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Called into action!

Got a phone call this morning from George and Robert. They had a few hours to kill this afternoon and wanted me to take em out. We got the fish in short order, but most of the fish were bucks. I did catch 4 females, but all four were the same size. (I weighed the last one for shits and giggles and it weighed 4.49) These guys are big into the salt water game and I gave em both spinnerbaits to chunk. The quality bite came from me flipping a baby brush hog into tight spaces. I was just trying to stay away from their blade bite. If I were fishing a tourney I would get in tight with a t-rig in 0.5 to 5 ft of water. Be patient…….


Thanks guys.





Boat ramp Brad’s half day…..

Just now getting around to writing yesterdays report. Got the case of the LAZYs last night to be honest. We launched here on the North end of the lake and even though Brad could only fish a half day I still ran him all over the lake and showed him as much as I could. We talked a lot and caught a lot of fish in two areas and absolutely nothing in all the other areas I showed him. The lures were the same except he had a spinnerbait that was pretty dang hot and it had a silver skirt with silver blades. Not exactly the gold on gold on gold I’ve been throwing, but it sure did catch fish. Weather is nothing short of spectacular today…..might take Boody and the girlies out for a lil action.




Elmo and Sil February 2015 edtition…..

Stats on the day:

5 hours fished

11 bass caught

4 on squarebill

3 on spinnerbait

4 on baby brush hog

5 lb big(I caught it on sq bill)…..a lot of dinks 3 lbs and under….waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay under.


Thanks again for another fun trip Sir Elmo.


I picked up a job at the boat ramp two days ago. Brad is new to Falcon and I will do my best to give him a crash course in short order tomorrow.




Mark, Robby, Mark, Nick, GW, and last, but certainly not least…..

….Mike. Thanks men and I’m glad everyone had a good time. All three boats certainly had their moments of glory, laughs, and opportunity over the last three days. In the end that’s all you can hope for. What a great group of fellas…..having fun is a way of life for those guys.


Fishing stats:

20 bites or so

11 boated and all bucks

1 walrus bite

all fish came from the baby brush hog


Back at it again tomorrow with my man ELMO……his first trip of 2015 is on the horizon. I will have the details and particulars tomorrow.




14 boated with a 6.76 kicker….

That title doesn’t do today justice. We had 6 big bites and boated just the one. We found a drain that had some pre-spawn fatties laying in it, but they didn’t want to leave without a fight and fight they did. One of the break offs was my fault no question about it. I told G.W. to boat flip a 6 pounder. I had no idea it was that big….thought it was a 4 lber until she showed herself right by the boat when G.W. tried to do the boat flip. G.W. and Mike are both upgrading to 20 lb test fluoro tonight. These men have a chip on their shoulder and will be ready to settle the score with these walruses in the morning. The last two days these guys have started each morning out by telling me…..”just in case we forget to tell you later, we had one hell of good time today”. Pretty freaking cool and yes, a good time will be had tomorrow.

Baits: Baby Brush hogs in W/R with 3/8 oz sinkers and that is literally the only thing that caught fish for us today. We threw the blade off and on with ZERO success.

Where: Thick stuff….both new growth and old growth in 2 to 5 foot of water.

When: Unlike yesterday…..we got bit here and there pretty much all day.




A 13lb mega walrus and a 30 lb sack……

…..the only problem? They were pulled up in front of me by a Mexican netter. Man……was a hell of a site to see, but I am still sick to my stomach. It happens…..every day, week, month, year. Still sucks when I see a monster get thrown to the bottom of their boat. Our first creek produced 7 fish in short order, but all seven were bucks and try as I might I could not locate the big girlies in there. Should I have stayed in there longer? Yeah I believe looking back at now I should of because we caught 2 more fish the rest of the day. You know what they say about hindsight. We did end up catching one small female, (pictured) but the rest were 1-3 lb bucks. (also pictured) Best news out of all this is that I have G Dub and Mike for two more days….adjustments will be made.











Got me a new Ranger over the weekend……



Ranger is the black one and Marlie is the yellow one. Needless to say the girlies have been on cloud nine. These two are rescue pups from Laredo. So far so good….


I will be back on the water tomorrow with a big group of 6 from Oklahoma. I have Mr. Law and Mr. Behnken helping me out for this one. Speaking of Jimmy Behnken. I just learned that this will be his last spring guiding here on Falcon Lake. He has taken a job with CAST for kids and will be an instrumental part of their success going forward. Not seeing Jimmy B out here on Falcon Lake will certainly feel weird, but I wish him nothing but success in this new venture of his.





Fun times……

…..and I only think things are going to get better and better as more creeks begin to pop. We caught around 20 fish today with a Jr. Walrus and a Walrus thrown in for good measure that was caught at our last stop of the day. We stayed shallow all day and threw baby brush hogs and spinnerbaits at em. These guys were my typical Illinois clients…..solid as a rock. Thanks again Dick and Stephen, safe travels back to the winter wonderland that is the Midwest.









Thankfully the fishing was very good…..

I started the day running into a gill net while on plane. I didn’t even realize I hit it. Normally when you hit one it’s game over and a whole lot of shake rattling and rolling. A Mexican netter came over later that morning and was none to happy about the development. Little did he know he did me one hell of favor. I would of never known I had a net in my prop until it was a full on shitshow. I originally thought he was just trying to shake me down for some money. I will have some money for him tomorrow though. I HATE getting into their nets and feel bad when I do……it happens, especially when they are poorly marked. Those netters work hard and I don’t enjoy making life more difficult on them. I also had a reel break and for good measure I snapped a rod too.



…..but we did whack on plenty of fish today and had a dang good time doing it too.




Once again the lure of choice was the baby brush hog in the watermelon red magic. They are liking a fast fall rate as well….3/8 oz or even 1/2 oz. Stephen and Dick will be back at it tomorrow and the weather is looking fantastic.







Bassmaster?……nah. BUCKMASTER

We caught a zillion bucks today. Our luck with boating the females wasn’t nearly as spectacular. I caught the only female of the day. (pictured) It came off of a chartreuse spinnerbait in the salt cedars in roughly 4 foot of water. I really believe with any luck you can have a Falcon Lake MONSTER day right now. I heard that there was a 10.89 caught yesterday……there have been more DD’s caught this January than the first 6 months combined last year. (not a fact, but feel it’s pretty damn accurate) I have the Toms on speed dial for a Sugar Lake experience in the summer, but if Falcon continues on this trend they may be down to give Falcon another whirl. Great times were certainly had over the last 3 days and a lot fish catching which was certainly a welcomed addition. I will be back at it over the weekend……Saturday is looking dicey, but these guys are coming all the way from Illinois. Illinois folks are tough and we are gonna give it heck…..rain or shine, wind or no wind.




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