…..yes parkas. As you read yesterday the wind was howling and we had quite the wild ride in. Wet? Um yeah…..we had baitfish swimming in our boat. Sooooooooo I go to pick up the crew today at the sunbridge and they all come out wearing?…… You guessed it. Parkas. Very funny and great way to start the day. We went mid lake and fished timber and we caught 15 fish and decided to just fish half a day due to the wind kicking up again. None of us were too eager to have another Finding Nemo experience. No monsters today like we had yesterday, but quite a few chunky fun fish. Makayla and i jumped out to the early 3-1-1 lead, but we got a little cocky and before we knew it her dad switched to a spinnerbait and the rest was history. Our biggest was caught by April today. None of us knew how big she was and I was caught with my um eh….. Socks down. No net and tried to lip her. FAIL. I had tomorrow off, but they want to do another half day with me. I’m pumped and very appreciative as well. We are launching from the park and will be walrus hunting. Stay tuned.

Total fish: 15 (half day)
Best 5: around 21lbs counting April’s fish
Kicker: April’s 5 lb’er

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