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Poor Looby…..

…..was up all last night and well into the morning with an earache. I used to get them when I was her age and I’m telling you there are few things in my life that were more painful. I figured for sure I would be watching Madison today, but when I asked her this morning if she wanted to go to school, her reply was……”heck yeah! today is Thanksgiving diner at school!” She proceeded to tell me about all of the goodness that she was going to eat. It would of taken a lot more than an earache to keep ole Lou from her turkey, stuffing, mash potatoes, corn, and cranberry. God bless her…what a trooper. Speaking of Thanksgiving, this will be the first time in my life that I won’t be home for Thanksgiving. I didn’t think it would bother me, but got to confess that I am getting more bummed out by the day. It is what it is though…….Jaime’s mom just had her knees replaced so the thought of the crew coming while she was down and out just didn’t sound very appealing. Sooooooo we will give thanks down here in Zapata and trust me we have a lot to be thankful for.




Let’s talk fishing for a brief moment. I ended up fishing the North end of the lake today. I didn’t want to be very far away incase the school nurse looked me up. I started in Diablo and fished down to Pierces which is as far South as I went . Let’s tell it how it is……remember last Friday? 3 and half hours of fishing with 51 boated and a 7 lb kicker? Yes?……good. Today wasn’t nearly as explosive, but keep in mind I fished in a lot of areas that I haven’t been in Months and I am glad I did. When I did catch a fish it was quality. I only caught one fish that was under 3 lbs and it was under 3 ounces….lol. My big for the day was in that 5 to 6 pound range and she was caught on a 10xd in 27 feet of water at the mouth of Pierces. Here’s a pic of her.


Good news is that my new electronics worked flawlessly today. The 521vx Ranger is at 100% and boy is it a straight up fishin machine. See ya out on the water!




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