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…….that’s Falcon Lake right now. Sure was glad to share it with Joe and Mike today. I wish I knew how many fish we caught, but I really don’t know and don’t want to guess. I’ll say a lot and even that might be an understatement. We got off to a terribly slow start this morning and it wasn’t our fault either. The State Park was two hours late in opening their gate. Yeah two hours late on a Sunday with a tourney trying to launch as well. Good grief…..luckily the fish never stopped biting all day and if you’re not fishing Tigers right now you are missing out. Seriously.

List of what we caught fish on:

1.) 6xd (chart/blue and citrus shad)

2.) Series 5/mid diving crank (same colors)

3.) squarebill

4.) Mag fluke

5.) 10 in plum powerbait worm

6.) 12 in Mag ole monster (candy apple?)

7.) Full size Strike King Ochos

8.) Dropshot Roboworms

I think that’s it….lol. We did not fish shallower than 8 foot of water and caught fish as deep as 20ish feet. The quality of fish was pretty dang good as a whole too. Check out Joe’s walrus that went 8.15…..looooooooooong fish.


Joe also caught this Walrus…..good grief. MASSIVE comes to mind.



Thanks again guys…..really appreciate the trip and hope we do it again soon.


IMG_5329[1]  IMG_5328[1]



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