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Pretty day…..

…..certainly feels like winter around here.

IMG_5561[1]  IMG_5562[1]


Ok, ok, ok…….maybe not as bad down here as my parents have it up in the Erie/Upstate New York area.



In all seriousness I want all my friends, family, and clients who live up there to be safe. Some serious weather especially for this time of year. Here is a pic of I90 from a couple days ago…….crazy and no… I don’t miss this.



Enough about all that… the Post states it turned out to be a beautiful day down here in paradise. I intended to go help Tommy on Sugar this week, but decided last minute to stick around Falcon and finish up my back-up boat……other known as the Sugar Express. I finally got enough money scraped together to buy the console unit (thanks to a killer deal from www. and have been busy putting everything together. I am perfectionist when it comes to my boats. When I work on one I go waaaaaaaay over the top and spare no expense. I think it came out looking pretty good.

IMG_5567[1]   IMG_5568[1]



Looks like I may have a weekend trip and a 5 day trip coming after Thanksgiving so I will be on Falcon quite a bit over the next month or so. I got a very good text/question from a potential client a couple days ago. He read about the great day we had on Falcon Friday afternoon and was surprised we did that well. His question was that he thought Falcon didn’t fish well in the cold and that’s a very good question. Falcon Lake fishes great whether it’s cold, rainy, sunny, warm, hot……etc. It DOES NOT fish well with 25+ plus mph winds. That’s the only real deal breaker 12 months out of the year. Wind. With that said you will have stinkers out on the water every single month and you will whack the heck out of em every single month. It’s fishing…….and speaking of fishing I am heading out to get the gear ready for tomorrow.


Any questions as to what will be on the menu? Going for big bites tomorrow……

Give me a ring, text or email if a Falcon Lake Walrus trip sounds exciting to you.




Just a straight up fun afternoon…..

Looks like this latest cold front did the bite a lot of good and I am glad to see it. I had Cody and David today for quick afternoon trip. We fished for about 4 hours and caught the heck out of em. Now most of these fish were…..well how should I put this……size challenged. lol, but hey after my last few trips I am not complaining and we did catch a few good fish as well. Drop shots caught a zillion fish today, but not one over 3 pounds. The 2-4 pound fish loved the 6xd and we caught a few nice Zoom Mag Fluke fish as well. Looks like I will be off to Sugar again next week with Mr. Law and we will be taking my ride this time. The weather is going to be great……Tommy and I love fishing together, but certainly would enjoy taking you out next week instead or better yet get a group of 4 together and we can all head over to Sugar. A fun time would be had by all and that’s a guarantee. If you like catching a ton of fish with a 7 lber or two mixed in Falcon isn’t a bad option either. Give us ring.



IMG_5519[1] IMG_5518[1]


Work day, BAAAAD cold front, and Thank You

Tommy and I hit the water today with one thing in mind. Cover water and check as many spots and patterns as we could before the front hit this afternoon and boy did it hit. We are going to see lows in the 40’s. Yikes…..I just want to say a quick thank you to all the veterans out there.


I will be back on the water Friday and looking forward to the job to say the least. Hopefully we can put something together and post a few walrus pics.




Didn’t get the job done today…..

……Quawn came back down to visit me today and this time he brought his friend Brent down. Last time Quawn was down he boated a certified USDA choice walrus.


Both Quawn and Brent are early in their bass fishing addiction. I took them into the timber twice today and that application/pattern can be a challenge. I should of stayed in open water the entire day, but I just know that some of these fish have pushed in to these creeks and really wanted to get that going. I’ll be the first to admit that wasn’t a good move. We didn’t get bit and fishing timber can very frustrating for somebody new to the baitcast world. We did all of our damage on natural rocks in Tigers and the main lake. We caught fish on 6xds and drop shot Robo Worms and that was it. I really appreciate Quawn coming back down and looking forward to Brent coming back as well. Check out Brent’s new personal best Largemouth……


Needless to say we will try to break that record many times over in the future. Quawn caught a nice crankbait chunk from today and was our nicest boated fish.





106 thousand miles on my Dodge…..

……and I’ve changed the oil and tires and that’s been it. I knew it was only a matter of time before I would have to put money in it. Unfortunately it’s coming right before I was to have a two day trip on Sugar Lake. Hated to leave Tommy and his group of four hanging, but there is no way I’m risking breaking down in Mexico. I thought it might be my transmission, but the Dodge dealership is pretty certain it’s not. What’s making the whiny noise between 40 and 60 mph is still a mystery and they haven’t gotten back to me yet. My fingers are crossed…..I have a back up tow vehicle so I am good to go here in the states, but it is not insured in Mexico and the Mrs. gave me the thumbs down on taking the Suburban over. lol…… Looks like the weather is going to be nasty as heck Wednesday and Thursday…….Tommy got Carlos to help him out and he knows the lake well. They will have their work cut out for em, but I wish em luck and hope they whack the heck out of the big girls.





Sugar Lake

Went down with Tommy the last couple of days to get a crash course on Sugar Lake in preparation for Tommy’s group of four that I am helping with next week. Two days with Tommy is like 722 days on my own and I am serious. Why you ask? Sugar is in Mexico and that means no navionics and no maps. It also helps that few people know that lake any better than Tommy. Now I have cheated a bit as well with some online tools that I will not discuss here…….lol. In typical fashion Tommy and I had a great time and we worked like dogs out there. I haven’t fished that hard in years. We covered a lot of water from 20+ ft to 2ft and everywhere in between. Sugar has caught an insane amount of water and these fish have scatted to the wind. Check out the picture of the spillway. Kinda made me queasy to be honest.


I am going to come clean real quick like. I broke off an 11 lb + fish. I spooled my crank rod with 20lb test fluoro because of the timber. I got this fish out of the tree she was in and then…….POW! My line broke halfway between the fish and my rod tip. A few seconds later she came belly flopping out of the water a few feet from the boat trying to get rid of my crankbait. Unreal…..I must have had a weak spot or something in my dag gone line. Needless to say I could of bitten a nail clean in half. Here are a few of our best from the trip including my 9-7.




Little slice of paradise down there……




Back to back……

I haven’t had back to back tough outings here on Falcon Lake in literally months and I am being generous using the word “tough”. I can think of several other stronger words that would probably be more descriptive and appropriate, but my Number one fan in Pennsylvania might get upset…….sooooooo “tough” it is. Brian flew in from Georgia and his friend Wes is from the Houston area. Brian got this trip from his wife as a 40th birthday present. Pretty freakin cool to say the least.


These guys were relentless all the way up to the final bell. You would be hard pressed to find two men work harder to catch 14 bass here on Falcon Lake. Thanks again for the opportunity men.


I am off to Sugar Lake with Mr. Law tomorrow and will be there for a couple of days. Tommy has some groups coming in that I will be helping with and will be getting a crash course on Sugar. Sugar has also been catching a crrrrrrazy amount of water and has scattered a lot of the fish. Tommy and I are gonna put in some serious work to find some go to spots for the upcoming trips. If anybody can get it done it’s Tommy let there be no doubt. Hopefully we will have plenty of pictures to share. See ya in a couple days.


Falcon won today……

…..and convincingly. Elmo has been reading about all these banner days and he wanted a piece of the action today. Unfortunately I just could not get dialed in today. We launched at the county boat ramp and ran all the way to the dam and back. We had two good spurts where we caught fish on every cast or every other cast, but let me be clear……we fished for six and a half hours. Five of those hours were totally unproductive and a lot of that time was spent in and around the dam. Total shocker to say the least. We did catch fish in Tigers, but not NEAR the amount I have been catching in there. Just one of those days that you have to tip your cap to Mother Nature. Still had a great time with Elmo, but to be honest I would have a great time with Elmo on a dirt pile. We will have our revenge…….





…….that’s Falcon Lake right now. Sure was glad to share it with Joe and Mike today. I wish I knew how many fish we caught, but I really don’t know and don’t want to guess. I’ll say a lot and even that might be an understatement. We got off to a terribly slow start this morning and it wasn’t our fault either. The State Park was two hours late in opening their gate. Yeah two hours late on a Sunday with a tourney trying to launch as well. Good grief…..luckily the fish never stopped biting all day and if you’re not fishing Tigers right now you are missing out. Seriously.

List of what we caught fish on:

1.) 6xd (chart/blue and citrus shad)

2.) Series 5/mid diving crank (same colors)

3.) squarebill

4.) Mag fluke

5.) 10 in plum powerbait worm

6.) 12 in Mag ole monster (candy apple?)

7.) Full size Strike King Ochos

8.) Dropshot Roboworms

I think that’s it….lol. We did not fish shallower than 8 foot of water and caught fish as deep as 20ish feet. The quality of fish was pretty dang good as a whole too. Check out Joe’s walrus that went 8.15…..looooooooooong fish.


Joe also caught this Walrus…..good grief. MASSIVE comes to mind.



Thanks again guys…..really appreciate the trip and hope we do it again soon.


IMG_5329[1]  IMG_5328[1]



A fun morning of golf with Mr. Law

It’s been too long since Tommy and I have hit the course to chase the little white ball around and shoot the shit. It’s always fun and just like the last time I played with Tommy, he was on fire and me? Not so much. This was the second time in as many outings that I couldn’t even finish the round because my back. Didn’t hurt it too bad, but it gave me plenty of warning to chill out and I did. Of course Tommy and I talk about damn near everything….most of which has nothing to do with fishing, but we did talk a lot about Falcon and Sugar Lake today. Folks both lakes are fishing very well and it’s fun to talk about both places. Sugar Lake, let there be no question, is just silly. If you are thinking about a trip to Mexico you really need to do yourself a favor and email or call Tommy. I’m serious……now listen I know Mexico isn’t for everyone and there is certainly plenty of fish to catch here on Falcon, but if you are thinking Mexico and I am talking ANYWHERE in Mexico you owe it to yourself to call Tommy. I will be going over to Sugar with Tommy a week from Wednesday and we will be doing a lot of scouting and trying to find as many spots as possible. Sugar has picked up an incredible amount of water and is in fantastic shape. I also will be helping Tommy with a 4 person trip on Sugar on November 5th and 6th. This is a trip with Tommy’s clients and I am helping Tommy and I am very appreciative of the jobs too. I know this kind of opens me up a bit for some of you to not be very happy with me and I’m sorry. This is NOT my trip and I am still not taking clients over to Sugar. I am simply helping a friend. If you are a client of mine and want to fish Sugar please call Tommy, you will not regret it. I am on Falcon tomorrow with Joe and his friend…….. can’t wait.






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