That word describes Paul and Frank to the T. They both live, breath, and eat to feel that next bump, tug, tick, or pull. Frank has seen Falcon at it’s best while fishing with Tommy Law the past two years and now he arguably saw it at its worst. Mind you the weather/wind played a huge role the last two days. I know you are seeing reports of great fishing showing up. Heck I had 2 spectacular days last week with a couple good days mixed in as well. Problem is consistency folks. The Falcon rollercoaster started last July and hasn’t stopped. Like I said last night, these gentlemen are elite level anglers that fish to put food on their plates. Good? yeah, very. We worked incredibly hard today and hit every spot to my name……well nearly every spot. We didn’t get to hit my best spot either of the 3 days they were here. You ask, well why? Wednesday was the wind…..40+ mph wind gusts would have put 6 footers on it. Tuesday and Thursday you ask? A 17 foot Tracker anchored to that spot sun up to sun down. Yes, literally ANCHORED. I know the fella probably reads my blog. I just want to say congratulations… could not have picked a better place to anchor on Falcon Lake. I am not being the least bit sarcastic either. That place sir, is the best Falcon has to offer. How you found it or knew how GREAT it was I will never know, but well done. I wish I had these two men tomorrow because we would be 6 hours from launching our boat…..yeah 4 am. We would get on that spot come hell or hiiiiiiiggggggggghhhhhhh Falcon water. Enough about Mr. Anchor. We did what we set out to do today. We hit the wood early and we hit it often. I would say a 75%/25% split. We literally hit wood in nearly every single creek from Salinas to Diablo and everywhere in between. Problem was, we had most of our success on the deep stuff yet again, including Pauls near miss 7 lber and a fish Paul won’t soon forget. Did we get it netted and weighed? nope. I know what you are thinking….did I pull a Danny and shank the net job? No, no I didn’t. Paul’s giant simply pulled off his DD22 and came unglued. Felt terrible for him, but that’s the Falcon game we all play. Paul ran into some tough luck this trip, but I feel in the not so distant future he will get his revenge on ole Falcon. It’s in his blood now, just like it’s in Frank and anybody else that has ever felt that Falcon monster at the other end of their line. Frank and Paul are going to email me their web and contact info when the get back. If you are passionate about fishing and want to go after some ridiculous smallmouth bass on the best smallmouth bass fishery on the planet, drop me a line and I will be sure to get you hooked up.


Stat central:

Bites: well over 20….probably closer to 30 counting my nibbles today

Total fish: 14

Kicker: Pauls 7 lber……(hey Frank I’m rounding up!!!!! hahahahaha)

Best 5: about 21 lbs


Saying goodbye to Falcon will be tough on these two fellas…..until next time gentlemen.



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