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Casey’s pet 12 inch fish……Sudden Sam and Dyno Dustin put Falcon Lake on the canvas!

…..I swear ole Casey caught the same 12 inch fish 39 times today. lol……seriously, If I didn’t know any better I would of thought he had that thing stuffed in his pocket the whole day. Sorta like a card shark with a card always up his sleeve only Casey’s card was a 12 inch bass. We were blessed with another day that you can only dream about. The weather, wind, barometric pressure, cloud cover, humidity, heat index…..whatever. PERFECT…….We didn’t have the day I was hoping for, but such is life here on Falcon Lake. We had two big girlie bites and waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaait for it…..waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaait for it…..






Thanks for the opportunity Doctor Don! and The Mighty Casey.




It was well documented that Falcon Lake Slapped Sam and Dustin around like a red headed stepchild for their first 4 days here. They got off the mat two days ago with me and started to swing back. They called me yesterday morning and asked if they could go back and finish the fight and finish the fight they did.



IMG_6612.JPG IMG_6614.JPG

IMG_6613.JPG IMG_6615.JPG

IMG_6617.JPG IMG_6616.JPG


I get a text later in the day asking what qualifies for “walrus” certification……lol. Told him she has to be bigger than 7 lbs.


That spawned out ole gal just missed 8 lbs. A walrus indeed! Speaking of walruses….check this stud out.


IMG_6618.JPG IMG_6619.JPG


I’m on cloud nine and couldn’t be happier for these two fine men.


Enjoy the fight tonight everyone!

111 Mayweather Jr wins by 12 round decision  +101


There is where my money is at!!!

money bags





Fantastic day on the water with Sam and Dustin

Late report from yesterday’s festivities. Jaime got home and had stacks of paperwork that she smacked around for 6 hours. We did just pick up another laptop and will be up and running shortly, but as busy as Jaime is she might be using that one at the same time too. Don’t feel too bad for ole Raimo……


It isn’t in the drive way just yet thanks to Uncle Sam, but……..


Let’s talk Falcon Lake for a second. When I picked up Sam and Dustin yesterday morning their goal was to each just catch a fish for the day. Falcon had beat on them along with everyone else for the better part of a week between terrible fishing and equally terrible weather. I felt pretty damn bad for these guys and really had a tough time falling asleep the night before. I take tough fishing trips personal whether you bring your boat down like these two guys did or you’re in my boat for the hole trip. I get it and I’ve been there. I will NEVER forget the value or importance of a fishing trip. Nowadays I am on the water 300+ days a year, but it wasn’t long ago my Dad and I would bankrupt ourselves 2 or 3 times a year on fishing trips. After the trip was over we immediately began planning the next one. Those trips were/are the world to me. So when folks come down to Falcon I get it. I understand the amount of work and hard earned money that it takes to get here. Yesterday was as beautiful as mother nature makes em. A privilege to be alive and healthy enough to enjoy such a day. And yes, we whacked on plenty of fish from start to finish. Could not of been happier for these two. I log onto my Facebook account last night and see that there is a new review written. It was from Sam…..




Means a lot right there……Thanks again Dustin and Sam for the opportunity and sticking it out till the end.


IMG_6596.JPG IMG_6589.JPG

IMG_6591.JPG IMG_6593.JPG


……and the photo of……the one that gotta way.



by by gif


Take care fellas.





A record setting day on Falcon Lake

1.6 million 8 inch bass caught in a single day. Ok, maybe 1.6 million might be a stretch. We caught 8 inch fish from 2 foot to 12 foot…..crig, trig, lizards, brush hogs, traps, spinnerbaits, and dropshots. Think that about covers it. The big fish of the day came in at 13 inches. We had a ridiculously strong 6 mph North wind that was gusting to 25…… lol. Air pressure was well into the 30.00’s and change and rising to start the day. Yeah I am digging deep into the excuses Rolodex tonight. Thanks for the trips Paul! Bring Larry back down when the walruses are on the prowl.


I am finally getting the chance to take out Sam and Dustin tomorrow. To say they have had a tough trip up till now would be a mild understatement. Their best fish was caught from the bank the very first night they arrived.



I am very much looking forward to tomorrow. These two guys seem like a couple of cool cats…… I need to deliver the goods.





Paul and Larry decide…..

….to keep it on the trailer and a good decision it was. I will be on the water without a doubt tomorrow with these two.


30 mph north wind gusts….

…..aren’t good for Walrus hunting. I went and saw Sudden Sam and Dyno Dustin at the Sumbridge to discuss options. If they didn’t have their own boat with em we would already be on the water, but they do. I gave em the three areas that I would of taken em and wished them the best of luck. I am going to take them out Thursday for a legit walrus hunt and not a watered down version that today would of been. Good luck men. 


Bob and Grandson Logan’s Falcon Lake Adventure

And I do mean adventure. We kept the boat moving quite a bit today in efforts to keep Logan’s interest level up as the fishing today was as expected after a major tourney….tough. We made a long run South and the put the trolling motor down and made 1 cast. Logan asks, “what are those?” Then I hear em…..a swarm of killer bees. Needless to say I told them to sit down as calmly as I could and we got out of there without incident. Scared? you bet. I am highly allergic to normal bees let alone those monsters. It was an impressive sight no doubt, but one I can do without seeing ever again. Our first stop produced a near Jr. Walrus as Bob had one to the top and nearly to the boat before she spit the 5xd back at him. That was our only big bite of the day. We got onto a point and Logan’s first cast with a crig he catches the one pictured below. I thought we had found the holy grail. We ended up catching three more fish there, but even if you put the 3 of them together I don’t think they would of weighed a pound.


My hats off to Bob. He loves that boy and certainly not afraid to show it. Grrreat road trip and adventure with Grandpap. Something that young man will talk about for years to come.







Scott finally…….

….got to see some tough fishing on Falcon Lake. I honestly thought today was going to be the best day of fishing for 2015. We were having a pretty good day till the wind picked up and I have no idea why that shut our bite down, but good grief did it ever. We went over 3 hours during one stretch where we didn’t boat a fish. With all the gloom and doom aside I still had a chance at 2 walruses and neither found their way to the net. #$%&ing crankbait fishing. Cranking open water is one thing, but cranking tree tops is another. You have to horse em to the boat or the fish will weave you a sweater in the top of a tree. The classic damned if you do and damned if you don’t. My string of not getting walruses to the boat is bordering on ridiculous and getting beyond old. The last walrus I boated was the 9.65 on March 27th.



Still had a great time with Scott which is always a guarantee regardless of the fishing. Thanks again my man…..see ya soon.

IMG_6564.JPG IMG_6565.JPG



Basschamps predictions:


1st: 23.79 pounds

check line: 14.93 pounds

Lunker: 9.43 pounds


Good luck to all that fish… safe.






A+++ scouting day again, Scott is BACK!, A look ahead…..

I went out today to put in some work. I posted a lot of the events on Facebook and I posted that one of my goals was to eliminate water. I spent the first 3 hours today without a bite. Eliminate water? Check. I finally ran around and found 3 areas that had plenty of fish. Especially one area in particular where I just pounded the fish. I don’t normally pound an area, but I wanted to see if I could at least get a 3.5 pounder in this location. One fish after the next came to the boat with the biggest and this is no joke…1 lb. Another boat moved into the area I was fishing so I decided to leave and let him try and catch a bigger fish. Made a few more productive moves and one in particular that should pay dividends for me when I take Bob and his 8 year old Grandson out on Sunday. If you want to check out the ramblings and pics from today head on over to Facebook and check em out.




Today was a wild day on the phone. I had 5 people going back and forth with me in regards to booking tomorrow. Scott won the phone tag competition and will be in the z522 bright and early…..yes, that Scott.


Scott is quickly becoming a major share holder here at He has had some great trips this year including the one yesterday. Scott has been down here 4 or 5 times and has seen a different area of the lake every single time. Tomorrow will be no different and looking forward to him taking it to ole Falcon Lake yet again.




April of 2015…..

… nearly in the books. I have the 30th still open if anybody wants to send April out with the some fireworks.


May and June of 2015….

…..are both starting to show signs of life.






Summer time here on Falcon Lake is in my wheelhouse. If you like deep structure and chunking big cranks and carolina rigs for big offshore girlies drop me a line and lets get you on the books.


Cya tomorrow,



Batshit crazy

batshit crazy


Two words could not describe the day Scott had on Falcon Lake any better. Last week, I’ll come clean……Justin thumped me pretty good. Scott took it to another level on Falcon Lake today. Russ and I just had to laugh towards the end as he yanked one squarebill fish after the next at our second to last stop. My only complaint on the day is that we didn’t have a single walrus bite. That is VERY unusual as I have been getting 2 to 5 per trip even on bad days. Today was a goose egg in that department. We caught only 2 dinks today though and the rest were fun quality 2.5 to 4.5 pound fish and a lot of them. Heck I even whacked some fish on a Zoom Horny Toad frog!




Always good seeing Scott and Russ.  Thanks for supporting the Highstakesbassin family!


IMG_6547.JPG IMG_6543.JPG

IMG_6542.JPG IMG_6545.JPG

IMG_6546.JPG IMG_6540.JPG

Two perfect weather days….

juuuuust opened up! Thursday and Friday are now open due to a rescheduling. If you have been wanting to hit Falcon with some perfect weather look no further. Bring the big guns….shad and cat spawns = walrus hunting.


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