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A good time yet again…..

Took out clients from two days ago again, but only for a half day. We caught a mess of fish, but unlike yesterday we had the small fish at the dinner table. To my knowledge we didnt get one elite level bite. We stayed shallow and threw big falcon flukes at em all day. Most fish were in that 1-3 lb range. Matt did manage a 7-1 and a few 5’s. I caught one around 6 and half on a spinnerbait no less…. Lol. I have not caught a spinnerbait fish in over a year. Scott caught plenty on the blade as well.

Total fish: 23 (4 hrs)
Best 5: 28 and change
Kicker: 7-1 pictured

If the first half was a success…..

…..I really don’t have words to describe the afternoon session. Silly?, crazy?, remarkable?, insane? Just pick one….. Ah heck. The second half day was


We pulled into a ditch that was loaded and I do mean loaded. My clients crushed em up to 7-13. I actually got in the act as well with a “small” 8. And the pictured fish below. I don’t normally take pics of my fish with clients but they insisted and we all thought for sure it was a DD. It tipped in at 9 lbs and 13 oz though. Great fish and was the biggest fish that they had ever seen. Great group of fellas and they are already booking trips in the coming months.

Total fish: 21 (3 hrs)
Best five: 40 and change
Kicker: 9-13

1st half success……. 2nd half coming

Took a big group of fellas out today for a falcon lake guide experience. Most of the party only wanted to fish a few hours. (they own the falcon lake nursing home). I had another guide help me with this trip. We all had a great day catching around 40 fish between the two boats. Big fish was an 8-13. We caught several 6’s and a lot of good 3-5 lb chunks. We banged the wood today harder than Paul Bunyan himself. Gonna do an afternoon trip with two of the fellas that wanted some more action. Will have a second half report after we are done.

Total fish: ~40
Best 5: 32 and change
Kicker: 8-13 no pic taken on my phone :-/

Texas teacher schools fish….

Took out Scott and Matt for a falcon lake guide trip. Matt was the superstar today. He caught the kicker and the rest of our five fish sack. We cranked deep and then went deeper. We got beat up pretty good. Waves over the boat? Check. Walls spinning? Check. Having visions of titanic? Check. Advil? Check. What a great couple of fellas though and we will go back out for half a day Thursday and give em heck again, but can promise ya we will be targeting water less than 30 ft…. Lol.

Total fish: 16
Best 5: 29 and change
Kicker: 7-4

Temperature check

Went out today for two hours to check on some fish here on the north end. It didn’t take long for me to realize that, yes they are still there. I caught one pushing 7 and another just missing 10. (9-6). I only caught one dink, the rest were 4 pounds or better. Back to work tomorrow, the wind looks menacing. Gonna have to be creative with the game plan for sure.

Fathers day….

Well my day of being treated like a king is nearly over. Wait a sec….. my beautiful girls treat me like a king everyday. If I have said it once I’ll say it 1,000 more. I am blessed beyond reasonable explanation. Growing up I had a great father who always put me first. He set aside nearly every friend to go hunting, fishing, bowling, and practice countless hours of baseball with me. Both of my parents always put my interests first. I strive everyday to do the same by my family and kids. Thanks to those that have fished with me, support me through sponsorships, read this blog, follow me on twitter and read my posts on the texasfishingforum and bbc. To all you dads out there, happy fathers day and keep fighting the good fight. As a former educator and father of two our future depends on solid male influences.

God bless,


Another day, another personal best for client

Took Lisa, Chris, and Jackson for a falcon lake guide trip today. The morning bite started out fantastic with 5 fish boated including an 8-14 bucketmouth by Jackson. We also lost just as many and all fish were quality. After that first hour we had to put our hard hats on and go to work. Nothing came easy until the last hour of the trip. All heck broke loose and we boated a five lb’er every cast it seamed with me mixing in a 7. Lisa just missed her personal best today when she boated a beautiful 6 lb chunk. I am off the next two days, but will have a fathers day post tomorrow. I am blessed to still have my dad…. Can’t wait to get him back down here. Might give him a free trip for fathers day 🙂

Total fish: 21
Best 5: 32 lbs
Kicker: 8-14’s Billy Tompkins

Hit the water today on my day off with’s Billy Tompkins. We only fished for two hours and did more shooting the bull and talking business than actually fishing. Billy has some very interesting things up his sleeve and I am very pumped to be on the ground floor. We are working very hard to develop a color that will be called “10 lbs or bust” which is my posting handle on and The ETA for this color should be in the Fall. Stay tuned.

See you on the water…..

Waylan’s world, Waylan’s world…. Excellent!

Took out brad, Jim and 8 yr old Waylan for a falcon lake guide trip. We started the day cranking and boating several 1-2 lb fish. Then Jim hooked scary fish #1 of the day. After a short fight the bucketmouth beast won and won convincingly, no split decision here….. Broke line as it jumped 10 ft from the boat. Next up was Waylon. He was cranking in his 6xd catching a fish there and fish here when scary fish #2 decided to play. Waylan did an awesome job fighting this walrus, but in the end the 12 lb fluoro was no match with a cinched down drag. Snap. Jim was up again and he fought a tank and lost…. Line? No. Hook? Yes, as in snapped in half. I had to apologize to these gents and tell them that I have been on the worst run with getting elite level fish to the scales. Well the bad luck ended around 1 and we stroked some dang nice fish including Waylan’s 9-13 that he caught on a Criged brush hog in 27 ft of water.

Total fish: 21
Best five: 32 lbs
Kicker: Waylan’s 9-13

Waylon's Falcon Lake Giant Bass!

3 princesses and a big bass

Went out today with the family and got into a pile of fish on the north end of the lake. We fished from 10-1 and got plenty of sun too…. Lol. Most fish were in the 1-3 lb range. My lovely wife caught the big one today and tipped the scales at 8 lbs 6 oz.

Total fish: 15
Best five: 22 lbs
Kicker: 8-6

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