all of the fish tonight were like the one pictured. Size challenged lets just say….lol. The king of is back for a two day trip. Yep, big fish Roy.



Roy is the current record holder for with the 12.7 pound beauty pictured above that he caught last year. Roy and his brother Troy have had some big trips here on Falcon. This time Roy has brought his dad along……I can’t wait to get these fellas on some big girls tomorrow.








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