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I don’t normally say this…..

…..but if you have some free time between now and july 2nd….text, call, or email. I’m on the motherload. We are sitting in first place after day one with a three fish bag of 18.89. Our kicker went 8.87. Looking forward to tomorrow.

A truly special day on Falcon Lake…..

Kendal and his Dad Sean had a classic Falcon Lake day.


Whacked a ton of fish? check

Battled several walruses? check

Boated a walrus? check

Had as good of time as humanly possible on a lake? check (see selfie….lol, it got real out there folks)


And check out the review Sean wrote on Facebook.




I will never take my job for granted…..ever. I am blessed beyond reasonable explanation.


Here are a few pics from today’s festivities including Sean’s 8.13.







And a bonus Highstakesbassin selfie.





A good time was certainly had.



A Falcon Lake Graduation present….

……for young Mr. Kendal. How awesome is that? This guy graduated high school and then jumps in a vehicle with his family and heads to Texas on a walrus hunt! His parents and grandparents are certainly up for the parent of the year award here at We started today like a ball of fire. We boated 8 fish with a few nice chunks mixed in. After our first stop though, the wind kicked up and the fishing got tough. We boated 6 more fish the rest of the day. They tied at 7 apiece. I have a unique gameplan in place tomorrow and looking to send these guys out with a bang!


13 lbs ….

…..that’s about where Joe and I had our best 5 at today. It would also be leading a San Antonio tourney here today. Needless to say quality fish are in high demand around here, but at least you can catch a ton of fish at the moment. We caught fish on everything we threw except a crig. My next job on the books is a Thursday/Friday gig. I’ll be on the water looking for a few more quality bites before then. I’m still on Vegas time and tired as heck….zzzzzzzzzz.

Las Vegas…… style.

You can sum it up in one word….gambling. Most of you know I love a game of chance and Vegas has always been my home away from home for the last 16 years of my life. What a wild ride this trip was … My first two days were about surviving. Then? Lady Luck and her friend Veronica Variance got friendly with me…..we talking REALLY friendly, like XXX friendly.





Yeah my last two days were full on bedlam……







Got fully comped at Caesars and Mandalay Bay and ate like a King on their dime as well.


That is a pick of the view from my Mandalay Bay room.



Here is the view from my Caesars room.






……and I drank more tequila than a man should drink in a 4 day stretch.





I am back home and I am booked up ready to roll for tomorrow. Got Joe on the books. I cancelled on Joe back in February because that last week in February was awful and I wanted him to save his money. Right now I’m dialed in pretty good even with the lake on the rise. That is of course if you can get on the water between the storms. Trust me I am not complaining about our water situation and how we are getting it. I did see, while I was out in Vegas, that Houston got hit with some tragic Flash floods. My thoughts and prayers to those families that have had their homes, valuables, and worse, their loved ones taken from them. Hopefully this rain pattern can shift out to the West as they’re still in dire need of the water. Time will tell.


See ya’ll Manana!




IMG_5331[1] IMG_5325[1]


The weather down here is winning……

……and as long as it brings not only the wind, but the RAIN I don’t mind and speaking of wind and rain. We got blasted yesterday. If it weren’t for my wife calling me and telling me to get off the water we would of been in trouble. She was on her way to work and had to pull over because of the blinding rain and hail. It was the first time in her life that she has ever had to pull over along the road and we are talking many, many¬†rain storms and snow storms that she has driven through in her life.




Those are fields to the right and left…..not lakes. lol……


It was an absolute beast of a storm let there be no doubt.



Before Mo Nature kicked us off the lake Scott boated a nice keeper and Dal’s son Danny had a big ole girl wrap him up six ways from Sunday in…..drum roll……

kick in the balls


… I am off for the next several days and that includes typing any sort of ramblings here. Life is fixing to get pretty busy over the coming months. If you want to get any Falcon dates down on the books, the sooner the better. See ya when I see ya Falcon Lake fans.





Strongest wind gusts….

……that I have fished in all year. I knew the wind would be a factor, but once again the forecasters missed the strength by 20 mph. We saw two young ladies get rescued by the Game Wardens. Those two are lucky to be alive. They both went out in kayaks and when they went out the wind was manageable, but it certainly didn’t stay that way. Glad that this story had a happy ending because being out on Falcon Lake today in anything shy of an aircraft carrier was dicey. We decided to call it a day around noon and to be honest I am glad Troy made the call.¬† The fishing? Well, it started terribly slow and then the wind laid for about 2 hours and we moved into an area that was beyond loaded. The only problem, in typical fashion on the South end, was size. We caught maybe 30 fish in those 2 hours and drum roll……..1 keeper. I will see the whole Nagy clan in about a month. Hopefully we can get a better mixture of bites and quality without having to sacrifice the one for the other.


I have one more day on the books before my scheduled time off and to say I am looking forward to a lil R and R would be a mild understatement. If you want to catch a bunch of fish before I head to break drop me a line…..I have Friday and Saturday open.




$%#&ing Ricky



Even when I win……I still lose.

kick in the balls


Tough day today. Wind was to be single digits to start and get up to 11 mph by the afternoon. The 11 mph did show up in the afternoon, but the single digit morning was more like like 20 plus mph gusts. It was a struggle here on the North end as my spots up here just will not produce in that kind of SE wind. Did we have a decent stringer? Sure…..did we fish a clean day? Absolutely not…..neither Troy or myself will be showing up on any highlight reels after today’s performance. That’s what makes the sport of bass fishing so much fun though and I know one thing, I can’t wait to get back out there with Troy tomorrow. Wind will be a factor, but I know that going in and I believe I have the game plan in place to have a productive day. See ya manana.






Troy’s solo trip….

…..starts tomorrow. He couldn’t wait til June to get out there. He wanted to get some practice in so that he would have a leg up on his Dad and brother come June. Troy is a phenominal fisherman and he has never had a bad day here on Falcon. Mind you it’s been damn near two years since his last visit. He also is well aware of the current state of Falcon Lake. To say he is ready for the challenge would be an understatement. If anyone can put a 30 to 40 pound stringer together it would be Troy, let there be no doubt. I’ll be running live updates via Facebook. Stay tuned.



Another fun day on Falcon Lake that was……

……..loaded full of opportunity. Did we cash in every opportunity? Hell no……I’m telling you I am permanently scarred for life because of what that Ricky Retama has done to my clients and I in 2015. It’s just down right brutal.

kick in the balls

……and you thought Ricky was a dude? Nah, there she is……that’s me on the dance floor getting my “walrus” on and that’s the same look on my face when she abuses me here on Falcon too.




Sure that looks sooooooooo pretty.




….but it’s not folks, bring braid and big braid. 65 lb test…………………………………………………..please.


We still boated 11 today and most were really nice solid fish between 3 and 5 lbs. The wind was awful and we were very limited as to where we could run, but we made the best of it. I am off for the weekend……had not one, not two, but three cancellations for Saturday all within the last 5 days. Very strange, oh well…….the bowling alley is calling. Have a great weekend everyone.




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