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….I found a spark today. A raaaaaay of hope. I won’t go into great detail as Basschamps is looming. We started today like a house of fire, 7 fish by 8:39 am. After that nuclear explosion we put the hard hats back on and dug in for the rest of the day. With all that said, a late spark was found and the next week may be the start of something a lil silly in the coming months.



Charades anyone?







Pretty sure you don’t need a Master’s Degree in Charades to figure out how the fishing was today on Falcon Lake. I was satisfied with the number of bites we got, but and it’s a big but……the quality was awful and we had stretches that made the Mojave Desert look like a damn oasis. Seriously. I have to give Tiffany and Paul credit though, they were as tough as nails and slung it till the final bell. I am going to totally re-invent the wheel tomorrow… probably not, but I am ready for a change.








Thanks Scott….Russ update.

Got some good news to share in regards to Russ’ kiddo. He’s doing much better and continues to improve. Pneumonia isn’t something to F with, especially when you are talking about an 18 month old youngin. Things are looking up though and that’s quite a relief and look forward to seeing Russ in 13 days.





Scott and my man Tony are on a race to see who can hit 20 bookings first in 2015… Right now they are both neck and neck. Scott is on the books for the 22nd and will more than likely take the lead with that trip. I can’t thank these guys enough for supporting Highstakesbassin and giving me the opportunity to show them, their friends, and business associates a good time.



Today we got on fish early and often. We had more action today than I’ve seen my last 3 to 5 trips combined. Sure was fun. We didn’t boat any walruses, but we had 4 verified chances and a couple others that we didn’t get a good enough look at to label a walrus…..and yes I know what you’re thinking.



Hahahahaha… break-offs today. We had a variety of ways that they got away from us, but breaking off was not one of them. I did manage to catch the biggest gar I have ever seen on a rod and reel. I don’t know how long this monster was, but a conservative guess would be 7 foot. Scott has a video of me trying to wear the beast out. I guess I did have one break off…..we caught fish from 1 foot 10 foot, but I’ll admit that our best bite today was 4 foot and less and three of our big girl bites were in < a foot of water. Spinnerbaits and lizards were the ticket today with a baby brush hog mixed in for good measure. Gonna get the boat in order for another newly wed couple heading to Zapata for a Falcon Lake trip on Friday. They are coming from a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong ways away and only have em for one day. No pressure.



IMG_6473.JPG IMG_6471.JPG

A nice 4 day break in the action

I opted to stay off the water over the Easter Holiday. We had our last (hopefully) Northern blow in Saturday and Sunday was spent with the family finding a few eggs and a couple of baskets. An explanation or 80 of what and why Easter is Easter was also on the menu. Monday and Today? Did a lot of paperwork for taxes, banking, post office runs, El Grande Tire (I need them to sponsor, hair cut, 521vx spit shinned and waxed, and z522 Falcon prep work along with detailing my truck. I really feel I am caught up….oh did some yard work too and Opening Day for MLB was yesterday. Tough to call them “off” days, but technically I was “off” the water. I have been kicking the idea around of buying a new truck and my wife wants a new car……lol. After looking at the prices of said new truck, I opted to head to the dollar store and invest in some rags and Armorall… My truck has been paid off for 5 years (2006 Dodge) Financing 35+ grand was just more than I could swallow.

cold feet

Momma’s push for a new car has not “stalled” however.



In fairness her car has 204 thousand on the odometer and has been paid off for 8 freaking years. (2002 Subaru WRX) Where the hell does time go? Seriously……… Man we thought we were BIG time when we bought that thing. 32 thousand dollars for a dang car, but boy did we ever get our money’s worth out of it and then some. Here is what is in Jaime’s crosshairs.


mustang gt


Yeah……I’m gonna need more than a run to the dollar store for Armorall.



I guess I should talk fishing for 2 seconds….lol. I’ve gone down to the ramp each of the last 4 days and over the weekend that chore was an exercise in patience. You see there are two holidays that blow up around these parts. Easter and 4th of July. We are talking Woodstock type stuff folks. Tents, bonfires, 4 wheelers, boats and alcohol and a lot of it, but I digress. Fishing you say……I did not talk to one single individual (9 total) that even so much as claimed to have caught a fish. Now could they be lying and just blowing me off at the dock? Possibly, but truth is Falcon and Sugar are fishing pretty damn tough right this very second. If you do not bring your A – game and a TON of patience you will be humbled whether you are an 8 year old with a spinning outfit or one of the very best to ever throw a baitcaster…..and speaking of the very best. This weekend I finally got around to watching my Tivo’d episodes of Mr. Jimmy Houston on Sugar Lake. Now listen I have always had a lot of respect for Jimmy, but after the sound bite below…..the respect level is off the charts. (sorry about the video quality)


Jimmy Houston is a world class stud in my opinion. He caught enough fish on both of his shows to paint a different picture of how he did, but he manned up and called it what it was…..Fishing.


Gracias Senior Jimmy


I am on Falcon tomorrow with my good friend Scott. His buddy, Russ, wasn’t able to make it down this time. He has a little one that I would like all of us to include in our prayers. The lil guy is fighting off pneumonia and from what I hear is doing a damn good job of it and is back to eating. Hope to have a positive report from Falcon and from Russ tomorrow.




The Father/Son duo from Austin battle a tough Falcon Lake

Had a great time today with Terry and Bassmaster Bob. The fishing was less than spectacular yet again, but these guys didn’t let that bother them one bit. We all caught fish and we all lost couple as well. No 12 inch dinks, but no walruses today either. We had a few fish that I would of liked to have gotten a better look at. I had one 100 yard stretch that saved the day. The bush I lost the giant in two days ago produced 3 fish today….lol. Every time Terry set the hook the hair stood up on my neck with excitement. Solid fish, but certainly not the giant that is lurking around that area. I almost re-booked tomorrow bad weather and all. Had some guys down on their luck call me. They just wanted to catch a damn fish, but I convinced them that tomorrow’s weather would not help their luck one bit.

Thanks again for the opportunity fellas.






Breaking fish off…. and a Mexico discussion


…..that pic pretty much sums it up around these parts today. I have been getting Mexico calls, texts and an email after the last very much sub par trip over there. I also got an email today from a gentleman in Houston that wanted to know what the deal was with my boat having so many break-offs this year.


Let’s address the break off issue and then move into the Mexico discussion. Break-offs are up yet again this time of year for a variety of reasons.

#1 and probably the biggest culprit is the retama bush.


Those things sticking out are as sharp and unforgiving as anything on the planet. For whatever reason the bass down here love to be in amongst these things. Often times when you catch a fish it will be all marked up from rubbing up against the prickers. (a lot of folks confuse the marks with gar bites) I used to NEVER fish the jungle here on Falcon. I was a deep structure guy 12 months out the year. The lake has evolved to the point where you have to be seasonal to stay on the majority of these fish. Unfortunately that means playing in the jungle until they start pulling water for irrigation. (which is soon)


#2 being lazy and NOT retying often.

You all have read my reports and know that at times Falcon and Sugar have been a tuff nut to crack. What that means is lulls in the fishing action happen and with that comes the attitude of “hey my lined is nicked up …..hell with it, I haven’t had a bite in an hour anyhow”. No sooner does that thought cross your mind and bang! A straight up walrus is destroying you.


#3 these are ELITE level fish down here.

Most people across the country and even in this state have no idea just how difficult it is to pull an 8, 9, 10, 11 lb type of fish through a straight up jungle. I have the best equipment money can buy and these beasts still find every little flaw….whether it be from a terminal, line or technique standpoint.


The fish I broke off yesterday had all three of these elements in play. About 30 minutes before I hooked that big ole gal I got snagged in a retama and jerked my line through it to free my lure up. In doing so it put several nicks in my 65 lb power pro braid. (#1 retama) I looked at it and didn’t want to take the time to re-tie as I knew we were nearing the end of the day. A few pitches later? blam…..the fight was on. (#2 being lazy and NOT retying often) This fish was an absolute giant and pretty much was not stoppable in that jungle. I was pulling as hard as a 215 lb human being could pull when the line popped and I nearly stumbled over board when it happened. That would of shot up the charts to “instant classic” level. (#3 ELITE level fish exposing any flaw possible) And there you have it folks in a …..

Wallnut shell

Next up…..Mexico discussion and where to go fish in Mexico. Before I start typing and getting into this please understand that these are MY opinions and they are based both on first hand knowledge and the knowledge of other friends and clients that have been on my boat.



That’s the big question that is on everyone’s mind. If I thought my life was in danger going over to any of these lakes in Mexico I would not go. Pretty simple. Bacarrac, Salto, Picachos, Oviachi, Sugar, etc, etc. I have zero issues with going over to any of those lakes and would not hesitate to do so. Don’t believe everything you read folks. Mexico is a beautiful country with wonderful people over there at every turn.


#2 where should I go?

This is the second biggest question….let’s take a look.

NUMBERS LAKE – Picachos and there isn’t a close second. Problem is that 90% of your fish will be under 4 lbs. I had a friend just get back and nobody in their party broke the 6 lb mark. If you like whacking on fish there is not a better option on the planet right now.

TROPHY LAKE – If your main goal is to catch an 11, 12, 13, or 14 lb fish your best option without question is Sugar Lake. Problem¬†is that although the ceiling is incredibly high, the floor is incredibly low. My second option would be Bacarrac for a trophy level fish. Problem is that most outfitters have stopped servicing the lake for various reasons. None of which I will discuss here. (Denny Brauer just had an incredible trip over there….)

El Salto – A great lake to fish for numbers of fun quality bass. 4 to 7 lbs with the opportunity at an Elite level fish as well. No real problem…..Does Salto have the ceiling Sugar or Bacarrac have? Absolutely not, but the floor is as safe and predictable as they come. You are guaranteed a 5 lb fish and several of them.


I hope this helps you all make your decision and I wish you the best of luck regardless of whether you go for the trophy, the numbers or the safe bet. If I can help you hunt for the Mexico trophy of a lifetime drop me a line. I owe ole Sugar a beatdown.


I am back on Falcon Lake tomorrow with a father/son duo. Then I will be off Saturday due some terrible weather heading in.


Hasta Manana,




Casey scores first ever Largemouth Bass on Falcon Lake


It’s not too often I get folks that catch their first bass on my boat, but when it does happen it sure is cool. I am looking forward to Casey breaking his personal best many times over in the not so distant future. Today was once again pretty dang stingy out there. The last time Don was down he straight up smacked ole Falcon around at will and laughed about it. The last time Tony was down he went FULL ON Hank Parker Jr. with a spinnerbait. Falcon got a measure of revenge and kicked me in the pants at the end of the day to boot. I broke off an absolute giant today… 173rd this year. (at least it sure seems that way) I am not going to go into detail. Tired of talking about the 100’s of “the one that got away” to be honest. That was our only big bite of the day unfortunately. It’s a treat having Don and Tony down when they can break away from a hectic work schedule. Tony is a man after my own heart…..I swear he could fish 76 hours STRAIGHT and still want more. Thanks for bringing Casey down men…..hopefully that fish will be the start of a looooooooong bass catching career.




March 2015….In like a lion and out with a Brockenhammer

I struggle at times writing this report. I refuse to sugar coat or lie about the happenings down here on the border. Has this approach cost me some jobs? You bet your ass it has. What I am about to write about this past guide trip to Sugar Lake will probably cost me some jobs in the not so distant future as well. It is what it is and I will take my lumps and medicine like a man….that much I can promise you.


My Boyzzzzz from Illinoiszzzzz got in Sunday afternoon and we headed out on Falcon to get a few bites under our belt before heading to Sugar Lake. We hit the Velero gas station and I bumped into two gentlemen that leave their boat at Sugar quite a bit. I gave them a hard time about Not being at Sugar. They told Vaughn in Broken English that they had caught two fish at Sugar Lake over the weekend for a tournament. I laughed it off and told Vaughn that they must have meant FALCON and not SUGAR. Sooooooooo off to Falcon we go and Brock got us on the board quickly, but not a lot else was happening and we put it on the trailer after fishing a couple hours with minimal action. We get up bright and early to head off to Sugar Monday morning. we get to Sugar and launch the boat around 9:00. We fish to til 3:45. We boated 2 fish and maybe have 4 other bites. I drop them off so that they can go get some grub, shower and rest up. I went back out to see if I could get a deep crankbait or crig bite up and running. Noooooo dice. The areas that I had some damn good success with last week were all chalked up due to the nasty wind we have been having down here. I could not for the life of me find clean good looking water until today with the help of Mr. Jimmy Behnken. I finally got into some great water in the last hour and half of their trip. Did we boat any walruses? nope……did we have chances? We sure did and that’s a lot more than we can say about Monday’s adventure. I love my boyzzzzzz and it really kills me to have em come down here for an absolute turd fest of a fishing trip. Did it prevent my man Brock and I from having a kick ass time? Nope……Vaughn talks about him being a “black cloud” when he comes down. Meh…..I don’t believe in that shit. What I believe in is fishing and Mother Nature……both can be one MEAN S.O.B.


We had some tough fishing this March and arguably the worst March of my guiding career. Even with all the gloom and doom we still had some magic. I want to thank all of you that spent your hard earned money to come see me this March whether it was a banner day or a terrible day. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your business.


IMG_6324.JPG scotts lizard

russ IMG_6380.JPG

IMG_6387.JPG IMG_6394.JPG

IMG_6398.JPG IMG_6402.JPG


IMG_6405.JPG IMG_6430.JPG




April Fools will be spent on Falcon Lake with my man Tony and Don. They are bringing a guest tomorrow as well for a lil Falcon Lake fun. I will post the happenings tomorrow night. It’s 11:31…..time for bed.





A big bag of freakin MEH

Falcon Lake…..come on man. I could barely sleep last night with dreams of walruses dancing in my head. I picked up The Candy Man and Captain Carry at the buttcrack of O’dark thirty. We made a direct B-line for the walrus hole…..aaaaaaaaand drum roooooll. (Insert fart noise) Luckily these two men are seasoned Falcon Lake and fishing vets. They have been there done that and get it. It still doesn’t change the fact that today was a major disappointment by any measure. Next up? Brockenhammer and Sir Vaughn.



A scouting run with “The Fish Whisperer”

I called Gary last night and told him to meet me at the dock with his boat and we would go run some water together. To say it paid off would be a mild understatement.



IMG_6431.JPG IMG_6430.JPG

I am very much looking forward to tomorrow’s guide trip with Cary and “The Candy Man”……then? It’s my Boyzzzzzzz from Illinoiszzzzzzzzz. Feels like it’s been 6 years since I have seen ole Vaughn, but in reality it has only been 6 months. He’s bringing down the BROCKHAMMER this trip…….





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