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David’s Most Excellent Sugar Lake Adventure

David came to Falcon Lake and fished with me back in October of 2013. He had a trip of a lifetime which included a personal best 8-01 lb walrus as pictured below.



Fast forward to January 29th, 2016. David is back only this time he has a serious Sugar Lake itch that he needs to scratch. David didn’t just beat his personal best once……he beat it twice.


Here is his 9-13 from Saturday.



David decided to do his best Jimmy Houston impersonation……hey he was at Sugar Lake after all.



…….And the second time he beat his personal best was nothing short of epic and a true fish of a lifetime.



His new personal best, after today, now sits at 11-15. I blacked out multiple times throughout the epic fight. Seriously blacked out……we saw this beast multiple times and I will be the first to come clean and admit this. I thought it was 13+ when she first came out of the water. She was just so damn massive. If David makes one wrong move with that fish or I don’t net her on the first try she would of been gone. Check out the hook placement.


Yes, that is all that was connecting that fish to David’s hook. David and I trembled with excitement for damn near 30 minutes after boating that Mega Walrus. I still am getting goosebumps as I type this.

IMG_1924.JPG IMG_1925.JPG


Here are few more of David’s fish from the last three days. We boated so many quality fish. It was rare to set the hook on a fish that was under 4 pounds. Sooooooo dag gone fun.

IMG_1914.JPG IMG_1927.JPG



The second day we decided to eat fried fish. We almost didn’t catch enough eaters (under 3 lbs), but as you can see yours truly delivered….lol, I was the only one who caught eaters. David was too busy catching Walruses and Jr. Walruses. Here is a pic with Juan holding our dinner. And speaking of Juan…..that guy is so freaking awesome at what he does, which is everything. He always has a smile on his face and works as hard as anybody on this continent.


Gracias amigo. And speaking of thanks……….A trip like this on Sugar Lake would not of been possible if it weren’t for so many people helping me along the way. I’m going to get a lil sappy or soft or whatever. Some of these people are, in no particular order: Tommy Law, Jimmy Behnken, Carlos Olivares, Buck, Noe, Ray, Artemio, Juan and last, but certainly not least Sir James. I texted James on the 24th and asked him to go on another scouting run with me…….a serious one and I know he has a lot of irons in the fire right now, but he knew I was sweating a bit about the quality of fish I was on after our last scouting run. If he doesn’t head over with me Monday this type of trip would not of happened. We found the motherload and it paid off.






Lonnie and Cliff hit a perfect day on Sugar Lake.

What a great day to be alive. Did it start out a bit cold? You bet ya….try 31 degrees at launch, but it warmed up into the low 70’s by the time we got off the water. Lonnie and Cliff caught 27 today and only one of those 27 was a dink. The overall quality on Sugar right now pretty damn good. Am I talking 8-10 lbers every cast? Nah, let’s bring that down a few notches to 3-5 lbers every fish with an occasional 6 or 7 mixed in for good measure. With that said, every single time I dunk my boat into that water I fully expect that my client will catch a DD. The expectations, and rightfully so, are through the roof. There are DD’s being pulled right now from Sugar on a daily basis. Here are a few pics of the type of fish that we were bringing to the boat today.



IMG_1892-0.jpg IMG_1886-0.jpg



Thanks for the opportunity men! Hope to see ya’ll down here in the summer.




Another Sugar Lake scouting run with Sir James….

….and it was a straight up whackfest, let there be no doubt about that fact. 95.87% of the fish were between 3 and 5 lbs. The level of fun was off the charts. I have debated on whether to go into great detail of the one that got away and I have decided to keep it short and to the point. I broke off an elite level fish today….we are talking about one that I will be muttering about for more than a few days. Here are a couple examples of what James and I were bringing to the boat today.


IMG_1876.JPG IMG_1875.JPG


I am off to an eye specialist tomorrow. Remember my pink eye emergency room visit? My eyes have not been right in nearly a month and I am tired of the pain. Wish me luck.







A busy week at Sugar Lake Mexico is ahead and a Basschamps recap.

Sugar Lake is on everyone’s mind in 2016 and I can’t blame you either. My phone has been busy with folks wanting to come down and wrestle with spawning Sugar Lake females. I am heading back down to the promise land in the morning with James again. Scouting run number two inbound. Then we have two bad weather days. I have a single day Sugar trip Thursday and a 3 day Sugar trip on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I get back from that and I am on Falcon most of the following week. I am beyond excited.



Basschamps had 5 bags that went over the 20 lb mark. Big fish was nearly 12 lbs. That’s the good news…..bad news? About 70 out of the 160+ boat field didn’t weigh a keeper. If you have a honey hole here on Falcon you are good to go. If you don’t? Goooooooood freaking luck. And really that’s the way it’s been for the last 2 years to be honest. I had five jackpot spots here on Falcon that carried me in 2015 and really just three during the summer and fall months. They were beyond amazing, but if you took those away from me? I would of been SOL and I ain’t talking Standards of Learning either. (teacher joke….)


See ya’ll manana!








Schedule update and my official Basschamps prediction and thoughts

I have one more day on the books for the month of January. I am going to be taking Lonnie and Clifford on a one day Sugar Lake adventure on Thursday the 28th. I think I will probably have at least one more trip next week as well depending on weather, etc. (looking grrrrrrrreat at the moment)

My February schedule is really looking good with some nice dates still available towards the end.



March is still a hot topic and still has plenty of room.



April is the last Basschamps here on Falcon. I already have one team signed up and will be putting me in their corner. Damn good sticks with damn good info is a lethal combo. I still have plenty of room for more teams and also regular trips as well. April dates will start to fall sooner rather than later. I might head out to Vegas this month as well, but to be honest I would rather stay here and whack on some fish with you all. Soooooo drop me a line if April fits into your schedule. Both Falcon and Sugar will be getting to the point of silliness.



Enough of the schedule updates, lets talk about BASSCHAMPS!!!!!! The first Basschamps tournament of the year will be tomorrow. They really have hit the jackpot in regards to the weather. We have been on a warming trend and we have light winds today and also will have light winds the day of the tournament. Most of the folks that fish Basschamps have been fishing these lakes for years and are as good a stick as you will find on any tournament trail. I’m serious these guys can catch em. Here are a few predictions for ya:

Winning 5 fish stringer: 24.79 lbs ——- I think we will have 3 to 5 20 plus pounds bags.

Big fish: 13.24 lbs ——– Big mommas are moving around and with this warming trend I really believe somebody fishing in less than 8 foot of water will stumble into a fish of a lifetime.

Check line: 15.78 lbs ———- I believe this is where the log jam is going to be. You better know how to cull and not screw up because if you are in the 15’s I think it will be fractions of a pound that determine whether you get a check or not.


Where will the winning stringer come from? It won’t come from the river. Every other creek and or main lake rock or house foundation is fair game though. If I had to bet my hard earned money I would say the spinnerbait, rattle trap or soft plastic t-rig in amongst the jungle will be the winning pattern. I would not of said that 2 weeks ago or heck even last week for that matter. I wanna wish every single angler the best of luck and above all, be safe and be courteous to those around you……reputation and character are worth far more than a dollar.



My oldest princess turns 12 today. Crazy stuff, I hate using the expression ‘time flies’, but goodness it does. She is such a wonderful kid. I’m serious and not just saying that because she’s mine. She just has a heart of freaking gold and hope that never changes.







Good to be back on Sugar Lake in 2016

James and I certainly didn’t break any records on Sugar Lake this trip. We probably had 25 to 30 bites and boated in the neighborhood of 16 of em. I have heard that the numbers are down, but the quality was still damn good. I can tell you that we struggled with the quality as well and it was not from a lack of areas with fish either.

fishfinder pic with circles

We threw everything in the boat at em and we would catch one or two every spot, but man they just didn’t want to eat anything but the shad that they were chasing. (as seen in the red circles)

The food was probably the highlight of the trip. We kept a few of the 2 lbers and had a fish fry with fresh cut French fries. It just doesn’t get much better than that. (currently drooling) I can not wait to get my Dad down there. He won’t want to leave I can assure you of that. Today, James and I ended up not even putting the boat in the water. The fog was so thick it was like looking up into a lamp shade and we also had this looming……




50 plus mph wind gusts? Nah, I’ll pass on all that excitement.





1st Sugar Lake trip in 2016 is on the horizon


Yep…….Sir James and I are off to the magical land of Sugar Lake. It will be a sleepless night tonight. I have been asked to describe Sugar a lot lately and truth is, you just can’t. I am not saying that every time you go you are going to catch a DD, but you damn sure expect to. Speaking of DD. I got a text from Mr. Steve yesterday. He photo’d and weighed an 11-5 yesterday here on Falcon Lake! I don’t have the name of the angler and I hope he doesn’t mind being on!!




See ya’ll in a couple of days!







My SHO is not blown…..

……I got some great news today in regards to my SHO. Josh and Noe came over and ran some tests and took apart the motor. All of the cylinders are intact and have very good compression. The motor is structurally sound…..that’s the good news and I’ll take it. A new seal kit has been ordered and we should be good to go sooner rather than later. After my busy season is over I will be selling this motor in order to buy a new one with a 5 year warranty. If you are interested in re-powering your boat with a 2012 Yamaha SHO that has certainly had it’s issues let me know. I will be selling the motor for far less than what it’s worth…….that much I can promise you.






Gary and El Jefe will be looking for a 20 lb stringer……

… Saturday and they have the gameplan and spots to get it done. Good luck next week men. My next job isn’t until the 10th of February and it will be here on Falcon. February is also the start of my Sugar Lake 2016 season. If you want to jump the gun and get in on some dang nice January weather drop me a line. The first wave of spawners are on their way, both here on Falcon and on Sugar. Mega Walrus season is upon us.





A cancellation day

40 plus mph North wind gusts = leaving the boat on the trailer. I went to the Sunbridge to meet my clients at 5:45 and gave them the option of going out and fishing next to the dock or saving the 550 bucks for another day. I think they made the right call. These two guys are from Austin, so it’s not that bad of a haul and I sure hope I get the opportunity to take them out under better circumstances in the future. I have one more day on the books tomorrow and the weather looks to be in our favor.





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