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Waylan’s world, Waylan’s world…. Excellent!

Took out brad, Jim and 8 yr old Waylan for a falcon lake guide trip. We started the day cranking and boating several 1-2 lb fish. Then Jim hooked scary fish #1 of the day. After a short fight the bucketmouth beast won and won convincingly, no split decision here….. Broke line as it jumped 10 ft from the boat. Next up was Waylon. He was cranking in his 6xd catching a fish there and fish here when scary fish #2 decided to play. Waylan did an awesome job fighting this walrus, but in the end the 12 lb fluoro was no match with a cinched down drag. Snap. Jim was up again and he fought a tank and lost…. Line? No. Hook? Yes, as in snapped in half. I had to apologize to these gents and tell them that I have been on the worst run with getting elite level fish to the scales. Well the bad luck ended around 1 and we stroked some dang nice fish including Waylan’s 9-13 that he caught on a Criged brush hog in 27 ft of water.

Total fish: 21
Best five: 32 lbs
Kicker: Waylan’s 9-13

Waylon's Falcon Lake Giant Bass!

3 princesses and a big bass

Went out today with the family and got into a pile of fish on the north end of the lake. We fished from 10-1 and got plenty of sun too…. Lol. Most fish were in the 1-3 lb range. My lovely wife caught the big one today and tipped the scales at 8 lbs 6 oz.

Total fish: 15
Best five: 22 lbs
Kicker: 8-6

Another day …….

…….Another pretty tough bite by falcon standards. We fished deep all day and once again were limited to where we could run. When we did get bit they were decent fish. Not a lot of 1-2 pounders….. Most were between 3-5 lbs. We had 4 gigantic fish on and 2 of those within a foot of being netted. 0-4….. The baseball hall of fame won’t be calling anytime soon. Lol. We have been on a tough run of late with not getting some truly monstrous fish to the scales. Sooner or later the pendulum will swing back. My clients today were again return customers, man that’s cool. Great guys and I’m sure I will be seeing them again soon.

Total fish: 17
Best 5: 25 and change
Kicker: 6-14 pictured

Sally, Jessie’s and the one that got away

Took out Laura and Danny for a falcon lake bass trip today. This couple can be described in one word. Fun. The fish did not bite today plain and simple. I felt awful that I was not able to move around to some of my better main lake areas, as the wind was just too strong to run and gun. We ran to tigers and hunkered down. Seeeeeelow…. We did manage a 9 lb’er, 2 heavy 6’s, 3 5’s and several other 1-3 lbers. Danny got falcon’ed’ twice today. The one was a real heartbreaker. Typical monster crankbait bass that flops out of the water several times and each time you hold your breath as she shakes her bucket mouth. This one though came unbuttoned right at the boat pulling down and away. Laura did get her personal best today tipping the scales at 6 pounds and 11 oz! I look forward to seeing them again in the not so distant future.

Total fish: 17
Best 5: 32 lbs
Kicker: 9 lbs (unfortunately it was caught by me)

Half day action on Sunday.

Got the chance to take out 2 clients today that had about 70 years of falcon memories combined. Yes it was a fun day listening to the falcon history channel. We got on a pile of fish with most between 3-5 lbs. Wind was much stiffer than what was called for and it really limited us to a few spots, but those spots were loaded up luckily and we called it a day at 11 o’clock.

Total fish: 33 fish
Best 5: 27 lbs and change
Kicker: 7.3 lb’er pictured

Check out the chunk in the tree.

The Dove Man and Captain Karl episode 2

Today we fished deep and stayed deep until the very end of the day. Our bites as a whole were not nearly as big as yesterdays. Our first 14 fish were in the 0.25 – 3 lb range. After that our quality got pretty dang good. Karl landed a loooooooong PB of 8-9 for our best today. Karl didn’t waste much time getting one bigger to the boat and when I say boat I mean 2 feet from the net. We didn’t get to hang her on the scales though. Karl fought the fish like a champ, but somehow she was able to free herself of that 6/0 hook.

Total fish: around 40
Best 5: 34 and change
Kicker: Karl’s 8-9 personal best

The Dove Man and Captain Karl episode 1

Today we switched up and decided to go shallow right off the bat and get face to face. It was not for the faint of heart or the weak wristed. These men today got in there and yanked out one 5+ lb’er after another up to Karl’s 8-5. After that we headed down the lake and stayed deep and had a lot of success. I had a boat positioning slip up while sucking down a Gatorade( and cookie) that cost us another 7 lb’er minimum. I took out Troy several weeks ago and it sure is nice to get that phone call from a previous client that says he wants to come back. Doesn’t get much better. Thanks Troy. The first pic is of Troy’s PB (10-1) from his previous trip. I have these gentlemen again tomorrow.

Total fish: 43
Best five: 37 and change
Kicker: Karl’s 8-5

Ron rips 2nd DD of the month!

Took out a falcon regular today. The DD club would not allow him inside for years. Well today he got his VIP credentials with a 10 lb 6 oz monster of a bass. He now can go in any DD club he wants this side of Vegas :-0
We threw nothing but big arse baits at em all day and fished deep 95% of the time. We both got knocked around the ring by a few walruses. I had a first today. I caught a giant cranking in 16 ft of water and broke her of after a short tug of war. I put my head down to cry and moby came flying out of the water with my crankbait and threw it out of her mouth. Amazing…. She came all the way up from 16 ft! All in all a great day. The 10-6 was caught on what else? A falcon fluke in the fat Tuesday color.

Total fish: 20
Best 5: 40 lbs even
Kicker: Ron’s 10-6 (pictured)

Texas a & m grads pass their Falcon exam

Spent the day with two of the nicest young men you could ever meet. Both have done a lot of fishing and all over the country as well. Neither has bass fished much though and Daniel looked at the rods on the deck in the morning and said he wasn’t good with baitcasters. Well I dialed the reel down for him and not one but two eight pounders and 17 other 1-6 lbers I think his next reel will be a baitcaster…. Lol. We fished deep all day and they caught the heck out of em. Steve had a great day with 3 over 7 and 14 others between 1-6 lbs as well. If you are not throwing falcon flukes and hogs on the back of heavy crigs your missing out. The 8-5 did come off the crank, but the rest of the stringer was courtesy of the falcon fluke.

Total fish: over 40
Best 5: 39 and change
Kicker: Daniels 8-6

To everyone who supports me and gives me the opportunity, I appreciate it more than you know.

Thank you,

First dd for the month of June!

Well we went into the jungle today with our necks bowed, fists clenched and big boy pants on. We won. John did most of the swinging, but I was there to supply words of encouragement, like Mickey did for Rocky. We caught em on 1/2 oz brush jigs and t-rigged falcon flukes. The key was pole timber around creek turns. Get in close and drop it right in front of em. John destroyed em today with a 10-2 kicker. I finally helped the sack with a 9-9 to end the day.

Total fish: 51
Best five: just shy of 41lbs
Kicker: john’s 10-2

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