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Hello 2016, from Falcon Lake Texas……

Happy New Year!! I hope everyone that reads these words has a kick butt 2016. Today was as advertised…..bitter cold and windy, but luckily not a lot of rain. We caught 30 plus fish today and once again John led the charge catching 19. Here he is with a nice chunk.



The number of bites and fish over the last three days were pretty good considering the weather that these guys had to endure. My only complaint is that we didn’t run into a walrus, but I have a funny feeling that I will see these fellas again for a walrus hunt South of the border in the not so distant future.








The last day of 2015…..and a big congrats to my man Ray!

…….was spent on Falcon Lake with an awesome Father/Son combo of Bill and John. It was certainly a great way to end 2015. We had roughly 30 bites today and boated about 20 fish. Once again we had to put our hard hats and Gortex on and go to work. We earned every bite and every single fish we caught. All of our fish today were between 0.25 lbs and 3 lbs. We fished from dirt to 30… to timber…..creeks to main lake and everywhere in between. We threw traps, crigs, trigs, spinnerbaits, chatterbaits and deep diving cranks.


kitchen sink


They have one more day on the books and the low will be in the upper 30’s and highs creeping into the 40’s with plenty of rain and North wind.





Ray and Bob had an EPIC day today on Sugar Lake…..check out these two MEGA WALRUSES!




Bob’s fish went 11 lbs 8 oz……..Awesome job men.


CYA in 2016,





Bill and John tackle a cold, tough Falcon Lake

Yesterday we caught a bazillion fish. Today? Yikes……The men from Ohio worked for everything they got. We had one small ditch that really saved our day. I am talking half the width of my boat and it would of been something I would of missed 4 years ago. I threw a trap up in it and thought I got bumped. A few casts later I decided to throw back up in it and bam fish on. John kinda threw around it with a lizard and nothing. I chunked back up in there with the trap and bam another fish. I gave the trap to John and he proceeded to straight up wear that ditch plum out. We got hung up and had to go into the ditch to get the trap and that’s when Bill caught his nicest fish of the day.



Bill will be a first ballot Highstakesbassin Hall of Fame fish holder…….lol. His son taught him how to hold the bass for the photo. Heck I took a few notes after that pic.



If you take that one ditch/drain away from us we probably would of only caught about 10 fish today. The North wind worked it’s typical magic here on Falcon. The cold weather, unfortunately, is here to stay for awhile and by the time the weekend rolls around it might be a winter wonderland around here.

dr jack freezing



A schedule update….4 more days have been booked up for March. If I had to bet, I would bet March gets filled up to the brim in a week or two. Soooooo many calls and emails inquiring about March. I certainly will not plan any vacation days for that month… Come get ya some March dates while ya can.





A wonderful fishing family from Matamoros Mexico

Heading to our first spot of the day!



Heading to our last spot of the day!



As you can see it was pretty cold out there today. With that said we sure did have a great time, even with our language barriers. I tried to do some teaching and show them how to properly use a spinning reel, but I just couldn’t communicate well enough. I did get Lourdes and Cindy casting and retrieving the crig with the reel below the rod, but as soon as they would get a fish on they would flip the reel over and reel the fish in with the spinning reel on top. (reeling backwards) Now don’t laugh too hard…..they caught a bazillion fish today using that technique. I had them throwing my lil finesse c-rig set up and they just had an absolute blast. I sent them back to Mexico with a cooler full of Crappie, White Bass, Gaspergou, and largemouth. They are going to have a great fish fry. Here is the crew.



Cindy (the daughter) went to pay me after we got done and she said $1500 correct? I said no just $500 and she was like yes $500, $500, $500. She thought it was $500 a person. Needless to say I didn’t accept all that money, but was a prime example of the language barrier… As the title says, just a wonderful family and I really hope to see them again. Who knows I might surprise them and bust out a lil more of my Spanish repertoire for their next trip.






Back to the Dentist and a look at the weather.

Sooooooo do you want to see what not going to the dentist for the last 21 years gets ya?




Yeah that’s about a months worth of work . Nothing major, but there will be a lot of drilling going on. I also have two fractured teeth as well that need some love. Round 1 of a 5 round fight is tomorrow. My kids think this is pretty funny stuff.

waynes world



Well it’s official, winter has hit South Texas. We got blasted by our worst Northern of the early winter. We had 40 plus MPH wind gusts today and they were probably the second or 3rd strongest gusts that I have seen down here… was howling. I also want to mention that the folks in North Texas and Oklahoma have been in my thoughts and prayers as well. They got blitzed by some disastrous weather that destroyed property and took lives as well. Some of the pics and videos that I have seen just make ya sick to your stomach. Those tornados were as nasty as they come. Here is a look at our weather over the next week to 10 days.



I am hoping that these cooler temps will get these big girls moving and thinking about eating and getting fat for the major up coming spawns that are ahead. I am booked Tuesday with a group from Mexico. It’s a Father, Mother, Daughter trio. There was a MAJOR language barrier unfortunately, but I think we got it ironed out and are on the same page for Tuesday. My Wednesday, Thursday, Friday job is a Father/son duo from Ohio. I don’t think this little cold snap will scare those men much.



I have also been working on my 2015 Year In Review post and what a great freaking year it was……looking forward to getting that published over the weekend.


Cya Tuesday!





A Christmas Eve trip for Carl and Austin

Falcon Lake was predictable today. Numbers? Yeah a lot of numbers. I named a point after Austin…….he caught 2,834 in a row off of it. Ok, that might be a slight exaggeration, but we left em biting and who knows how many he caught in a row. I would hear two sounds back there. The click of the spool being engaged and then a swoosh of the rod. So why did we move from this lil honey hole? All of the fish were between 0.25 and 1.5 lbs. Once again the big bite for me was non existent. Trust me we tried damn near everything and caught fish damn near everywhere with the common theme being small. Carl and Austin did have a one opportunity apiece at a big fish. (how big? who knows as we didn’t see either) Both big bites came within 20 feet of each other up in the jungle. We had one break off and one knit sweater. Both of those fish could of been 3 lbs or 13 lbs…..we will never know, but seeing what they did to those two men I would lean somewhere in the middle. Our best baits were c-rigged flukes and w/r 10 inch Tiki Worms by Wave. Check out the picture below…….we caught a crappie and then they decided they wanted to have a lil Christmas Eve fish fry so we kept a few more bass to go with him.



Thanks for the opportunity men.






I also want to add that Falcon IS putting out some good fish right now. Andrew who is a local down here whacked a few good fish over 5 lbs today and yesterday he boated a 9 lb 10 oz beauty. Here is the pic.




Let there be no doubt that I am in a bit of a big fish funk right now, but rest assure I’ll work my way out of it sooner rather than later.


An early Christmas present for Sergio and Sergio.

So I head down to the ramp this morning around 10 o’clock and see a young man and his Dad fishing from the dock and bank. I ask the young man if they’re biting and he replied “no man….not a single bite”. Those of you that know me know that I try to talk to as many people as possible when I’m down by the ramp. It doesn’t matter whether you are fishing from the bank or fishing from a Triton. I enjoy talking about fishing and spreading the passion that I have for it. With all that said…….out of 100 people I would say maybe 15 people will actually give me the time of day and be genuine with their conversation. Some of the bank fishermen act like they resent me for having a boat and some boat fishermen think that they are the second coming of Kevin Van Dam and that I am after their secret honey hole. Well today Sergio was one of the 15 out of 100 and when I came back down to jump in my boat I asked him how long he was planning to fish for. He said him and his Dad were going to fish all day. I told them to grab a couple of rods and jump in. I wish I would have had this all on video…..The look on young Sergio’s face was straight up priceless. Here are a few pics from a wonderful 4 hours of fishing with Sergio times 2.

IMG_1654.JPG IMG_1655.JPG

IMG_1657.JPG IMG_1658.JPG


Great people that caught a break and caught some fish too. Sergio texted me a pic of a monster stingray that he caught back in June…..check this thing out!



Hope you two have a Merry Christmas.



I will not be on the water tomorrow, but I will be up well before day break. I have a dentist appointment at 7 freaking A M!!! I’m embarrassed to admit this, but heck we are family here at Highstakesbassin are we not? Here it goes…..I have not been to a dentist in 21 years. Yes that’s over two decades. I’m scared.




Wish me luck…..






Work day on Falcon and My schedule.

The forecast called for 80 degrees and sunny……we got 60’s, rain, and wind. The wind did lay later in the day and we might of hit 70 at the end. Today was all about finding a school of fish bigger than 3 lbs. That goal did not get met. I caught 63 freaking fish and didn’t boat a 3 lb fish. No joke……no punch line. I really think I’m too deep right now. I caught most of my fish from 25 to 35 foot of water. The fish are all 8 inches to 14 inches long. On the graph I’m marking bigger fish at those depths, but after today I just don’t think they’re bass. I did fish some in the 15 foot range, but had very little luck and the amount of fish activity on the graph goes waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay down. I will be back out tomorrow in search of magic…..I have a trip on the books for Christmas Eve and my guys asked me about the chances of catching a big fish. I gave it to em straight and right between the eyes like I always do. I will never sugar coat or lie or make up some bullshit to get a job. NEVER. Carl told me that him and his son are going to have a great time, big fish or no big fish. My response was that Santa might have something up his sleeve for em……..then again the Grinch might as well. See ya’ll tomorrow after round 2 of scouting here on Falcon Lake.





My phone and email has been lit up. Please check my schedule and if you do not see the dates you reserved as “booked” on my website, shoot me an email. I have a Falcon booking in August already and a Sugar booking in May…….please if you know that you are coming and have dates in mind contact me ASAP. I have several trips between Feb. and May that people are finalizing and getting airline tickets, days off from work, etc, etc. Please don’t wait till the last minute….I want to get everyone in.


Cya tomorrow




Great time with da crew



We didn’t get out on the water till about 3 o’clock after a Little Caesars and gas stop. We had planned on fishing mostly for crappie, but the 25 plus mph wind gusts had other plans and we ended up launching at the State Park. I don’t know how many 0.25 to 1.5 lb bass we caught…..a lot and the girlies had an absolute blast. I took a couple of vids that I posted on Facebook as well. I will take tomorrow off and then I will be on the water Monday and Tuesday in search of some quality fish. I will report back on what I find Monday. Today was all finesse C-rigs with small trick worms and flukes. We caught fish from 17 foot of water all the way out to 34 foot of water.


Cya on Monday.




Biggie G’s first concert…….

…..and she rocked her French Horn like a champ. She also sung as well. She was a bit disappointed about not landing the solo for the performance, but such is life. Gonna have to shell out some $$ and get her some lessons. The girl who did the solo was pretty freaking impressive to say the least. I’m glad to see that Sierra is finally starting to latch onto something that she really likes…….orchestra and singing. Here she is right before the big concert.



She picked out her concert outfit herself….lol. She has her own sense of style. God bless her. Oh and she also brought this home today…..




Proud Daddy alert…….Madison’s report card has not surfaced yet.





The girlies and I will be hitting the water tomorrow. The weather is just going to be spec freakin tacular. I can’t even remember the last time we all went fishing. Pretty embarrassed by that fact, but life gets pretty busy at times. We are looking forward to getting out there and I just hope all three catch a few fish. I’ll post what we find tomorrow.






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