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An early Christmas present for Sergio and Sergio.

So I head down to the ramp this morning around 10 o’clock and see a young man and his Dad fishing from the dock and bank. I ask the young man if they’re biting and he replied “no man….not a single bite”. Those of you that know me know that I try to talk to as many people as possible when I’m down by the ramp. It doesn’t matter whether you are fishing from the bank or fishing from a Triton. I enjoy talking about fishing and spreading the passion that I have for it. With all that said…….out of 100 people I would say maybe 15 people will actually give me the time of day and be genuine with their conversation. Some of the bank fishermen act like they resent me for having a boat and some boat fishermen think that they are the second coming of Kevin Van Dam and that I am after their secret honey hole. Well today Sergio was one of the 15 out of 100 and when I came back down to jump in my boat I asked him how long he was planning to fish for. He said him and his Dad were going to fish all day. I told them to grab a couple of rods and jump in. I wish I would have had this all on video…..The look on young Sergio’s face was straight up priceless. Here are a few pics from a wonderful 4 hours of fishing with Sergio times 2.

IMG_1654.JPG IMG_1655.JPG

IMG_1657.JPG IMG_1658.JPG


Great people that caught a break and caught some fish too. Sergio texted me a pic of a monster stingray that he caught back in June…..check this thing out!



Hope you two have a Merry Christmas.



I will not be on the water tomorrow, but I will be up well before day break. I have a dentist appointment at 7 freaking A M!!! I’m embarrassed to admit this, but heck we are family here at Highstakesbassin are we not? Here it goes…..I have not been to a dentist in 21 years. Yes that’s over two decades. I’m scared.




Wish me luck…..






Work day on Falcon and My schedule.

The forecast called for 80 degrees and sunny……we got 60’s, rain, and wind. The wind did lay later in the day and we might of hit 70 at the end. Today was all about finding a school of fish bigger than 3 lbs. That goal did not get met. I caught 63 freaking fish and didn’t boat a 3 lb fish. No joke……no punch line. I really think I’m too deep right now. I caught most of my fish from 25 to 35 foot of water. The fish are all 8 inches to 14 inches long. On the graph I’m marking bigger fish at those depths, but after today I just don’t think they’re bass. I did fish some in the 15 foot range, but had very little luck and the amount of fish activity on the graph goes waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay down. I will be back out tomorrow in search of magic…..I have a trip on the books for Christmas Eve and my guys asked me about the chances of catching a big fish. I gave it to em straight and right between the eyes like I always do. I will never sugar coat or lie or make up some bullshit to get a job. NEVER. Carl told me that him and his son are going to have a great time, big fish or no big fish. My response was that Santa might have something up his sleeve for em……..then again the Grinch might as well. See ya’ll tomorrow after round 2 of scouting here on Falcon Lake.





My phone and email has been lit up. Please check my schedule and if you do not see the dates you reserved as “booked” on my website, shoot me an email. I have a Falcon booking in August already and a Sugar booking in May…….please if you know that you are coming and have dates in mind contact me ASAP. I have several trips between Feb. and May that people are finalizing and getting airline tickets, days off from work, etc, etc. Please don’t wait till the last minute….I want to get everyone in.


Cya tomorrow




Great time with da crew



We didn’t get out on the water till about 3 o’clock after a Little Caesars and gas stop. We had planned on fishing mostly for crappie, but the 25 plus mph wind gusts had other plans and we ended up launching at the State Park. I don’t know how many 0.25 to 1.5 lb bass we caught…..a lot and the girlies had an absolute blast. I took a couple of vids that I posted on Facebook as well. I will take tomorrow off and then I will be on the water Monday and Tuesday in search of some quality fish. I will report back on what I find Monday. Today was all finesse C-rigs with small trick worms and flukes. We caught fish from 17 foot of water all the way out to 34 foot of water.


Cya on Monday.




Biggie G’s first concert…….

…..and she rocked her French Horn like a champ. She also sung as well. She was a bit disappointed about not landing the solo for the performance, but such is life. Gonna have to shell out some $$ and get her some lessons. The girl who did the solo was pretty freaking impressive to say the least. I’m glad to see that Sierra is finally starting to latch onto something that she really likes…….orchestra and singing. Here she is right before the big concert.



She picked out her concert outfit herself….lol. She has her own sense of style. God bless her. Oh and she also brought this home today…..




Proud Daddy alert…….Madison’s report card has not surfaced yet.





The girlies and I will be hitting the water tomorrow. The weather is just going to be spec freakin tacular. I can’t even remember the last time we all went fishing. Pretty embarrassed by that fact, but life gets pretty busy at times. We are looking forward to getting out there and I just hope all three catch a few fish. I’ll post what we find tomorrow.






A picture is worth a thousand words.




…….and I’ll save the thousand words. I am glad to be back in Zapata after this last 4 day trip.



My boat probably averaged 30 fish a day and did not hit the 6 lb mark any of the 4 days. Here are a couple of doubles that were caught out of my boat.





I have been wrestling with this report for 24 hours to be honest and wrote 3 which I completely deleted. We are going to the turn the page on this one Highstakesbassin fans.



While I was cleaning out the boat Monday night I got a text from Rob and Sue. (which I never get texts while at the motel because the reception is so terrible) The text could not of come at a better time.



and I get home last night to see this on Facebook……




Thanks for the kind words you two and Rob I’m thinking of you today! Go out and celebrate.






A bucket list trip to Sugar Lake Mexico……

……and what a three day trip it was for Sue and Rob. The catching was as good as it gets. Rob didn’t catch one walrus, he caught two and were the biggest bass of his life. Check em out…

7.54 lbs



8.79 lbs



That 8.79 was an EPIC battle…….I’m serious. EPIC. It was Rob and Wendy Walrus.


Rob won and won convincingly.


It wasn’t just about the fishing…..these two are Vegas/gambling nuts like me. Well, maybe not quite as bad as me… Here are some more pics from the trip.

IMG_1605.JPG IMG_1609.JPG

IMG_1616.JPG IMG_1615.JPG

IMG_1604.JPG IMG_1603.JPG



I have a funny feeling that I’ll be seeing these two cool cats again. Good luck in Vegas!!



“I feel like I’m on a fishing show only they don’t need to edit anything because I’m catching a fish every cast! This is amazing” – Rob





10 days of Sugar Lake starts tomorrow!!!

….and first up is Rob and Sue for three days. These two want to go catching and I can’t think of a better place to go right now unless you are wanting to fly out to Picachos. With that said…..I am gambling man and I certainly would NOT want to bet against Sugar Lake for numbers and certainly not size. People are calling, texting, and emailing me right now. They want me to describe Sugar and it’s tough to describe just how fun it is fishing. Here is what we are going to battle with over the next 3 days.







I have not used any finesse tactics over at Sugar and I am pretty dang pumped up to go over there and try it. Sue and Rob are going to have a blast.


and speaking of a blast…..I spent Friday night with some of my favorite people on the planet. We all got together to celebrate James’ 60th Birthday.




Gosh I love that last pic……..Susan, Mr. Steve, Me and Linda (James’ wife). My Zapata family.


See ya’ll in a few days.





Falcon Lake with Sir James



That pic right there is what we caught pretty much all day. We could not of had a better day to fish. It was a bit chilly to start(43 degrees), but it warmed up quickly to 71 degrees. We launched down South as I had areas that I had not fished in forever. We spent the entire day fishing deep rocks…..boat was usually in the 25 to 30 foot range while throwing into 15 to 20 foot. We caught fish on nearly everything we threw, which included: Texas rig fluke and senko, c-rig w/r worm, 5xd, 6xd, and Bomber cranks. Best bait? Was probably a toss up between the bomber crank in citrus shad and James’ secret T-rigged senko. I texted James last night and told him today was mission 7 lber. That didn’t happen, but it wasn’t for a lack of effort. We had our typical kick ass time with plenty of laughs and bullshit mixed in. Now, I want to be clear on something…..there are some damn nice fish being caught here on Falcon right now. I just have not been on em…….sometimes the truth hurts and in this case it does. A good friend and client of mine Cliff, sent me some pics right before I left on my Pennsylvania Thanksgiving vacation. Him and his wife had caught two fish all day. He pulled up to a gravel no nothing point as a last stop and magic happened. It started with a 3 pounder, then a 9 lber…….a 7 lber…..and drum roll, Cliff smacked a DD. From DUD to STUD in a matter of minutes. You gotta love ole Falcon. Here are the pics!


IMG_1559.JPG IMG_1558.JPG



I know what you are thinking……Cliff and his wife need to attend the Highstakesbassin fish picture academy. I would of made those fish look 9, 12 and 14 lbs. lol. Great fish regardless.


and speaking of Thanksgiving in Pennsylvania. What a fantastic time I had with my family. It could not of been better.



I’m so proud of that family tree right there. My Mom and I ran up to the Horseshoe in Cleveland for some gambling on Monday and although the end result was less than desirable we had an absolute blast which included me hitting a 595 dollar jackpot on a slot machine.




November is always an incredibly busy month for us…..happy to see it come and happy to see it go. I have a 4 day Sugar trip on the books coming up. It should be an absolute blast. Two other guides will be working it with me…….Tommy, Carlos, and I will have a 6 person group down there. Thanks Buck!!!






Dr. Jack’s Sugar Lake Mega Walrus and a day where I could do no wrong.




There she is…….10-06 lbs. Doctor Jack earned that fish over the last three years of coming down to fish with me. I can promise you that won’t be his last Sugar Lake Mega Walrus. We weren’t even back into the states and he was already scheming on how quickly he can get back down here. To say that he was impressed with the fishery would be a mild understatement. He was just as impressed with how smoothly the trip went and thought the food and accommodations were the best he’s ever experienced in Mexico. Yes…..Dr. Jack has been to every big bass lake you can name in Mexico. I had a day where I swear if I pitched a bait into a mud puddle I was gonna pull out a 4 lber. All Doc could do was just shake his head and laugh. It did not matter where I threw or what I threw…..just one of those days that you won’t forget for as long as you live. I got into the walrus mix as well with the 8 pounder below.




Gracias Senior Dr. Jack!



Dr Jack makes his first Sugar Lake house call!

I emailed Dr. Jack a couple months back and told him that he needed to get down here ASAP. He shot me an email back saying that he would be down first part of October. Unfortunately things came up and he had to reschedule. The unfortunate part of the story is that the fish catching right now is still of the charts good, but the big girls that were locked on off shore a month or so ago have started to move around a bit. I’m not saying you can’t go down there right now and wreck a big stringer of fish…..heck Tommy just did about a week ago with a 10-1 kicker. What I’m saying is that it’s just not as easy as it was in September. If you can pitch a soft plastic bait into the opening of a coffee can from 10 to 15 ft away 90% of the time you still have an incredible chance at catching a monster. I decided to bring Doc back to the states and sit today out. We both had some flexibility in our schedules so we decided to take today off and let the strong North winds do their thing. We will be back at it Wednesday and Thursday. The weather looks nothing short of spectacular.




I’ll give ya one guess as to who’s fish was who’s…… We got on some crankbait fish that were literally every single cast, but as can be seen above…..half the fish were dinks. Here is Doc’s best fish of the day.




See ya in a couple of days.



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