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No show, health, family vacation, and new Website progress….

Well the no show bug strikes again.  I had a two day trip on the books for today and tomorrow that looks like I am going to have to eat.  I could of filled Tuesday which really sucks, but to be honest it was my fault for not keeping up with the deposits and making sure that they had sent theirs in.  I sincerely hope that they are fine and just didnt have the heart to tell me they changed their mind.  My neck and head has been not so good the past couple of days, so maybe its better I stayed off the water today anyhow. Funny I had clients on Friday and we ran all over the lake.  The one asked me if rides through this kind of chop bother my neck.  I said nah this isnt bad at all.  Well I spent the weekend in not so good of shape.  I guess he knew better than I.  Good news is that I woke up this morning and I feel spectacular.  I will be hitting the water tomorrow bright and early.  Going to check on some water levels at some holes and do some recon before my family vacation.  I have a two day trip on the books the day I get back.  Well I got a chance to preview my new website last week and man is it going to be cool.  I wasted a lot of money on the godaddy dot com website, but live and learn.  This website has a great professional and fun feel to it.  It will be VERY easy to access reports, client testimonials, my calendar, rates, etc, etc.  My goal is to have it up and running at a 100% by the end of August.


Took Malcolm and nick out for a falcon lake guide trip today. We went deep and stayed deep. A lot of small fish until noon and then the big girls started to play. We did not boat our best fish. I was the main culprit. Not going to get into it…. Ugh. We ran the lake and for once the weather folks were actually right with the 14 mph prediction. Normally 14 turns to 25-30 mph gusts and man is that brutal. We chunked a ton of cranks and we had poor results. We went to the next level and dragged crigs and did very well. You would not get bit today if you got in a hurry. Soak time was verrrrry important.

Total fish: 17
Best 5: about 25 lbs
Kicker: 6 lbs

Check out my bug eyed bass. She has plenty of time to grow into them eyes…. Lol.

Selling my Ranger z521 with mercury proXS

Got it listed on the texas fishing forum at the moment. Check it out.

Pleasant surprise…….

Got a phone call late afternoon yesterday from Adam wanting to going fishing today. One more trip before the calendar turns to August. I had a great time with Adam today. At times we caught the heck out of em, but we also had hours, yes hours without so much as a bite. I made a few poor decisions today. I got the opportunity to run South to an area that had been loaded full of fish. Well guess what? It wasn’t loaded today and I spent 4.5 hrs in that area. I had to really scramble after that error in judgement. Adam did some serious work with a blade and square bill the second half of the day. All in all a fun day to be on Falcon Lake.

Total fish: 26
Best 5: about 25 lbs
Kicker: Adams 7 even


Pauley Bunion had nothing on us today. I have been fishing with Steve most of the week with his nephews, friends, employees, etc etc. We have stayed deep pretty much the entire time. We rolled up our sleeves today. We hammered the heck out of em for 4 hrs. Damn it was fun. Did we catch a 10 lb’er?…. 40 lb sack? No and no, heck we didnt catch a 6 lb’er and we didn’t even have a 30 lb sack. Falcon is getting a lot of play on the internet about being a shadow of its former self, washed up, dried up, yada, yada, yada. You won’t hear that crap on this blog. Back in 2009 My dad and I went out with arguably the best guide this lake has ever seen and we fished until 11 o’clock and we caught 2 fish. Turn the page to 2012 and catching a 30 lb sack with a 9 lb kicker is a terrible day on the water! Yes i read that on the net. Lol. Let’s not forget what put this beautiful lake on the countries radar. The 2008 elite series blew the lid off of Falcon and people like me have dedicated their lives to fishing it ever since. People couldn’t believe the 4 day total that the top 5 amassed. Let me guess, in order to make the top five in an “elite” series tournament you needed a 40 lb stringer each day right? I mean after all Falcon was in its hay day and those were the best fishermen on the planet. Sorry doomsayers it took about 31 lbs over 4 days to crack the top 5. Trust me folks, Falcon is doing just fine. Have we had some tough days of late? Sure. Has the wind been 30 plus for most of the week? Yep. Here is the bottom line folks….It’s fishing and mother nature will do her thing. Falcon is no magical fairy land where everybody catches DD’s and nobody takes pictures of 8 lbers. Falcon gives you the best opportunity for that magical day than any other lake in the country. People always ask me for advice and best the best advice I can give is to not let the hunt for that trophy fish ruin your trip. Come and enjoy Falcon for what it is….. A wonderful fishery. Luckily every single one of my clients has had a great attitude and many have found their fish of a lifetime…. Some will be back down to give it another shot with me and that’s all ya can do. Ok……step awaaaaaaayyy from the soapbox and nobody gets hurt… Lol. Steve has already booked 20 more days between now and April of 2013. Pretty cool to say the least. Thanks Steve! Check out my neighbor doing some work with his friends!!! 10’s? Yep…. 40 lb stringer? Yep! 2 days ago in a hurricane. Lol

And let’s all pray for some south and west Texas rain.

Total fish: 27
Best 5: around 23 lbs
Kicker: we didn’t have one… Lol

3 princesses?… more like 3….

sleeping beauties….lol.  I could not blow them out of bed with a stick of dynomite this morning.  Soooo we went out this evening, but 15 minutes in a lil Ztown storm blew in.  Luckily I saw it coming a good ways off and we got the heck off the water.  Last trip of the month is on the docket for tomorrow.  Half day…..hope we can get on em quick.

The weekend….

Looks like I will be guiding 3 princesses tomorrow and then Steve for his final day on Sunday.  I believe we are only going to do a half day because he wants to get on the road and head back home.  Of course he has been saying that for the last 5 days……lol.  I think Falcon has her hooks in him prrrrrrrreeeetttttyyy deep.  I know the feeling.

Unexpected day off……

Well Got up this morning ready to go do a lil walrus hunting.  I checked my phone and noticed a message from my client.  He had been driving all night and got to Laredo and his trailer barrings went out on em.  I feel terrible for him and he is still in Laredo I believe trying to get his trailer fixed.  I can tell you it ain’t going to be easy on a Friday with short notice around here.  The wind looked menacing again today, so maybe he didnt miss much and hopefully he will be back on the road soon.  The wind looks better over the weekend and I might be booked too.  (fingers crossed)  Steve, my client the last couple of days, decided to stick around.  Soooooo we might just have to go give em heck again and catch a few bigguns on the Hudd.

Fast and furious……

…..30 minutes. Steve and I opted to fish a few hours in the morning and call it a day. The wind was supposed to be rocking and it did not disappoint. We caught around 10 fish with all but one being between 3 and 7 lbs. (I caught a 3 inch fish on a crank… Problem is we caught most of those fish on the first hole we stopped at. All in all I had a great time with Steve and he is already lining up dates to come back Feb through April. Check out the swimbait he was chunking….remember what I said yesterday? He wanted one big bite. Didn’t happen today.

Total fish: 11
Best five: around 27
Kicker: my 7

It ain’t over till its over…..

Thanks Yogi. Been a while since I had a full day it seems. Luckily today was not a half day. We caught a fish here and a fish there for most of the day with the biggest being a 4 lb’er which I snapped a pic of Steve with that one because the wind was howling and time was running out. Then around noon we finally hit Paydirt. We ran probably 10 holes today and trust me that certainly wasn’t the plan going in. I knew the wind was going to be a factor and it didn’t disappoint. My neck can’t handle too many of these days. Good news is that Steve caught around 20 fish in under three hours and most were between 4-6 lbs with one 7 mixed in. Bad news is…. He had two of the biggest fish I have seen in a month get away from him. He told me he only wanted to target a big bite and that is easier said than done, especially with falcon being boom or bust of late. He didn’t get one big bite though. He got two…… 0-2. Got him again tomorrow and it’s supposed to be reeeeeeally windy. I already told him I can’t beat myself like that two days in a row. We will stay protected and hope for the best.

Total fish: around 30
Best five: 31 and change
Kicker: 7-6

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