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THIS is a beautiful picture…..



Look at those wind speeds……



Pretty excited to say the least. I have Teo on the books for Thursday and it will be fun to launch the boat here on the North end of the lake and not have to worry about 3 foot swells before leaving the Veleno.




Charlie goes out smacking and stacking…..

Charlie’s Falcon Lake walrus record after today is still 0-2. Neither of us had a Wally bite, but boy did we catch an insane amount of fish and had a great time doing it. Yesterday we stuck with the traps all day from 10 foot to 1 foot. Today we caught fish from 27 ft to 2 ft and just about everywhere in between. Our main weapon once again was the lipless crankbait. We also caught fish on:

1.) 8xd

2.) dropshot

3.) brush hog

4.) lizard


Thanks for the opportunity once again Charlie. Hope to see ya in November.





At 11:24 PM…..Charlie got the itch and picked up the phone

Let this be a lesson folks…… is…………



I told Charlie to get on down here and let’s go whack on em. I had Charlie earlier this year in March and if you remember March it was a crazy rollercoaster of month that saw a little bit of everything. Charlie caught a pretty tough day back in March, but still had a straight stud walrus get the better of him that would of sent him home champ of Falcon Lake for a day. Today? The numbers were much better for us and Charlie once again go violated by a big ole girl. We had a great time  and have one more day with Charlie tomorrow. So far it’s Walruses 2 and Charlie nada early in his Falcon Lake career. Hopefully we can get a few to the net tomorrow for a photo op or two.




A fantastic start to July…….

I don’t know where to even start to be honest. I got to go up North to hang out with my folks and the highlight of my July is the pic below.



My Pennsylvania/Ohio trip was nothing short of spectacular. I got to spend every single day with Mom and Dad. It had been a year since the last time I saw them. We had such a great time. I am happy to report that my Dad is recovering very well from his hip replacement. Next up will be back surgery and he should be as good as new! Before the back surgery rolls around I am hopeful that I can get him down here for a Sugar Lake trip at some point in late September/early October. Here are a few more pics from my trip with the folks.



IMG_7085.JPG IMG_7008.JPG

IMG_7107.JPG IMG_7105.JPG IMG_7123.JPG


I installed the new Ulterra on the bullet while I was up as well.

IMG_6975.JPG IMG_6979.JPG


Let me tell ya…..that trolling motor is legit.


After we got back home from our PA trip I had one day to rest up before I headed back out to……



Vegas didn’t treat me nearly as well as she did back in May, but I still love her. lol……. Hey and I met a fellow tribe fan out there!



Things are going to be a little more “normal” in the coming weeks and a lot less travel. I haven’t been on the water in roughly three weeks which is the longest stretch of my career. I can’t wait to get back out there……got the shakes.





What a fun June…..

Could not of had a better day part deux and the catching was great.




Chris was catching em 2 at a time!


IMG_6937.JPG IMG_6936.JPG


I caught a Jr. Walrus as well….



June is/has always been one of my favorite months here on Falcon Lake and it didn’t disappoint this year either. Thanks for the jobs Chris, take care and see ya next year for another round.


After Tuesday I will be off for the foreseeable future. (as can be seen on my schedule) I will still be answering emails, texts, and calls. DO NOT hesitate to get in touch with me if a summer time Falcon adventure sounds fun. The fishing is good right now and I only see it getting better.


Thanks Highstakesbassin fans……cya when I cya.





What a beautiful day on Falcon Lake Texas



…..and man did we whack on em early with some nice quality for a change. (2 – 4.5 lbs) Our first two spots were money and then our last 5 were anything but. Chris went buck wild crazy on em last year offshore with me. After our jungle efforts in the morning he wanted to try and re-live the offshore magic from last year. You all know me and you know that you don’t have to twist my arm to head out to 20 to 30 foot with a 10xd, C-rig and drop shot in tow. I can’t promise a lot for tomorrow, but I can promise you all this….we will not be doing that shit again.




Listen, you can catch fish offshore in a few areas, but my goodness it is NOT the best option at the moment and it ain’t close. I have the game plan drawn on the chalkboard for tomorrow and pretty pumped up to go execute it. See ya’ll manana!




IMG_6923.JPG IMG_6922.JPG


Just got off the phone with Chris! The weekend is booked up.

The last time Chris was here he had the best day of fishing he’s ever had. (end of August) Here’s the link to the write-up.


…..and below are the kind words from Chris after his experience. Been looking forward to his return.


Man that was the best fishing trip of my life and Ive been fishing since I was old enough to cast a practice plug in the back yard, Jay …. you are the man! Thanks for an awesome fishing trip, I’ll be back for more of that action again as soon as my schedule will allow it. I wish it was tomorrow! I cant wait to be back on Falcon! and as for the guide service well i will give that a 6 out of 5 stars if thats possible! you were awesome Jay! you definetly know where the monsters were hiding

Chris asked me how the fishing has been and I shot him dead between the eyes and told him that it isn’t close to what he saw on his last trip, but numbers were way up, but quality is getting tougher and tougher to come by recently. The good news is that the weather is gong to be off the charts good and I will be able to launch here in town and run 15-20 spots a day. That right there increases our odds exponentially. Here is a look at June and July again. I have a few days left before vacation that are available and the long term forecast looks straight up amazing.
June 29th and 30th (Monday and Tuesday) are still available to be had. I’ll be talking to ya here in a couple of days Falcon Lake fans.




Elmo’s back!

Elmo made a last minute stop here on Falcon after a loooooong break in the action. He brought down a childhood friend of his with him for the festivities. We started the day whacking on em pretty good……now they were mostly small and when I say small I’m talking this year spawn small. I made a long run to the back of Salinias and Elmo’s friend Scotty mentions shooting something……and I hahahaha’d him and said something to the effect of you are joking about the gun right? Scotty nah I’ve got my pistol with me. People, DO NOT under any circumstances take drugs or firearms into Mexico…..whether it be on Falcon Lake or if you go to Sugar Lake in Mexico. If you decide to fish the Salinias you best have your t’s crossed and your i’s dotted. Mexico License?…..check. No drugs and/or firearms?…..check. That creek has been patrolled by the C , F and the MM all in the last 6 months and is the LAST creek on Falcon that you want a pistol in. Sooooooooooo we ran 10 miles to the Tigers and first cast later we caught a fish on a 6xd and we look up to see a nice thunderstorm bearing down on us. I had to run to Mexico in order to avoid getting blasted by rain. We called it a day after that. Through all the craziness that was today, it sure was good to see Elmo in fine shape. I don’t have another job on the books and will be taking most of July off as can be seen by my schedule. If you want to hit Falcon with me it will have to be over the next 5 to 6 days or after my vacations are over. This is the time last year when fishing here on Falcon Lake really took off and the drop shot and 6xd bite went nuts. Hopefully we can have a repeat performance this year.




A few summer time beauties from last year.

















Back down to Earth today….

Had a father/son combo today and they caught a windy son of a gun here on Falcon Lake, but we still managed to get where we wanted to get. Problem was that the fish were less than cooperative, especially fish over 15 inches. My man Thomas did set a new record though.





Don’t worry folks……that trophy is still swimming in Falcon Lake. We took pics and measurements and let her go. lol……We did catch a few keepers, but it certainly wasn’t the norm.


Thanks for the opportunity Kenny and congrats on raising an incredibly respectful and bright young man.





171 fish(+/- 1 or 2) with 7 lb 11 oz kicker



I’m serious…..we went from 5 fish yesterday to well over 100 today. Heck my man Bill caught 100+ on his own today. There is no punch line folks and I am not lying or over exaggerating. Just a silly day here on Falcon Lake. The only knock? The size left a lot to be desired, but after the 5 fish day from yesterday there wasn’t anybody complaining about fish being on the line. Per the norm my time with the Nagy clan came and went waaaaaaay too fast. My goal to start their trip was to get a group pic with the 3 of them holding walruses together…..that didn’t happen, but it certainly wasn’t for a lack of effort or skill. Peace out men……as always thanks for the continued support and opportunity.





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