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Beautiful day to be alive on Falcon Lake

Luckily for me I have a regular of mine on the books for this weekend. He has seen much better days than the one we had today. We got a late start today as he drove from San Antonio and worked a full day yesterday, so we gave him an extra hour this morning. We decided going in that we were going to go deep and stay deep regardless of the results. Eh, um, eh, ooooops. 6 hrs, 3 bites, 0 boated fish. One potentially nice fish that put Danny in the trolling motor, but luckily I shut the Tm down before that braid got serious. My worst decision since going live with the business. We hit some great deep water locales from 20-30 ft LOADED full of rocks with creeks and deep water going every which way. Bait fish? Check. Bass? Check. Results? F- Momma said there would be days like this. (and dad too…. Lol). I finally relented and headed for a creek that was loaded full of timber in that 3-10 ft. range. In our final two hours we put 9 in the boat with Danny catching a 6-8 kicker. I broke two big fish off in typical jungle fishing fashion. Check out the swim jig he used to catch the kicker. Great way to break in the new irod swim jig rod he brought down! Danny wants to go deep again tomorrow…… This guy is hardcore.

Total fish: 9 (that is not a misprint and no I didn’t leave off a zero… Lol)
Best 5: 23 and change
Kicker: Danny’s 6-8 (pictured)

Mapping and Game planning…..

Well spent the day on the boat, but not in the water.  My client for the weekend was gonna fish a half day in the afternoon today with me, but was unable to get off work in time.  Soooooo we will get after em hard Saturday and Sunday.  I have some mid lake and South end main lake spots that I am very much looking forward to hitting tomorrow.  We are going to start deep and hopefully stay deep and hit some rock ledges that should now be in that 20ft to 25ft range.  Big C-rigs anyone?  We will also be throwing the Ball-n-Chain from  Big Falcon Hogs and Falcon Flukes from will be on the menu.

If Falcon is on your mind give me a call or drop me an email.



I decided to lay low and listen to my body and take the last two days off and stay off the water.  Looks like my July is starting to fill up and want to make sure I keep my neck strong and healthy for when my clients get here.  The wind looks much better for the next several days.  I will be doing a lot of mapping and scanning tomorrow.  I have one of my regulars fishing with me over the weekend and he is also the website guru who is taking over my website development.  If you are thinking about building a website do not use godaddy.  What a pain in the backside and VERY poor quality.  I am very excited in the direction my website is heading now.  The word “fun” comes to mind.  We will give it heck the next several days and should have some decent reports over the next 3 days.


First trip of July

Had a half day on the books today and wow what a way to come back from a little vacation. Lol. Windy? Um yeah. The couple I took out had spent the last two days down south, so I wanted to show them a different look. Bad move. The north end of the lake for the most part is mud from recent rains while I was in Vegas. Dirty water generally doesn’t phase me here on falcon. We hit 4 of my best spots on the north end and only two were really fishable due to the heavy winds. The one spot which was nuclear with a squarebill, just a week ago drew the collar minus a tilapia. We started there and went there later and amazingly not a single hit from a bass. The water was the cleanest there as well. The only thing I can think of is the wind/waves were just too much for that area. We did battle and managed to catch some fish and all but one was over 3 lbs with a couple of 6’s mixed in along with a few 5’s. Every single fish was caught on a deep diving crank today.

Total fish: 11
Best 5: 27 and change
Kicker: 6-8

July dates….

My little break in the action is nearly over and will be working Monday. I have a lot of open dates for July. The fishing for the most part has been very very good. Come on down for as much fun as legally allowed in 110 degree heat.

Last trip for June goes out with a bang!

Took Ed and Jerry out for a Falcon Lake guide trip today. Once again the fish were a step ahead of me to start. It didn’t last long though. With two fish in the boat (1lb dinks) we made a run to a creek in the middle of the lake and yeah it was on like 1986 Donkey Kong. We were catching a ton of fish, but most in the .5 to 4 lb range. That changed when I boated a monster. I was more than ticked off that she bit me instead of them and quickly removed the hook and got her back in the water. (she was an easy 9). My clients got into the big fish act shortly there after. With three 8 lbers between the two of them. I caught one more nice fish that went 8-3 to round out a nice 40 + pound sack. Great way to end the month. If you are thinking about heading down give me a ring at 956-754-0626 or email me at July will be a great month to get after em and I still have some great dates available.

Total fish: 53
Best 5: 42 and change
Kicker: 8-14 (not gonna count mine here)

Falcon lake guide trip with lake eufaula’s finest

Took out two gentlemen from Alabama today and we once again did some traveling. We caught fish at nearly every spot with a lot of 3-6 lb pound fish mixed in. George got the better of John with an 8-13 beauty. John wasn’t far behind with his 8-4 though. The three fish over 7 lbs came on deep diving cranks. I have a trip tomorrow then it’s some scheduled time off for 5 days. I have fished nearly everyday from December 23rd until now with very few exceptions. (my boat going down). Time to recharge the batteries. Thanks everyone.

Total fish: 43
Best 5: 36 and change
Kicker: 8-13

Client who watches river monsters too much…

…. Lol. Took out Jody and bobby again today for another falcon lake guide trip. I had these gents yesterday afternoon for 3 hours. Jody is a regular of mine and wanted to go back out for a half day today. We started out seeeeeeelow. 3 fish in an hour slow and dinks. We made a long run north and did we ever hit the mother load. These fellas had been getting their teeth knocked in on some giants the past day or so. Well, Jody slammed a big ole girl and again she slapped him in the mouth. This time Jody said enough is enough. He took it personal and went after her and yes I mean went after her face to face for an exchange of words. (see pics). She just missed the 10 mark, but man that was an entertaining battle. Please folks I do not advise EVER going into the water after a fish. Please don’t…. Lol. Jody’s friend bobby had the worst heartbreak DD story I’ve seen in a while about an hour later. I was the co-star in this film. It was not a 5 star flick either. Bobby hooked this walrus in open water and had no idea how big she was until she showed us at the boat. I dove for the net and it was caught in the cooler.(I had just grabbed a water… Ugh). I got the net unhooked in time to see her one last time before she headed back down to davie jones locker for good. I hate blowing a true monster like that for a client. Dang net, I should of just bear hugged that dang thing.

Oh and Jody hand lined a nice chunk too. Lol (see pic)

Total fish: 32 (4 hrs)
Best 5: 33 and change
Kicker: 9-11 pictured below


Well, after pulling off a double booking (full day, then half day) and getting boat ready for tomorrow’s trip it’s just about time to turn in for the night. Fishing was very good today between the two trips. The full day trip saw a lot of very small fish, 0.5 lb to 1 lb stuff. We also had a few big fish as well. I caught one at 8 and a half, mike stroked a 6 and change, with randy pulling in a healthy 7, with a few 4’s and 5’s mixed in.

The half day afternoon trip was outstanding. No big fish, but only a handful of runts. 3-6 lbs was the norm and a lot of em.

All fish today came in water less than 15 ft and most cases under 10.

Full day trip stats:

Total fish: 46
Best 5: 32 and change
Kicker: my 8

Half day afternoon stats (3 hrs)

Total fish: 43
Best 5: 28 and change
Kicker: 6-11

Nearly a 100 fish day…. Falcon, gotta love it.

Also congrats to a good friend and sponsor.  Billy from scores the win in the guaranteed 3k lake view inn open. Not one but two tens weighed in.

Velano to dam to salado….

I need to buy stock in valero. We caught plenty of fish today in all types of depths and structure. There was one common theme…..small. Oddly enough once again the blade was far in away the best producer not just in numbers but size too. Silly. I have the same group tomorrow. We will give the blade a very large workload early and often again tomorrow.

Total fish: 40
Best 5: 25 lbs
Kicker: 7-8

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