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Falcon is…….




Ahhhhhhhh yeah……busting out a lil J.J. I don’t know how to describe todays action. Seriously, I really don’t. We threw back more 4 and 5 lbers that we didn’t take a pic of than what we did take a pic of. Check out the photo below.




This was not a “best 5 pic” We hit a spell during the day that I could not keep up. I was throwing fish in the livewell as fast as I could. I kept thinking that the spree would slow down. It didn’t. We got to 6 in the well and we then started just throwing the others back. Nobody wanted to stop long enough for a pic and I didn’t want anymore than 6 in the well. Oh and I miss counted……lol. We ended up only having 5 in there… I said it got stupid crazy. We didn’t boat an 8 lber today unfortunately. Did we have some incredibly big fish on? Oh my. I lost a straight up whale on a dag gone crig……the hook just pulled out, ugh. Mike, oh my man Mike. This cat is a top 5 nicest individuals I’ve ever met….I am serious. GENUINE, but boy did he take it on the chin today in the ole luck department. He had two no doubt DD’s within feet of the boat. I saw the first one and it was a NOOOOO doubter. I didn’t see the second because I was literally throwing my body on the net, but Mike swears up and down that it was way…..yes he used the word WAY bigger than the first DD. Um eh……that’s tough to wrap my mind around folks, it really is. He also had two other walruses that didn’t get hung on scales. One of them was in the 7 lb range and CHOKED the crankbait. I opted to not use the net on her because of it. You guessed it….she threw the crank. There is a part of me that was VERY happy she did. I was worried that she was gonna require some fancy surgery and I was out of Catch and Release powder. This just in…..I have two new bottles of Catch and Release now. What a wild and fun day…….I REALLY want Chris to get a big one on tomorrow. He is the only one that has not had a 7 lber or better on. He is catching the heck clean out of the fish, but just not getting lucky on getting a big bite. I can’t wait to get back out there tomorrow.


Oh I got my high dollar scales back from the repair shop……gonna put em to work tomorrow. I hope to have some big numbers on it to show off.














Great to be back on the water……

……and Falcon didn’t disappoint. The wind prevented me from hitting my main lake stuff on the South end of the lake. I wanted to hit everything from the North to the South and got a bit greedy. With wind gusts well into the 20 plus range we decided to do the North deal today and we will do the Damn Dam Tour tomorrow along with everybody else. This is no news flash, but man Falcon is fun right now…..wind or no wind….rocks or no rocks…..cranks or no cranks. Fun. As stated last night I have a group of 3 fellas…..a father and son with a good friend along for the ride as well. They had realistic expectations when they arrived. They each wanted to catch an 8 lb fish or bigger. After day 1….two of the three have met their goal with new personal bests. Mike got the 8 lb party started with his 8lb 4 oz beauty. Later in the afternoon Paul got on the board with his own 8lb 4 oz beauty. Yes two 8-4’s… These guys are ultra competitive……the tie is not going well. hahahahahaha.





I hope we can continue crushing expectations tomorrow…..wind or no wind.













Cleaned up my schedule and back to work tomorrow……

My online schedule got a little out of whack, but it should be 100% at this time. If you have a trip with me scheduled and you see that it is still “open” please shoot me an email. I try to be on top of my schedule, but there has been a lot of movement with it over the past week to 10 days. Thanks for taking the time to double check.




I met my clients tonight and they seem pretty cool and are geeked up to get after em tomorrow. To be truly honest they can’t be more geeked up than I am. The level of LOVE I have for this lake is off the charts and to be off of it a record 10 days in a row was nothing short of torture for me. Combine that with feeling like a $%^ sandwich and I am more than ready to get out there……5 am can’t come soon enough. The whip was washed, buffed, polished and spit shined today. Let’s get it on.








Flu Bug, a tough as nails head cold and a Vegas trip



Yes folks that pic sums up the gambling portion of my Vegas trip…….a dealer 8 card 21.  ugh.




The above pic  sums up how I felt the entire trip.  Danny, my web guy, steps off the plane with the death plague.  He checked into his hotel room and immediately threw up.  He then came down to join us at the blackjack table and spread his plague.  My immune system took a major dump.  I spent 14 hours throwing up and then my tonsils flipped out and I came down with the worst cold I have had since my teaching days.  I am still fighting the cold, but I am currently winning the fight.  The flight home nearly killed me.  All of the mucus got pushed to my ears and we are talking pain meds and two heating pads worth of disaster here.  Good news is that I got a sympathy Vegas pass from the Mrs. so a return trip in the not so distant future looks promising.  I love the $150 round trip flights and my rooms are comped so it’s a dag gone nice cheap get away for me.  Yes, I do love the green felt of Vegas.  The silver lining in all this, is that I have slept a lot and I have not had any stress on my neck in better than a week.  I am ready to rock Wednesday.  I have a group of 3 for a four day trip.  It feels like these fellas have had this trip booked for 3 years…  I am very much looking forward to getting these men on some big girls.  Their first day appears to have some wind issues that will have to be worked around, but I would rather have the SSE wind issues as apposed to all the North wind issues the folks here have been dealing with in my absence.  I might hit the water tomorrow, but there is a better chance that I will take one more day to put this head cold behind me and in the rearview mirror.




Bummer……..the Vegas phenomena and time to spend some time off the water.

Alan and his Dad Jeff had a great Falcon Lake experience. They both caught a silly amount of fish and both have new personal bests. They also added deeeeeeeeeep cranking to their list of techniques and had fun all the while. The bummer in the title refers to all of the huge fish that they had on that didn’t find their way to the scales. Gut wrenching luck. We added two more stupid big fish to the tally today and I am not going to talk about it. I wanted them sooooooo badly to get one of em in, but didn’t happen. Thanks again fellas for the opportunity.




Falcon suffers from what I call the Vegas phenomena. Some and I do mean some and not all here folks. I have encountered many stand up fishermen on the water, but it’s the rude, inconsiderate #$%^ that always stand out even if it’s 1 out of 100. I digress….the vegas phenomena. Vegas runs an ad that states “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”. Some folks use that same mantra here…..”hey I am 100’s of miles from home what happens here stays here.” Zapata aint Vegas… at 11. I have thousands of folks that read this report. Do I want to turn this report into a weekly wall of shame? No. Like I have stated many times over, I like to keep this report light, fun, and somewhat informational. If I can spit on your boat, find a different spot to fish. Common Courtesy. I will NEVER, not EVER pull up on somebody, not at the dam, not the Veleno, not Tigers, not anywhere. My boat is easy to spot and well marked…..I get it.




I knew this was gonna be challenging 4 months physically and it was. If you are thinking about coming down next year Jan. – May start emailing me now. I am going to put a limit on the amount of trips I work each month starting in 2014. I am also going to try to limit the weekends as well. I love working and sometimes I love working too much. Health, family, and longevity is going to be more of a focal point going forward. I will not be on the water for 7 days like I stated last night…..I will also not be posting a report of any kind during those 7 days as well. I will however read my emails daily. Feel free to call, text or email me.



To all of you that read my blog, have used your hard-earned money to take a trip with me or those that will in the future…..THANK YOU!











Got greedy…..

I left fish today in an attempt to get a big bite…..terrible decision. I got cocky, as pretty much anything I have touched the past few trips has been money. Not today. Did we still have a dang good day? Sure, but my main lake stuff really was bad. Like 5 fish in 3 hours bad and not a single “big” bite. I have a point that I have been working extremely hard and it shut me out for the first time yesterday. Guess what? It shut me out again today. Not even a dink, both days. We cranked hard again today from 1ft to 15ft. We did catch a few on trig and a few on crig including my 8.67 which was our kicker. (not pictured) At our last stop Alan mentioned that he would get laughed at back in Illinois for throwing such a big worm. (we were throwing Zoom Ole Monsters) In my best Crocodile Dundee voice……..




I say that’s not a worm, now THIS is a worm.




So I start talking about how great the BIG worm bite was last year at this time and I say you know what I am going to put one on. (Zoom Mag Ole Monster) 15 minutes or so later the 8.67 was in the boat. Alan did break his PB again….with a bass just shy of 7 lbs. I forgot the exact weight. (my 200 dollar cul um rite scales got boxed up and are heading back for repair) 6.89 I believe is the new number to beat. Tomorrow will be my last day on the water for a week straight. No ifs, no buts. I will also be scaling back the number of days I guide each month for the remainder of 2013. My family, friends and wife have been on me pretty hard about over doing it here. I understand what they are saying and I realize my neck can’t do this 50 out 60 days, but dang it I love my job and I love this lake. If it were up to me I would be on the water 360 days a year. I need to be smart though, so I can do this for many more years to come. R and R here I come…………after tomorrow. lol.











Ok….gonna come clean.

The fishing is very good right now. There I said it. Even with the 40 degree temperature drop, Falcon was on fire today. Falcon will probably SMACK me in my mouth now for saying it, but man I had to. Shallow? check. Wood? check. Rock? check. Deep? check. Falcon has been on the craziest rollercoaster ride I have ever seen from not only this lake, but any lake since August of last year. Great days followed by days where you struggle to get a single bite, etc, etc. The fishing here has been damn good most days for some time now and it scares me to talk like that because every time I have in the past, Falcon nosedives. Enough is enough though. Falcon right now is as good as I have seen it in a very long time. Alan and his dad had a day today they will not ever forget. unfortunately pics will not accompany the memory. Well at least the pics of the 3 DD’s and Alan’s fish that I would bet my z522 went an easy 12 lbs if it weighed an oz. That fish enters the top 3 biggest fish I have ever seen get off.



The fish above will never be topped as number one…..never.




3. Number 3 belongs to Mr. Alan…..incredibly big fish. How big? I hate to guess, but it was an easy 12lbs. Just a freak of a fish that was within 5 ft of coming to the boat and my scales.




On the bright side of things both Alan and his dad Jeff have new personal bests. Both caught bass right at the 6-0 mark……we will be back at it tomorrow. Let’s hope for some Walrus pics.













I didn’t think I would have to break out……..



…..the cold weather gear again, but here we are. Morning temps tomorrow morning will be in the upper 40’s. Ugh. Luckily I had the day off today as this front blew in and I do mean bllllllllleeeeeewwwwww in. My clients for the next 3 days have had this trip booked for nearly a year. They have one thing working for them….they are from Illinois and I have had some GREAT trips with folks from Illinois. Speaking of Illinois….you remember my man Brock from Illinois?



His dad shot me a pic on his birthday a couple of weeks back. Ole Brock was doing a lil Walrus hunting in Illinois on his Birthday.




Ahhhhh yeah, working that offshore structure like a champ.





Clients are renting my equipment.  With a 35 degree temperature drop, we are going for reaction strikes.





Any questions?







Mike and Step Dad, Terry are…….



…..two cool cats. These two men epitomise the type of client that finds their way to my Ranger. I was curious as to how and why Mike chose me. It started with a google search and I really won’t get into more than that. I will share that he and I are a lot alike in regards to marrying above our draft stock……lol. We both also have a firm understanding of just how lucky we are as well.



I thought the fishing was pretty good today up to about 1 o’clock, then pretty good took a turn to nuclear. Our last two stops really made our day and made “the ones that got away” from earlier not sting quite as bad. We cranked till our arms fell off today and in typical crankbait fashion the heartbreaks followed as par for the course. With all that said we each had 7 lbers with Mike’s 7-12 being the biggest of the day. Some of the main lake stuff that I have been working hard of late was not fishable today….did I try? Yes I sure did, but I couldn’t hold em in the wind. The wind was nuts…..I have fished in stronger before, but the dang gusts today seemed like they were coming from every dag gone direction. The Autopilot on my Terrova does not like that…..not even a little bit like it either. The fishing here lately has been pretty dang good, especially if you can pitch and flip. It’s not easy pitching a trig between the bark and the sap out there. You have to be honest with yourself and your abilities. If pitching isn’t your thing you will not get bit in the jungle right now, accuracy, accuracy, accuracy and trust me I leave plenty of chicken left on the bone too……lol.










Perfect day to be on Falcon Lake.

What a day. We launched here at the county and ran the entire lake. We caught quite a few fish today, but on this day it was more could a, should a, and would a. Mike didn’t believe in the banana jinx, but I believe he may be a believer now after potassium induced bad luck on 3 truly big fish. Thankfully he threw away the bananas before entering the boat, but he did eat one prior. lol. Today was a strange day in regards to the bite. We really never got the deep crank bite going. Mike’s 3 “that got away” were on a squarebill, trig, and crig. The crig fish we didn’t see and I am having a hard time believing it was a bass, but I have never seen a gar or cat caught on a crigged lizzard. Mike set the hook and the fight was on and the fish straight up kicked his @ss and broke him off in a short one-sided fight. Most of Mike’s and Terry’s bites were of the 1-4 lb variety like the fish pictured. I caught the biggest boated fish that went about 7 lbs. It was the biggest fish I have personally boated in some time. We had a great time fishing and shooting the bull today. Tomorrow’s weather looks ugly and Wednesday’s forecasts looks even worse. We are going to hunker down tomorrow and try to get a few big bites early……..after that I am anticipating a hard-hat type of finish.








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