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Barry, Marvin, James and Falcon Lake………


Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeah……love me some Falcon Lake Wendy Walrus love.




Man did James and I get into some fish again today. Good grief. Four different times James yelled out “it’s good to be alive Jay!!” My sentiments exactly. To live on Falcon and next to Sugar is an absolute dream and to share it with great clients, friends, and family?…….hope I don’t wake up.


Here is a look at September and October’s Schedule:






If you see some dates you like and want to dance with ole Wendy Walrus……






A fun day with Sir James

I hit the water mid morning with James from Falcon Lake Tackle. Hey I’m not going to lie to you all……it’s an excuse to get out of the house and shoot the shit, giggle, laugh and catch a few fish to boot. We fished a few areas that I had not been in since the end of February, first part of March. Some of those areas were straight up loaded today. We are talking every cast loaded. Did we catch anything over 3 lbs? Nah……James broke the line on one that had some promise, but other than that it was mostly 0.5lb to 2.5lbs. Don’t let me fool ya, it was still a blast. I love catching fish and you never know when ole Wendy Walrus will show up.



The girlies are both getting ready for their big first day of school. Sierra is off to the middle school and Madison is a 3rd grader this year. I sure am blessed that they LOVE school. Me? I hated it…..I know, I know……I taught school, but I taught for that very reason. I wanted to make a difference in those children’s lives that didn’t necessarily have the ability or infrastructure at home to be successful in the classroom. Luckily I had the best teacher on the planet that was also my Mother. I was always good with numbers. (hence being a Math specialist/teacher) Everything else? Good grief it was a struggle. My mom deserved a medal of some sort, you can believe that.


I have a few spots on the South end of the lake that I need to check at some point this week……I’ll let you know what I find.




Charlie and the Bass Factory……

What a day…….

IMG_1102.JPG  IMG_1103.JPG


These last two days have been nothing short of spectacular. Charlie earned a day like today. He could do no wrong. I have no idea how many fish he caught…..I tried to keep up, but there were several periods throughout the day where the fish catching just got silly. I do not have another job on the books until the 29th of August. I will see you all then.


Thanks again Charlie….be safe and see ya in a few months if not before.





Charlie and Jack do work on Falcon Lake

IMG_1092.JPG IMG_1094.JPG



…….and a walrus to boot. I almost didn’t take a pic of the fish as I caught it, but Charlie and Jack wanted to take a pic with her. I’m glad they did now. She was beautiful and deserved a pic.



I stuck this fish and Charlie asked do you need a net? She came out of the water and Jack yelled get the @#$%ing NET!!! These two have such a great attitude and were sooooooo pumped up when that ole walrus hit the net. If I had to guess we caught 50 plus fish today and the quality was pretty damn good with most of our fish being keepers…..all be it not big keepers, but still fun. Charlie also had 2 fish on that were straight up legit that didn’t get to the net. I wasn’t going to talk about them, but it is what it is. Charlie WILL get his revenge whether it be Thursday or his next trip. The big girls down here have been very unforgiving for ole Charlie. These men are going to thin out the pig herd on Charlie’s ranch tomorrow and have a cerveza or 3. They will be back at it here on Falcon Thursday bright and early.





Sugar Lake scouting trip……Charlie is BACK!!!!

I spent Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at Sugar Lake. It sure was fun to get back down there. My last trip was back in April with Vaughn and Sir Brockinhammer. Sugar at that time was gaining an insane amount of water and changed dramatically from my March trip. I have been wanting to get back to Sugar for a few months, but my schedule here on Falcon and my vacation schedule got in the way of that. Soooooooo off I went to put time on the water.


Day 1

I fished hard for 7 hours. I caught 21 fish. I caught fish on spinnerbaits, T-rigged and c-rigged plastics and DD22’s. Every single fish was a carbon copy of the fish below give or take a pound in either direction of 3 lbs. No big bites for me.



Here are a few pics of Sugar Lake Motel and the dam.











Day 2 rolls around and I am pretty sore after golfing with Tommy on Thursday and fishing hard for 7 hours on Day 1. Tommy asked me to check two areas for him. First area I checked produced 3 fish and one beast that destroyed a perfectly fine heavy wire Gamakatsu 5/0 hook. Needless to say I left after that.


The second spot I checked for Tommy did not produce a bite. It was a big area and I could not locate them. I spent the rest of the day scanning and mapping more or less. I ended up catching 11 with one damn nice bite.



Day 2 was also Tommy’s 60th birthday. We had a heck of a feast and drank a few margaritas as well.

IMG_1064.JPG IMG_1066.JPG



Day 3….Tommy and Tim invited me to head out with them. I only took out one rod and really didn’t want to take that. My goal was to get a video of Tim or Tommy wrestling with a Sugar Lake walrus. I took a lot of video, but most didn’t pan out except the video below of Tommy flipping a walrus in some hardwoods.




The bite was a strange one while we were there. Often you would square up on a bass and the rod would bow, you would feel the fish then nothing….just like the vid below.


All in all a very fun and productive trip. Sugar Lake is a bass fisherman’s paradise and a privilege to fish.


Next up is my man Charlie for his 3rd round on Falcon Lake this year. So far it’s Falcon Walruses 2, Charlie 0. I’m looking forward to Charlie getting his revenge in fine fashion. He is on the books for tomorrow and Thursday. Cya manana!




U2 comes to mind…..


What an incredible day to be alive and on Falcon Lake. I had 3 goals for today’s trip……


1.) Get the new lefty reels I just bought dialed in.

Mission accomplished and you all know I don’t pimp any products(or very few) because I pay for my stuff just like everyone else. I’m sponsored by my hard work and wallet, but I have to tell you Daiwa’s Lexa reel is seriously bad ass. They are in the same price range as a Revo or Curado etc.


2.) Check two creeks that I have not been in months

The first creek I checked only took 15 minutes to figure out yes, yes it is loaded up and ready to be put into the milk run. I caught two keepers and had one fish bury me in a hardwood of all things. I would of liked to have seen that one, but maybe I’ll get my hook later….lol. The second creek I wanted to check? Good grief it was a battle of wills and I lost convincingly. I spent around 2 hours in there (maybe closer to 3) without a single bite let alone fish. Did I get a tid bit stubborn? you bet. It’s a prime example of why I go out scouting… clients will NOT see the inside of that creek anytime soon.


3.) Probe a few offshore locations with the 10xd

I did not get to do as much of this as I would of liked because of creek number 2 from above. With that said I did pull into an area that was just straight loaded full of fish and I caught em on the 10xd in 23 foot of water all the way to 1 foot of water on a lipless crankbait and everywhere in between. I beat this area to death trying to catch a fish that would of hit 3 lbs. Didn’t happen. A LOT of 0.5 pound to 2.5 pound fish. I’m not going to even try and pretend that it wasn’t fun….lol. Because it was a dag gone blast. This last spot did cause me to be more than a few minutes late picking up the kids from tennis.





You have no idea how bad I wanted to hit my honey holes today, but I didn’t. They are primed and ready for anybody man (or woman) enough to step into the ring. You all know who your opponent will be.


kick in the balls




If you would like even more highstakesbassin action please head on over to Facebook and toss me a friend invite (Jay Greishaw) and while you are at it send a “like” over to high stakes bassin on Facebook as well. I put a lot of time in with Facebook especially with the live (ish) updates though out the day while on the water. As always, thanks for all those that support me and my business.


Gracias many times over.







An eventful start to August…..

As most of you know I have been holding off the Mrs. for months in regards to buying a new car. Well…….I gave in over the weekend and we picked up a new Mustang 5.0 GT. Hey at least it wasn’t the Cobra. Here are a few pics of the new ride.






It was a bittersweet day for both of us though. The two vehicles we traded in had been in the family for 9 and 14 years. Neither owe us a dime and the memories we made in those vehicles will last a lifetime.




My basswagon going forward will be our Suburban. I hope she has about another 100k left in her. lol. We have a busy week ahead with Madison’s birthday on the 9th and our Anniversary on the 10th. I also have to get my Mexico insurance taken care of on the Suburban. I have some Sugar lake trips looming and I need to get that taken care of ASAP. My next trip appears to be Saturday the 15th. Then the 18th and 20th. I also just got the deposit in for the 29th as well. Plenty of room to fit a day or two in if you are feeling frisky. I can tell you that I am on some big fish right now and with the water starting to drop I think we are going to see a little bit of a big fish bonanza here on Falcon Lake. Oh and speaking of big fish….I would like to congratulate Jeff Mergle. He caught a 10.42 lb MEGA walrus a couple weeks back. Here’s the photo courtesy of Jeff and Falcon Lake Tackle.



Drop me a line if you wanna go hunt down one them MEGA walruses……I happen to know where a few are.








A wonderful July of 2015

What a month and sad to see end. We started out…..



With a lil of…….




IMG_7262.JPG IMG_7278.JPG


last, but certainly not least we go out with a Joe…..






Bring on August! I’m ready.




Falcon Lake goes vintage…..

What a fantastic day on Falcon Lake with Teo. We whacked em and more 2-4 lb fish than you could shake an ugly stick at. We had 3 walrus opportunities and one of those opportunities was without question a 10 plus lb mega walrus and if I were betting? I would move all in on that fish hitting 11 lbs. Straight up freak of nature.




She straightened up the O ring and now has a treble hook lip piercing. That fish was one of the biggest I’ve seen in a couple of years……just silly big. Teo took it well and to be honest he took it better than me……lol. I know what you are thinking. “He must of been horsing that fish in to straighten that O ring.” You are right he was and that is exactly what you have to do in the jungle. Teo did everything perfectly, but lady luck was not on his side today. I just wish you all could of seen this MEGA walrus tail walking 15 foot from the boat. Not many places on this planet you can go to on July 30th and catch something that you will remember the rest of your life. I am fortunate and live on one of those lakes and live within a stone throw of another. We stopped taking pics of the 2-4 lb fish about 30 minutes into today, but here are a few of em. Thanks once again Teo for the job and opportunity….sure was fun.








THIS is a beautiful picture…..



Look at those wind speeds……



Pretty excited to say the least. I have Teo on the books for Thursday and it will be fun to launch the boat here on the North end of the lake and not have to worry about 3 foot swells before leaving the Veleno.




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