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Pretty much sums it up……I feel bad for Cliff. We had to postpone his trip to Sugar because of his RV, Vegas, and now my illness. When I got back from Vegas I arrived to the land of the walking dead here in my house. All three of my girls were sick and Sierra was/is really sick. Sooooooo sure enough it came on like a hurricane yesterday and by 10 o’clock my tonsils were as big as bowling balls. Then go ahead and add throwing up my birthday dinner into the mix. I called Cliff and told him what was going on and he decided to play it safe and avoid the Greishaw plague. Smart move in my opinion. Cliff has his own boat down here and will be able to fish Falcon the next couple of days. I am busy taking meds and water……I am on the books for Sugar again on Thursday/Friday and want to be in tip top shape for the festivities.



A birthday job on Falcon Lake…..

…..and Ole Falcon wasn’t handing out any gifts either. Make it three trips in a row now. I am going to have to head South by the sounds of it. The North end of the lake right now just isn’t producing like it has been for months and months. I don’t have another Falcon Lake trip on the books until January. Sugar is the hot topic and really can’t blame anybody for wanting to get down here to get yours. I will be at Sugar all week this week and very much looking forward to it. See ya in a couple of days.





I did have a great birthday today minus the lousy fishing. My girlies made me chicken wings and soft pretzels. Life was pretty dang good for this guy.


Da Boyeeeezzz do Sugar Lake/Vegas and a schedule update 

Pretty much an awesome last 7 to 10 days for this guy. Last Thursday we left for Vegas and the Boyeeeez rolled out there with me for 3 nights. I ended up staying a week. Like I’ve said before….Vegas is home for me and when I leave the land of easy money it’s just me taking a vacation from Vegas. Before we get into the Vegas antics, let’s talk about the Sugar Lake trip that we took prior to jumping on the plane to Vegas. Sugar can be described using any superlative that you want right now. It is really tough for me to describe. Check out some pics and Vaughn’s MEGA walrus that went 10-1 pounds.


That fish right there made my day, week, month, year, whatever time period you wanna use. You see…..Vaughn has stuck with me and spent THOUSANDS of dollars and COUNTLESS hours over the last 3 years. He has seen a couple great trips, but man oh man has he seen some God awful ones as well. My brother from another mother refused to back down and just kept booking trips, racking up insane airline miles (lives in Illinois). Sooooooooooo to have Vaughn boat that fish which is pictured above was so dag gone sweet. If there was one Highstakesbassin client that deserved a fish like that it would be Vaughn. Doc, Vaughn and this crazy SOB…..



………just smoked the fish all day. I mean quality after quality after quality. These men, as you can probably tell by Sir. James’ pic had a dynamite time. Here are a few more pics from the trip.


IMG_1397.JPG IMG_1396.JPG

IMG_1389.JPG IMG_1388.JPG




I know what you are thinking……WTH is James doing with that damn seagull. For about a 7 minute window we had a straight up natural disaster brewing on the Sugar Express. First Vaughn got hung up and broke off…..ok no worries, I gave him a new rod and proceeded to re-tie him and next thing you know Doc gets a professional over-run (backlash) and the line gets wound up into the trolling motor. Oh shit……ok shut the TM down and go to get my tools so that I can operate on the TM when I hear “Son of a bitch!…..I got em!” Thinking that James got em a good fish I turn to look at this seagull being reeled in and putting up a dang good fight I might add. Don’t worry tree huggers and animal nuts, Sally the seagull will live to poop on pavement another day. If there was ever a time I wanted a go pro on board it would of been during those 7 minutes. It would of put this “BRO” bomb bloopers video to shame.



The Vegas trip was a crazy amount of fun, but I got some sort of stomach ailment on the way into Vegas and really battled it the whole trip. It seemed to get better with tequila and Miller Lite and really did well with Vodka Redbulls. I’m being serious……..strange stuff. Here is our Limo driver waiting for us at baggage claim.




I had one night that I wish I could take back because I lost a small village of money and tried catching a walrus in the Bellagio fountains. (as you can imagine tequila was a major player that night) You ever see NSFW when you are about to open a blog thread or email? It means the contents of said material are “Not Safe For Work”. Well the contents of that night are NSFMM. “Not Safe For My Mother”………I’m sure I’ll get a phone call 13 minutes after posting this. It was Friday night and I was on Tuesday’s Money envelope. Turning tricks on the corner of Freemont and Main became a real possibility after the Bellagio fountain incident. As luck would have it I had an absolute MONSTER trip from a sports betting standpoint. Like lose 2 games all week type of monster trip. Check out my last sports ticket of the week.




I hit this early in the week with the Good Doctor……first ever hand pay on a poker machine.



Like I said…….great trip with great friends and brought back a few bucks to boot.


Let’s look at a schedule update pic below.



If you DO NOT see your dates marked as “booked” call, text, or email me again. I got flooded with inquiries while I was in Vegas. Not a lot of bookings mind you, but a lot of people kicking the tires and trying to decide on dates. If you thought you booked some dates, but they are not showing up on my calendar, it’s probably on me. Trying to keep track of everything while fishing for walruses at the Bellagio fountains while drinking a martini can prove difficult at times.



Looking forward to a busy month ahead. See yall in a few days!




Falcon Lake is turning into a big bag of……

…..meh all of a sudden. Man I have been popping big bags for months, but my last two days have been nothing short of shitty. Just keeping it real folks. My boyzz hit the water a little after 3 and we fished till about 6:30 or so. Not one single keeper. Did we catch a handful of fish? Sure, but if you put them all together they might of gone 14 inches. Was the wind brutal? Yes, but that can’t be used as an excuse because we pounded ourselves to the area I wanted to fish and it was well protected. The quality fish either weren’t biting or they have moved on me. I’m leaning towards the latter to be honest. We are off to Sugar tomorrow morning……James will be along for the ride. We may or may not whack a DD, but we damn sure will have a good time trying.





My Boyyyyeeeeeeezzzzzz from Illinoiszzzzzzz………

…..will be landing in Laredo tomorrow at approximately 1:34pm and will be on Falcon Lake by 3:07pm. Weather is going to play a significant role over the next two days, but these men have been there and seen that and they will be ready with whatever ole Mo Nature throws their way.



See ya’ll manana,







Cliff’s return trip to Sugar……

…..has been put on hold. He is having some motorhome issues and has a repair guy coming tomorrow to help him out. Major bummer, but we will make up for it in November. We have some interesting weather heading our way……I have a big time two day trip Wednesday and Thursday. Will be a Falcon/Sugar trip. So if you can do an anti rain/wind dance for me please do. We will talk about the who tomorrow. Let’s just say I can’t wait to see em.





Falcon Lake with Cliff and Jesse.

I wish I could post that we caught a 100 fish, but truth is we really had to work for every single bite/fish that we caught today. We had a couple nice flurries, but the quality wasn’t what I was hoping for either. Just one of those days that make the good days look that much better. I took Cliff and Gary out this spring on Falcon and Sugar. We hammered some big fish on Sugar and Cliff wants to go back to the scene of the crime Tuesday. So we are going to head down to Sugar for a quickie. I know, I know, I know……I say I don’t do single day Sugar trips. Well, lets just say I only do them for return clients that have fished with me on numerous occasions. I will be taking Cliff and Gary back to Sugar in November as well for at least 2 days. Cliff can’t wait that long and I can’t say that I blame him.







“This is what they mean by shooting fish in a barrel!” – Ken Sr.









As you can see by the pics, the morning was full on bedlam. I thought we were gonna catch 300 fish Friday, but the bite did slow down as the day went along. Our last stop was the gravel point that Kevin and I just slaughtered em on. The Ken’s didn’t even get so much as a sniff on it and it wasn’t for a lack of time or effort. I was flabbergasted… say the least. Even with the slow down we still managed to catch fish at every stop but the last gravel point.




I hate posting late, but a good time was had at Nuffy’s Sports Bar here in Zapata last night. Posting after that would not have been in anyone’s best interest….lol. This morning we were off to San Antonio to ride horses, get pumpkins and eat some good food. I am back at it here on Falcon tomorrow morning with Cliff and his son.

popcorn gif


Kevin sets the unofficial one day individual catch total for Highstakesbassin…..




The pic below happened over a magical 11 minute and 37 second stretch……lol.



Kevin had a magical day here on Falcon Lake and it could of been even more epic. He had two fish in the 9 lb class jump off… of which was within a few cranks of the reel handle away from finding her way to the net. Kevin told me at the end of the day that he had never caught that many bass in his life let alone in one day. The link below is from July 13th of 2012.


The official one day client record was 53 bass by Casey. Now Casey could of pushed 70 in my honest opinion that day, but he had 2 other friends whipping the water and competing for bites. Today Kevin was flying solo and I really believe he caught 70+ ish fish today by himself. I screwed up not having my fish counter on board. Today was a record setting and historic day for Highstakesbassin. Our best five would of pushed 25 to 27 lbs. Congrats again Kevin on a day you won’t soon forget.








Guy and Jon’s (Mr. 9 – 5 – 6) excellent Sugar Lake adventure.

There is no way I can accurately describe how good of time the three of us had over at Sugar for this two day trip. Here are the clickers, we were off the water by 12:45 on day 2…..

IMG_1321.JPG IMG_1331.JPG


115 fish and the real story was Jon establishing a new personal best that went 9.56 pounds.



The overall quality was fantastic with very few dinks mixed in.




IMG_1315.JPG IMG_1327.JPG





Practically every fish we caught was either pooping or throwing up shad and/or crawfish. Check out the bass below…..She was trying to upchuck that crawfish, but just couldn’t get that big ole Lobster out of her mouth…lol.



Simply an amazing time with a couple of good clients and great friends.





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