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Fall is here!!!!

…..well maybe on the calendar, but certainly not from a temperature stand point. HOLY freaking cow….100’s? You bet, like 103 to 107 and change. I went out Tuesday for about an hour and a half. Juuuuuuuust long enough to check a few spots close to town and yes there was plenty of fish in em and on em. Next week looks as though we are going to have our first cold front and some real chances at significant rain. Would certainly love to see it, as we are pretty dag gone dry yet again. Here’s a look……



I am on one hell of roll here lately with cancelling and re-scheduling trips. Not fun to say the least and looks as though Dr. Jack and I will either be in Noah’s Ark come Monday or we will be staring dead into another re-schedule. UGH.


Pray for some rain folks……I will talk to ya’ll again at some point in October and hopefully with a report full of WALRUSES.





Always good to go and good to come back.

The good to go part? You guest it….I went out to my home away from home for opening week of the NFL season. Here are a couple of shots from my room. My host hooked me up with a killer view.





My room was just under the ‘t’ in Planet.



The very first night I hit my biggest slot win I’ve ever had.




That unfortunately was the only real highlight of the trip from a gambling perspective. I ended up coming home with 7 dollars less than I went there with. My next trip out there will more than likely be for my nephew’s 21st birthday Vegas celebration…..bad Uncle time.


Now as far as the good to be back part? Of course the girlies were excited and dogs too, but it sure was fun to step off the plane and have Charles and his Dad Allen waiting to go on a Falcon Lake walrus hunt. Did we smack any walruses? Nah, but we got close twice and Charles now has an official personal best to shoot for.



She went 6.04 lbs… stop for Charles will be the 7 lb club! Charles’ Dad also got into the 6 lb mix with a 6.03. Yes Charles was having some serious fun with the fact that his bass weighed 1 hundredth of a pound more than his Dad’s big fish……and who can blame him?


Here is another good Jr. walrus for Charles that ended our day.


oh and a funky looking catfish that you certainly don’t see everyday while dragging a senko.



Thanks again guys! and hope we can do it again South of the border.





High Stakes Bassin Wall of Fame *updated*

I took a few moments today to put up the latest inductees into the HSB Wall of Fame. I get goosebumps every time I look at that page. Here’s a look at the update.






The link to the HSB WoF is below.

High Stakes Bassin Wall of Fame


So……are you interested in joining the elite club and think you have what it takes? Let’s get you on the books and on the Wall. Email, Text, or call. Hmmmmmm got a lil Dr. Seuss in me.





Andy from Poland…..

……had as bad a day on Falcon as you can have and make it back to the dock alive. One the toughest parts of being a guide is matching a pattern to a clients skill level or vise versa. I’ll be the first to admit I did an absolute terrible job of that today. I launched here in town and that was a mistake too. I would of loved to of been down at the dam where I could of had him troll the rip rap or at least try it. Bass fishing is a different dog as 99.9% of you are aware of. It was also incredibly tough for me to teach Andy with the massive language barrier that we had. We both tried, but it wasn’t working. Soooooooo the Poland experiment is going to be a one and done for both our sake. With all the gloom and doom said…..I blasted the fish and I know that’s not what a guide should do, but man we needed a morale boost several times throughout the day. Me picking up a rod was imperative both from a fish catching perspective and a modelling perspective. Both of the walruses below had DD frames and heads, but man they were both scary skinny.








I also got the news today that my leak was from a faulty speedometer hose that got damaged. It was pouring water through the rigging tube and the faster I went?…..The harder it sprayed into the back of my hull. Soooooooo…..fingers crossed. I’m taking my lovely bride out in the morning. She’s been seeing all these Falcon Lake Walrus photos and she’s gotten a lil jelly.




2016 finally slows down on the schedule, but certainly not on the water.

If you look at the schedule page you can see that there is plenty of availability. With that said I can’t complain as I have had a record year and I am extremely grateful for that. I had a few trips on Sugar Lake that I decided to cancel/reschedule this month and that certainly didn’t help the look of my September schedule either. I believe it was the right call however. There isn’t a place I would rather be on the planet right now and I look forward to resuming my Sugar Lake walrus hunt in the coming weeks, months, and years. This week has been a frustrating week let there be no doubt. Since getting my z522 back I have had to spend a week fixing the carpet, I “lost” my front fish finder, and the most aggravating of all is that I have a nasty leak somewhere and I’ll be damned if I can’t find that SOB. I have ripped apart the back of the boat trying to find the ever elusive needle in the haystack. The boat place did livewell work, but I have 100% eliminated that as a suspect. My rigging tube had a huge hole in it and I patched that and my drain plug wasn’t tight. Soooooooooo I am going to have the Mrs. drive the boat while my head is shoved to the bottom of the boat with a flashlight. It isn’t leaking water while just sitting in the water. When you jump it on plane and come off plane and open the back compartment it looks the #$%&ing TITANIC.

frustrated gif

That GIF up there pretty much was me a couple of days ago…..I’m sure people at the dock were impressed. When I wasn’t messing around with the z522 this week, I was detailing the 521vx and putting a coat of wax on it. Much more fun than trying to find a damn leak, that I can assure you. I am really looking forward to the next two days. My client is coming all the way from Poland to hunt for Falcon Lake walruses…….HSB goes worldwide.



Ground control to Major Daniel…..we are clear for a Falcon Lake MEGA Walrus!

Dan’s first Falcon Lake fish was a memorable one. He just had a really good fish pull off and two casts later the fish of 5 lifetimes was on. The best news? She found her way to the net and the scales. To say I have been snake bit on Falcon that last several years is the understatement of the century. Dan did a masterful job with this mega walrus and I didn’t choke on the net job. We put that fish in the livewell to compose ourselves and I was questioning what I had just netted. Visions of 13 lbers were dancing in my mind……when it was time to weigh her I worried that maybe she wasn’t as big as I had thought. Well as you can see by the pic below, those thoughts quickly dissipated like a fart in a tornado. (more on tornadoes later)



Folks…..when that head came out of the livewell I nearly passed out. I’m serious. I was seeing yellow stars.

shaggy seeing stars


I thought hell with 13 lbs…..we going to 14.


No 14, but still the second biggest Falcon lake fish that has ever been in my boat. I am still waiting to wake up and man I’m gonna be pissed if I do……lol. Here is another look at Dan’s MEGA walrus.



I am so happy for Dan…..bass fishing is life for him and to have him catch that fish was truly special and couldn’t of happened to a nicer fella. Here is another walrus of his…….not quite a 12, but 7.18 and walrus certified.



Dan’s friend, Patrick, caught the heck out of the fish today, but was unable to land any picture takers. These guys are both pilots as I mentioned last night. Check out the pic below.



Yeah…….Dan had to do some nifty maneuvers to avoid that shitshow a few weeks back. Thanks for the job men and I certainly will remember this day for as long as I am above ground.




I can not think of a better way for my 521vx to step away from the starting rotation. She went out with a 12.27 pounder. That boat has been my saving grace that last 28 months, but it’s time for the z522 to step up. She has new everything from carpet, to livewell controls, to power head. I will be on the water breaking her in tomorrow and after that she will be in the game and hopefully for the foreseeable future.

Ken comes to Falcon Lake Texas and catches his 1st bass…..

……and here it is!


and here is his biggest of the day….



I got into the mix as well today with a solid near miss Falcon Lake walrus.



Back on Falcon Lake manana with a couple of Airplane pilots……




Gary is back and brings Big Bass Bill for his first taste of Sugar Lake Mexico

Stats for the three day trip courtesy of Gary’s clicker……mine?


Still not feeling well…


Fish caught: 157

Best five: 32 lbs

Kicker: 8.58 lbs



Sugar Lake was not handing out free passes the last three days. Fishing was tough let there be no doubt about that fact. Windy? you bet…..Water on the rise? you bet. Was still great to have Gary back down and a good time was certainly had yet again. Both Gary and Bill slung it till the end, but just wasn’t in the cards this trip. Drive safe fellas and hope to see you both again in the not so distant future.

img_0972.jpg img_0980.jpg




A whack fest at Sugar Lake Mexico, an anniversary, walruses, and new personal bests for Linda and Rocky

So, are you trying to find that perfect anniversary get away with that love of your life?……Linda and Rocky were and as you will see by the smiling faces below, Sugar Lake did not disappoint.


ROCKY III, Sylvester Stallone, 1982, ©MGM/UA/courtesy Everett Collection

No, No, No, not that Rocky…..

THIS Rocky



As the title says….Whack fest at Sugar Lake Mexico and both of these two just straight up wore em out for three days. I need to get me a new clicker for trips like this. Walruses? You bet and more than one……PB’s? That too. Check out Linda’s 7.08 PB below.



Not to be out done, my man Rocky and his new PB of 8.06 lbs



Here are some more great fish from the trip.

img_0931.jpg img_0929.jpg




These two are friends of Clay and Barbara and I really appreciate those two spreading the word about what a great time they had down here on the border with me.


Thanks again Rocky and Linda…..I hope you all celebrate many, many, many more years together.




A great two day trip comes to an end here on Falcon Lake Texas.

I would classify yesterday as a whackfest and I believe I did. Today? I would not classify it as a whackfest, but we sure did catch a lot of nice quality fish like the ones pictured below.

img_0925.jpg img_0923.jpg

img_0918.jpg img_0920.jpg

img_0922.jpg img_0919.jpg

The 2 to 4 lb fish were much, much more active…..Our biggest went around 6 lbs today. We probably caught 30 ish fish with very few rats. Now listen……these guys worked for em let there be no doubt about that. A great time was certainly had and I have a funny feeling this won’t be the last time these two fellas will grace the pages of HSB.





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