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Beeeee careful folks….Tis the season for scammers.

I had a guy that has been emailing me back and forth in regards to a trip in May for 6 guys. I lined up two more guides and lodging…..deposit was supposed to be on the way when I got this email last night.




Sad part is?……..this person will actually get somebody and more than likely get away with it. My nephew recently got scammed out of 600 bucks on craigs list. He sold his xbox 1 … paid and sent off the xbox to later find out that he got a chargeback and was left with nothing. The worst one that has ever happened to me was I sold a high dollar pool stick on Ebay. ($800 bucks) I was on a fishing trip with my Dad when the auction ended. The guy paid via Paypal and I had my wife ship him the stick. A month goes by and I get an email from Paypal saying that the buyer wants his money refunded because he never got the stick. Jaime never got insurance or a tracking number when she shipped the stick…..standard mail. Unreal……no way to prove we sent it or that he received it, $800 bucks down the drain. Don’t let a scammer ruin your Christmas season.








The big girls today wanted no part of that duo above… straight 65 lb braid and the other 65 lb braid with a 40lb fluoro leader. They sent the little fish to challenge me and even a stump or two. Let’s just say I didn’t lose a lot of rigs today… In all seriousness the bite was tough as nails today. The forecast called for sun and 80’s and we got clouds, fog, drizzle, and a cold North wind. I was able to lure Mr. Steve out with talks of walruses and 80 degree weather. lol……noon rolled around and neither one of us could feel our hands and I was in shorts! Needless to say I have a sore throat now and I am hoping to avoid pneumonia. All of our bites came on soft plastics and we stuck with big plastics like Mag Flukes, 10 inch Berkley powerbait worms, and brush hogs. I did throw cranks and spinnerbaits as well……only one bite to show for my efforts with those baits. Just one of those days where ya chalk it up to fishing and it wouldn’t surprise me if a fella went out tomorrow and whacked em……I’m seriously considering it to be honest.




Afternoon trip part 2……

…….and boy did we whack a lot of fish and had a lot of fun doing it. Darren boated our best fish that went 6.45, but he also had one that didn’t make it to the net. I am switching my flipping sticks over to braid. I go through cycles of terrible break offs and then I switch out everything. Then I go through cycles of not getting bit on braid…..then I switch everything back and so the cycle continues on. Right now I am in that I would rather not get bit phase then to lose another walrus because of a DAG GONE break off. Here is Darren’s Jr. Walrus…..




Darren also boated the biggest white bass that I have seen here on Falcon……



Fishing has been on the upswing this week and it’s pretty exciting to be honest……need some better luck with boating these big girls and we will be all set. I am off to the golf course with Mr. Law in the morning and speaking of “off”…..I have a number of days open next week and if you want to be the first to boat one these walruses that has been kicking my @ss give me a shout. I’ll have the braid loaded and ready, that much I can promise you.




An afternoon half day trip part 1

Darren and Rolland got a taste of Falcon Lake for the first time this afternoon and we did our fair share of catching. We caught a 5 pounder for our biggest boated, but once again the real big girl didn’t find her way to the net. I am in one of those runs right now…….I am not even going to talk about this one. Yes, I was the one who had it on and I that’s all I’ll say about it…….ugh. Darren and Rolland have one more afternoon trip with me tomorrow and we are going to make a big run right out of the gate and let the chips fall where they may. We caught fish from 2 to 20 foot….rocks and wood……T-rig, c-gig, mid and deep diving cranks. I’m looking forward to another fun day on the water tomorrow and hopefully get these two a picture fish or 12….lol.





Work then golf…..

…. Must say it was a good day to be above ground. Tommy and I went out to do another scouting run this morning. It was very productive and nearly had a VERY nice picture fish. Tommy had a good one on briefly that we both wanted a closer look at. Falcon isn’t handing out free passes to anyone right now and that’s why I am out there as much as I am. These fish are really moving and staying on top of em is certainly a challenge. After about 4 hours we decided to go hit the course and I actually played half ways decent with the exception of a few holes. I’m considering another scouting run tomorrow and then it’s a two day trip before the weekend.






A 3 am trip to the aiport with Ryan……

stays up late


It was certainly a face slapping good time on the drive back to Zapata in the wee hours of the morning.


Ryan’s 5 day trip did not end with a bang unfortunately, but if any of the big bites that were on his line got landed it would of changed the whole outlook of the trip. Just was not in the cards, but it didn’t prevent Ryan from having a good time. Ryan is already talking about a return trip in the summer or potentially even a Sugar trip. If I can give you all one piece of advice for those that just want to catch fish…..bring a drop shot and load it up with a 1/4 oz weight and a Roboworm of your favorite color. You will have a ball. I have a two day gig next week starting on Thursday and after that I have more than a few days open if interested. Thanks for reading Highstakesbassin fans… are some pics I took this week of Ryan.


IMG_5687[1]  IMG_5723[1]

IMG_5721[1]  IMG_5698[1]

IMG_5697[1]  IMG_5703[1]





My personal biggest fish of 2014…….

…….didn’t find her way to the scales. This one will be in my dreams for a while. DD22…..hit like a freight train and then nothing at all. I honestly thought I had a dink that hit the heck out of me and I pulled into a rock etc. Little did I realize it was swimming as fast as it could towards my boat. I literally didn’t catch up to that fish until it was 10 ft or so on the other side. I tried to stop that fish and that wasn’t happening. It got to about 30 ft to the other side before I turned her and she came to the top. I really thought I was about to see another alligator gar monster. Nope…..just a straight up giant of a bass. I knew I was in bad shape with that fish and was really hoping to get lucky and recover from the ass whooping she gave me, but she didn’t give me another chance as she spit the DD22 and went back down. Ohhhhh Falcon……that one hurt. Ryan also had an absolute brute get him all tangled up and broke off in the timber. lol……has not been our week for boating the big girls. Two of the last 4 days we have had some really big bites, but no dice. Ryan has one more day. Come on Falcon, play nice……please.




Round 3 for Ryan….

I have been spending a lot of time the last month or so trying to stay on top of these fish on the North end of the lake. Today I was hoping for a payoff for all the time spent. I’ll cut to the chase……my payoff was worth about $1.27. I ended up throwing in the towel and made a big move South to Tigers and really grinded out a pretty good day all things considered. Ryan boated two 5 pounders…..5.84 being the biggest. The best part of the day?



Ryan and I both thought this was “the one”. lol…….ugh.



Here are Ryan’s 5 lbers from the day…….one was caught on the crig. (plum powerbait 10 inch worm) The other was caught on a 6xd. We will be back at it tomorrow bright and early on the South end of the lake.

IMG_5708[1]  IMG_5707[1]





We had our chances today…..

……three of em to be exact. I had big ole girl break me off on a 6xd. Trying to keep her our of some bushes and she won. Ryan had two encounters one that ended in a break off in the timber and the other ended with a different fish being reeled in. Lol……very funny story. Ryan sets the hook on a really good fish and the fight was on for 5 seconds or so and then she just came unbuttoned. (crig) He put the rod down and we both squirted a few tears and when he started to real back the bait another fish was on……lol. Crazy stuff. We boated quite a few fish with my five and half being the biggest. Now I will come clean…..I cheated. I took the drop shot out and the main purpose was to get bit and try to fire up the school of fish and have Ryan come behind me with a big C-rig or 6xd and pick off a bigger fish. It worked and more than once. Just weren’t able to seal the deal. I am not going to complain about today though and will be able to sleep much easier tonight. Next step is to put a couple in the net, on scales and documented here on…….baby steps.





It’s been a good long while since…….

I’ve had to worry about getting skunked on Falcon Lake. The North wind was strong early as expected and I had a solid game plan and really moved in around State Park and Government Cove without much difficulty staying protected. Problem? We could not get bit……10:15 rolled around and we were looking at a zero bite and zero fish day.


The wind was still strong enough to where running main lake was just not a smart play. We finally got on a few fish around 10:30 and ended the day with about 12 bites and 7 fish. Nothing bigger than 3 lbs…….fish were caught on plum Powerbait worms and 6xd cranks. We are going to launch down South one more day to see if we can put something together down there. We will be able to run anywhere we want the rest of the week if the forecast holds true.






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