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Pops is kicking some ASS!…….

I have been nervous in the service the past month or so waiting for my Dad’s hip surgery D-Day. Yesterday was the day and I am happy to report he is doing well. He is by no means out of the woods as he has a looooong road of therapy ahead of him. I spoke to him this morning and he is already exceeding expectations with his mobility. Pain meds?……Tylenol as in just a bottle of over the counter Tylenol. Typical Dad.



Love ya Dad!!!!!……..can’t leave out my number 1 fan either. Love you too Mom and I want him doing wind sprints by the time I get up there!




That’s as tough a day as you can have on any lake in the country. My first spot sucked and we had very manageable winds for it. I did get on some fish, but by the time I did the wind was gusting 20 plus. It is what it is…..I have tomorrow and Friday off due to the terrible weather heading in for tomorrow. I have to be honest I am VERY much looking forward to the time off. I can’t remember my last day off the water.




Back on Falcon

Took out JC and Bob today for a lil Falcon Lake action. We got into the fish and were straight whacking em. I lost a straight stud walrus on a spinnerbait about 10 feet from the boat. That was our only big bite of the day unfortunately. We also had to leave the area we were whacking em in. We never really got locked back in afterwards. We have another day tomorrow and will report the findings from the festivities. 


Sugar Lake with two of the most interesting men….

the most interesting

What a fun freaking trip. Our biggest fish of the trip went 8.89.



I want to make sure I am clear on one thing. Much like Falcon nothing is coming easy on Sugar Lake. These men worked their ass off and fished as hard as any two human beings could possibly fish. The first day could of been EPIC. We had roughly 8 fish on that were well into the 8+ pound range and we only boated the one. I was the culprit on three of those fish and before you go calling me a P…….

pussy cat

…..I challenge you to come on down and try your luck at the Sugar Lake hand to hand combat fishing with these freaks of nature. Today the big fish bite just wasn’t there for us. Did we catch some nice fish? sure, but I really do not think we had a single fish on that would of hit the 8 pound mark. The biggest fish of the day was my 7 lber (not pictured) that I caught in the last 15 minutes. I pulled a Norman Deep lil N out and decided to crank the middle of the last drain we were in and jackpot. Needless to say I wish I had one more day with these guys……Ole David Fritz would of had nothing on us. I am back on Falcon for the rest of March and into April. My April and May are wide open at the moment. I literally just had the 11th of May book up about 30 minutes ago. Cya all tomorrow!


IMG_6414.JPG IMG_6416.JPG

IMG_6412.JPG IMG_6410.JPG



and my new favorite pic of 2015……drum roooooolllllll.



Cliff gave me the best compliment while we were driving back to Zapata. “I really enjoyed fishing with you Jay. It was like fishing with an old friend.”


Gracias hombres



Falcon Lake tougher than a 2 dollar steak today….Sugar Lake 2015

My last two trips where pretty dang tough, but and it’s a big but…..I got bailed out by nuclear bomb outbursts that saved the day. Today? Nada…..just a slllllloooooooooowwwwww grind with very little to show for our hard work and efforts. We still got a beautiful pic of Leslie holding a Jr. Walrus. They are heading back to Virginia tomorrow bright and early. Thanks for the opportunity you two.



Speaking of bright and early…..I will be heading to Sugar Lake at O’dark thirty tomorrow morning with “The Fish Whisperer” and “Catchin fish Cliff” tomorrow for a two day trip. This will be my first trip to Sugar in 2015. I am looking forward to getting these men on some game changers. Mr. Behnken and Mr. Law just got back from over there and the common theme between them? Quality freaking fish and a lot of them. I certainly DO NOT claim to be a Sugar Lake Legend by any stretch. Have I put in an INSANE amount of time and money for Sugar? Yes, let there be no question and really too much of both to be honest. I am sooooooo looking forward to putting that time and money on the table down there and let the chips fall where they may. I am also looking forward to establishing and maintaining some great relationships over there. Mr. Carlos Olivares and Chuy Morales are border lake studs and I am really looking forward to the opportunity of getting to know those two better and learning a thing or two in the process.


See ya in a couple days.




A Highstakesbassin Honeymoon……



I’m sorry, but how freaking cool is that pic? These newlyweds had a fantastic 45 minutes on Falcon Lake today. The other 7 hours and 15 minutes? Good freakin grief. Really the identical type of day we had yesterday. We lit em up for a short period and then the helmet with two chin straps was put on. I have Michael and Leslie for one more day. I REAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALY want to send them home to Virginia with another Walrus or two.

IMG_6399.JPG IMG_6400.JPG




newly weds


3 generations of awsome on display today……..

……and 3 generations of walruses caught as well.

PaPa with the Mini Walrus –



Garrett with the Jr. Walrus –



and last, but certainly not least Dean with the WALRUS! –



What a great day to be alive on Falcon Lake and to share it with these guys was damn near priceless. I could chew the fat with Carl for hours on end and chuckle every three minutes. He always had a funny comeback or addition for dang near everything I said. The best and I will always remember this one. Towards the end of the day Carl asked me out of the blue “how ya doing Jay!” My reply……”great!, the only way I could be doing any better is if there were two of me. I’m finer than frogs hair” Carl’s response? “shoot you’re finer than frogs hair split three ways!” An instant classic.


Be safe fellas and thanks again.







Tony’s back!…..

…and today he brought down Denny to try and tame Ole Falcon Lake. Today was a strange day. Rain, mist, downpour, sunny, cloudy, sunny again….etc, etc. Our day could of started with a big bang, but we zeroed on our first 4 bites and all were of top notch quality. We only BOATED 1 fish at 1:16 pm. Then Tony went full Hank Parker and just straight up wore the gold off his willow leaf spinnerbait.


Most of our boated fish were once again between 1-3 lbs. The key word today is BOATED. We had several quality bites, unlike yesterday where we only had the one. Towards the tail end of the day Denny did even up the score a bit on the Falcon Lake Walrus crew. Just a beast of a fish and what a freakin fight.


Speaking of walruses…..remember “The Fish Whisperer” from two days ago? They went bat shit crazy today.

IMG_6384.JPG IMG_6383.JPG



Well done men.



Today will go down as the day of the Spinnerbait for 2015.

We caught 1 billion on the blade today.


Unfortunately most of these fish were size challenged and fell between 0.58935 pounds and 3.47865 pounds like the two pictured below.

IMG_6371.JPG IMG_6372.JPG


We did get Randy certified today though…..


… in Jr. Walrus certified.



Best of luck the rest of the week guys.




The Bass Whisperer



There he is…..I swear he caught three fish this morning before my trolling motor hit the water. Was silly and he had two other stretches today where every cast was a bite, fish on, or boated. Cliff and I caught fish today, but nothing like Gary. Yesterday it was Scott in the zone and today it was Gary’s turn to breath deep within the zone. Here are a few pics of Gary this morning prior to launch.

yogo 2


Ya it got real in a hurry……


I also got into the Jr. Walrus category myself today. We were fishing some hardwoods in 12 foot of water that I have had some great success on when they are in 8 foot of water. I went there to just check if we could get bit and to check the area out on my graph. Let’s just say my graph lit up like a…..

christmas tree

We had 4 solid bites before the fish below inhaled my Yum baby bass weightless senko…….yeah it was a slooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow presentation.


IMG_6365.JPG IMG_6366.JPG


Today was a great day on Falcon with A LOT of opportunity for magic and in the end that is all you can ask for. These guys are heading to Sugar Lake with me Sunday and Monday as well. Pretty excited to get the ball rolling down there. Please check my Sugar pricing. It ain’t a cheep date over there and I understand there are cheaper options out there, just like there are cheaper options here. I don’t hide or run from that fact. Those of you that chose my services I certainly appreciate it and will spare NO expense to ensure you have a fun and successful outing whether it be here or on Sugar Lake. Check out my services page below.


An example of my Sugar rates is 2 nights stay, 2 meals a day(breakfast and dinner), 3 days of fishing for 2 people is 800 times 3 days of fishing which comes to $2,400 or $1,200 per man. I will not do follow boats of any kind. A one day trip is still $800 or $400 a man. The best deal without question is multiple day bookings with me paying and taking care of everything.


Around noon Gary asked me if my boat had any tunes…..then Cliff said, “I could go for a lil ZZ Top.” (half joking) That’s when I fired up my ZZ Top station on the ole Lowrance. Hell of a day……



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