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You want the truth?……




Falcon Fans the fishing is tough as nails right now and that’s the truth.  Can you catch some good fish right now?  Sure, but you damn sure have to work for em and be prepared with HEAVY equipment.  I broke off another big fish in the tree tops today……20 lb test.  Stupid? yes.  That was our only big bite of the day, but at least we boated a few fish today….11 to be exact.  We also had several more bites, like in the 20ish range.  Much improved over yesterdays disastrous 5 bite, 0 boated fish day.  Steve and Donna have one more day……I wanna get Donna a big ole picture fish in the WORST of ways.  If your coming down have some realistic goals…..especially if your coming down without recent first hand knowledge of the lake or the assistance of a guide.




Today was a first…

We boated 0 fish, yep nada. Benny could of been our hero today. He had a true beast of fish on that simply pulled off as it headed for deep water off the point. Benny did not come close to stopping her. That was where the excitement started and ended today……I did take Ron and his son Ryan out two days ago as well. It was shaping up to be a very good day on the water until the wind shifted and started to blow. The ole light switch was flipped off and after today’s episode I can see that it’s still off…..well at least for me. James at Falcon Lake Tackle told me Jimmy Behnken smacked 3 fish over 8 lbs and I talked to Mr. Law and they caught 1 before 10am and 13 afterwards. That’s all good news…..there’s hope and a warming trend on the way.










Madison has been terribly sick again and after seeing the ear, nose, and throat specialist yesterday they decided to do the surgery today at 6am. I am happy to report that the surgery went well and she is resting up and feeling better already.









A terrible headache, some tough fishing, golf, some time off, and a big thank you….

Yesterday the fishing, much like the last 3 days before it, was just not that good out of my boat.  To say I have been disappointed would be a mild understatement.  We only had one REALLY big bite that we know of and as you can see by the pic below, I found a new way to lose a huge bass.




Yesterday was a tough day for me in regards to my health, which is why I am so late in typing my report.  I started getting a headache around 8am and my Alieve gel caps melted together a month or so back.  Needless to say I had forgotten to replace them.  I don’t think Alieve or anything shy of a morphine injection would of slowed this one down.  I made it until 1:15 and was very grateful to have Clay in my boat who was more than cool with getting off the water a little earlier than planned.  This headache was the worst headache since my surgery and I can tell ya I don’t want to see or feel another like it for another 2 years or so.




After OD’ing on meds last night and passing out early, I felt really good this morning and decided to hit the golf course with the Mrs. and then played 9 holes with James.  A 54 and 48 later I was done…, man it has not been my week to 10 days, ugh.  I have some scheduled time off and it’s coming at a good time.




I have been getting swamped with emails, texts, and phone calls of late.  Please if you do not see your date as “Booked” on my calendar drop me a line so that I can be dang sure I don’t double book anything.  I usually wait until I receive the deposit to mark it booked here on my website.  For those that read my report and have or will spend your hard earned money in my boat…..Thank you.  I will talk to all you Falcon fans in a week!



5 big bites……

….and we boated 0, zero, nada.  I know “the one that got away” stories are getting old, but goodness.  We didn’t have a problem boating the 1-3 lb dinks lol, ugh.  In all seriousness I am going to have to downgrade the fishing of late.  I really believe a lot of these fish are in transition right now.  Can you still stumble on a pile of fish right now?  Sure, absolutely……but the fish are not coming from every bush like they were a couple of weeks ago.  Clay has to cut his trip down a day, so tomorrow or bust…..well until the next time he comes down. hahahaha.



Falcon is still on fire……

1 nine lber, 5 eight lbers and 3 sevens…….only 1 problem.  Those fish were not out of my boat, ugh.  The past two days when I should of zigged, I zagged and when I should of zagged, I zigged.  A prime of example of this is when I zigged into a gill net coming off plain first thing in the morning.  Barnum and Bailey’s circus hour was in full effect.





Here is a pic of Ryan jumping onto the motor to free us……





Later in the day I backed the boat into a road bed and yanked the prop and got the rest of the disaster out of there.  Gill nets are a fact of life on Falcon, but it still sucks when they find a prop.




After the crazy start we found the fish biting and Justin got us on the board with fish pictured below. (6.50 lbs)





We added a fish in the 5 lb class (not weighed), but the rest of our fish were of the 1 to 3 lb variety and I really don’t believe we had a single ELITE level bite all day.   Thanks again fellas for the opportunity!



Tough day….

Total fish: 13

Best 5: about 18 lbs

Kicker: 6.62 (pictured)


Ryan and Justin battled today. I had a feeling that the bite might be a little tough with this Northern that came in. I didn’t even get a rod out of the locker as I wanted to be sure not to take a bite from these men. They caught fish on the usual suspects with no surprises. Ryan had a fish on at the end of the day that would of changed a tough day into a memorable one. We don’t know how big the fish was….we never saw it, but if it was a bass she was no dink. lol. I have these fellas for one more day and I sure hope to get them on some active fish.







From the Salado to Government and dang near everywhere in between…

My goal today was to check as many of my spots as possible….both of the shallow variety and deep.  The deep bite still is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay off.  I hit some of my prime time stuff with absolutely ZERO bites.  I deep cranked and trigged flukes, senkos, and 10 in plum power worms.  The good news is that the shallow bite is still pumping out fish and a lot of them.  I only put one fish on the scales today and was mainly an eyeball check….I guessed the fish below to be around six and half pounds.  The official weight was 6.52… eyeballs are pretty well calibrated I would





I caught 2 others that were in that 6 lb class, but most of the fish were of the 5 lbs and under class like the one pictured below.





The shallow fish were all caught on spinnerbaits, chatterbaits, and senkos……no surprises.  I am booked the next 5 days with repeat clients…..can’t wait and I sure hope all this gas I burned today on scouting pays off for them.


Final stats on the day:

Gallons of Gas: 37

Total fish: 21

Best 5: about 27 lbs

Kicker: 6.52




Mike from Michigan!…..A shallow ring of fire…..Sierra doesn’t take any Bull!!

Mike from Michigan shot me an email the other day and he wanted to show me a Michigan Walrus he caught!  Check it out!








Here is a pic of Mike, Chris, and Paul from back in May…….they had a MONSTER 3 day trip that was topped off by Paul’s 10.64.





Hey Mike my May is wiiiiiiiiiide open 🙂  You fellas take care and come see me again soon.



I was able to get 4 of our best fish on Gopro from the other day…..I thought I only caught 3 of them on tape.  The Gopro battery situation should be improved, but I digress…..enjoy the video Falcon Fans!




I still have some November dates open…….if that shallow water slugfest video looks like fun drop me a line!




We had a school fundraiser the other night and Sierra decided to challenge the bull!!!  lol…..





Happy Halloween!








Scary stuff right there…

I have no idea how people like David……

….Keep finding their way to my boat. If I have said it once I have said it a thousand times. I am blessed to say the least. Today was another great day on Falcon. David could do no wrong for the first 2 hours it seemed. He was a straight up fish catching machine. Today’s problem was the lack of big bite. To my knowledge we only had one giant on today. It was my turn to get abused and I sure did. Please folks, if I can give you all one piece of advice right now….bring HEAVY equipment. 25 lb fluoro is the MINIMUM that should even be attempted to be used right now. I was using 25 lb fluoro when that beast broke me off….now mind you did my line probably have a nick or two from going through the jungle crap? I am sure it did and that’s why you need the heaviest line possible and check it often. For spinnerbaits and chatterbaits I am using 65 to 80 lb braid thanks to a recommendation from Tommy Law. I am still using 25 lb test fluoro on my plastics and if I stay in this crap much longer I will have to go to an 80 lb braid main line to 40 or 50 lb fluoro leader. It’s heart breaking to say the least to be under powered and lose a potential fish that you have been hunting for years.


Drive safe David and build a snowman for me when ya get home…







A big day for David! ……. Cancellation ALERT!!

Well David broke his personal best not once, but twice today.





The photo says it all…….a straight up classic moment that shows the pure joy that a green fish brings to us all.






Congrats again David on your new personal best!!!


David’s secret weapon from today:




and check out the monster he caught on a swimbait!




hahahahahaha……..what a great day to be alive. A classic line from David after he caught the 8.01. “Hey man, I still have one more day of this!!”




Chad who is a very, very good client of mine had to cancel his trip for Thursday and Friday. That’s right this Thursday and Friday is now open. If you want a simply amazing experience on Falcon grab those two days…..I am pretty sure you will not regret it. lol.







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