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Sugar Lake Mexico with back to back 40 lb summer time bags.

Pretty fun times at Sugar Lake right now especially if you are into cranking……if cranking is your thing and you dream of hooking into giant bass, you best make your way to the border. This last two day trip was once again a crankfest that certainly didn’t disappoint. I had Chance and his crew of Jeff and his two sons Garrett and 7 lb Sam. All four of these fellas are ate up with bass fishing and to see em come down and smoke em like they did was pretty dang fun to see. I had John Adami from Broken Braid guide service help me with this group trip and he certainly did a fantastic job as well. Enough chit chat… the Day 1 pics.

img_2736.jpg img_2737-1.jpg

img_2733.jpg img_2734.jpg



Day 2 pics:

img_2746.jpg img_2747.jpg

img_2745.jpg img_2743.jpg



We are back at it on Sugar after the 4th, but do have scattered openings through the summer. Email or call for up to date availability.




June came in with Falcon, but left as sweet as could be.

I spent most of June on Falcon Lake and to say it was a struggle most days would the understatement of the century. Listen I have spots and locations where you can blast fish…….problem? Yeah there’s a big problem……folks aren’t flying in from all over the country to catch 1 lb Falcon Lake bass. With all that gloom and doom said, did we have moments of glory this month on Falcon?

img_2567.jpg img_2566.jpg

img_2565.jpg img_2595.jpg

img_2666.jpg img_2664.jpg

img_2648.jpg img_2647.jpg



As you can see we certainly had our moments, but every single walrus was well earned and free passes were not given.


The last four days were spent at Sugar Lake Mexico with Tom. This was the first Sugar trip that I have ever had where I worried about whether or not it was going to be a good trip. The month of May was just not that good on Sugar and that’s after a MONSTER April. The biggest reason? Loss of water and a lot of it during a short period of time. The fish went into survival mode for the most part in my opinion. They put the plug in May 24th and have actually picked up a foot or so of water……the result?

img_2724.jpg img_2701.jpg

img_2722.jpg img_2712.jpg

img_2708.jpg img_2709.jpg

img_2689.jpg img_2706.jpg

img_2690.jpg img_2683.jpg




The result as you can see was epic. We had three 9’s, a 42 lb and a 39 lb bag. The only day that the quality wasn’t off the charts was Sunday. For whatever reason Sunday was a 1-3 lb dink fest……but we caught a bazillion, so it was still a pretty dag gone fun day to say the least. My Dad’s trip in May was a major player in the success of Tom’s trip. Dad and I did a lot of scanning and a lot of looking……those areas came up in a big way and will continue to come up big if we can hold the water. July is coming fast and it will be a busy one…….I still have a day or three available if a walrus hunt sounds like a good time. See ya then.





Fun fun fun week here on Falcon Lake Texas

The week started with some folks from Monterrey, Mexico. No we didn’t fish Sugar…..they actually wanted to hit Falcon and gain some knowledge. Sooooooo I did the best I could to move em around and show em the lake and explain what we were doing…..we unfortunately did have a significant language barrier, but certainly understood each other.


We caught a few nice fish too….including this Falcon Lake walrus.



We also added a couple Jr. walruses.

img_2593.jpg img_2594.jpg


Then Clay came down to fish the API tournament…….our team went for the 3rd highest amount in the Calcutta. (23 hundred bucks… that’s not a typo……$2,300). I want to thank Clay and Dixie Electric for covering all the costs and then some for this tournament. First day was ok…..we had 14 ish pounds (three fish) with a dead fish penalty. We caught a fish that had swim bladder issues and my needles were in the shed. Today the wind did not allow me to get back to where I had some nice fish located and as you can see by the pic below our quality suffered quite a bit.



We caught several 1-3 lb fish and opted to chunk em back and get off the water early. There were some AWESOME stringers brought in…..I know of three 20 plus pound bags yesterday. (three fish limits) That’s salty to say the least. I have the next three days off and boy do I need it. I don’t think I have been this sore since my freshman year of football two a days. Luckily and I do mean luckily my neck feels pretty solid.


See ya in a few.

Falcon Lake with Lambo and The Cat in the……Shorts?

“I put on sunscreen ever so copious while on a Falcon Lake Walrus hunt that is…….. ohhhhhh so glorious”

– Wade da Walrus Hunter, The Cat in the Shorts




What a terrific Falcon trip with Landon and his friend Wade. The only thing that was missing was Landon’s Dad, David. We missed ya man!!! When Landon comes to town it always seems that some sort of High Stakes Bassin record gets broke. Last year? It was the clicker record.



This year?





That’s thirteen rods with thirteen applications on them and we caught multiple fish on all thirteen. That’s a record folks and a fun record to break. We also boated two walruses and a Jr. Walrus. Wade’s walrus went 8.59 pounds and is now his new personal best!!!


Here she is…..GORGEOUS fish.


Landon also got into the walrus category.



……..and here’s my lil ole Jr. Walrus



Taking a group out on Falcon from Mexico on Tuesday and then it’s the API tournament Friday and Saturday with my man Clay. Gonna be a fun week here on the border…..drop me a line if you want in on the action.




Mom and Dad do South Texas 2017 Edition

Before I get to the family portion of the report I had the opportunity to take the dynamic duo of Kendra and Ryan South of the Border. Talk about salt of the earth folks……we spent 2 days on Sugar and the fish catching was pretty good, but as is the norm of late the big bite was awful tough for us to get. Here are a few pics from our trip.

img_2459.jpg img_2457.jpg



Thanks again you two and as always I appreciate the friendship and your continued support of Highstakesbassin……hope to see ya’ll again soon.





What an incredible 10 days with my folks. We laughed, we cried, laughed, cried some more and just tried to stop time, but it didn’t work. They are safely back in Pennsylvania and I am counting down the days until I see them again in August. I hate wishing time away, but I can’t wait to see em again……which is a common theme over the last nearly 17 years that I moved away from my home town. I moved 535 miles away to take a full time teaching job and then moved 1200 more miles away to pursue my guiding career. My folks have been with me every single mile, yard, foot and inch. My Dad turned 69 this trip and we had two wonderful parties for him. The first party was at Sugar Lake on his birthday. (May 25th)




Here are a few pics from our party back in Texas the day after his birthday.



Having my Sugar Lake family and my Falcon family help celebrate my Dad’s birthday sure was special. Thanks to all those that made it happen.

Mom did not get to go on a Walrus hunt this trip, but she sure did have a great time with the Girlies…….here are a few pics.


img_2551.jpg img_2550.jpg



Dad and I did do some fishing when he was here and we had a damn good time too. Was it a walrus whackfest like last year? Absolutely not……it was a micro and Jr. Walrus fest.

img_2503.jpg img_2502.jpg


Here’s a pic of Pops protesting an early start time.


…..and here’s a look at the current launching conditions at Sugar Lake.



And that’s no joke folks……bring your Tonka Truck down if you plan on bringing your own rig and gooooood luck. Bring a tow strap too.

Remember the selfie pic we took last May? Here it is….



Man words can’t describe how much I love that pic…….but the next pic means just a little bit more to me.



Why?…….to say the 12 months between those two selfies was difficult and painful would be quite the understatement. So happy to get into a boat and do what I love.


Back to work manana…… this guy in town.



Falcon Lake Fun

I have had the opportunity to be on Falcon the last several days with new clients and also two of the longest standing clients that I have, Troy and Roy. Here are the stats…..

Most fish caught (single day): 58

Least fish caught (single day): 17

Biggest fish: Roy’s 9 lber (first pic below)


Best technique: squarebills and spinnerbaits

Best area: dam


img_2436.jpg img_2439.jpg

img_2432.jpg img_2434.jpg

img_2415.jpg img_2417.jpg


Check this fish out……


Not one, but two hooks in her gullet. Fear not Dr. J was in the house and she’s as good as new.



Going to be a lot of fishing between now and my next report…..both from Sugar and Falcon. Soooooo looking forward to it. If you are considering heading this way here is a look at my June schedule. (May is toast)



Lots of room for a great trip on the border.




8 straight days at Sugar Lake

Just got back Monday from 8 straight days in the land of milk and honey. First up was Tom and we whacked on plenty of fish, but both of us had some tough luck with boating walrus caliber fish. The highlight of the 4 days with Tom was us finding some stranded fishermen and giving them a lift back to safety. They had motor issues and did not make it back to the motel the night before. We got pummeled by storms and could not get out to them until the following morning. Luckily we found em and even though their boat got thrown onto some rocks during the storm I think with a lil love that it will/can be salvaged.




The last 4 days were spent with Tim and crew…..such a fun group that he brings down and I am sooooo happy to have them as clients and friends. Tim also stroked a MEGA walrus that went 10.02 lbs.

IMG_2404 (Edited)


Here are a few more from Mike and Ken……

IMG_2400 (Edited) IMG_2401 (Edited)



I am on Falcon for the next week or so before heading back to Sugar. I’ve got the Falcon medicine locked and loaded. Marllie is happy that I’m home.



Vegas and a look at the May schedule.

Got back from Vegas a few days back and have been in recovery mode. Had a great time with my Mom and Sister. Ended the trip throwing money around with a good buddy of mine. I certainly did not make any money while there and was actually the worst trip from a monetary prospective that I’ve had in a good long while. I knew my good luck had to come to an end in Vegas and it did. My favorite pic of the trip…….



My Golden Gate host sent a limo to pick me up at Paris and this was the first time my sister had ever ridden in a limo……a stretch Escalade hit the spot.



My suite at the Golden Gate was bigger than my house… No joke.




Fun times as always……but glad to be back in Zapata and ready to hit the water. May is going to be busy, busy…..but still have one window open and it should be dynamite.



See ya on the water.




Sugar Lake MEGA WALRUS bonanza and top 5…..


Here’s Buddy Select’s Mega Walrus from last week.


Yes that fish is spectacular, but to me the pic of a 17 year old young man smiling in the background makes that pic. Brock gets just how fortunate he is……not many 17 year olds get it, but he sure does. Spending time with your ole man is priceless.

Next up on the MEGA WALRUS barrage were Magic Mike and Flip Master Phil. These guys started their 4 day trip on Falcon Lake. We whacked on plenty of fish here on Falcon, but I could not put these guys on a fish better than 2 pounds. Sooooooooo we moved the show to Sugar. The first two days were very very average by Sugar Lake standards. (8.79 and 9.29 were the big fish boated) Day 3 you ask?




Once again, yes that fish is spec freaking tacular, but my favorite part of that pic? It’s what is in the background. It’s a guy smiling from ear to ear for his buddy who just chased down the fish of a lifetime and he was there to see it. Phil literally no sooner released his fish and this happened…..



Magic Mike boats his own Mega Walrus.



I have said it 128 times on this website and I will say it for the 129th time. As I mentioned in my last report….I have no idea how folks like my Boyzzzzz from Illinois and now Mike and Phil continue to find their way into my boat. I’m grateful and certainly don’t take it for granted. Here are a few more nice pics of Walruses from the week that was…….


img_2215.jpg img_2202.jpg

img_2236.jpg img_2238.jpg

img_2218.jpg img_2212.jpg


Since coming back from my neck surgery here is a look at the top 5 that have hit my scales.


Pretty special and I’m so dag gone happy to be back. I will be off the water for 10 days or so…..taking my 521vx in tomorrow for some maintenance. I’m down to one boat and it needs some love and I still can’t lift stuff like batteries etc….sooooo off it goes. I will see you all in May.




Cancellations, my boyzzzzz, an incredibly busy rest of April, and a new boat.

I am back on fish. Am I second guessing cancelling 7 days of jobs the last two weeks? Yep…..but such is life. I took out Jason and his dad on Monday and it was a whackfest with a few good fish in the mix including Jason’s 7.27 lber pictured below.



Jason earlier in the day jumped off a sure fire MEGA walrus about 5 cranks from the boat…..I know what ya’ll are thinking and NO, I did not blow the net job. She jumped out the water and spit the chatterbait he was using. Notice I did not say bladed JIG. Dag gone jigs are killing me this year. They catch big fish no doubt, but boy fish get leverage on them big heads and pow…..gone. My boyzzzzzz from Illinois are heading to town and my man Brock turns 17.


Seems like it was yesterday he was 13… daughter’s age. Good grief time. Slow down, please. April from here on out will be nothing short of a blur. Here is a quick look at May.



My favorite times of year are when I can see my folks. As you can see, round 1 for 2017 is coming up fast. I want it to get here and I want it to last forever…… I can’t wait. If you like a few of those openings give me holler.

A new boat has been ordered and should be here in Zapata by July.



There she is……with my neck showing steady improvement I decided to make another major investment in my business. I got the green light from’s CEO and shareholders.



…….and there they all are. Without them none of this is possible. Man I love that pic. Thanks Highstakesbassin fans for your continued support as well. I have without a doubt the best client base on the planet. And what’s amazing is that I continue to add wonderful folks to that list on a near monthly basis. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you….a million times over.


See ya down on the border,




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