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Scott whips the ole lizard out on Falcon Lake…..



scotts lizard

scott fish


dont act like your not impressed


Russ also got into the big fish act with a Jr. Walrus of his own today.



We didn’t catch any monsters today, but for the first 7 hours most all of our fish were better than 3 lbs with only a couple of dinks mixed in. Our last stop, however, had quite a few of the 0.25 pounders. Hey they padded the stats….sort of like bunt singles when the infield is back. Scott got bit hard by the big bass bug on his last trip.


Scott calls that fish I am referring to in the report as “The 20 thousand dollar fish”. That big ole gal that got away sparked the purchase of a Ranger bassboat (which he picks up Thursday) and a new Kistler rod combo. I told ya he got bit hard……lol. You will be seeing Scott and Russ a lot on this report in the coming months both here on Falcon and they are both chomping at the bit to hit Sugar Lake with me in the summer. (if not sooner) Thanks again for the opportunity men, be safe and see you both again real soon.




County to Benevedies to Salinias to Tigers to Blanco to Diablo to River back to County

…..and I made a few main lake stops to check a few offshore goodies. I left nothing in the bag today or gas tank for that matter. Once again the last stop of the day really salvaged an otherwise brutally tough day once again. We had 7 fish heading to the last call for alcohol. We doubled that total at our last stop. I really don’t believe we had a big bite today. I stumbled into the big fish of the day that might and I do mean might have hit 4 and half pounds. (fish slime on camera and hide the knuckles might of got it there….lol.) Steve and Paul were straight up warriors out there and deserved the ending that they got. Even the most hardened of bass fisherman, including myself, would of thrown in the towel. My next scheduled day off is March 22 and 23. I know that my schedule doesn’t reflect that, but man I have to be honest, I got tired of changing the damn thing. April and May are wiiiiiiiiide open at the moment. If you want to be the first to hit those offshore fatties drop me a line.


See ya’ll tomorrow,



Fun times with the dynamic duo….

Guy and Genifer owned Falcon Lake back in October. Today? Falcon squared up the score. I really did not put together a solid milk run today yet again. Did we all catch fish? Sure, but most of the fish catching came at our last stop of the day. I would of given just about anything to have started there this morning, but it is what it is. These two like the offshore game…..especially Genifer, the Drop Shot Queen. I tried to get that bite going for her today, but it just wasn’t happening. There are some fish showing up offshore, but boy are they few and far between at this stage. The one constant between today and October was the time we had out on the water. One word….fun. I’m sure these two will be back and the Drop Shot Queen will have her revenge, yet again.




I do want to give a shout out to two guides today that DID hammer them. Mr. Tommy Law.


Big Bass Billy


Billy doesn’t post daily, but I am sure at some point he will post about today. Well done men.


I have Steve and Paul from San Antonio tomorrow. They are looking for a big fish and so am I.




I’m writing this report from my phone tonight. This one computer thing sucks and the Mrs. has 3,194 reports and evaluations to write up. I tried telling her that my report was more important, but that’s a tough sell. Oh and each of those above mentioned documents are worth roughly $250 to $435 dollars apiece. My report tonight ain’t worth a plug damn nickel and that’s a fact. As bad as today was and I’m telling you it was bad. (7 out of our 8 hours we went biteless……including the first 4 hours of the day) My man Charlie had his opportunity at a fish of a lifetime. To make a long story short, she broke him off and then decided to go air born twice on the other side of the boat trying to shake the senko. We had a hell of a good hour or so stretch. Spinnerbaits and weightless baby bass senkos were the ticket during that hot period. I’m back at it tomorrow with two of my favorites…..Guy and Genifer.

Johnny and Rick the stick……Don’s Walrus Bucks

Well after 3 very good trips out on Falcon a stinker showed up today. Let me leaf through my Excuses Rolodex.



I know what you smart asses out there are thinking…..”no need to go past “B” for bullshit”. There is some truth to that unfortunately, but I will scroll to the “W” and pull the wind card out. I launched down South and got pinned in Salinias and once that North wind got up there was no moving around. All of my Salinias hammer holes have been replaced by DINK holes. I swear and I am dead serious, I could catch 100 fish on a weightless senko right now in the Salinias and when you added all of those fish up they wouldn’t weigh 21 lbs. (do that math quick)



Johnny and Rick will be back at it over the next two days in their own boat. Johnny broke off a big ole girlie on a c-rig today and IF I was a betting man…….

black jack

……those men will be making every effort to get their lizard back from that fish over the next two days.



Remember Don from yesterday? I forgot to mention that he is on the short list of who’s who in the HIGH STAKES BASSINBUCK business. Talk about an interesting guy and somebody that I sure hope my Dad gets to talk to in the not so distant future. Check out some of Don’s WORLD class deer on his ranch. Simply amazing.


Dons big buck 2 Dons big buck 1 Dons big buck 3


Back at it tomorrow.



Falcon is a rocking

Don and Tony did some work in the 6 hours they spent on Falcon today. We started out blistering and Don ended the day in Grand walrus fashion. Wish I wasn’t typing this on my phone. Today deserves a better write up. Thanks again for the opportunity men.


Another fun day on falcon.

Today started out as cold and rainy as it gets around these parts. By the end of the day the weather was nothing shy of spectacular. I was supposed to have worked today, but we decided to shuffle the day to Thursday. I have never had so many re-bookings, cancelations, and bookings in such a short period of time. My hard copy schedule looks like a 4 year old got ahold of it. This is my 4th attempt at writing this report using my phone……Good grief. Don’s enrout and will be ready to whack em tomorrow. 


26 pound bag, 9 boated, all 3 lbs and up, 4.5 hours of fishing, 1 selfie on Facebook.

selfies go wrong


Don’t worry I was fully clothed in Gortex this morning, so no Highstakesbassin cheek shot.



The title says it all. Best day or handful of hours that I have had on Falcon in some time. Instead of running to my offshore stuff at the first sign of a post front, I backed off into that 6 to 10 foot timber range close to where I have had success in shallow. That pattern worked great for my first 3 stops. My last 3 stops of the day using the same pattern came up snake eyes. The damage was already done though and a damn good post front day was already in the books. If you want to check out the selfie of me and one of the Jr. Walruses from today you will have to check that out on Facebook. Sorry, but is a no selfie zone.


thank god




Revised March schedule…..



The cancellation bug has hit hard…..almost as hard as the fronts to start March. The weather doesn’t look all that bad going forward. Drop me a line if any of these open dates look interesting. I’m ready to turn this March around in short order.





March coming in like a…..

…..lion. Another brutal front is at our doorstep tonight. All of my trips from tomorrow through Monday have been canceled/rescheduled. Today was beautiful though and was great to start the day not wearing gortex from head to toe. The fishing today in my boat was anything, but spectacular. We worked hard and tried everything we had minus a rattle trap. We did have one walrus bite that won convincingly and the other bites were 2-3 lbers and one was 0.126 lbs. Check out my man Jim from today!


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