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Falcon Report

Pleasant surprise…….

By July 31, 2012No Comments

Got a phone call late afternoon yesterday from Adam wanting to going fishing today. One more trip before the calendar turns to August. I had a great time with Adam today. At times we caught the heck out of em, but we also had hours, yes hours without so much as a bite. I made a few poor decisions today. I got the opportunity to run South to an area that had been loaded full of fish. Well guess what? It wasn’t loaded today and I spent 4.5 hrs in that area. I had to really scramble after that error in judgement. Adam did some serious work with a blade and square bill the second half of the day. All in all a fun day to be on Falcon Lake.

Total fish: 26
Best 5: about 25 lbs
Kicker: Adams 7 even