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Da Nagy crews puts hard hats on and go to work.

That title pretty much says it…..we caught plenty of fish today and some damn good ones too, but I’m gonna tell ya these men worked for every fish they caught. Let’s check out some nice Falcon fish porn.

img_0068.jpg img_0066.jpg

img_0067.jpg img_0069.jpg

img_0073.jpg img_0070.jpg


This trip was their annual father, son, son trip to Falcon. Been fortunate to have em in my boat for the last 4 years and can only hope and pray for many more years to come. Happy Fathers Day Bill.






The Nagy men laugh at 25+ mph wind gusts and smack ole Falcon around.

img_0054.jpg img_0053.jpg

img_0056.jpg img_0057.jpg

img_0058.jpg img_0061.jpg


Today was a great day on Falcon Lake. The opportunities were there for a straight up EPIC day as well. We jumped off two sixes, a seven and Roy had one that we all wish we could of seen. Was it a catfish?, Alligator gar?, foul hooked talipia? we will never know. My money is on a mega walrus. We caught fish from 4 foot to 12 foot today. Hot baits were the 6xd (chartreuse blue back), plum powerbait, jig, apple plum mag II, and a 5 inch senko. We caught em in bushes and trees, pea gravel, and rocks. The best bite without question was in the morning. We boated 26 in the first three hours. The last 5 hours we caught fish at every stop, but we never got back into the mother load. Tomorrow looks very promising from a wind perspective. I feel like a kid the night before Christmas. I live for wind forecasts without gusts.


monkey thumbs up

(that monkey cracks me up)





First booking of 2017 has been recorded.


To nobody’s surprise February gets the first call of 2017. I’m sure January, March, and April dates will not be far behind. There was some crazy good fishing early in 2016 and I look for the same in 2017. I’m on Falcon with the Nagy crew for the next two days. The champ is back. The current Highstakesbassin record holder makes his 2016 debut.





High Stakes Bassin Wall of Fame update and Falcon Lake

I just updated the pics on the WoF page. Go check em out if you get a spare moment. Click on the pic to enlarge. Here’s the link.

High Stakes Bassin Wall of Fame


My next three jobs are on Falcon Lake and I’m gonna tell ya if the dag gone wind doesn’t blow 20 plus she’s fishing damn good right now. I’ve got the 3 amigos for two days starting on Thursday. Love these guys and sure hope I can deliver a couple memorable days for them. My man David from Colorado got his replica back a few weeks ago from his 12 lber. Here she is….



Beautiful mount right there David! Plenty of space on that tree for a 13 too.

monkey thumbs up




Meet the newest member of the Highstakesbassin Wall of Fame.


Cody had a goal……..get into the DD club. An 11.10 lb mega walrus later? Mission accomplished. We hit 81 on the clicker today and I have no clue how many 3 to 5 lb fish we caught. Silly. Cody followed the mega walrus up with a 7.96 lb “regular” walrus.



Now listen…..Cody got a lot of help today from his friend Chance. Ole Chance took it for the team all day. If there was a fish under 3 lbs in the area he damn sure caught it.

tag a friend



Thanks for the trip guys and very much looking forward to round two in the not so distant future.






Epic Sugar Lake trip, crickets, and the 1st pic on the new camera

I have had some incredible trips to Sugar……and now you can put these last two days with Kendra and Ryan right in with the rest of em. Was the fishing insanely good? Yes it was……but the friendship, the laughing and just plain hanging out with two great people was even better. I’ve had Ryan in my boat I believe 5 times now and this was the first time Kendra came down to fish with him. Ryan is a lucky ass dude…….and yes I told him that and think he knows it already, but wanted him to hear it from me. It was great seeing these two torch the fish and have such a great time doing it. We caught 157 fish in two days.

img_0019.jpg img_0030.jpg

With Kendra breaking her personal best with a 7.49 pound walrus!



Day 1 we caught A LOT of 0.5 to 1.5 lb fish. Day 2? Maybe 7…..incredible turnaround in the quality category. Big fish of the trip was a 9.16 caught by me. I know, I know……..I get the dumbass award this trip.


I absolutely despise catching a walrus with clients, let alone the big fish of a trip. The only thing that would of been worse is if it would of hit 10 lbs.


(inside joke)


All kidding aside these two would of loved seeing me boat a ten…….it’s me that would of needed Dr. Phil’s number. Here are a few more great pics from a great trip.

img_0018.jpg img_0015.jpg

img_0028.jpg img_0016.jpg



(Ryan was holding my 9.16)


Thanks for the job Ryan and your support of highstakesbassin. Can’t thank you enough…..hope to see the two of ya again in the not so distant future.


As all of you know I lost my IPhone to Falcon Lake. On top of that I had a glitch in my Icloud that wiped out my a lot of precious family pics and vids. Mr. Steve, Sierra and I went to Nuffy’s for a lunch date and Mr. Steve took a pic of Sierra and I. Not a bad first pic on the reel if I don’t say so myself.







Taking the day to rest the neck.

Had plans to head out with Mr. Steve today, but my neck gave me a talking to around 5 this morning. It told me to stay out of a boat today. I listened. We are back to Sugar for a two day gig in the morning with Ryan and his wife Kendra. The last time Ryan was on Sugar with me he boated his first ever public waters 10 lber. Justin and Ryan just flat put the hammer to em.

IMG_2042.JPG  IMG_2030.JPG


After Ryan’s trip I am taking Chance to Sugar Lake on Sunday. Here is a look at the rest of the month of June.



I still have some great dates available before we turn the page to July.


Summer = great offshore potential and some great fishing opportunities. Bring the camera….I have the sunscreen and water!




August and September on the border can be as explosive as they come. You don’t have to look far to see fine examples of that. Check out a couple Walrus fests from last August and September.

IMG_1106.JPG IMG_1099.JPG

IMG_1120.JPG IMG_1246.JPG


If the above looks like a good time drop me an email, text or call……2016 is just starting to heat up.




A not so sweet Sugar Lake…..New Cell.

Good freaking grief……Sugar Lake didn’t treat me very well over the last two days. The weather was nothing short of spectacular for Dyno Dan and I. We ran the heck out of Sugar and did everything besides move shallower than 4 foot. In a day and half worth of fishing we boated 70ish fish. (32 today) Problem was size…..we literally snagged our two best fish. (a 6 and 5.5) I snagged mine when I missed a dink and an unsuspecting 6 lber got in the way of an exposed hook. Dan snagged his 5.5 with a squarebill in the belly. We thought we had a sure fire DD… I hate not being able to deliver for a client and I certainly didn’t deliver for Dan. I’m on Falcon tomorrow with Mr. Steve. Our goal will be to shoot the breeze and catch a fish or two. Then it’s off to Sugar for 3 days. I hope she treats me a lil better this time.



My cell phone situation is under control, but I lost years worth of pics and video. Heartbreaking stuff gone. I have lost and damaged who knows how many Iphones over the last 5+ years. I was always able to recover everything. This time was no different except my photos and vids. The only ones that really hurt are the Christmas vids and the video I took of our first day in our new house here in Texas. Priceless stuff that will live on in memory only…….good thing I watched those videos 30 + thousand times. Still is a gut punch.


Hey give me a ring and come on down…..lets put some fresh pics in the phone.




Cell phone update

My new cell should be at the house by noon Monday. The insurance process went extremely well. If you need to talk to me today you can dial my number and it will be forwarded to my wife’s cell. Texts will not go through. If nobody answers just leave a short message and I will give you a ring back. Also if you send me an email via my website you have to input the email you wish me to contact you back with. Appreciate the patience…..I thought I was going to go a full year without cellphone issue.






Another Iphone down the drain……

…….so if you are trying to get ahold of me please email. What really stinks is that I was looking at a text from somebody asking about a Sugar trip for the 22nd – 24th when I dropped the phone. If you are that person email me when you get a chance. I have those dates open at the moment. Thankfully no GoPro evidence will be surfacing of what transpired. Guy, Andrew, and I were at the end of a pretty damn fun day here on Falcon Lake when the phone took a Nestea plunge. I dove in head first after it and probably hit the 6 to 10 foot range. Unfortunately we were sitting in 24 foot. I am fortunate though. My $200 sunglasses and $600 rod and reel combo were luckily retrieved as I was swimming back up to the surface. Had some great pics from today that are now gone and we shall see soon enough how well I backed up that phone. Shit show inbound and speaking of shit show? I bought the insurance on that phone that covers loss/theft…….I’ve never claimed anything in my 38 years of living. Should be a good time.




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