It sure did feel good to finally get back on the water over the past couple of days with Danny and Laura. We have one more half day tomorrow. I have three fellas coming in from California for a Friday/Saturday trip. My folks arrive Sunday for 10 days of Falcon Walrus hunting. I have a really nice busy stretch over the next 2 weeks and I am very much looking forward to it. I have had several cancelations in September and October…..had 5 days cancelled here in September alone just in the past dang near 24 hours. Big time bummer…..sooooooo if you want an end of September/October date or dates there is a good chance I’ll have it open. Here is the link to my schedule and it should be 100% up to date:


Let’s talk some fishing….I know, I know its been a while. Danny whooped Laura and I pretty good today. We have stayed shallow and in the gravel pretty much exclusively along with pitching plastics in main lake timber. The timber depth varies from 3 to 6 ft. There are some deeper main lake trees in the 8 to 12 foot range that I caught fish in earlier this year, but we did not hit em today. We fished Mexico 95.7% of the time and Danny certainly had the hot bait today and like I said at the beginning…..he REALLY put it to us in a big way.


Here is a look at the hot, game used, pitch baits……Shhhhhhhhhhhh don’t tell Danny.




Danny had a straight up walrus jump off yesterday(crank…..I know…shocker), but today? We didn’t have one single “big bite”….well, that we know of. Our biggest might of touched the 5 lb mark. We will be back at it tomorrow for a few hours……gonna hit the trees again and maybe show Danny a foundation or two.





Boodrow was dropped off on the curb by somebody this morning…….grrrrrrrr. With the gate closed he found his way in and this is what I came home to after I got off the water.




Remember our softy conversation we had a month ago or so? Ugh.


To say this dog hit the jackpot would be a mild understatement.









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