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Falcon Report

Perfect day to be on Falcon Lake.

By April 22, 2013No Comments

What a day. We launched here at the county and ran the entire lake. We caught quite a few fish today, but on this day it was more could a, should a, and would a. Mike didn’t believe in the banana jinx, but I believe he may be a believer now after potassium induced bad luck on 3 truly big fish. Thankfully he threw away the bananas before entering the boat, but he did eat one prior. lol. Today was a strange day in regards to the bite. We really never got the deep crank bite going. Mike’s 3 “that got away” were on a squarebill, trig, and crig. The crig fish we didn’t see and I am having a hard time believing it was a bass, but I have never seen a gar or cat caught on a crigged lizzard. Mike set the hook and the fight was on and the fish straight up kicked his @ss and broke him off in a short one-sided fight. Most of Mike’s and Terry’s bites were of the 1-4 lb variety like the fish pictured. I caught the biggest boated fish that went about 7 lbs. It was the biggest fish I have personally boated in some time. We had a great time fishing and shooting the bull today. Tomorrow’s weather looks ugly and Wednesday’s forecasts looks even worse. We are going to hunker down tomorrow and try to get a few big bites early……..after that I am anticipating a hard-hat type of finish.