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Great time as always with Guy and Genifer

We caught a break today in the weather/wind department. They were calling for gusts into the 20’s by ten this morning. That certainly never happened and we were able to run all over. My game plan was flawless until I made a big move to a creek that I’ve had all to myself for months. Yikes!!!!! Packed…..seriously packed, like every boat on the lake packed. The fishing was pretty good today with quite a few keepers and ole Genifer had Wendy Walrus on for about ten feet. She was tail walking that big ole girl through the jungle when she spit the trap. Yeah it was a bummer. Guy still has nightmares of his behemoth that jumped off on him last year. It’s what brings ya back to this wonderful fishery. Can’t thank you two enough for your continued support and Cya soon south of the border!


I have been wanting to talk about something for literally months and continue to forget. Guy texted me last week or so about booking today. The number popped up and I had to ask who it was. He was like hey you don’t have my number?!?!(half joking) I was embarrassed trust me, but truth is I’m on my 4th phone in 12 months and have had my numbers, contacts, and accounts totally wiped out 3 different times. If you are a client/friend of mine and haven’t heard from me in a while I’m not ignoring you! Lol…….99% chance your number got whacked by the revolving door that is my cellphone situation.
Cya soon

Small fish

and quite a lot of em. Not one single quality bite, but it certainly wasn’t for a lack of effort and quality of places hit. My man Rolando moved his Tuesday to Thursday, but then I had to move him from today. Hopefully sooner rather than later I will get Miss Daisy and Rolando out there on Falcon. I ended up taking a couple of return clients out and have to tell you that today was a grind. Wish I could spin it differently, but it is what it is. We fished in retama from 3 to rocks in 23 feet and everywhere in between. Our best bait was a lizard, which is certainly no surprise. The brand of lizard, however was a surprise. It was far and away our best bait whether we were in the rocks, timber, or bush. Thanks again for the opportunity men. I am back at it again tomorrow with two more regulars of mine and I can’t wait to see em again…..always a great time with Guy and Genifer.




The weather man got me today……

Last night at one juncture it looked like we were headed for an all day deluge.




So around 10 o’clock last night I texted Rolando and told him that we better move our trip to Thursday. I feel bad because now Daisy, his wife, won’t be able to go walrus hunting with us. Last time I had these two in my boat my motor blew up……lol. So we are only thinking positive thoughts and wanted to avoid a potential weather fiasco. Thursday is looking great. After I stopped pouting today I decided to put a lil bling on the new (to me) Basswagon.





Looks official now.


Cya Thursday


The super moon in full effect today……..

We had a tough bite on Friday, especially in the late morning to early afternoon. Today was no different for Rodney and Austin. Don’t worry I found an excuse. It falls under the letter S in the excuses rolodex.




Here is a pic of the culprit.



That out there on the horizon is the super moon and that damn thing has the bass eating like crazy at night. Check out the point in the pic… wasn’t long ago the water was all the way up to the tree just right of the super moon. Grrrrrrrrrrrr…..


Ok let’s talk about the morning bite. We were one of the first to hit the water this morning and wow did we blast the fish early. We are talking 50 plus in about 3 hours of fishing. It was just borderline stupid……pure bedlam. Rodney had the hot rattle trap and he could not reel that thing back to the boat without at least one fish. The good news once again today was the quality. Our biggest fish weighed in at 5-10. (was an eye check…..I had it at 6 lbs.) We had two others in the 5 lb class as well, but a slew of fun 1.5 to 3 lb fish. No big girlies came out to play either and there was absolutely no offshore bite for us……as in 0 bites. Well I’ll take that back, we did have one bite and it had our hearts racing for a brief moment or 3.



That beast was lurking in 21 foot of water……major bummer. Here are a few more pics from today’s action.

IMG_1137.JPG  IMG_1136.JPG

IMG_1138.JPG  IMG_1135.JPG


Amanda thanks for hooking these men up with a great trip!





Good times with two great friends…..

Been too long since Mr. Steve and I got to hang out and catch a few fish on Falcon……..hate it when life gets in the way of fun, but it is what it is. James was also along for the ride today and man did he smack us around a bit. That plum ole monster of his was the hot bait for sure. After we got off the water I went and bought 4 packs. Mr. Steve did catch our kicker today.



Me?…….well depending on who you ask I got skunked. Now if ya ask me I caught 3. (shook em off at the boat….lol) The bite wasn’t nearly as good today as it has been over the last two plus months. I am looking forward to my job tomorrow and have a few tricks up my sleeve for the festivities. Stay tuned.




Barry, Marvin, James and Falcon Lake………


Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeah……love me some Falcon Lake Wendy Walrus love.




Man did James and I get into some fish again today. Good grief. Four different times James yelled out “it’s good to be alive Jay!!” My sentiments exactly. To live on Falcon and next to Sugar is an absolute dream and to share it with great clients, friends, and family?…….hope I don’t wake up.


Here is a look at September and October’s Schedule:






If you see some dates you like and want to dance with ole Wendy Walrus……






A fun day with Sir James

I hit the water mid morning with James from Falcon Lake Tackle. Hey I’m not going to lie to you all……it’s an excuse to get out of the house and shoot the shit, giggle, laugh and catch a few fish to boot. We fished a few areas that I had not been in since the end of February, first part of March. Some of those areas were straight up loaded today. We are talking every cast loaded. Did we catch anything over 3 lbs? Nah……James broke the line on one that had some promise, but other than that it was mostly 0.5lb to 2.5lbs. Don’t let me fool ya, it was still a blast. I love catching fish and you never know when ole Wendy Walrus will show up.



The girlies are both getting ready for their big first day of school. Sierra is off to the middle school and Madison is a 3rd grader this year. I sure am blessed that they LOVE school. Me? I hated it…..I know, I know……I taught school, but I taught for that very reason. I wanted to make a difference in those children’s lives that didn’t necessarily have the ability or infrastructure at home to be successful in the classroom. Luckily I had the best teacher on the planet that was also my Mother. I was always good with numbers. (hence being a Math specialist/teacher) Everything else? Good grief it was a struggle. My mom deserved a medal of some sort, you can believe that.


I have a few spots on the South end of the lake that I need to check at some point this week……I’ll let you know what I find.




Charlie and the Bass Factory……

What a day…….

IMG_1102.JPG  IMG_1103.JPG


These last two days have been nothing short of spectacular. Charlie earned a day like today. He could do no wrong. I have no idea how many fish he caught…..I tried to keep up, but there were several periods throughout the day where the fish catching just got silly. I do not have another job on the books until the 29th of August. I will see you all then.


Thanks again Charlie….be safe and see ya in a few months if not before.





Charlie and Jack do work on Falcon Lake

IMG_1092.JPG IMG_1094.JPG



…….and a walrus to boot. I almost didn’t take a pic of the fish as I caught it, but Charlie and Jack wanted to take a pic with her. I’m glad they did now. She was beautiful and deserved a pic.



I stuck this fish and Charlie asked do you need a net? She came out of the water and Jack yelled get the @#$%ing NET!!! These two have such a great attitude and were sooooooo pumped up when that ole walrus hit the net. If I had to guess we caught 50 plus fish today and the quality was pretty damn good with most of our fish being keepers…..all be it not big keepers, but still fun. Charlie also had 2 fish on that were straight up legit that didn’t get to the net. I wasn’t going to talk about them, but it is what it is. Charlie WILL get his revenge whether it be Thursday or his next trip. The big girls down here have been very unforgiving for ole Charlie. These men are going to thin out the pig herd on Charlie’s ranch tomorrow and have a cerveza or 3. They will be back at it here on Falcon Thursday bright and early.





Sugar Lake scouting trip……Charlie is BACK!!!!

I spent Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at Sugar Lake. It sure was fun to get back down there. My last trip was back in April with Vaughn and Sir Brockinhammer. Sugar at that time was gaining an insane amount of water and changed dramatically from my March trip. I have been wanting to get back to Sugar for a few months, but my schedule here on Falcon and my vacation schedule got in the way of that. Soooooooo off I went to put time on the water.


Day 1

I fished hard for 7 hours. I caught 21 fish. I caught fish on spinnerbaits, T-rigged and c-rigged plastics and DD22’s. Every single fish was a carbon copy of the fish below give or take a pound in either direction of 3 lbs. No big bites for me.



Here are a few pics of Sugar Lake Motel and the dam.











Day 2 rolls around and I am pretty sore after golfing with Tommy on Thursday and fishing hard for 7 hours on Day 1. Tommy asked me to check two areas for him. First area I checked produced 3 fish and one beast that destroyed a perfectly fine heavy wire Gamakatsu 5/0 hook. Needless to say I left after that.


The second spot I checked for Tommy did not produce a bite. It was a big area and I could not locate them. I spent the rest of the day scanning and mapping more or less. I ended up catching 11 with one damn nice bite.



Day 2 was also Tommy’s 60th birthday. We had a heck of a feast and drank a few margaritas as well.

IMG_1064.JPG IMG_1066.JPG



Day 3….Tommy and Tim invited me to head out with them. I only took out one rod and really didn’t want to take that. My goal was to get a video of Tim or Tommy wrestling with a Sugar Lake walrus. I took a lot of video, but most didn’t pan out except the video below of Tommy flipping a walrus in some hardwoods.




The bite was a strange one while we were there. Often you would square up on a bass and the rod would bow, you would feel the fish then nothing….just like the vid below.


All in all a very fun and productive trip. Sugar Lake is a bass fisherman’s paradise and a privilege to fish.


Next up is my man Charlie for his 3rd round on Falcon Lake this year. So far it’s Falcon Walruses 2, Charlie 0. I’m looking forward to Charlie getting his revenge in fine fashion. He is on the books for tomorrow and Thursday. Cya manana!




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