Mega Walruses





Those two hit the boga grips at 11 even even and 9 1/2 pounds. Justin and I spent the day on a semi private little lake called Camelot Bell. I try not to come across as a braggart on here because that certainly isn’t the intent whatsoever. Camelot Bell is a CROWN JEWEL of Texas and an invention by Mr. Mike Frazier. The two hours that I spent with Mike were as much fun as the fishing to be honest. To see the level of passion and dedication for raising giant deer and bass was jaw dropping. Successful people, regardless of profession, just don’t happen by accident that much is a fact. I will be back on Falcon in the morning with a father/son duo. The weekend will be incredibly busy with a Bass trip Saturday, then I am guiding for gar Saturday night and into Sunday morning from my clients Airboat. Not just any airboat…

Check out the vid on the boat:


Justin and his brother brother heard about ole NESSY from the other day when I had a potential state record on while fishing with Scott. We are going to go looking for her and the events will be video’d as my webman Danny is on his way down for the festivities. After the gar battles we will be back on Falcon Sunday bright and early shooting more video only this time video of Danny’s girlfriend horsing in Walruses on a 6xd.






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