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…..yes parkas. As you read yesterday the wind was howling and we had quite the wild ride in. Wet? Um yeah…..we had baitfish swimming in our boat. Sooooooooo I go to pick up the crew today at the sunbridge and they all come out wearing?…… You guessed it. Parkas. Very funny and great way to start the day. We went mid lake and fished timber and we caught 15 fish and decided to just fish half a day due to the wind kicking up again. None of us were too eager to have another Finding Nemo experience. No monsters today like we had yesterday, but quite a few chunky fun fish. Makayla and i jumped out to the early 3-1-1 lead, but we got a little cocky and before we knew it her dad switched to a spinnerbait and the rest was history. Our biggest was caught by April today. None of us knew how big she was and I was caught with my um eh….. Socks down. No net and tried to lip her. FAIL. I had tomorrow off, but they want to do another half day with me. I’m pumped and very appreciative as well. We are launching from the park and will be walrus hunting. Stay tuned.

Total fish: 15 (half day)
Best 5: around 21lbs counting April’s fish
Kicker: April’s 5 lb’er

3 personal bests and a wet wild ride….

Forecasted wind for today? 14 mph. Actual wind speed? 24 to 30…..easy. I love it when the weather man swwwwwwings and misses like that. Guess where we were today? Yep, we ran south and fished deep allllllllll day. The ride back was a new personal best for the boat in the most speared waves category. We trimmed the motor down and plowed through em as apposed to smacking through em. Wet? Um yeah, Sea World had nothing on us today. We did not catch very many fish today. We did manage to get both Josh and his wife April new personal bests, but other than that it was slow for us. We will be hitting timber tomorrow and I hope I can do a better job with getting makayla on some fish. She boated the first fish of the day and it was seeeeeelow for her the rest of the way.

Total fish: 11
Best five: about 24 lbs
Kicker: 9-5

In the classroom and repair shop

Late blog entry…. Been veeeeeerrrry busy today. Had the day off today and hit the water early with my neighbor and did a lot of scouting. We had a great time today and when I go out with him it’s not about catching fish, it’s about fellowship. Did we catch fish you ask? Why certainly. We got off the water early so that I could spend quality time with the family and rip apart the front of my boat. The U bolt that the winch hook attaches to broke on me about a month ago. Ranger sent me a new one and I finally got around to throwing it on there. See pics. Back to work tomorrow. I have two days on the books with parents who brought their 11 year daughter with them to experience falcon lake. They are certainly in the running for cool parents of the year award. Taking families fishing is something that I take great pride in being successful at. I will have a full report on how we fare tomorrow.


A walrus, a good time, a PB, and a magical bush

Well no 100 fish day and no 40 pound sack either, but did we have a good time? Um, you bet ya. Casey stroked 53 fish yesterday if ya remember. Today you ask? 5….. and one spongebob squarepants. Hey it was alive. Casey was still pretty happy at the end of the day as he now has a new personal best which tipped in at 9 lbs 6 oz. Everybody caught at least a 7 lb’er today…… even Wes and hell his bro law kept telling him all day that he didn’t. Classic bro law 101 right there. The numbers game was won by Chris and he had that in the bag when he literally boated 12 fish in the first 30 minutes this morning. We fished half the day deep in rocks and the other half in timber. The star lure I guess has to be the sexy shad chartreuse 6xd crank that caught the walrus. Certainly blessed to have such great clients and these fellas were certainly no exception.

Total fish: 38
Best 5: 36 and change
Kicker: 9-6
Total walruses: 1

Mr. Ed, clouds, cowbell, and 100+ bass

I have been thinking of how to describe todays falcon lake guide trip. Casey caught 53 bass today and lost three walruses and i do mean walruses. Chris caught over 30 and Wes caught around 25. Me? 0…… Lol. I sat back and ran the net and trolling motor. I told em to throw in the middle of the trees and bushes when we met in the morning. They listened well and as you can see in some of the pics a lil too well. These guys reminded me of old high school buddies….. humor was not on short order. Most of the humor would not be considered G rated either. (see cloud pic….lol). Ya certainly had to watch the doves around Casey. We started shallow and stayed shallow for the most part. The hot lure today was the watermelon green orange brush hog. I have these gentlemen again tomorrow and we will show them a different look and give the crank a heck of a work out and Casey that’s short for crankbait.

Total fish: silly
Best 5: about 34 lbs
Kicker: 7-11

Crappie hooks and a big ole snake….

Fantastic day on the water today. I took a father son duo out for a falcon lake guide trip. Nothing makes me happier than to take a father and son fishing. It doesn’t matter if it’s pops and his 8 year old or pops and his 40 year old or like today somewhere in between. Some of my best memories are of my father and I going out with a guide on a lake we had never seen before. From the big O to the stickmarsh to Choke to Falcon and everywhere in between. We had some winners….. And some not so much. Lol, but enough of memory lane. As all of you have read the fishing on falcon has been a bit off for my deep water bite and I have had to move inside of 15 ft on most days. Today was still a lot of the same. We started in the trees and caught a lot of fish up to a 6-7. We moved around and went to some of my best 12-17 foot cranking waters and caught a lot of fish that way too, up to 7-1. Did we fish deeper than 20 ft? Yes. 45 minutes tops and I believe we boated 2 fish. We didn’t have a 40 pound sack today or boat 100 fish, but I’ll certainly take it and look forward to fishing with these gentlemen again in the future.

Total fish: 38
Best 5: around 31 lbs
Kicker: 7-1

Lake Navigation

Stay in a Creek channel.  It does not matter whether we are talking main lake Rio or Salado or Tiger or your favorite creek or ditch.  There are some hardwoods that are coming into play that are on the edges of all the major creeks right now including the main river channel.  I went out with a friend today who hit a hardwood tree just off the main channel.  The end result?  A missing ear on his prop.  The prop lasted until our final run to the boat ramp and then it looked like a Mike Tyson/Evander Holyfield fight…..ears optional.  Please be careful out there….if you get turned around and are confused as to whether you are in the channel, shut it down.  Figure out where you are and proceed.

What about the fishing you ask?  Well for me Falcon is fishing dang tough at the moment, mind you I have been mapping lately more than fishing.  With that said when I do wet the line I have to watch paint dry in order to get bit, at least out deep.  I am working 5 out of the next 7 days…..I hope all of the homework I have been putting in pays off.  We will see tomorrow morning at 6:45 when we pull up to our first spot.

In the classroom the past couple of days…..

Been sharpening my pencil and doing more homework the past two days than I did all four years of college.  Of course my homework now is slightly more enjoyable.  I took a class called History of Sports, yes I am serious History of Sports.  I felt so guilty when I signed up for that.  Ever hear of the expression too good to be true?  Um ehhhhhhhhhh, BINGO!!!  If I hadnt had a mother that specialized in study habits and had the patience of Job himself, I would of failed that like a Michael Irvin piss test.  Ok enough about college…….where was I.  Ah yes, I have been scanning and mapping the past two days and I really believe I have found some great deep water spots that sooner or later are going to pay big dividends.  It all comes back to that “P” word and no not the Michael Irvin “P” word, I am talking about patience.  The fish out there are not wanting that bait to move more than a few inches at a time.  The c-rig has not been the ticket at all.  Very sad for me to say, but its the truth.  T-rigged flukes and flukes on the Ball n Chain by has been the ticket and I’m serious, move the bait seeeeeeeeeellllllloooooooow.  We are talking, “hey my finger nail just grew 1/1,182 of an inch” type slow.  I have one more study hall tomorrow, then its exam time and back to work.  My mom would be proud that I am not just “winging” it.  There are some navigational issues that will be discussed in tomorrow’s blog.


Deep water vs trees in 10ft

This was not a split decision by the refs today. Once again trees with a decisive win. We started deep today and boated 5 fish in 4 hours. Quality? No. Up to 4 lbs. We went to the trees for the last 4 hrs and caught 19 fish. Quality? Not bad, up to 6-1, but several others in that 5 lb range. Of course we got beat up a few times, but that is jungle fishing. No clients for the next 3 days. I have some kids on the books over the next couple of weeks, so gonna break out the spinning gear tomorrow and see what I can get going in preparation for those trips.

Total fish: 24
Best 5: about 26 lbs
Kicker: 6-1 by Danny (pictured)

Beautiful day to be alive on Falcon Lake

Luckily for me I have a regular of mine on the books for this weekend. He has seen much better days than the one we had today. We got a late start today as he drove from San Antonio and worked a full day yesterday, so we gave him an extra hour this morning. We decided going in that we were going to go deep and stay deep regardless of the results. Eh, um, eh, ooooops. 6 hrs, 3 bites, 0 boated fish. One potentially nice fish that put Danny in the trolling motor, but luckily I shut the Tm down before that braid got serious. My worst decision since going live with the business. We hit some great deep water locales from 20-30 ft LOADED full of rocks with creeks and deep water going every which way. Bait fish? Check. Bass? Check. Results? F- Momma said there would be days like this. (and dad too…. Lol). I finally relented and headed for a creek that was loaded full of timber in that 3-10 ft. range. In our final two hours we put 9 in the boat with Danny catching a 6-8 kicker. I broke two big fish off in typical jungle fishing fashion. Check out the swim jig he used to catch the kicker. Great way to break in the new irod swim jig rod he brought down! Danny wants to go deep again tomorrow…… This guy is hardcore.

Total fish: 9 (that is not a misprint and no I didn’t leave off a zero… Lol)
Best 5: 23 and change
Kicker: Danny’s 6-8 (pictured)



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