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Another first on Falcon Lake



That micro walrus was DJ’s first ever freshwater fish. Pretty freaking cool. That right there was the highlight of the day for sure. The fishing once again was pretty dag gone tough. We boated 11 fish. You will laugh, but I bet you we had 3 times as many bites/fish on. Every single fish, but one was caught after it had hit the lure for a second or third time. We literally only caught one fish that hit the bait and held on from the git go. It got to be comical and just plain head scratching. Other good news?  I boated a 4 lber and a 4 and a half pounder today. I took a pic of the second one.



Hey, I’m as proud of that fish as I am of an 8 lber on Sugar. That’s a fact Jack. I will be back on the water tomorrow and The North wind is going to be unsafe. I pray that everyone fishing tomorrow will use extreme caution. It’s supposed to hit around 8……just enough time for you to run to the middle of the lake and have hell break loose. The forecast for tomorrow was all over the place pretty much all week. Some folks had the front getting down to just North of Laredo, while others had it reaching the Valley. I don’t know whether it will quite hit the Valley, but sure as shit is gonna hit us smack dab in the mouth. My clients are here and want to give it a go, but rest assure I won’t be gambling.





Basschamps prep and SHO blows up yet again.

Yep another power head down the drain. If you are in the market for a boat and/or motor you had better think long and hard about buying a Yamaha SHO. I will NEVER own another after this certified disaster of a motor. I knew of the issues that motor was having when I bought it in 2012. I ignored them and thought it wouldn’t happen to me. Well it did and 3 times now. Worthless piece of shit and can’t wait to get it off that boat. I am considering taking a 12 gauge shotgun to it and posting the video on every social media outlet that I can. My 521vx is ready to roll and I should not miss a beat. Enough about the boat disaster………luckily I was able to limp back to the dock and switched boats in about an hour of wasted time. The fishing was anything but spectacular. We ran the heck out of the lake and covered water from as far South as you can go to the Veleno and several places in between. Charlie will be on the water tomorrow and I’ll report back manana.




A busy week ahead.

Jaime will be having Lasik eye surgery done in San Antonio Thursday soooooooo I will be at the helm while she’s gone for a few days. I know, scary thought. Kids are already planning where I am going to take them out to eat every night. Operation take advantage of Daddy will be in full effect. I will also be on the water most of the week. I am booked Thursday for a champs team, Friday now has an afternoon trip booked with my man Charlie! Ya’ll remember Charlie?


His last trip down to see me was nothing short of epic. It will be good to get him back out there and hopefully on a walrus or two. I’m booked both Saturday and Sunday, with Sunday being another Champs job. This week will be a blur for sure. The weather looks like it might hold up for us too…..North winds? sure, but they don’t look to be game changing just yet. I’ll be doing my anti-North wind dance nightly.






From Nasty to beautiful in 6 hours…..schedule update.

I got on the water pretty late today. Man the weather was terrible….misting, cold and a much stronger wind out of the North than expected. I ended up going North to the river and checked several creeks that I had not been in for roughly 9 months. Of the creeks that I checked only one had really nice water clarity. The rest were a lot chalkier than what I like to see. The fishing was anything, but “on”. I caught 7 fish up the river and all of them came from one creek and one road bed in particular. No whoppers by any stretch of the imagination. All 7 were caught on a trap as well. (Red Eye Tungsten dbl tap) The last two hours of the day were fan freaking tastic. The North wind layed and the sun came out. I did have one “big” bite today from the Veleno. I set the hook and it sure was nice to feel a big girl pulsating on the other end of my rod. (get ur mind out of the gutter) I’m 0-1 to start the year out on Walruses. That little finesse circle hook was no match…..I’m kicking myself for not tying on a regular freaking hook. oh well. I had to call Elmo today and tell him I had to back out on the trip for tomorrow. I hated to do it, but I am having an issue with one of the fillings I just got. The dang thing has a bur on it and is slicing up my damn tongue. Sooooooo I can’t reschedule this appointment like I thought I would be able to. Shitshow. Elmo hasn’t been down to see me in like 10 months…..needless to say I’m a bit bummed out, but we’ll see Elmo sooner rather than later I believe and I’m looking forward to it.



Remember my comment about March a few days back? Here is a look.



There are still plenty of holes, but out of 3 phone calls a day, 2 of them are inquiring about March availability….. So if March is the month you are targeting, please don’t delay. With that said….I love me some February and April on Falcon and Sugar Lake too.



Cooooooooome on down.



 2015 – A Year in Review

These year in review posts are my favorite to write year in and year out. This year is no different. I have gone through my reports more than a few times in preparation for writing this post and the smile on my face just won’t go away. I can’t wait to put a bow on 2015 and move forward to 2016 which is filled with as much promise as ever. Lets take a look back at the year that was…..a terrific 2015.


January –

January’s fishing was pretty good as a whole and saw some damn nice fish find their way to the net including Tony’s 9-15 Sugar Lake Walrus.


Sugar Lake was a tough nut to crack early in 2015 because of the insane amount of water that it received at the end of 2014 and two times in early 2015. It was a straight up river running through a lake. Here are a few nice fish from ole Falcon Lake in January.

IMG_6114[1] IMG_6117[1]



February –

Stephen and Dick finished off January in style and they started February off with a bang as well.


What beautiful Falcon Lake Mega Walrus. February was also the month where we added two new additions to the Highstakesbassin family.



Ranger and Marlie were rescued from a pretty tough situation. They now are living a charmed life and loved to no ends. Here are a few more nice fish from February including a 9.57 lb mega walrus that had a lil birdie fly into the picture…lol.


IMG_6186[1] IMG_6275[1]


March –

March saw some great fishing here on Falcon and also saw Cliff and Gary take on Sugar Lake. That Sugar Lake trip could of should of been Historically epic, but the MEGA walruses won. We still had a great time and boated some damn nice fish including Gary’s Walrus below.



Falcon was also silly good on most days……here are a handful of beauties from Falcon Lake in March, including my 9.65 which was our biggest boated fish of the month.

IMG_6321.JPG russ

IMG_6387.JPG IMG_6398.JPG

IMG_6394.JPG scotts lizard



April –

The highlight of my April was heading to a private lake with a really good friend. Justin caught a straight up MEGA walrus that went 11 lbs. That’s the type of fish that will make your year.


Another highlight from April also involved Justin again. He and his brother brought down the mother of all airboats to do some gar hunting. Man what a cool experience.



The lowlights of April? The fishing on Falcon and Sugar were less than spectacular to say the least. Sugar had an excuse it was gaining an incredible amount of water for the last time in 2015. Falcon’s excuse? I really don’t have one to be honest……I would get on fish and then the next day they were gone or not biting or a little of both. Another lowlight of April was catching one of the worst colds that I have ever caught in my 38 years of living. It took me the better part of 6 weeks to totally get over it. BRUTAL. Another Lowlight and probably the biggest factor in regards to the poor fishing was the weather. Wow did we have an incredibly cold, rainy, and windy April……..with all that said we still managed some good days here on Falcon. Here are a few pics from April on Falcon Lake.

IMG_6478.JPG IMG_6546.JPG

IMG_6569.JPG IMG_6571.JPG


May –

May was a great month for me. The fishing on Falcon was spectacular and I kicked ole Vegas in the short pants.

IMG_6796.JPG IMG_6797.JPG


Here are some nice May fish.


IMG_6661.JPG IMG_6664.JPG

IMG_6675.JPG IMG_6593.JPG


June –

Falcon Lake was on fire for me. I literally could do no wrong this month. The only problem was that I wasn’t booked every single day. I would of loved to have shared Falcon Lake with everyone this month. The fishing was off the charts. I got the chance to fish an API tourney here on Falcon and we won the tournament by over 10 lbs. Here are some pics from an incredible June on Falcon Lake.


IMG_6859.JPG IMG_6890.JPG

IMG_6906.JPG IMG_6885.JPG



July –

My favorite month of 2015 and it wasn’t even close. I went to Vegas yet again….


The fishing on Falcon Lake remained silly good….

IMG_7278.JPG IMG_7282.JPG


But what really made my July of 2015?


If there was ever a time in my life that I wanted time to stand still it was right there. It had been nearly a year and a half since I got to see me folks. I think about our trip to Cleveland every single day and that pic up above is saved and printed on 5 different devices. The love I have for my folks is indescribable. I can only hope my kids will feel the same about me 25 years from now.

A few more pics from my Erie/Cleveland trip.

IMG_7008.JPG IMG_7085.JPG IMG_7107.JPG

IMG_7123.JPG IMG_7105.JPG IMG_7059.JPG


August –

The summer fishing in 2015 was just crazy…..I can’t accurately describe it, I was a Math teacher and certainly did not teach English Lit. The fish remained shallow and fighting Ricky Retama was a daily struggle, but when you won?

IMG_1102.JPG IMG_1092.JPG





I did catch a couple of BEASTS offshore this month, but they would be the only noteworthy offshore fish I caught all year on Falcon Lake.

IMG_1122.JPG IMG_1120.JPG


August was also the month that the Mrs. got a new whip.



September –

September fishing on Falcon Lake took a bit of dip and this was the month I began to move trips to Sugar Lake. Sugar was as hot as any lake on the continent. Here are a few pics from September.

IMG_1234.JPG IMG_1238.JPG



IMG_1268-1.jpg IMG_1271-1.jpg IMG_1264-0.jpg


October –

October saw a couple of legendary outings on Falcon Lake. My man Kevin had a day he will NEVER forget and neither will I. Here is a pic that sums up his day pretty well and these 5 fish were caught in about 15 minutes.



Epic? You bet and speaking of epic……


Yeah….Ken and Ken Sr. had a day on Falcon they won’t soon forget either. As good as Falcon was….Sugar was every bit as good and then some.



IMG_1285.JPG IMG_1334.JPG



October was also the month that The Boyeeeez from Illinois came down to hit Sugar and then Vegas and boy did they ever. Vaughn had a monster day on Sugar that included this DD. Yes… man earned that fish. I was floating on air after that beast found her way into the net.


Oh and Vegas was pretty fun too…..



November –

November saw a major decline in the fishing here on Falcon Lake. For some folks the fishing got better for them, but the mother load that I had been on for months and months made a drastic move on me. I have not been able to relocate those fish to this day. Sugar on the other hand was still DYNOMITE. Dr. Jack came down with DD’s dancing in his mind and as you can see by the pic below, he scored.



I also got to spend time with my family over the Thanksgiving Holidays.



I could talk about the contents of that picture for days, but I’ll save it for another day and just say I love everyone in that pic more than they know.


December –

I have finally moved out to almost exclusevily fishing offshore structure here on Falcon Lake. The numbers are waaaaaaay up, but the quality bite for me continues to be missing in action. Some of the locals have been blasting some big fish, but I haven’t had a big bite here on Falcon since October. Sugar was still good to me and I had a trip with Rob and Sue that I will think about for years to come. Here are a few pics from December.


IMG_1610.JPG IMG_1616.JPG

IMG_1654.JPG IMG_1657.JPG



And the last picture fish of 2015 goes to Bill……..a first ballot Hall of Famer.



There it is folks……2015 as seen through the eyes of I want to thank each and every single person that reads this report. I also want to thank all of those people that come down and see me year in and year out. I know you have options of where you can spend your hard earned money and time. For those that came down to see me for the first time in 2015, I hope I didn’t disappoint.


So long 2015…..what a year.









A trip to the ER….Star Wars….and The Year In Review for 2015

I finally bit the bullet yesterday morning and headed to the ER. I got a case of pink eye that just got out of control. Monday I went to the dentist to get some work done on my teeth. That was all well and good except that the dental assistant was sick and had pink eye. She was talking to the dentist about having a 103 degree temp the night before. This convo was going on as I sat in the seat being worked on!



Luckily I have not caught the rest of that ladies HIV, but I did get the pink eye. It started to get nasty Wednesday night. Nobody was open here in Zapata and I still had two days left with John and Bill. Sooooooo did a lil googling and tried to control it with some home remedies. It worked and kept it at bay until Saturday morning and that’s when I threw in the towel. Not even 24 hours later I am doing sooooooo much better and my eyes are not on fire. After the ER stint we headed for the movie theater and watched Star Wars…..well I did a lot of listening. Great movie and my favorite Star Wars to date. Already looking forward to the next one.


I am going to try and finish up 2016 Year in Review post, but not going to make any guarantees…..looking at the screen is not easy on my eyes just yet. Here are my last three Year In Review posts from years past to hold ya over. Man I love reading those…..time flies when you’re having fun.

Click on the links to stroll down memory lane.


I’m heading back to the dentist tomorrow…….wish me luck.




Hello 2016, from Falcon Lake Texas……

Happy New Year!! I hope everyone that reads these words has a kick butt 2016. Today was as advertised…..bitter cold and windy, but luckily not a lot of rain. We caught 30 plus fish today and once again John led the charge catching 19. Here he is with a nice chunk.



The number of bites and fish over the last three days were pretty good considering the weather that these guys had to endure. My only complaint is that we didn’t run into a walrus, but I have a funny feeling that I will see these fellas again for a walrus hunt South of the border in the not so distant future.








The last day of 2015…..and a big congrats to my man Ray!

…….was spent on Falcon Lake with an awesome Father/Son combo of Bill and John. It was certainly a great way to end 2015. We had roughly 30 bites today and boated about 20 fish. Once again we had to put our hard hats and Gortex on and go to work. We earned every bite and every single fish we caught. All of our fish today were between 0.25 lbs and 3 lbs. We fished from dirt to 30… to timber…..creeks to main lake and everywhere in between. We threw traps, crigs, trigs, spinnerbaits, chatterbaits and deep diving cranks.


kitchen sink


They have one more day on the books and the low will be in the upper 30’s and highs creeping into the 40’s with plenty of rain and North wind.





Ray and Bob had an EPIC day today on Sugar Lake…..check out these two MEGA WALRUSES!




Bob’s fish went 11 lbs 8 oz……..Awesome job men.


CYA in 2016,





Bill and John tackle a cold, tough Falcon Lake

Yesterday we caught a bazillion fish. Today? Yikes……The men from Ohio worked for everything they got. We had one small ditch that really saved our day. I am talking half the width of my boat and it would of been something I would of missed 4 years ago. I threw a trap up in it and thought I got bumped. A few casts later I decided to throw back up in it and bam fish on. John kinda threw around it with a lizard and nothing. I chunked back up in there with the trap and bam another fish. I gave the trap to John and he proceeded to straight up wear that ditch plum out. We got hung up and had to go into the ditch to get the trap and that’s when Bill caught his nicest fish of the day.



Bill will be a first ballot Highstakesbassin Hall of Fame fish holder…….lol. His son taught him how to hold the bass for the photo. Heck I took a few notes after that pic.



If you take that one ditch/drain away from us we probably would of only caught about 10 fish today. The North wind worked it’s typical magic here on Falcon. The cold weather, unfortunately, is here to stay for awhile and by the time the weekend rolls around it might be a winter wonderland around here.

dr jack freezing



A schedule update….4 more days have been booked up for March. If I had to bet, I would bet March gets filled up to the brim in a week or two. Soooooo many calls and emails inquiring about March. I certainly will not plan any vacation days for that month… Come get ya some March dates while ya can.





A wonderful fishing family from Matamoros Mexico

Heading to our first spot of the day!



Heading to our last spot of the day!



As you can see it was pretty cold out there today. With that said we sure did have a great time, even with our language barriers. I tried to do some teaching and show them how to properly use a spinning reel, but I just couldn’t communicate well enough. I did get Lourdes and Cindy casting and retrieving the crig with the reel below the rod, but as soon as they would get a fish on they would flip the reel over and reel the fish in with the spinning reel on top. (reeling backwards) Now don’t laugh too hard…..they caught a bazillion fish today using that technique. I had them throwing my lil finesse c-rig set up and they just had an absolute blast. I sent them back to Mexico with a cooler full of Crappie, White Bass, Gaspergou, and largemouth. They are going to have a great fish fry. Here is the crew.



Cindy (the daughter) went to pay me after we got done and she said $1500 correct? I said no just $500 and she was like yes $500, $500, $500. She thought it was $500 a person. Needless to say I didn’t accept all that money, but was a prime example of the language barrier… As the title says, just a wonderful family and I really hope to see them again. Who knows I might surprise them and bust out a lil more of my Spanish repertoire for their next trip.






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