Post front, air temps in the 30’s, and……..

…….we had a terrific day and we aren’t talking dinks either. Did we catch some bunt singles? Sure, but most were over 4 lbs. We caught 6 fish over 6 lbs today with an 8 + lb kicker. We caught 15 fish off of one ledge in the morning. We were freezing too. I have a confession to make. Randy caught a very nice fish first thing in the morning and it was hooked deep. So I had to take the pliers in through the gills and work some magic. I got the hook out clean and went to put the fish back in the water while we got the scales and camera ready. Well, you guessed it. It shook off my hand and back down to the deep she went. ugh. Now is where I list my excuses. (1.) Hands don’t work like they used to in 90 degree weather, let alone 30 degree weather (2.) My hands were fighting frost bite (see number one). I felt terrible, but Randy got him another good one later in the day that went 7.1 and we got a pic of her as well. I know what your thinking…..did he let you near the fish? Answer: NO! LOL. Sorry Randy 🙁 Most of the pics are on Lanney’s phone, so I will update the pics when I get them. We caught fish on cranks, crigs, and that secret weapon of mine…..the finesse crig. (caught all the big fish to boot) The one pic shows the bait that has been working very well on the back. I will be back at it tomorrow……if we catch half of what we did today I will be elated. *updated with a few more pics from today’s action*


Total fish: 26

Best five: about 35 lbs

Kicker: 8 lber








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