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David and Phil go Walrus hunting…..

…..These fellas boated 3 over 7 lbs today with the biggest going 7-15 by Phil, just missing the 8 pound mark. That fish is Phil’s new personal best. David and Phil had never caught a fish on deep diving cranks before today. They can officially cross that technique off the to do list. They boated 22 fish today and most were on the crank with a few crig and trig exceptions. We had a 34+ lb bag today and could have easily hit the 40 lb mark that has eluded me for the past several months now. We had two 9+lbers come unglued on us at the boat as par for the course with crankbait fishing. We had a great time out there today. I just wish Falcon would find some middle ground and get more consistent, but with the lake in free fall I don’t see the fishing stabilizing anytime soon.




We will kick butt one day and totally stink the next and the next and the next… The lake is getting terribly small and down right dangerous. I don’t care who you are. Launching the boat is becoming a straight up shit show and I don’t care where you are launching from either.


We caught back to back pigs and the net wasn’t ready to go so I went after the fish. Well the fish got me…..literally. Like to the tune of a buried treble in the hand…..dang it that hurt. Dikes, pliers and some swearing got er done…..and a lot of blood.





Ok, Ok, Ok……some of that blood was from a fish. lol.

sure life

The above works folks. Everytime I have a badly hooked fish it goes to the livewell with plenty of Sure Life. I have had some fish in dire straights after swallowing a 6xd live to fight another day because of this stuff. Trust me and this is coming from somebody that pays through the nose for it on his own dime.


We are back at it tomorrow with a husband wife combo.















Not gambling today……

I met Bob and Paul bright and early this morning to discuss the options for their final day.  We all agreed that it was in everyone’s best interest to live to fish another day.  We headed to the Steak House for breakfast, shared a few more laughs and exchanged some more jerky. (hope the Mrs. doesn’t read this…..I have it well hid)  They are off to Missouri and will be driving through some pretty tough weather by the looks of things.  Be safe fellas and thanks again for the opportunity.







Bob and Paul take the damn Dam Tour….

We launched down South and headed for the dam first thing. We caught plenty of fish, but the quality today wasn’t very good compared to the last 2 days. We didn’t have a single big bite, well big bass bite I should say…lol.




Paul thought he had the lake record and we almost started fist pounding and chest bumping before we ever saw it. lol. This is exactly why I don’t say anything about a fish being a huge bass until I see it. Over the past 2 weeks we have caught big gar, big cats and snagged a dang carp. Bob also caught a gar today, but it was not nearly as big as Paul’s monster above. We caught most of our fish on cranks… surprise, but we also caught em on trigs and crigs in the rocks as well. I think I lost 7 crigs in a 2 hour stretch, crazy. The plum Zoom Ole Monsters were the ticket for us on the trigs and crigs. The weather concerns me tomorrow. The wind looks like it will start out SE and we will launch down South again. If the wind turns like expected it might be a short day. I just hope we can boat a couple of walruses while the weather allows it. I have had a great time with these fellas. I forgot to mention their beef jerky. Homemade…..sweeeeeeet mother of pearl goodness folks.









Crazy day……again.

At least I was 1 for 1 on the net today, but I should have had 5 or 6 more attempts and that’s being conservative folks. We caught several dinks again today and had a lot of quality bites that included a nice 6-3 for Bob. (pictured) I don’t have the heart to talk about all the big fish that got off today. These fellas are GRADE A and it’s gut wrenching to see the luck they are having. We are cranking pretty much exclusively right now from 1.5 squarebills to 6xds. We caught a few fish on crigs and spinnerbaits as well. I have these guys for 2 more days and we are going to keep giving em heck regardless.







I take full responsibility….

Bob had a true Walrus on and probably his personal best.  I’ll cut to the chase.  I pulled a Danny (my buddy/web guy) and I beat the son of $%^$^ off with the net.  It has been well documented how TERRIBLE my boat’s luck has been with landing walruses of late.  I made up my mind if Bob’s fish gave me a chance I was gonna go after her.  Dumb.  Tough pill to swallow.  We had a few big bites today that came unglued that we never saw, those are easier to take.  Crankbait fishing…..grrrrrr.  We also caught another big cat, but not as big as a couple of days ago.  Bob and Paul will be back at it tomorrow.  I sure hope we can get a few picture fish IN the boat as opposed to the dink fest that was today.  I think we are going to bust out the spinnerbait for tomorrow.






Warren and Todd day 3

I tried. I ran these men through some pretty bad water to get to where I thought our best shot at a big fish would be. We spent 5 hours there and threw everything we had in the boat at em. 3 bites, 1 boated fish and a walrus sighting. Unfortunately I caught it and no I didn’t get it to scales. No surprise there. We made the move back north and caught 11 fish the last 3 or so hours of fishing. Todd is the new record holder for, but not in the category we were all hoping for…..see first pic. Lol…..all of our bass were like the ones pictured. 1-4 lbs. I really enjoyed these three days and sure hope I get the opportunity to take these gents back out in the future.






A big thanks to my man Warren……

…..he stepped up and ended the’s slump with landing big fish. We had 1 walrus sighting and Warren gave it his best Keith Combs impersonation and boated his new personal best tipping the scales at 8.11!!!




As stated last night we headed to the dam first thing in the morning. Mistake. We were at the dam before 7:30 and we didn’t have anywhere to fish… We left and headed to the Salinas where we zeroed. At 10am we had 1 bite and zero fish. The long run to the dam backfired in a big time way. We went into State Park Cove after the Salinas disaster and grinded away and at least caught some dag gone fish which included the 8.11 for Warren on what else? A Citrus Shad 6xd. We worked our way North and battled the whole way…….nothing was coming easy today folks. At 2:30 we were on our way to the ramp and made one last stop. We had 10 fish for the day. At 3:30 the ole z522 was on the trailer and we tallied 30 fish. Yes our last stop produced 20 fish. Nuclear explosion comes to mind. All of the fish were between 1 and 4 lbs…….fun a lot of fun after the grind we went through today. Warren and Todd have been great, but I have to be honest…..I sure would like to get em both 2 or 3 more shots at walrus tomorrow. I will go for broke yet again early…..fingers crossed.






I am going to change the name of my report……

……the new name will be “The ones that got away report”. Just check in daily for your fill off heartbreaks and walrus sightings.




Three trips and a total of 6 truly big fish. (1 today) 0-6. Enough about all that. Todd and Warren had a very good day on Falcon Lake. We had a kicker of 6-14 and caught several other nice fish. Let me be clear here……we caught who knows how many of the 0.5 – 3 lb variety again today. I swear I have a pack of a thousand of those things following me everywhere. Deep?, rocks?, shallow?, trees?……they’re everywhere. I am glad to see it to be honest. Back in December and January I couldn’t find a small fish if my life depended on it. The big fish were damn tough to find too….lol. We caught fish from 2 ft to 15 ft. We didn’t get out very deep today. Our best fish came on……?……wait for it……..?……6xds. No surprises. Sexy, Chart. Sexy, citrus, and chart. Blue back all caught fish today. I don’t think any one color was better than the other. We also caught fish on crigged ole monsters in the cali 420 color and crigged w/r brushhog. We also caught 15 or so fish on 1.5 squarebills in the bluegill color. I know what you are thinking…..what didn’t you catch a fish on? Spinnerbait. We talked about the what…..let’s talk about where. We fished dang near every creek on the lake with few exceptions. We fished all the way down to the dam and I wanted to fish the dam too, but good gravy folks and I do mean good gravy. We didn’t see a boat within 500 yards of us all day until we entered the dam zone. These fellas want to fish the dam for nostalgia purposes, so we will be there first thing in the morning and work our way back North from there. I really think if I left the house right now I still wouldn’t be first to the dam……lol. Hopefully I will be in the first 20 boats that arrive at 7:30 tomorrow morning.











Weather got real in a hurry today…..

My game plan was to stay close and play the conservative card today.  I sure am glad I did.  I nearly left for a run South too.  The wind was just not that bad this morning to start.  I probably would have rolled the dice, but we started whacking the fish like crazy at our first spot.  (mostly fish like yesterday 0.5 to 3 pounds)  We ran into some terrible luck again today with landing our big fish.  Today I had two and one that certainly had an opportunity at being 9 to 11 lbs.  I hooked this beast and it came up to the top instantly waaaaaaaaaay out there and I thought it was 6 to 7 lbs.  I got her to the boat 3 different times.  Six or seven lbs?  No way.  I tried to wear that fish out, but she ended up wearing me out.  I finally got impatient and after the 3rd time of keeping her out of the trolling motor she bent my trebles out and pulled free.  Good gravy.  The other Walrus I didn’t get her that close to the boat before she came unglued, but I can tell you it was like trying to move a damn bulldozer.  I was not the only one today though.  Doc had one on that I thought was going to burn his drag up and run him out of line.  He tried to stop her and yep…..pulled the hooks out.  1 and a half days and 5 very big bites and zero pics.  Man is that a bummer.  We only fished a few hours before we called it quits.  Live to fight another day in 25 plus mph North wind gusts.




Dr. Jack, post Baccarac Edition

Doc just got back from Baccarac where he caught 29 fish over 6 lbs with a 12 lb kicker. He trailered his boat down for this trip. He went out on his own yesterday and got a big warm welcome from Falcon in the form of a zero. So today was about getting the good Doctor a Falcon fish. He got 8 today, but all of them were like the one pictured. (0.5 – 3lbs) He got two very big bites though that didn’t get to the boat. The first fish he fought for what seemed like 5 minutes. In the end Doc had her roughly 10 feet from the boat when she came unglued. I thought she broke him, but no. She straightened his hook. ugh. Doc’s second big bite came deep on a crigged senko and that one broke him off…..double ugh. We certainly would have liked to have gotten those in the boat, but after not getting one single big bite yesterday I was happy we at least had two big girls on today. We had roughly 20 bites, but the boat ratio wasn’t so good and I was just as guilty as Dr. Jack. Strange day……. We will be back at it tomorrow and the wind looks like it’s going to play some games with us sooooooo I am going to play it safe and stay close by.







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