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If this was my last trip of 2013…….

Ricky’s 8.04 is a pretty good way to go out.





Ricky had a two pretty good days here on Falcon.  He went out with Mr. Law yesterday and boated this 9.15





… that thing didn’t hit 10 lbs I’ll never know.


Today’s tail of the tape wasn’t great by any stretch.


Total fish: 6 (3 on lipless crank, 2 on senko including the big girl, and 1 on the 6xd……I lost a really good fish on the blade)

Best 5: mid to high 20’s (all of our fish were solid nice fish….no dinks)

Kicker: Ricky’s 8.04





Be on the look out for the year end Review soon.

Zoran catches a 13 pounder!! Exclusive pic inside……




If you are saying, “hey that kid looks familar”. You’re right he should look familiar. He came down to fish with me earlier this year with his father and friend. Remember his 9lb bass he caught?





That young man is a straight up WALRUS hunter from the West Coast to the East Coast and everywhere in between!  Thanks for sending in the pic Louis!  You have one heck of young man.



My schedule has been VERY fluid of late.  I added a day this Sunday and three days to start out January and a few others as well later in the year.  I did, however, have a client cancel/reschedule a 4 day trip in mid January.  Check my schedule for up to date openings.




I am currently working on my year end review post for 2013.  Here is the link to my 2012 year in review post.



I will have a fishing report after Sundays action….for better or for worse.



My Christmas bonus



Merry Christmas!


Jay, Jaime, Sierra, and Peanut Butter (Madison)



Boat update, fishing update, and schedule update…..

The boat update is easy…..there is none.  I ended up taking the boat to Texas Boat World Saturday and I have not heard anything yet.



The fishing update is a little more complex.  There are some BIG fish being caught right now and I do mean big.  Check out the two photos courtesy of Falcon Lake Tackle ( and guide Tim Griffin.







You ask what’s so complex about that!?!


The late great Paul Harvey said it best.





The bite this past week has been incredibly slow and at times non existent for many.  I will admit that today was the first that I had fished since my SHO blew up.  I still went to the dock nearly every single day with my kids and tried to talk to at least one person.  A LOT of long faces and I felt more like Dr. Phil than Hank Parker.  Lets talk about today’s outing with Mr. Steve.  We fished for roughly 4 hours and boated 3 fish.  I did, however, have a chance at a huge fish and didn’t get the job done.  I was using that red lipless crankbait again and the back treble straightened out on me.  Heck that’s the best excuse I got….lol.  The fish kicked my ARSE.




Let’s talk schedule for moment:

January, and February are wiiiiiiide open.









March is filling up VERY fast…….





Here is a link to my schedule page:


Drop me a line and lets get after em.



New Gift Card Tab just in time for the holidays!

Nothing says Merry Christmas to your loved one like a trip to Falcon Lake!





Oh I am serious ladies and gents…….take the following steps for a guaranteed Christmas to remember!


Step 1:  Go to Jared’s and return those diamonds

Step 2:  Call or email me to purchase Gift Cards

Step 3:  Print out cards using the  20131212-234147.jpg tab on the home page.

Step 4:  Tuck that bad boy in the tree and wait for your significant other to discover


Step 5(and most important step IMHO):  Have the following Q’ed up on the ole iTunes.







Please email or call with inquiries and/or to purchase and thank me later!










Banner day to…….. SON of a #$%^&!!!




We will skip to the SON of a #$%^&!!! portion of the day as pictured above.  Around 2 o’clock I was cruising to my next spot and blam……my motor blew up.  Oil going everywhere? check……smoke bellowing out? check.





That’s me going 2.2 mph all the way to the county boat ramp from between marker 8 and 9.  I had to have James pick up my girlies from school.  They thought that was pretty cool……lol.  I will be off to Texas Boat World at the butt crack of O dark thirty.  Being without this boat DOES NOT affect my ability to guide.  I will not skip a beat with my Bullet being put into service.  I have a 2008 21xrd Bullet as a back up and to be honest it fishes better than my Ranger in this shallow water that we are currently fishing.







Well, lets talk about the banner day.


Total fish: 24

Best five: 24ish

Kicker:  I really didn’t have a “kicker”….all fish were in that 3-5 lb range.  No dinks, but no big girlies either.


I had four spots today that were dynamite and 10 others that were anything but.  Once again I zeroed on plastics, but I’ll admit I didn’t throw plastics much.  The lure that was simply amazing was the one pictured below.





I have had that trap on and in my rod locker for months.





If you are not fishing in a drain, creek channel, road bed, ditch, etc, etc…(an area with a depth change) MOVE! And I do mean IN…  I spent a few hours today fishing deep ledges, points, etc.  Let me tell you…….it’s not worth your time.  I will be the first to report when it’s time to move out deep.  I don’t see that happening until Feb/March. (when they start pulling water)





Matt and A-rod, a new personal best, something special is going to happen

Well, I took Matt and A-rod out for a Falcon Lake experience today.





No, No, No, not that A-rod!……this A-rod!





These men are from Minnesota and laughed at our so called cold temps…….


The fishing was as advertised and tough as nails. I didn’t pick up a rod today, as I DANG sure didn’t want to be the one to get that bite of a lifetime. We didn’t have a single bite on soft plastics. All of our bites/fish came on reaction strike baits. With all of these fronts that keep crashing down on us these fish have retreated to the nearest deep water from the flooded new growth. With that said I am not talking 20 ft ledges on the main lake. I am talking a drain or creek channel that may have a depth change of 2 ft to 8 ft depending on the drain or location of creek channel. None of our bites came on flats. All of our activity was in a drain/creek channel or within spitting distance. We had roughly 10 bites and we boated 4 fish with Matt’s new personal best being the biggest of the day. (6.77 lbs)





Folks….something special is going to happen here real soon. Look at that photo above. I have NEVER seen so many fish here on Falcon that are so fat and bursting at the seams. Sure one or two here and there, but man. Every fish we are catching is built like a brick @#$%house. It’s just a mater of time until somebody down here catches one that has the length to go along with this amazing girth that we are seeing. (no Romo)










A fishing report

I hit the water for about 5 hours with Mr. Steve on Thursday before this big bad front hit. I had been warned by multiple folks that the fishing was tough and………it is confirmed. We fished a lot of different areas and locations. Did we fish deep? Sure and zeroed on the deep rock structure. We fished flats from 2 ft with new growth and flats in 10 to 12 ft with little to no new growth that had clusters of hardwoods. We also fished plenty of drains and creek channels as well. Mr. Steve flipped and I threw moving baits. Good news? We didn’t get skunked and we covered A LOT of water in a short period of time. I am booked up Monday and have several folks kicking around the idea of coming down next week and the week after. Everybody is worried about the terrible weather and now the bite that is………..well…….I won’t say terrible, but it ain’t good.







Thanksgiving Break……A little Jimmy Cliff, I can see clearly now.



Well we are back here in Zapata after 8 days in……(notice the girls squinting in the pic above….gotta cut them some slack it was the first that they had seen the sun in 8 days…lol)





Yes that is snow….and a lot of it. My family and I made our yearly pilgrimage back to PA and to nobodies surprise we were greeted with one heck of a two day snow dump. It sure was good to see my family. Check out the pic below……I love seeing Mom and Pops smiling.





That picture right there is priceless…..(softy alert….yeah, yeah, I know) My sister is the one with the pretty smile standing beside me and those are her four boys…..I know what you all are thinking. Holy handful BATMAN! You’re right, but she has 4 good eggs, determination, and grit like no other. The next pic is minus the folks, but includes Chris who will soon be marrying into the family come April…..God bless him. lol. All kidding aside he is straight up a fantastic guy.





and here is a pic with just the gremlins





When I go home for Thanksgiving I also hunt the first day of buck which is on the following Monday. Let me tell you folks…..from age 12 through 21 there was NOTHING that I looked forward to anymore. I started reloading ammunition when I was 9 years old on the bench pictured below.





I would love to know how many hours I spent at that press and sweating out every single granule of IMR 4831. I was a perfectionist to say the very least. Here is a group shot from my 7mm mag and the handload.




Of course when either Dad or I did something spectacular the other person would not rest until they “found” something just as spectacular. Check out the group from pops.





That’s number 1 in my book……Dad pretty much drew a Royal Flush on me. lol.


Here is the look down one of my shooting lanes from Monday.





Notice no deer…, tough first day for me. I only saw 2 deer out of my stand, but I will come clean. I took a dang near three hour break in the middle of the day. Soft? yes… arguments here.


After a looooooooong 24 hour process to get home….(canceled flights, layovers, hotels, etc, etc) I decided to take a “selfie” as the kids say…..I think the pic turned out good.





And don’t call me Captain Grey Beard either…..




Well, if you are still reading and you made it down this far you are:


A. bored out of your mind

B. pretending to read emails at work

C. very efficient at speed reading


D. My mother.


Congrats regardless……let’s talk about fishing!



I have talked to a few folks that have fished on and off the past week or so and drum roll………’s been pretty slow and that is putting it mildly. My web guy Danny came down last week and managed a few like the one pictured, but I do stress FEW…lol.





Regardless of the reports, I raced home today and…..





Check out the front deck for tomorrow……wiiiiiiiiiiiiide range of goodies to probe 2 ft to 20 ft.





Mr. Steve will be joining me tomorrow. It’s gonna be a bright, bright, bright sun shiny day……




Sweet Mother of Pearl……I love Zapata.




One last tid bit before I call it a night and put this novel to rest…..Thanksgiving was on the 28th this year. Not a day goes by that I don’t count my blessings.




Tis the season……

….The “big fish” months are upon us.  That’s not really accurate I guess because big fish happen every single month here on Falcon.  Let’s call it “ELITE BIG FISH” months.  These three months give you the best odds at that 12lb, 13lb, 14lb or bigger type of fish.  I had my chance during a filming session with my web designer last January.  I still see the fish below on a nightly basis….lol.




December, January, and February can be lights out good……but I am not here to blow smoke either.  Those months are a BIG gamble due to all the fronts and terrible weather that can come with fishing those months.  With that said, if you hit the weather jackpot the big fish will follow.  Buy yourself a Falcon Lottery ticket and come on down.


Enjoy the Winter Bassin video Falcon fans!



Check out a few big winter Falcon fish below…..


























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