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Falcon Lake Texas can be described using one word….



Falcon is dropping and the fish love it. I would rather see tougher fishing and us keeping our water, but I unfortunately don’t have a say in it. We have dropped about 6 feet in the last month or so and at the rate they are currently pulling I expect to drop another 6 feet. We still have plenty of water and the fish are biting like you wouldn’t even believe. (especially the 2-3 lbers) But with that said it sure is depressing watching the water leave as fast as it is. It happens every year and most years multiple times throughout the year…….still sucks every time. My best bite has changed since the dropping water as well. Six weeks ago it was the DEEEEEEEP drop shot game. Right now, at least for me, it’s about finding areas that look like this.



We have a lot of fish that are being pulled out of the jungle and into the “old” flooded growth. These fish have not seen a lure in months and are certainly eager to participate in biting. I am still catching plenty of fish offshore as well, but the vast majority are small 2 to 3 lb fish. Is it fun to know when you chunk out there that you are gonna get bit? You bet it is and every now and again the 2 to 3 lber turns into something bigger.

img_4264.jpg img_4252.jpg

img_4246.jpg img_4249.jpg

img_4250.jpg img_4230.jpg

img_4206.jpg img_4239.jpg



Falcon is only going to get better as the bass begin to fully commit to the offshore summer pattern. If your lakes shut down during the summer months shoot me an email and lets get a whackfest on the books.



Falcon Lake, Texas continues pumping out MEGA walruses in 2018.

Here is a look at the latest Falcon Lake MEGA Walrus courtesy of my man Long Ron the Walrus Whacker.



That fish hit 10.08 lbs on the scales and I promise you, Ron could of hit the mega million jackpot and would not of celebrated harder. I still get goosebumps thinking of the fight, the net, the scale, and the ensuing celebration. Rusty also damn near landed in the MEGA walrus club as well with this 9 lber.


Man I love me some Rusty and Ron……look up salt of the Earth and you will see a pic of these two. My new favorite pic of 2018?

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people standing and outdoor


Justin may not be in that pic above, but he was with us and you can bet your ass on that.

Thanks for the hand on Pop’s Mega Walrus Justin.




Here are some more fine Falcon Lake fish from the last couple of trips.

img_4163.jpg img_4129.jpg

img_4167.jpg img_4189.jpg

img_4195.jpg img_4205.jpg

img_4186.jpg img_4203.jpg


My girlies had a terrific spring break with Jaime and her parents in Florida…….and my favorite selfie of 2018 so far goes to……


…….and a close second for selfie of the year……my girl Marlie.



As I have gotten older and two bad ass neck surgeries later…….I don’t take one single thing in life for granted. I pray and give thanks nightly for what my family and I have here in Zapata, TX.



Thanks for reading High Stakes Bassin family……love ya’ll.




The year of Falcon Lake TX continues……out with the old in with the F250.

Falcon Lake has seen some tough winds, a couple nasty ass cold fronts, and some post spawn blues.

With all of those factors playing a key roll in a less than ideal bite of late, Falcon still continues to shine in 2018. Clay and Barbara came back down to the border for their second trip of the year. What a freaking trip it was.



Clay broke his PB again with me and this time it was a Falcon Lake MEGA walrus that went 10.57 lbs. He didn’t stop there either.



Clay also caught the 8.98 lb walrus above. Don’t feel too sorry for Barbara either. She has straight up owned the border the last couple of years and she held her own this trip too.

img_4100.jpg img_4113.jpg


I also had my first ever “Make America Great Again” hat on my boat.



I really enjoyed having Junior and his Dad over the weekend. They got to catch fish a variety of different ways through a pretty damn tough bite.


Out with the old….



In with the new……



I got tired of putting money into that 2010 Suburban and our CPA said we needed to buy something in 2018. Soooooooooo here she is and man do I love it. Diesel and towing a boat? Pretty sweet.


The next 8 weeks will be a straight up blur, but I still have a day or three available and would love to show ya a Falcon Lake good time.




Clicker gets dusted off, Falcon Lake MEGA Walrus, and more cancellations.

I broke out the clicker today. How many? 34. Do you wanna see what most of the 34 from today and this week look look like?

img_4056.jpg img_4057.jpg

img_4071.jpg img_4075.jpg

img_4060.jpg img_4076.jpg

img_4078.jpg img_4082.jpg

img_4084.jpg img_4054.jpg


We are catching a lot and I do mean a lot of 3-5 lb fish. The following pics are pretty significant and pretty damn cool……

img_4070.jpg img_4081.jpg


…..the reason? Those are a couple of pics of those gentlemen’s first ever largemouth bass. Pretty freaking cool and VERY few things get me more geeked up than seeing the excitement of someone who is new to bass fishing. Funny thing of it is? I’ve been bass fishing for 36 years and I still get goosebumps every single day on the water. Oh, and speaking of goosebumps.




There she is…….11.3 lb Falcon Lake Mega WALRUS. Mr. Tim is no stranger to the pages of High Stakes Bassin and certainly no stranger to Mega Walruses. I swear if you put Tim ankle deep in a mud puddle with a square bill crankbait he’s gonna pull out a walrus. Not joking. Michelle certainly didn’t let Tim have all the fun last week. She juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuust missed MEGA Walrus status at 9.3 lbs.



If this looks like fun and want to stretch my clicker give me a holler. My once nearly completely full March has recently opened up thanks to……drum roll… guessed it. Cancellations. The latest called and cancelled because Fork has put out a couple of DD’s including a 15. Sooooooooo if whacking on fish sounds like a good time check out the schedule and drop me a line. Would love to earn your business.




Falcon Lake, TX continues to impress in 2018.

I have not had to rely on Falcon Lake the last 3.5 years. Well that has changed and I am very grateful that Falcon is answering the bell and in a big way. Have we had a 7 fish day? Sure…..but have we had a 49 fish day? Sure and everywhere in between as well. The quality has been pretty meh for the most part. A LOT and I do mean a lot of fish under 3 lbs. A big reason for the lack of boated walruses is how we are having to fish here on Falcon. Yep we are spending the majority of every day elbow deep in green retama and getting our ass kicked too. Big fish love that retama and they love breaking you off in it as well. Here are a few nice fish from the week that was.


img_3988-2.jpg  img_3996-2.jpg

img_3990-2.jpg   img_3986-2.jpg

img_0457-2.jpg  img_4042-2.jpg

img_4044-2.jpg  img_0460-2.jpg

img_4020-2.jpg  img_4017-2.jpg


The cancellation bug bit yet again as my Monday – Wednesday of next week could not make it as one of the guys is closing on a big time contract/deal. That’s the bad news. The good news is that they are not leaving me hanging and are sending me the full amount of my guiding fee for those three days. VERY much appreciated to say the very least. My March and April have limited availability, but if you see a day or two open and want to go on a Falcon Lake walrus hunt drop me a line. If you like heavy cover combat fishing I don’t think you will be disappointed.




Basschamps results



I came within .63 pounds of my first place prediction. I was also right about the big bass of the tournament not going to the first place team…..heck it didn’t go to anyone in the top 10 either. Pretty remarkable. I was way off on the big bass as it only took a 9.10 to take those honors. I can’t remember the last time a 10 pounder didn’t take big fish here on Falcon. I also was waaaaaaay off on what it would take to cash a check. 13.81 pounds was the check line. We also had 69…..yes 69 folks not weigh a fish. Basschamps had a perfect day with temps in the mid 80’s and no wind. They were also aided by a late start due to fog. Falcon can and will humble even the best tournament anglers is South Texas. This tournament was certainly a fine example of that. Congrats to those that put a limit together on a day where finding a limit was no easy task. Congrats to the check cashers and a BIG congrats to Kyle Keller and Josh Spencer. WHAT A HELL OF A BAG men.


Looking forward to an incredibly busy stretch ahead. We are closing in on the halfway mark of February already and this is arguably the worst January/February I’ve ever had. Maybe 2014’s start was worse, but that’s it. I normally LOVE January and February…..especially for the thrill of hunting MEGA walruses, but it has certainly not been in the cards for this guy early on in 2018. We are fixing to change that and in short order.


See ya on the water,




Schedule updates, Mega Walruses, and a Basschamps predictions

The busy season is here and my last February dates got filled up today. Here is a look at the next few months. If you see something you like give me a holler, would love to have ya down.

March –



April –



May –



Two friends of mine caught GIANTS along the border this week and were nice enough to give me the go ahead to post their pics. Here’s Mr. Steve and his 11 pound 12 oz MW.

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, outdoor and water


and then there is my man Calvin……

Image may contain: 1 person, sky, outdoor, water and nature

13 pound 2 oz…….hell I don’t even have a walrus category for that. As you can see the border is alive and well.


Ok Basschamps predictions!

Winner: 31.35 pounds

Big bass: 12.82 pounds and not caught by the first place team!!

Check: 17.94 pounds


Saturday is going to be in the 80’s and right before another front hits town. I think these fellas are going to wreck em!!!!


I’m heading outside to re-spool……..

Falcon is saving my …….


I will talk about the bad news first. Sugar Lake continues to disappoint. Here is the first and only Sugar Lake fish to date in 2018. (two days have been spent on Sugar this year)



As bad as Sugar has been Falcon has stepped up and come to my rescue. Have we had some tough days on Falcon? Oh my we sure have, but have we come close to zeroing? Hell no and on most days we are whacking the numbers at a pretty good clip with a few walruses to boot.

img_3903.jpg img_3915.jpg

img_3905.jpg img_3929.jpg

img_3949.jpg img_3934.jpg

img_3906.jpg img_3896.jpg



……..and my favorite pic of 2018 to date?



Clay and Barbara’s first trip of 2018 is in the books and it was by faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar their toughest trip from a fishing perspective. That pic was taken at the end of day 4 and there is zero chance we could of possibly had a better time. Really appreciate ya’ll and thanks for your continued friendship and support of High Stakes Bassin. See ya in March!!




2018 has started ice cold.


I have not been on the water much in 2018 and I have had more cancellations than actual trips. The winter weather has been all the talk across our great country and Zapata, TX certainly has not been the exception. Have we been snowed on? You bet and if you look close enough you’ll see Sasquatch in that pic below.



Water temps on Falcon have consistently been in the mid to upper 50’s and Sugar even lower than that. With that said Falcon continues to fish pretty good all things considered. Sugar? Not so much…..Sugar and 53 degree water temps = Skunk caliber fishing. I have had 4 terrific people in my boat so far in 2018. All 4 had great times and didn’t flinch in the face of the adverse conditions thrown at them from ole Mo Nature. Check out the 1st fish of 2018.


Nate didn’t waste any time getting the first Falcon Lake Walrus of 2018 into the net and on a set of scales. This full figured gal went 8.62 lbs. I also broke into the 2018 Walrus club in short order as well with a 7.17 lber.




Here’s a few fish from Jim, Dean, and my main man Carl.

img_3733.jpg img_3867.jpg

img_3871.jpg img_3869.jpg


Those fish pics give you an idea of what we have predominately been catching. Dinks? no……..Walruses? no… 2-4 lb fish? You bet. I know, I know, I know……people don’t come down to Falcon to catch 2 lbers. Not a truer thing has ever been said and you will get no arguments from me. I can’t promise a lot, but fishing and the size of said fish will improve……bet your bottom dollar on it. Baby making time is here and there will be monsters caught.

img_3868.jpg 2017 – A Year in Review

Here we are, another year mere minutes away from being in the books. Mind boggling where time goes. Let’s dig in and check out the year that was.


January – 

January was all about getting healthy and going to physical therapy.


I was still very concerned about my neck at this point and continued struggle following my surgery in late November. Was certainly a tough way to bring in the New Year. Here is a look at the first fish of 2017…….there was only one way to go and that was up.



February – 

February marked my return to work and I can’t tell you wonderful it was to get back to doing what I love. I was fortunate enough to land this 11.17 pound Falcon Lake Mega Walrus to start my comeback trail in 2017.



A terrific February ends with a Falcon Lake MEGA WALRUS!


March –

March was ladies month here at High Stakes Bassin.


img_2043.jpg img_2071.jpg

Wonder Women have been front and center at


I also got into the act in March landing this 11.55 pound Sugar Lake MEGA WALRUS.



That wasn’t the only Sugar Lake MEGA WALRUS of the month either. Terry got him a brand new personal best in grand style.



April –

My first Vegas trip of the year and I look forward to Vegas every spring with my Sister and Mom. This year our trip is in May.



The fishing in April was just silly as well. Mega Walruses? You bet.

img_2200.jpg img_2235.jpg


Sugar Lake MEGA WALRUS bonanza and top 5…..


May –

May is arguably my favorite month to fish down here on the border, but I can tell you May of 2017 was not my best May in the history of the biz. Water levels were dropping faster than I have ever seen and for that matter faster than ANYBODY had ever seen. Both Sugar and Falcon were getting drained.

I got to spend a week with my Dad as he celebrated his last birthday in his 60’s. Next stop 70’s and hopefully many more. Sugar Lake Motel sure did a great job helping me celebrate with Pops.



Fear not! My man Tim would not let the month of May slip on by without boating a Sugar Lake MEGA WALRUS. I promise you that fish was well EARNED.

IMG_2404 (Edited)


We also had a few good trips on Falcon while the lake dropped like a rock.

Falcon Lake Fun


June –

As tough a month that May was……June was a walrus parade lead by Wade da Walrus Hunter.



June came in with Falcon, but left as sweet as could be.


July –

My second Vegas trip of the year was on the books. Vegas is my home away from home and has been for nearly 20 years.



The fishing along the border in July was just silly. Summer time bassin down here at it’s absolute finest.

Sugar Lake Mexico with back to back 40 lb summer time bags.


August –

The month of August marked the beginning of some incredible rain events for the great state of Texas. Harvey was a full on disaster. So many incredible Texans rose up to help others and answered the bell. August also marked the month that a new addition was welcomed into the High Stakes Bassin Family. The boat has had more issues than I care to admit including a dead trolling motor and a wiring issue that put it out of commission for over a month. Here’s hoping it has a healthy and productive 2018.


September –



Our prayers along the border were answered. We caught significant rain and water in the nick of time. We are now sitting at 284 and change which puts us in tremendous shape heading into the new year. September also marked the passing of one of the very best human beings to ever walk on this Earth. He’s in a great place with Grandma looking down at a family tree that will continue to grow, love, and prosper.



October – 

I think October was arguably the best all around month from a fishing perspective in 2017. Both Sugar and Falcon were firing on all cylinders.



As mentioned above… new boat has had rocky beginning let there be no doubt.

Falcon Lake flexing her muscles, Sugar heading to 100% capacity, and a Mercury Pro XS bites the dust


That rocky beginning still, as you can see, has not stopped us from having monster trips.


November and December – 

My wife and I did have a terrific Vegas trip in November. My days as a 30 something officially ended while on that trip.



2017 started out pretty damn tough and it’s going out that way too. I have had to cancel more trips the last two months than what I’ve had to cancel the last 6 years combined including 6 days this week with father son combos. The weather has been nothing short of terrible and the fishing not much better of late. I also have just recently got to 100% after getting the death plague that has been going around Zapata for the last 6 weeks. Good days ahead in 2018.


For those that are still reading these words……..thanks. I hope and pray to see each and every one of you in 2018.


Happy NEW YEAR!!!!!!


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