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We didn’t get snowed on

That is about where the good news stops…, oh and I didn’t bury the Bullet in 40 foot of water either. I made the decision to fight the wind head on all day and didn’t seek protection. My trolling motor lasted until 1:15. I am severely handicap when I am in that boat if the wind blows like it did today. They called for 5-10, but out of the N which is a x3 multiplier. These fellas drew the collar by themselves yesterday, yes zeroed. I was very up front with them last night when I talked to them. I told em that there was a VERY good chance it would happen again today. Did it? Thankfully, no. We have been hit by back to back to back fronts and heck Falcon was fishing poor before that…lol. I really don’t think we had a single bite on soft plastics. All fish came on a citrus shad 6xd and let me tell you…..if you put your boat in the water without one, put it back on the trailer and either A.) go home B.) go to Falcon Lake Tackle and pray they aren’t sold out. I enjoyed my time with Jess and Joe today regardless. If the wind lays at all, they have a few tremendous options that I showed them and if it doesn’t? ugh.





High Stakes Bassin 2012 – a year in review.

I feel like this is a college midterm and don’t know where to start….lol.


January –  January started out like a house of fire catching one big fish after another and mainly in Salado, Diablo, School Bus, and Pierces Cove.  I avoided the circus down south like the plague for the most part.  I looked at every ditch, drain, tree or rock I could in those 4 locations.  3 weeks into January my motor blew up and it took me till the end of January/Early February to get back out there in my new z521 Ranger.

Here is a pic from January.

   That fish went 10.13 and was my first DD of 2012.


February – February can be summed up as work.  I put countless hours in scanning and mapping Falcon as it continued to fluctuate depths in feet not inches.  I tore apart  Tigers this month along with the rest of the 9,000 folks that were in town….lol.  I did more idling than fishing.  When I did fish it was fun to say the least.


A pic from February.

 My first 11 lber of 2012.  11.3


March – March marked the start of my business.  I also caught my personal best, 12-2, that was part of a 48.9 lb bag.  March will be a month that I will always remember.


March pic

 my personal best


April – My business exploded.  I owe a lot of my success to  I am here today because of the ability to promote my business through them.  I have met countless Great fishermen, clients, and more importantly just great people who gave me a shot.  Words of thanks just isn’t strong enough.


A couple of pics from April

 This fish is Highstakesbassin’s biggest fish to date.  Roy’s fish weighed in at 12 lbs and 7 oz.



Roy’s brother Troy also broke the 10 lb mark the day before.  Falcon was silly in April.


May –  The good times kept rolling and the big fish kept biting.  This month was marked with a 117 fish day.  No that is NOT a typo.  We caught 117 fish May 10th 2012.  You can see pics from that day and many other great days on this link


A pic from May

A father/son duo with an 11-2, this monster was literally caught on the first cast of the day.


June – Just when you thought Falcon couldn’t get hotter……in came June.  Clients boated two DD’s in under week and just some crazy good action.

The link below shows the June reports…..


A pic from June.

  Waylan’s World with a near miss 10 lber


July – July marked the first month where I saw a decline in the fishing from past months.  We still had some good outings, but they started to become less and less.   I actually had a decent shallow water bite going in July.  This month also had a 100 plus fish day that was hotter than the weather.


Pic from July

 Marvalous Makayla the Walrus Hunter caught not one, but two 9 lbers on her trip.


August – August fishing was tough and really close to where we are currently.  We started to have some 8 and 10 fish days mixed in.  We did have a few decent days and I saw the biggest bass I have every seen on August 19th 2012.


Pic from August.

  10th Anniversary



September – September was my least busy month this year.  I took off about 2 weeks to fish with my folks and we had a great time.  The fishing was better for the most part than August….atleast for me.  My dad and I had a terrific day and he boated 10-1 that was part of a nice 41 lb bag.  A good way to end a trip.  (worked the ole man for a good tip…


Pic from September.

  Dad’s 10-1 beauty.


October – October was the last month of the year that saw a double-digit fish get put on the scales.  See pic below.  The Falcon rollercoaster had begun in full effect.


pic from October.

   Super Cindy and the fish named Crankenstein.


November – November will always be a special month for me.  Number one November 1st is my birthday and number two it is when I had my spine surgery.  I am not going to talk about that again here.  After all this is a 2012 year in review and the spine surgery is soooooo 2011 as the kids say.  I only had 12 or so trips this month as I spent around 9 days in PA visiting my folks and hunting with my nephews.  November was much like October…. a lot of ups and downs.  Rex and Bo had a 3 day trip with me and they saw both sides of the coin.


pic from November

 Bo and Rex with one of many great fish that they caught over 3 days.  I am looking forward to seeing them again in March.


December –  The fishing really bottomed out at the end of the December and I actually wrote that the 27th of December was the worst day of fishing I have ever seen on Falcon.  December did see a 4 day stretch that was spectacular, but before and after was anything but.


Pic from December.

  Josh and his good friend Dale.  Josh got his personal best with me back in May at 8 lbs.  This one beat that one and came in at 9 lbs 2 oz.


What a great 2012.


I would like to thank the following: (In no particular order)


Falcon Lake Tackle (James and Tommy) – Thanks for making not only me, but my whole family feel at home.  To give you all an example of how much my little girls love going and seeing James and Tommy, Sierra had to write a paper on her favorite place.  Now this girl has been all over the country and has been to Disney twice!!  She chose to write about Falcon Lake Tackle.  True story.


Steve and Susan (my neighbors)- Steve has been a great friend to me, when there was really no reason to be.  I enjoy listening to his Falcon stories more than anything, especially with a Crown and Coke!  His wife Susan is just a wonderful person.  If there is anybody as lucky as me, it has to be Steve. I already mentioned how thankful I am of this place and the posters who post there.  Nuff said.


My Mom and Dad – I can only hope and pray to be as good of a parent as they are to me.  I would not be where I am today if not for their support.  They are my number 1 sponsor.  I love you guys.


Danny Silva – This guy was a client, then my web designer/manager and now about as good a friend as anyone could ask for.  Thanks Danny. – These guys are the makers of the ball N chain and there are few things that are more effective than these on Falcon.  They are deadly with a brush hog and just as deadly with a fluke.  These guys are based out of Katy, TX and are huge supporters of  Do me a favor and check them out, you won’t be disappointed.


Tommy Law – Tommy is not just a good guide here on Falcon, he is one of the very best and somebody that I respect a great deal.  Tommy has gone out of his way to help me and there was no reason to do so either.  Tommy thanks man and look forward to working with you for years to come.


My wife and kids –  They have seen their husband/dad on death’s door and seen me in as much pain as humanly possible.  They moved as far South as geographically possible.  How many families would do that?  The best part is they all love it here.  Their support and love for me during my dark days and now during my best of days is something that not everyone is blessed with.


Pro Angler Marine – These guys have just come on board and man am I lucky to have them.  Joe and Hector and great people.  I would drive 1,000 miles to do business with them.  I know what you are thinking, they must give you a huge discount to say that.  No, I paid for my ride the same as you would.  Joe and Hector read my reports and saw that I had an issue with the fiberglass on my new boat.  Guess who was on the phone calling me as soon as they got back from vacation?  Joe from Pro Angler Marine asking if there is anything they can do to help.  Who does that now a days?  I know of one place.  Check em out here


Jim Behnken – Jim much like Tommy is one of the best Falcon guides that Falcon has ever seen.  Jim has gone out of his way to help me and he knows I would do the same for him.  Jim thanks and look forward to many more days out on the water with you.


The Community of Zapata, TX – The people here are as nice as they come.  I was not expecting this.  I try and be as visable as possible in the community, whether it be going to sporting events, parades, dances, fairs, etc, etc.  A lot of my clients ask about safety here.  I just have to laugh.  I love Zapata and would not want to live anywhere else.


Gary Harlin – Gary is another guide here that I have had the pleasure of getting to know.  Gary is known as a shallow water master.  As many of you know, I am not a shallow water master….lol.  Gary and I have done several trips together and look forward to many, many more.  Gary is another one that I could listen to for hours on end in regards to Falcon and local Mexico Lakes history.  Thanks Gary.


My Clients – I am a former Math teacher, not a former English teacher.  I wish I could write how I truly feel about everyone that went out on that limb and gave the new guy a shot.  The Lord continues to bless me with amazing people.  As 2013 begins I look forward to fishing with new and old friends alike.  Thanks everyone.


I started this novel at 9 this morning…  It’s now a quarter to 8.  I told you I am no English major.  I just got a phone call from some folks that got roughed up pretty good by Falcon today, as in the word rhymes with hero.  They want me in their corner for tomorrows round.  So I am heading out to hook up the Bullet.  freezing rain looks to be in the forecast, not a day for the faint of heart.  I am hopeful we boat a fish….yes A, as in singular fish.  I will have a report of the festivities tomorrow.



38 degrees and rain…….

Yeah today was a battle of wills. Mike and Theo are from Wisconsin. They told me weather like this to them was a normal spring day on the water. Any questions why I moved as FAAAARRRRRRRRRRR South as I could? Give me 108 degrees everyday all day. Thanks in advance. We put in a full day and fought Falcon and the elements to the bitter end. Mike did manage a nice 6 lber today at least. I won’t give away the technique…..ok, ok, ok. It involves a crig and crank…….use your imagination. lol. Thanks for the opportunity fellas! I will be thinking about you all over the next three days when I am TOASTY warm in my house. I will not be on the water, that I can promise you.


Bullet + wind + waves =

not a lot of fun.  I made a poor decision to start the day.  The wind was up right off the bat and I tried to make it to a main lake spot and decided to call off the dogs and hit a ledge that was still main lake, but a lot closer.  I should have headed straight for some protected water.  Reason?  Those waves can make even the most hardened fishermen sea sick in a Bullet let alone an 11-year-old.  Lindsey was tough as nails and didn’t want to come in, but when Clay and I saw her laying on the seats and not fishing we knew we better head in.  Like I said yesterday she never put down a rod.  So to see her 2 hrs in laying down, you know she was on the verge of getting really sick.  Again, much like Chase a few days ago, Clay paid for both days and then some.  I felt terrible about it, but again would have no part of not paying it and said he looked forward to coming back soon.  The good man upstairs just continues to bless me with wonderful human beings to take fishing.  Thanks again Clay……send me some picks of you and the kids on the new boat when you get the chance!


I am going to have a year in review/New Years post soon.  I have a few off days after tomorrow.  I will also post an in-depth how, what, and where report as well.  I will wait until after Basschamps for that report.  Some halfwit on a posting forum accused me of posting info on my blog to help my readers for tournaments and that it gave them an unfair advantage.  I am the last person on this planet that would try to do something shady.  Period.  Those that have fished with me and know me, know that to be a fact.  Got a father/son duo tomorrow and we will launch here on the North end of the lake.  I plan on burning every gallon of gas I have and let the chips fall where they may.


Happy New Year



Do you wanna see a pic of why I love my job?


Yep that sums it up. Making people happy. I wore many hats as a teacher. I wore the hat of an entertainer, a friend, a parent figure, a role model, a psychologist and lastly a Mathematics teacher. I treat my job as a guide in a similar way. I don’t just go out there on Falcon put in my time catch fish and go home. I try to entertain, educate, be a good listener, and lastly put people in position to catch the fish of their life. Lately the fish have not cooperated at all and it has been very disheartening to say the least on most days. When you come fish with me I can’t promise you the fishing will be out of this world, but I can promise you that you will have a quality time and be entertained, learn why I fish what I do, and have somebody that enjoys a good conversation. Back to todays action. I took out a wonderful return client of mine and this time he brought his 11 year old daughter Lindsey. I have had some hard fishing youngsters and Lindsey fished me out of the boat today. She only put her rod down to eat a snack aaaaalllll day. I just wish the fish would have bit better for us (popular theme of late), she was a trooper to the end and did catch some nice fish though. Clay and Lindsey are going to go give it heck with me again tomorrow. We are hoping to start the new year out with a bang!


       <—–doesn’t get much better than this.








A few bites!!!

and again today our biggest 3 fish didn’t get to the boat…I was the culprit on one and David on the other two. I am not going to turn this into “the one that gotta away report” everyday, so I am not going to talk about it, but I sure want to…lol. Even with those 3 fish not getting to the net, we still had a good day. 30 fish? No…..30 lb bag? No, but action and fish up to 7 and half? (mine unfortunately) yes. We fished hard today. David’s fiance decided this morning that fishing in 40 degree weather was not what she considered fun. She went ahead and slept in and got caught up on her Judge Judy re-runs and some pig skin. I wasn’t prepared to fish today. I planned on making sure Sonya had a line in the water at all times and to help her all day. Soooooo I had to scramble a bit with what I had in the boat, but I pieced it together. Sonya bring David back in a few months when it warms up! I promise to hook ya up. I have some days off in the middle of January. Don’t let these slow days fool you. If you want an elite level fish, you still can’t go wrong with your chances at Falcon and January can be as explosive as they come. Give me a ring if you want a couple of Falcon Lottery tickets for the month of January.







Booked, to not booked, to booked again….lol.

Well I met up with Chance welllllllllll before sun up to talk about a plan or in today’s case an exit plan.  This weekend wasn’t about Chance, but rather him spending quality time with the Mrs.  Yesterday had some terrible wind and the fish didn’t bite worth a crap, but we all still had a great time.  When I went out to jump in the truck this morning the thermostat read 29 degrees.  Yeah.  Crazy cold.  Chance decided to hit the road and I couldn’t blame him.  To give you an example of the type of man Chance is, he cut me check for both days before I could even decline the offer.  Chance is one of those fellas that when he says it’s gonna happen, it’s gonna happen.  So I would have had no say regardless.  Thanks again for the opportunity Chance.  Don’t be a stranger.



Sooooo off to Falcon Lake Tackle I went to sing the no catching blues to James. (I feel bad for James and Tommy….everybody and their mothers 5th Uncle named Billy Bob is going in there complaining about the terrible fishing, so I didn’t sing for too long.  lol)  Well about the time my blues song ended a couple of fellas from Oklahoma walked in.  They had never seen the lake at this level and had quite a few questions and James and I were answering the best we could.  I picked out a bunch of weapons for them to try.  James mentioned to em that I was a guide and they decided to go ahead and book me.  Sooooooo off we went to the dam.  They used their boat and followed me.  The main goal was to give them options to fish that have been producing. (well producing for the current Falcon standards that is)  We hit and ran several spots and no the fish weren’t biting.  With that said, Marc had two big fish on and one of those was a sure fire DD, close to if not in that 11 lb range.  Marc is already in the 10 lb club, so although he didn’t take losing the fish well at least it didn’t cost him DD club membership.  Hey Marc your net man let ya down!  Where was he?  Dang Father in-laws anyhow, always trying to keep us down.  lol, Just kidding Jim!  They will be fishing for the next couple of days on their own.  My fingers are crossed that they get another shot at that monster.  Back at it tomorrow with another Texas Fishing Forums member who is bringing his Fiance to experience Falcon for the first time.  Zebco’s and drop shots will be on the menu…..hope Falcon’s hungry.

The wind blew harder than a woodpeckers……..

…….you all out there have a dirty mind. The answer is lips. I wish I could repeat a lot of the conversation from today, but unfortunately it was anything, but G rated or heck R rated for that matter….lol. We had a great time getting blown all over the place and trying to sink my bullet today. We launched South and got into one protected area first thing in the morning and hunkered down. It’s all we could do. The weather man missed the wind predictions and timing as bad as you could miss. The wind wasn’t supposed to hit double digits until 11 o’clock. Well at 7:15 we not only had double-digit winds, but gusts well above 20 mph. Thanks for the help Mr. Weather man. We went in for a restroom break at 11:00 and yeah that was a face slapping good time and also very wet. After the restroom break we headed back out the channel and started surfing the waves and at that point I decided not to file an insurance claim on a sunken bullet and we put it back on the trailer. I wouldn’t have wanted any part of that mess in my z522 let alone the bullet. We headed back to Zapata to fish the Veleno and low and behold the wind layed down enough for us to not just hit the veleno, but to run practically to Bob’s knob. You know what they say about all good things coming to an end right? Yeah, the wind picked back up for round 2 of a face slapping good time. All in all the fishing was disappointing yet again. To be fair though, I couldn’t hit my grade A spots because of the terrible wind. A pretty good excuse for a piss poor day. Yesterday as hard as I tried I couldn’t muster up a good excuse… Momma Nature hooked me up. I am going to meet Chase and Ginger again tomorrow morning bright and early. We are going to make a game time decision on whether or not to fish tomorrow. It’s supposed to be BITTER cold, but low winds. After today’s mess of a weather guess nothing is for certain and we will make our decision at the last possible moment.



The Good, the bad, the ugly and today…..

3 fish….we all caught 1 fish apiece. Kicker went a little better than 5 and a half pounds. (pictured) My clients for today drove 22 hours straight from Indiana to catch 2 fish. They got into town around 9 and we were on the water by 11:00 and fished till 5:30. We probably had 10 bites all day. All bites came off of soft plastics. We threw the heck out of cranks today and not one single nudge. Today on December the 27th of the year 2012 was the worst day of fishing I have ever seen on this lake. I talked to another guide who boated 4 fish all day and he is one of the best and will remain nameless. I talked to a friend who fishes Falcon a lot and is a tremendous stick out here and drum roll……..2 fish. I would like to blame it on the nasty cold front, but I can’t. The last really bad cold front that came through two weeks ago produced 4 straight awesome days of fishing. See links below.


I am not going to speculate as to why we are having such crazy swings in the fishing the past several months. It’s been a wild ride. For those that are coming down and expecting 100 fish days and 40 lb stringers everyday, don’t come down because it ain’t happening right now. Don’t spend all that money to come down and be upset about the results. Can you still have a day like the links above? You betcha, but those days are going to be more of the exception rather than the rule. Will that change next month? or the month after or June or August of next year? Only Momma Nature knows for sure. When you come down bring the right attitude and mindset and who knows Falcon may still give you a few days you won’t soon forget. I would like to thank Jim and Jim Sr for the opportunity….talk about a couple of cool cats. They have been doing the father/son fishing trips for years much like my dad and I. It’s wonderful to see. They have 5 more days left and I wish them nothing but the best. Good luck men.


Tomorrow starts 7 trips in a row with the Bullet……and the Christmas Greenhouse

Went out today with a local friend of mine who has fished falcon for maaaaaany years.  He is actually jumping into the guiding business.  Tony is a guy that can do it all here on Falcon.  You wanna catch a 10 lb bass?, a 3 lb crappie?, a 20 lb cat?  He can make it happen for you.  He is just starting out so there is a good chance he can help you on short notice unlike Tommy Law, Jim Behnken, etc. etc. who are booked out months in advance.  I have had a lot of interest in February and I have literally 3 days left in all of February.  So drop Tony a line, I am sure he will work just as hard as I do and will do what it takes to put fish in the boat.  If all else fails have him take you on a crappie run, I don’t think you will regret it.  Good Luck Tony!!




As you read in the blog title I will be in my Bullet for a week or two.  While beaching my z522 with the kids a few days back I ran over something that did some pretty good damage.



Yes that is from beaching my boat beside the county ramp…..unreal.  I got really lucky though.  I found out that Michael from will be on a hunt down here and he will fix me up before  heading back North.  How cool is that?  Thanks Mike!!  I will post the “after” pics when he is done.  I am very happy a pro is taking care of this and not some hack like myself…


A full fishing report will on tap for tomorrow……we will be fishing Deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.  I know, shocker.


Oh and check out the kick Arse Greenhouse made by Dale for his wife Judy.  She got him a Falcon trip for Christmas and he built this for her.


Hey Dale, I think you could work her for another 2 or 3 day Falcon trip for that thing.  Goodness….well done man!

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