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Falcon Lake with Cliff and Jesse.

I wish I could post that we caught a 100 fish, but truth is we really had to work for every single bite/fish that we caught today. We had a couple nice flurries, but the quality wasn’t what I was hoping for either. Just one of those days that make the good days look that much better. I took Cliff and Gary out this spring on Falcon and Sugar. We hammered some big fish on Sugar and Cliff wants to go back to the scene of the crime Tuesday. So we are going to head down to Sugar for a quickie. I know, I know, I know……I say I don’t do single day Sugar trips. Well, lets just say I only do them for return clients that have fished with me on numerous occasions. I will be taking Cliff and Gary back to Sugar in November as well for at least 2 days. Cliff can’t wait that long and I can’t say that I blame him.







“This is what they mean by shooting fish in a barrel!” – Ken Sr.









As you can see by the pics, the morning was full on bedlam. I thought we were gonna catch 300 fish Friday, but the bite did slow down as the day went along. Our last stop was the gravel point that Kevin and I just slaughtered em on. The Ken’s didn’t even get so much as a sniff on it and it wasn’t for a lack of time or effort. I was flabbergasted… say the least. Even with the slow down we still managed to catch fish at every stop but the last gravel point.




I hate posting late, but a good time was had at Nuffy’s Sports Bar here in Zapata last night. Posting after that would not have been in anyone’s best interest….lol. This morning we were off to San Antonio to ride horses, get pumpkins and eat some good food. I am back at it here on Falcon tomorrow morning with Cliff and his son.

popcorn gif


Kevin sets the unofficial one day individual catch total for Highstakesbassin…..




The pic below happened over a magical 11 minute and 37 second stretch……lol.



Kevin had a magical day here on Falcon Lake and it could of been even more epic. He had two fish in the 9 lb class jump off… of which was within a few cranks of the reel handle away from finding her way to the net. Kevin told me at the end of the day that he had never caught that many bass in his life let alone in one day. The link below is from July 13th of 2012.


The official one day client record was 53 bass by Casey. Now Casey could of pushed 70 in my honest opinion that day, but he had 2 other friends whipping the water and competing for bites. Today Kevin was flying solo and I really believe he caught 70+ ish fish today by himself. I screwed up not having my fish counter on board. Today was a record setting and historic day for Highstakesbassin. Our best five would of pushed 25 to 27 lbs. Congrats again Kevin on a day you won’t soon forget.








Guy and Jon’s (Mr. 9 – 5 – 6) excellent Sugar Lake adventure.

There is no way I can accurately describe how good of time the three of us had over at Sugar for this two day trip. Here are the clickers, we were off the water by 12:45 on day 2…..

IMG_1321.JPG IMG_1331.JPG


115 fish and the real story was Jon establishing a new personal best that went 9.56 pounds.



The overall quality was fantastic with very few dinks mixed in.




IMG_1315.JPG IMG_1327.JPG





Practically every fish we caught was either pooping or throwing up shad and/or crawfish. Check out the bass below…..She was trying to upchuck that crawfish, but just couldn’t get that big ole Lobster out of her mouth…lol.



Simply an amazing time with a couple of good clients and great friends.





Prime time October Sugar dates just opened up

Dr. Jack just emailed and he is having to reschedule his trip to Sugar. He had Monday and Tuesday the 19th and 20th booked. Call, text, or email. I will have my latest Sugar Lake trip report up at some point tomorrow afternoon. If you have Facebook you can check out the damage that Guy and Jon did to Sugar. Spoiler ALERT……it was a whackfest and Jon has a new personal best of 9.56 lbs.


Cya manana.



Updated October Schedule….



A few holes remain after this week. I have a Falcon trip on Saturday weather permitting. My trip on the 16th is also a Falcon trip. I’m expecting both of those trips to be very good from a fish catching perspective. We should have a few opportunities at a big fish as well, but we will be at the mercy of Ricky Retema. If you like hand to hand combat let’s get a trip set up on Falcon. If you like open water, Sugar is tough to beat right now. Email, text or call.



A trip to paradise with Sir James

I don’t like coming across as a braggart and I’ve said that more than a few times here on my reports. With that said……what a way to end September 2015 and to bring in October of 2015. Great times with a great friend.


…….and the 9-2 Walrus that James caught was pretty damn cool too. We caught 89 fish in a day in a half of fishing.

IMG_1286.JPG IMG_1300.JPG


We had very similar results as I had over the weekend. We caught a lot of fish in the fun 2.5 to 4 lb range and I bet we missed every bit as many as we caught. Several times we would have two to three bites a cast……crazy. I have no idea how many Plum Ole Monsters James went through, but he didn’t bring any back across the border with him. He had some silly moments where it was more of a surprise when he didn’t get bit. He started the trip going up on me 9-0! We could not of had a better time. My next job is Tuesday and Wednesday on Sugar Lake. Very much looking forward to showing Guy a great Sugar Lake experience. Give me a call or shoot me text if this looks like a good time and don’t forget about ole Falcon either…….here are a few more pics from paradise.




IMG_1298.JPG IMG_1294.JPG








It’s 5 am and I got next to no sleep……

…..must be the night before a Sugar trip? You bet it was. My Sugar addiction is getting serious. I had two jobs fall through on me. One was for Tomorrow and Thursday….guy was from the San Antonio area and couldn’t find a partner. The other job was from Oklahoma and it would of been a Thursday through Saturday gig. This guys partner’s wife got wind of the plan and said he couldn’t go to Mexico…..ugh. They wanted me to talk to her and I respectfully declined. I need the jobs, but I am not going to try and convince a significant other to let you go. I feel bad for those two, but that’s a line I just can’t cross. Sooooooooooo with the boat gassed up and equipment ready I am still going to go. This will be a “Work” trip…… I love my job. James is going with me on the walrus hunt. I can’t guarantee a 10 lber, but I can guarantee ya that we will whack the fish and have a GRADE A time doing it. Sugar is fishing some kind of special right now and if you want a piece of the action in the not so distant future here is an updated look at October. November and December are wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide open.



My October 10th trip will be on Falcon. Kevin will have a great day. I’m very much looking forward to putting him in the jungle and face to face with an angry Wendy Walrus. It’s a great time to be on the border with a rod in your hand.




If you need to reach me send an email. Service has been very hit or miss and mostly miss over there of late.


A bitter sweet Sugar Lake

Sugar Lake could of given us three DD’s, five 9 pounders, and seven 8 pounders……and I still would of been disappointed. It has been fishing that good. So imagine not even catching an 8 lber? Major bummer on the big fish front. Did we whack on some fish? Yeah and a lot of em, but when your big fish is a 7.68 and the guide catches it……ugh. After catching that fish on the first day I put my rods away and didn’t fish the last two days. The biggest story were the storms that kept us off the water during prime fishing time. Saturday was the worst……we got on the mother load just in time for Mo Nature to kick us off the water for nearly the rest of the day. Scott caught 3 of the biggest fish he’s ever caught including his person best of 6.58. The ultimate kick in the shorts came today at the very end of the day. We ran the heck out of Sugar trying to find Senorita Mega Walrus and I planned to end the day on a spot that has had some major success over the last 7 days. I pull up to hit a spot beside it and guess what? …..guy rolls up, drives over the spot 5 times and throws out a 50 pound anvil for an anchor. Two casts later MEGA Walrus. Then to add a lil more salt to the wound he catches another.



I played the bridesmaid all week. Tommy’s boat boated two DD’s Monday/Tuesday…..Carlos had a client yesterday boat an 11-2 and the final dagger was the guy above. Here are the fish clicker pics from each day. 149 fish caught. 142 of which were caught by my clients. The numbers were great.

IMG_1248-0.jpg IMG_1259-0.jpg IMG_1261-0.jpg


Here are some pics from paradise.

IMG_1255-0.jpg IMG_1265.JPG

IMG_1269-0.jpg IMG_1270-0.jpg

IMG_1272-0.jpg IMG_1264-0.jpg

IMG_1263-0.jpg IMG_1267-1.jpg

IMG_1262.JPG IMG_1268-1.jpg

IMG_1271-1.jpg IMG_1257-0.jpg



Love ya Sugar,





Schedule update for Wednesday 9-23

I am now booked October 6th and 7th. I had a great question about when will this great stretch of fishing stop. I really think we will be good through November and when we start getting hit with our more serious fronts and the water temps drop etc, the dynamics of how you catch the fish will probably change. Notice the word probably, because nobody knows for sure. The one thing that will help is consistent water levels. If we get hit by tropical activity then it’s anybody’s guess. My schedule is up to date and I will try and keep it as accurate as possible with the number of people that are trying to fit a Sugar or Falcon trip into their schedule this fall.




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