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Falcon Lake flexing her muscles, Sugar heading to 100% capacity, and a Mercury Pro XS bites the dust

Folks I rarely sound the all call alarm if ever, but if you are reading this right now? Shoot me an email or text and get on the books. Remember a couple weeks back I wrote that Falcon would go bonkers with this new water? Well it certainly has and I believe it will continue all the way through the spring and beyond. Ya don’t believe me? Check out the last three days here on Falcon and these are just the best pics we took.

img_3488.jpg img_3485.jpg

img_3491.jpg img_3484.jpg

img_3475.jpg img_3474.jpg



Biggest weighed in at 9.26 lbs Pictured below.



Our best 5 stringers went 32, 35, 36. Kimbo and Geoff certainly had em a trip to remember. Thanks for coming back down men.


Sugar Lake will be going bonkers soon as well. It is heading towards 100% capacity as I type. Even with the water coming up over a foot a day we still had damn good fishing over there as well.

img_3428.jpg img_3425.jpg

img_3427.jpg img_3460.jpg

img_3453.jpg img_3459.jpg


With all this great news about Sugar and Falcon…..I got hit in the face today with yet another engine failure. My brand new Mercury Pro XS with 12 hours on it went down. Luckily it was at the end of the day and John Adami was nice enough to help a brother out and tow me in. I’ll be driving it back to Texas Boat World Friday. This business provides some epic highs like what you see above with wonderful clients…..but man this business will show ya some lows too as seen in the pic below.



I have had to unpack my workhorse boat far too often over the last 3.5 years.



J.J. ain’t happy with the latest developments either.



The ole 2004 Ranger 521vx is now packed up and ready to go back to work. Man I love that boat and can’t imagine where I would be without it. My three day trip to Sugar cancelled due to some nasty fronts looming…….so I am off to Texas Boat World to deliver my broken down “new” boat. After that, my 40th birthday is on the horizon and I’ll give you one guess as to what I’ll be up to.


Take care gang and get yourself down here……..




Sugar Lake whackfests and the Tribe gets an early exit.

Let’s start with the good news. Sugar Lake is on fire and words can’t describe just how fun it is. Are we catching a lot of fish North of 6 lbs? No, but the number of 2-5 lb fish is just off the charts……and no I’m not talking about 8 inch 2 lbers. I’m talking legit fun 2-5 pound mean as a rattle snake fish……here is some Sugar Lake bass porn courtesy of Kelly, Alan, Clay, and Barbara “The Walrus Hunting” Barbarian.

img_3397.jpg img_3391.jpg






img_3401.jpg img_3407.jpg

img_3412.jpg img_3411.jpg

img_3410.jpg img_3403.jpg


And look at these three beasts from “Da Walrus Hunter”

img_3402.jpg img_3416.jpg



Oh and there is this lil nugget from Monday……..


My clicker took the Nestea plunge mid way through the day and we were well within striking range of the 100 mark. So Clay downloaded a clicker app on his phone. As you can see the mission was accomplished…..109. Sugar is truly a special place and with this new water it just picked up? Man O freaking man.



Well another baseball season is in the books and another disappointing finish for my Tribe.

Luckily I “hedged” my rooting interests the last two games for that of monetary gain. I’m pretty sure most of you who read this site know why my business name is “High Stakes”.





Great Sugar Lake trip…… water, water, and more water.

I just back from a terrific trip to Sugar Lake Mexico with my man Danny. The first day Danny straight whacked the fish from start to finish. Walruses? you bet……

img_3359.jpg img_3363.jpg


The weapon of choice was a deep diving Spro……



I fished plastics most of the day and let him whoop up on me. Day 2 rolled around and I decided to give him a run for his money and I switched to a crankbait. There was only one problem……for whatever reason they were COMPLETELY off the crank. Finally I got tired of chunking and winding and switched to the Zoom Ole Monster. Turned into a whackfest real quick like. We didn’t catch a single fish over 6 lbs today.

img_3368.jpg img_3366.jpg

As many of you know Falcon has and is catching some incredible water. (more on that in sec.) Danny and I got to Sugar and were expecting to see that the lake had come up too. Well it didn’t…..maybe and I do mean maybe a few inches since my last trip in August. With that said during the 36 hours that we were there the water has arrived and I’m happy to say ole Sugar is now on the rise as well.


When Danny and I showed up, that ramp was barely in the water. Pretty exciting to say the least…..and you wanna talk about exciting?


We have picked up 11 foot of water and counting since Tuesday. Folks, this kind of water is a game changer for our fisheries down here.


My October will be a blur, but I do have a few openings…..if fishing in some fresh new water sounds like fun give me a holler. Here is a video from the last time we flooded a bunch of new growth in October.


Explosive? Hahahahahahahahaha…….doesn’t get much better.




The Good Man upstairs got one of the very best, 21 straight, Falcon Lake and trailer issues 



My Grandpa passed away last week. He was 93 years old. That pic was the last time I went golfing with him……August 22nd 2010. (Thanks for taking that pic Charlie!!) I got to see him one last time while I was in PA this past August. It was tough and has been tough the last year and a half. My Mom and her sisters were amazing during that stretch. I could literally write a book about how great my Grandpa was in every single aspect of life. I’m not going to write that book here because the book, even though he’s gone, will never have an ending. My family, my kids, my grand kids, my great great great great grand kids will carry on with his ideals, with how he lived life, with how he loved family more than anything, and with how he treated people………forever.


“Family is everything”

See ya on the other side Grandpa



I just finished watching the tribe win 21 straight this afternoon. I was supposed to be at Sugar, but I am having trailer issues and I don’t have my paperwork back for the new boat. Soooooooooo we are in a bit of a holding pattern for Sugar. I am hopeful that the trailer will be fixed Friday. Fingers crossed!! I have been on Falcon quite a bit of late. The fishing is very average in my opinion. Yesterday afternoon could of been epic, but we just couldn’t land the big ones. I was the main culprit…..I could not keep the big girls glued on the chrome and blue trap I was using. I’m fishing that trap in some serious junk so you have to pull for all of your worth to get em out and they just wouldn’t stay buttoned up. I did get a 6 and two 5’s to the boat, but that was it…..I was probably 3 for 10. Literally. The average size fish here on the North end of the lake is pretty decent right now.

img_3273.jpg img_3277.jpg


Those pics give you an idea of what we are catching a lot of at the moment here on Falcon. We had a beaver at the boat ramp trying to help too……lol.



…..and my girl Marlie was happy that I stayed home today as well. Such a beautiful dog.



Love ya gang…..and goooooooo Tribe!!!




A no show, the Tribe, and Fantasy Football.

I was supposed to be on the water Saturday, but got bit by the no show bug. Good news is that I got to see Sierra play in her first volleyball game……bad news? It was a tournament and was a 7 hour affair… butt and back are still hurting. I am watching the Indians go for 12 straight as I write. Been a fun ride with the Tribe the last two years and this team if they can just stay healthy will be one to recon with come October and hopefully November. I had two high stakes fantasy football drafts since my last write up…….here is a look at my 12 team league roster. (I had the 3rd pick)



Here’s a look at the 10 team league roster……I had the 1st overall pic.



I was going to take the Mrs. out today in the new boat but we are getting some much needed rain here along the border at the moment. I have two Falcon jobs Friday and Saturday……I also have another dentist appointment tomorrow. They will be making a crown and whatever else. I sure will be happy to be done with this damn tooth.


See ya when I see ya gang.

The vacation, the new boat and the catastrophe known as Harvey

This month was a terrific month for me minus the root canal yesterday. I spent 3 weeks with my folks and it doesn’t get any better than that for me. The first 4 days were spent in Ohio watching the tribe, gambling and visiting the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The next 9 days were spent in PA visiting more family and friends. The last week or so was spent back here in Texas picking up the new boat. Here are a few pics of the happenings.

img_3137.jpg img_3074.jpg

img_3156.jpg img_3100.jpg

img_3120.jpg img_3127.jpg

img_3149.jpg img_3113.jpg

img_3200.jpg img_3202.jpg


And my new favorite pic….


If I could of stopped time I would of done it right there…….right freaking there. Soooo fortunate to be able to do things like that with my folks. Nothing is better.


Here is another favorite pic of mine……the girlies are back in school and both are big girls on campus. Sierra is in 8th and Mad Dog Madison is in 5th.



From fun and great times to the news of the devastation of Harvey along the Texas coast and Houston’s surrounding areas. I know 100% of you have seen and/or are monitoring the developments there so I will spare you and not regurgitate what you already know. As far as how Harvey impacted my area of the world? It didn’t……Harvey completely missed the border and I do mean completely missed. The biggest rain event in the History of the USA completely missed us by about 150 miles. Although I do pray for rain and tropical activity nightly for the border and our lakes…..I certainly hated to see the pure devastation that came with Harvey. My thoughts and prayers will continue to be with Houston and the surrounding areas……and my hats off to all of those that have driven there with flat bottom boats to aid in the rescue efforts. I have a few friends that have been hard at it for the last 48+ hours as I write. Be safe men.


After 3 straight cancellations it looks as though my first job in the new boat will be Saturday here on Falcon Lake. Hopefully I will have a fishing report to write with a few nice pics mixed in.




7 straight days in Paradise 

We started out whacking and stacking numbers of 2 – 4 lb fish with Bob and Jerry. Our biggest day was an impressive 74 fish, 32 lb bag, 8.09 lb kicker performance.



The last 4 days in paradise were spent with Captain Clay and Barbara the Barbarian. The numbers were waaaaaaaaaaaaaay down all 4 days. We averaged 24 fish a day, but the big news?! My man Clay did it……




Clay has been hunting that DD for many years and we both held our breath when that big ole girl got hung on those scales. Soooooooooo happy to see that 10 flash up on the screen. Here are a few more walruses from Clay and Barbara’s trip.

img_3051.jpg img_3045.jpg

img_3049.jpg img_3053.jpg

img_3061.jpg img_3042.jpg


I am truly blessed, fortunate, lucky…..whatever word you would like to use there. Looking forward to a terrific August with friends, family, and clients alike. This month will also mark the arrival of a new member to the High Stakes Bassin family and no Jaime is not expecting.


See ya soon


From Sugar to South Padre Islands to Vegas to Falcon

This time of year I am busy……not just fishing busy, but also enjoying life busy. The fish have moved off shore which I love, the kids are out of school, and I have saved up a bunch of funny money to play with. Fun, Fun, Fun. I got the chance to take Josh and his Dad, Mark to Sugar Lake and it started out like gangbusters with Mark smashing his personal best with this near miss MEGA walrus.



After that fish Sugar made us work, but we certainly enjoyed the grind and caught plenty of fish.

img_2770.jpg img_2767.jpg



After that trip the family and I headed to South Padre Island. We have never been and man was it nice. We stayed at a Beach front hotel on the beach with access to Schlitterbaun water park. Zero chance the family and I could of had a better time.





Then it was off to Vegas for a week. I spent the first 4 days Downtown at the D. “Free” limo, food and beautiful suite included…… I use the term “free” loosely as I got crushed on the tables. (financials will not be disclosed….lol.) The last 3 days were spent on the strip at the Cosmo and talk about a beautiful suite? My Cosmo host hooked me up with the most breathtaking view I have ever experienced in Vegas.



That was the view I had from my balcony. For a Vegas nut like myself it simply gets no better than that. Cosmo also treated me much better at the tables and I had several winning sessions and won’t need to sell any bodily fluids or organs upon returning.



I also got the chance to spend time with my favorite dealer. (Nugget downtown) I had not seen Lucy the last couple of trips and other dealers told me she was experiencing some tough times, but none would elaborate. Now listen I had a painfully tough last 12 months with my neck as many of ya’ll know. My last 12 months were nothing compared to my friend Lucy’s last 12 months. Lucy fell off a latter and broke her knee cap and ripped some ligaments. While recovering from that painful ordeal her 30 year old daughter finds out she has brain cancer. She just recently passed away. Here is a pic that the pitboss took of the two of us…….my favorite pic of the trip.



The lady in that pic is a true champion and a straight up salt of the earth human being. To see her light up as I yelled out “I love Lucy!” was worth the price of the trip. Keep her and her family in your prayers. Love ya Lucy.


I’m back in Zapata now and just a had a 2 day trip here on Falcon with Cary and the Candy Man. We caught about 25 fish a day with a 7.34 lb Falcon Lake walrus as our big fish.



We did everything from fishing in 1 foot of mud up on the North end of the lake to Cranking up by the dam and everything in between. Most fish were under 2 lbs and we didn’t have any one technique that out shined the other. A grind certainly comes to mind. I have these guys again in August for a two day Sugar trip……got a funny feeling a grind won’t be what comes to mind for that trip.

img_3016.jpg img_3017.jpg


Speaking of August….. I am completely booked up with jobs and vacations. September is wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide open for the moment. If you want a great border fishing experience drop me a line. I would love to have you. If you are reading these words right now…..Thanks.





Sugar Lake Mexico with back to back 40 lb summer time bags.

Pretty fun times at Sugar Lake right now especially if you are into cranking……if cranking is your thing and you dream of hooking into giant bass, you best make your way to the border. This last two day trip was once again a crankfest that certainly didn’t disappoint. I had Chance and his crew of Jeff and his two sons Garrett and 7 lb Sam. All four of these fellas are ate up with bass fishing and to see em come down and smoke em like they did was pretty dang fun to see. I had John Adami from Broken Braid guide service help me with this group trip and he certainly did a fantastic job as well. Enough chit chat… the Day 1 pics.

img_2736.jpg img_2737-1.jpg

img_2733.jpg img_2734.jpg



Day 2 pics:

img_2746.jpg img_2747.jpg

img_2745.jpg img_2743.jpg



We are back at it on Sugar after the 4th, but do have scattered openings through the summer. Email or call for up to date availability.




June came in with Falcon, but left as sweet as could be.

I spent most of June on Falcon Lake and to say it was a struggle most days would the understatement of the century. Listen I have spots and locations where you can blast fish…….problem? Yeah there’s a big problem……folks aren’t flying in from all over the country to catch 1 lb Falcon Lake bass. With all that gloom and doom said, did we have moments of glory this month on Falcon?

img_2567.jpg img_2566.jpg

img_2565.jpg img_2595.jpg

img_2666.jpg img_2664.jpg

img_2648.jpg img_2647.jpg



As you can see we certainly had our moments, but every single walrus was well earned and free passes were not given.


The last four days were spent at Sugar Lake Mexico with Tom. This was the first Sugar trip that I have ever had where I worried about whether or not it was going to be a good trip. The month of May was just not that good on Sugar and that’s after a MONSTER April. The biggest reason? Loss of water and a lot of it during a short period of time. The fish went into survival mode for the most part in my opinion. They put the plug in May 24th and have actually picked up a foot or so of water……the result?

img_2724.jpg img_2701.jpg

img_2722.jpg img_2712.jpg

img_2708.jpg img_2709.jpg

img_2689.jpg img_2706.jpg

img_2690.jpg img_2683.jpg




The result as you can see was epic. We had three 9’s, a 42 lb and a 39 lb bag. The only day that the quality wasn’t off the charts was Sunday. For whatever reason Sunday was a 1-3 lb dink fest……but we caught a bazillion, so it was still a pretty dag gone fun day to say the least. My Dad’s trip in May was a major player in the success of Tom’s trip. Dad and I did a lot of scanning and a lot of looking……those areas came up in a big way and will continue to come up big if we can hold the water. July is coming fast and it will be a busy one…….I still have a day or three available if a walrus hunt sounds like a good time. See ya then.





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