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Happy Thanksgiving from Team High Stakes Bassin

I had the opportunity to take out Chris from Arkansas today. He told me that he has read my report and knew the cold front was gonna kill the bite, but he still wanted to go and give em heck. I certainly appreciated the positive thoughts and the fish must of felt Chris’s positive vibes today as well. We zeroed the first two hours as once again I went for the 8-10 foot creek channel bite. Our last 6 hours you ask? Chris caught nearly 50 fish on his own. It got silly a few different times. The only bummer and please don’t take this as I am complaining because I’m not. The size of every single fish was between 1-3 lbs. We could not get the bigger bite going. We caught fish on a variety of baits, but once again the trap dominated. Chris even broke out the BIG OLE 1 oz traps and the fish smoked em. A perfect day on the water with a great client the day before Thanksgiving. It just doesn’t get much better.


Thanks High Stakes Bassin family and friends.

Been on the water a BUNCH and………..

…….wow is the fishing tough. I’m serious. I have seen tough fishing on Falcon over the years…..yes it happens even on this world class fishery. These last 10 days or so have ranked right up there as the worst I have ever seen. Right now my Mother has my number half dialed to tell me to put a positive spin on this. My positive spin? I have not had a lot of jobs and people in my boat. I guess that’s not positive either…, but I am not a fan of disappointing folks that step in my boat and right now Falcon is just not fishing worth a damn and I’m glad it’s just me out there most days.


Today I wasn’t by myself however. Paul was back on Falcon and in my boat again. He was down about 12 days ago or so and didn’t boat a fish. Needless to say I was pleasantly surprised when he called me this week to take him out again. Today was MUCH better and was soooooo happy we caught plenty of fish. The size? A big bag of MEH, but was just damn awful happy Paul came down and was able to whack on em a bit. The hot bait today was without question a chrome and blue lipless crankbait. We also caught a couple offshore on a Texas rig fluke. Those fish were our smallest of the day surprisingly. Our creek fish were all small keepers. I am taking the rest of the week off as we have a nasty cold front looming Friday. I am actually looking forward to it…….lol. CAN’T HURT!!


I will be back at em next week……Walruses be damned.




Falcon Lake Fall Edition

As we head to November this week, fall is here. I’ve been on the water a lot the last couple of weeks. Mostly scouting and trying to find consistent fish that will cooperate day in and day out. At one point 10 or so days ago I had 4 areas that I could straight up set my watch to. Ten days later we are down to one VERY small productive area. The fishing has been terrific one day and absolutely BRUTAL the next. This time of year is a tremendous time to be at the border…..especially if you are in to big game hunting. BUT and it’s a BIG BUT……going after MEGA walruses from November to March comes with a gamble and that gamble is the weather. Nothing and I mean nothing will screw up a Florida Strain bite quicker than a cold front and 20+ mph North winds. Right now the bite is a shallow bite in around creek channels, drains, fences, road beds, etc. Blades and swim lizards have been king……yes, swim lizards. We had a 60 fish day last week and every single fish was caught in less than 4 foot of water with most coming in 2 foot. The temps never hit 60 and barely hit 50 with ridiculous rain all day. We would of caught more had I not spent most of of the morning that day in 8-10 foot of water. They just weren’t there. Here are a few pics from the week that was, including Kimbo’s 8.45 lb Falcon Lake Walrus.



img_5304.jpg img_5293.jpg

img_5295.jpg img_5299.jpg



If throwing a blade or a swim lizard sounds fun, give me a holler. I would love to have ya.



Something about Mary, Flip Master Phil, and my friends from East Texas

What a fun week……..ya’ll remember Something about Mary from the Spring right?




Her and Phillip came down and just straight up caught a billion fish. We had a terrific time. This trip saw some much tougher fishing, but once again Mary was the star of the show. Her blade was HOT HOT HOT.


img_5225.jpg  img_5226.jpg


I also got the chance to take Jerry and Bob out for a three day trip. Love sharing a boat with these men. Wish they lived closer!  The highlight of their trip was Bob’s Brick Shit House Walrus. I have NEVER seen a fish so massive and thick.




Jerry caught em a good one too, but it was certainly work finding that big bite this trip.



See ya on the water!




A summer to remember

People ask me all the time…..”Jay when is the best time to fish Falcon?”. My response is and always will be…….come when it fits your schedule the best. This lake is and can be amazing on any day 12 months out of the year. Just check these summer time fish out. Including not one, but two over 10.




img_5098.jpg img_5116.jpg




img_5081.jpg img_5113.jpg

img_5088.jpg img_5076.jpg

img_0912.jpg img_0909.jpg




Where else in the country or any country can you go during the heat of the summer and catch monsters like that with any sort of regularity? Summer time bassin here along the border is simply as good as it gets. As we shift our eyes to the fall I can tell you it is looking mighty mighty good.


We have been blessed once again with quite a bit of rain over the last week to 10 days. Are we going to fill up like in 2010? No…… least for the immediate time being. We still have a solid 4 to 6 weeks of hurricane season ahead of us and wow the Pacific, Gulf, and Atlantic are heating up. Fingers remain crossed for a nice tropical depression to sit on us for a few days. Here is a look at the water graph…….we are back on the boat launch at the State Park. For now……





The summer to remember also included my Dad’s 70th and most recently my Mom’s 70th in August. I flew up to PA to celebrate her birthday. I had a terrific time with her and my Dad like we always do. My sister made it this time as well and it’s always good to see her as it doesn’t happen often.

img_5049.jpg img_0026.jpg


Of course there was some gambling mixed in……she’s such a bad influence on me.


And speaking of gambling I also flew out to Vegas in August as well. Yeah….this summer has been a blur.



That’s the view from my terrace at the Cosmo. As many of you know Vegas is my home away from home and has been for nearly 20 years. Soooooooo many memories.


And speaking of memories……I also celebrated 16 years of bliss this August with this lovely lil thing.



Looking forward to catching fish in the green flooded growth and away from the damn dam for a much needed change of scenery. Give me a holler if you have a special spinnerbait ya wanna try out. It’s gonna be on this Fall in a major way.



“What was the one thing you weren’t prepared for when you became a guide?”

I get that question a lot….probably more than any other question next to “Is Falcon safe?” and that answer has never changed….yes as safe as any place on this planet. As far as the question in the title goes?

img_4905.jpg img_4904.jpg


The answer? Friendships……never in my wildest of wild dreams did I imagine just how many clients I would have, over the nearly 7 years of guiding, turn into such great friends. Those pics above I got out the blue a couple weeks back from one of my longest tenured clients, Roy. Him and his brother Troy were one of the very first to go out on that limb and give a no name former teacher a shot. To this day they still come down to fish with me and between outings we still keep track of each other throughout the year. As you can see Roy and his girlies had a terrific vacation up North to the incredibly popular Mille Lacs Lake in Minnesota. Thanks for staying in touch Roy! Hope you and Troy have a kick ass hunting season.


….and speaking of a client that turned terrific friend.



My man…….my man Danny Silva. A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to team Silva. They are expecting their first child in February.

And keeping up up with the theme……my man Clayboa and his bride Barbara “da Fish Whacking” Barbarian came to the border to visit me and celebrate Clay’s birthday week. These two cats could go anywhere in the world for vacations and year after year vacation after vacation they come down to see me. That right there means the world to me.

img_4894.jpg img_4896.jpg

img_4878.jpg img_4884.jpg

img_4888.jpg img_4893.jpg



Those two caught 147 fish over their 4 day trip with most of them going over 4 lbs. Yes a good time was certainly had. If this is their last trip to the border in 2018 it was one hell of way to end a truly remarkable year along the border for Clay and Barbara. Many, Many, MANY thanks over.


Sticking with the theme yet again…..Charlie and the Fish Factory also made an appearance. It sure was good to see Charlie as we kinda lost touch the past couple of years. We had a terrific trip whacking on fish and catching up. Time flies.



I am also happy to report we had some new faces come on down to the border recently as well and Ron is already angling on a return trip in October I believe.

img_4866.jpg img_4867.jpg


Bryan and Sean were in town yesterday. The fishing was pretty good….especially if you ask Bryan. lol…..

img_4909.jpg img_4910.jpg



………and I caught a couple of walruses myself over the past two weeks and one that dang near made MEGA walrus status.

img_4873.jpg img_4869.jpg


If you are coming down to fish the border…….bring lots of cranks and creature baits for soft plastics.(brush hogs, lizards, craws, etc)


It’s been a magical 2018 and looking forward to what is in store for the last 5 months.





Wind wind wind and Bassmaster magazine with a nice High Stakes Bassin plug

The summer of 2018 will be remembered (at least by me) as the windiest period of time that I have seen since becoming a guide nearly 7 years ago. Every single day we are seeing gusts of 20+ and at times 30+. I have been able to launch here on the North end and run the lake just 2 times in the last six weeks. Both times I have been able to do that we have whacked the tar out of em and one day in particular saw 60+ fish find their way into the boat. Most days however are stuck in front of the damn dam while launching off the bank down South. Speaking of launching of the bank…….


Don’t hit that dag gone rock……I have launched in and around that damn thing for years and guess who hit the mother@#%@er this week. Just plane stupid…….I knew I cut the trailer too close, but instead of pulling forward I ran right into the side of it. I have looked my trailer over and for the life of me I can’t find where I made contact. Here is another pic…..that rock that’s in the water lines up with the rock that’s on the bank. Be CAREFUL! When in doubt, pull out!


Ok ok …..back to the fishing. I know I mentioned a 60 plus fish day above. That is certainly NOT the norm. Good grief the fishing has been tough as freaking nails of late more often than not. I had a recent trip where a client caught 1 fish by 2 o’clock……yeah 7 hours of fishing and he had 1 bite for 1 fish.


Mind you…..if you are going to get one bite? That fish right there is certainly the one bite you wanna get!

Here are a few more nice Falcon Lake fish…..look at those smiles from last week. Few things in life are better.

img_4803.jpg img_4809.jpg

img_4811.jpg img_4808.jpg

img_4802.jpg img_4810.jpg

I got a pleasant surprise a couple weeks back with my phone and email blowing up about a plug in Bassmaster Magazine.


I had several folks send a pic of the plug…..I’m sorry, but don’t know who’s pic I used above. I think it was Dr. Jack’s pic, but don’t hold me to that. lol, Every little bit helps and I have had multiple calls from folks that read that little piece. Pretty cool and very much appreciated.

Then there is my boy Ranger…..look at him.


He thinks that he is hidden and I can’t see him. He’s been getting ear infections and he hates the ear solution that I have to put into his ears. Poor guy…….but he is doing much, much, much better.

Love ya’ll and hope to see everyone here on the border in the very near future.


Man I love summer in South Texas.



To say I have been enjoying my summer would be the understatement of the century. Summer months mean family time and man do I cherish these moments. We had a terrific time at the coast last week and my new favorite restaurant?


The Meatball Cafe in South Padre Island……..good grief. What. An. Experience. Deeeeeeeee freaking licious. We also juuuuuust missed some game changing rain last week as well. The valley as we were driving through was under water.



The good news is that they should not be needing Falcon’s water now……well at least for a few days. You ask how’s the fishing? Well it continues to be a mixed bag for my boat. I go out some trips and feel that I can do no wrong…..the very next day I can’t buy a break or string consecutive productive areas. A lot of folks are reporting 60-100 fish days. Me? Most days I’m lucky to hit 30. I wish I could say I am targeting “the big bite”…..but hell that would be a bold faced lie. I’m out there trying to get bites, any freaking bites. That’s enough of beating myself up for now. Let’s focus on the positive because I’ve certainly had some trips here recently that were nothing short of epic. My man Guy came down and brought his friend Andrew with him. Let me tell you……Andrew had two days here on Falcon Lake that he will never ever forget.

Day 1: Welcome to the club




Day 2: Personal best doesn’t last 24 hours




And my man Guy?



Bless his heart………he tries hard.


I also got into the walrus parade……




The last two full moons (May and June) have produced monster spawns here on Falcon Lake. I have seen more fry the last two days than I have seen all year. Check out what the white bass are spitting up…..



That lil guy was part of May’s spawn…….at this water level the survival rate isn’t good. We simply just don’t have the cover in the water.


Looking forward to a busy rest of my summer…..both from a fishing standpoint and a vacation standpoint. Tis the season.




Falcon Lake summer patterns in full swing…..3rd place API tournament finish.

Falcon Lake summer time fun is here. We are hitting the water by 6:00 and off by 2:00 before the heat of the day hits. The fishing has been good most days and in some instances incredibly good. I fished the API event over the weekend with my man Clay and day 1 of the tournament was one of the very best days I have EVER had on Falcon Lake. Nope that’s not a typo. Unfortunately Clay and I lost 3 fish that would of gone 30+ lbs……I lost one that would of challenged my personal best of 12-2. It was a remarkable day and one that Clay and I will talk about forever. We still boated nearly 36 lbs of fish over two days. (6 total fish) That was good for a 3rd place finish.




I want to also send a shout out to Robert from Amigo Inn. I have been helping him a lot here in 2018 with extra jobs that I get from time to time. Sooooooo I gave him a ring before the tournament to see if he had anything magical. He did and my trust level with Robert is as high as it gets. Thanks Amigo. Here is a link to his site……you won’t meet a nicer guy, unless you’re playing poker with him and heck that’s fun too.


Here are a few pics from the last couple trips.

img_4619.jpg img_4622.jpg

img_4618.jpg img_4621.jpg




If offshore structure fishing for MEGA walruses is your thing toss me an email, text, or call.




70th Birthday celebration and the first 2019 dates have been booked.




In typical fashion I am fielding calls about January and February. If you are a big game hunter or simply just want to get out of the cold drop me a line especially if you have specific days that you need.


The fishing on Falcon Lake currently remains pretty good. Not as good as what it was prior to our water getting pulled, but still pretty good. Now that opinion is not the popular opinion around here. Quite a few folks are saying that this is the best fishing we’ve seen in years. I, unfortunately, am not seeing it. My boat is catching 40 to 50 fish a day with a few bites North of 4 lbs mixed in like the one my man Donal caught the other day.


We are going to keep slinging it and hopefully we will get to talk about 100’s of fish a day and 40 lb stringers soon… tomorrow soon.


Had a great trip up North to celebrate my Dad 70th birthday. The Astros roughed up the Tribe a bit, but we at least got to see one W. Here are a few pics from the festivities.

img_4556.jpg  img_4552.jpg

And check out the handpay jackpot I hit……pleasant surprise.



I have Alan tomorrow and I am hoping we can send the month of May off on a high note. It sure was a fun month.



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