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From Chicago to South Padre Islands to Falcon Lake Texas

Quite the vacation for Derek, Shelley, Vern, Judy and Grandson Noah. I took out Judy, Vern and their Son in Law Derek for a 1 day trip on Falcon Lake. 1 day trips are tough. Usually the first day you spend feeling out what your clients enjoy and excel at. The following days you make some adjustments based on the intel gathered from day 1. I would of loved to have had these three for at least one more day. My pile of rocks on the South end of the lake would of been perfect for them. I had planned on heading South from the County boat ramp, but Mother Nature said that wasn’t happening. We had a MUCH stronger SE wind for most of the day today. Heading to our first spot I could tell Derek wasn’t taking the bumps all that well and seemed nervous. I found out he’s had both hips replaced. Needless to say there was 0% chance of us heading any farther South. We started out the day whacking and stacking with Judy getting us in the JR. Walrus category real quick like.



These three were great to spend the day with and most people would of asked to put the boat on the trailer at noon. We hit a dry stretch that would of made the Mojave Desert look like an oasis. I’m serious……we couldn’t buy a dang fish for 4 hours, but then Derek caught our best fish of the day on a 5 inch Yum Dinger.



I’m so glad these three stuck with it because that fish is a dang nice fish for Falcon Lake right now. After Derek and I high fived and chest bumped a few time we all decided to call it a day. Thanks for including Highstakesbassin on your family vacation. Gooooo Bulls!






Easter weekend in paradise with my boyzzzzzz


Brock has gone from an 11 year youngster barely able to cast a baitcaster and tee up his own golf ball to a young man that now out drives me easily and can pitch into a Folger’s can more times than not. What a cool experience to see him grow up. Brock is one of them fellas you want your daughter to somehow bring home to meet ya. Sooooo dang respectful and a lot of fun to talk about sports with. I am a bit embarrassed with my lack of NCAA Baskets knowledge. Gonna have to study up next year, fill out a bracket or two and bring my A game. Yeah and I guess I had an alright time with his ole man too.


That’s another client of mine in the picture. Jason brought his own boat down this trip, but not everyone is cut out to handle all the fun that a Sugar Lake experience can offer. Jason’s fishing partner was struggling juuuuuuust a bit.

IMG_2265.JPG <——amateur


IMG_2266.JPG <—- Handled his Orange Fanta like a P….R….O


You know you are fishing on the right lake when their ice bags have a walrus on em.




The fishing you ask?

IMG_2246.JPG IMG_2249.JPG

IMG_2270.JPG IMG_2245.JPG




Fishing was good and had a few opportunities and chances that could of made it epic, but I stress just a few. We had to work for the walrus bites we got. I had two MEGA Walruses on a spinnerbait that absolutely destroyed my 7’11” crankbait rod spooled with 17 lb test. Please don’t ask and no that combo will NEVER throw a spinnerbait on Sugar Lake again……that I can promise you. Our fish count was at 96 when we put the boat on the trailer around 1 this afternoon. 97.9% of the fish were between 3 and 6  lbs, We stayed in 5-8 foot of water and pitched the heck out of a Falcon Lake Rage Lobster…..12 bags worth. That bait has been silly on Sugar for several months now and I wouldn’t go without 20 bags of em loaded and ready for active duty. Another great trip in the books with my Boyz…….I will be seeing my man Vaughn again in the not so distant future and many of you can probably guess the destination.


vegas gif






The boyszzzz are back in town


We played a quick 9 holes at Zapata National. James is at El Salto and Mr. Law is in Abilene….wasn’t the same golfing with just the three of us, but as you can probably tell by the pic a good time was still had. We are off to Sugar in the AM for three days. Operation get Brockenhammer a DD is in effect.


I only have one 2 day block left for Sugar in April and it’s a damn good one.


The 18th and 19th will be pure gold. I will be straight up dialed in….spending 7 out of 13 days on Sugar right before those dates. If you have the means and the time I would scoop those up.





Day 3 is a cancellation.

I went to the Sunbridge to pick up Ron and Jim. They were ready to roll, but I wanted to be perfectly clear on expectations. Leaving the Valeno wasn’t going to be an option. I actually considered launching the boat behind the Holiday Inn so that we could fish behind the bridge. With that said I damn near F’ed up my trailer a couple months back doing just that. Soooooooooooo they decided to save the $450 and I don’t blame them. I came back home and decided to laydown for a moment as my back was barking at me pretty loudly. That moment turned into 12 noon pretty quickly. I feel like a totally new person and preparing for a 3 day Sugar Lake bonanza with my Boyszzzzzzz. They are flying into Laredo tomorrow afternoon and then I think we are going to hit Zapata National for a few holes. Saturday morning we are off to see the Walrus……the wonderful Walrus of Sugar.

wizard of oz



This will be Brock’s 4th Spring Break trip to the Border with his Dad. Just a wonderful young man. I can only hope he and his Dad will be doing this for many, many, many more years to come.

IMG_2484[1]  20140503-213804.jpg







Day 2…..

…..another dinkfest. I did a little teaching today in the bush. Ron and Jim have a little better understanding of how to attack the jungle for tomorrow, but it certainly won’t be easy with heavy north winds looming.



Here are the two best from 30 feet.

IMG_2235.JPG IMG_2236.JPG

……and the best from 3 feet.



See you tomorrow from the Windy City South.




Day 1 on Falcon with Ron and Jim is in the books.



Ron and Jim had heard about my century mark whackfests and wanted to go after it. I rolled em out to my lil pile of fish and……drum roll……1 fish.



I know these guys were thinking WHAT IN THE BLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!!!! This is after I told these guys we would hit fish every cast for hours. We spent 45 minutes on it and I caught an 8 inch fish. They zeroed, sooooooooooo back to the drawing board we went and it took a lil while until we located another mess of fish, but we did. Jim jumped on Ron early and was up on him 3-0. Jim was not shy on letting Ron know that he was kicking his @ss. Then Ron went on an EPIC run of 17 consecutive fish and I’m telling you the shit talking got deep and it got STANKY.



Our best plastic was surprisingly a watermelon candy FULL SIZE brush hog on the Carolina rig. (1 oz lead sinkers today…) I considered heading to the jungle with these men around noon, but the wind was blowing 20+. I didn’t feel it would of been in anybody’s best interest to tangle with the timber. (pun intended) We are going to start in the timber tomorrow morning. If these men get frustrated with either the lack of bites or the challenges that the jungle presents, then we will head back out to the open water and continue the whackfest. Here is a doubles pic where Jim clearly got the better of me.



Two more days with these fellas then it’s Sugar with my Boyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz from Illinoiszzzzzzzzzzzz……and speaking of Sugar, I had three more days get scooped up for April.



I only have two blocks available for a Sugar trip left here in April…….10th – 13th and 18th-19th. I just booked a single day trip on the 23rd for Sugar. I don’t recommend single day Sugar trips simply because I still charge $800 a day on single day trips. You are not getting the most bang for your buck. On multi day trips I pay for your room, food, and tackle……etc. and we also fish for a lot longer too. On a single day Sugar trip you are looking at 7 to 8 hours of fishing. This will be my 4th or 5th single day trip that I have booked on Sugar and have had some amazing success with them, but they certainly aren’t cheap.





Tom goes walrus hunting on Falcon Lake.



Hey!!! I hear you SOB’s laughing…….that is a walrus on Falcon Lake and hell damn near a MEGA Walrus. To give you an idea, Tom is a hell of stick here on Falcon and fishes it quite a bit and that’s his biggest Falcon bass of 2016. We caught 10 fish today and that fish was our biggest. We fished timber 97.58% of the day. Had a great time with Tom and good grief he brought some of the best damn deer jerky or heck any type of jerky I’ve ever had. Too bad my girlies sniffed it out in 13 minutes.

ren and stimpy


Tom is heading to El Salto in two weeks and then back down here to see me for a 3 day Sugar trip in 4 weeks…….talk about a GREAT month of April. Speaking of great months…….



Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you…..many times over. Let’s look at an April that is filling up fast.



If hand to hand combat is your thing and you think you have what it takes to pull an 11, 12, 13, 14+ lb fish out of hardwoods shoot me a text, email or call and we will get you a date with destiny and Wendy……Wendy Walrus.

wendy walrus


She says you ain’t got what it takes.







A new highstakesbassin record falls at Sugar Lake Mexico!



This record was like Dimaggio’s 56 game hitting streak. Never thought it would be broken, but the “tree pounders” kept coming for ole Rusty. That pic up there was number 7 in the first 90 minutes. The funniest one was the pic below.


He rared back, set the hook and hollered, “THIS IS THE ONE!!!!!!”. I went full on geeked up mode and grabbed the net…..looked up and no fish. I said where’s she at?!?!?!……Rusty, “she’s coming!!” and no sooner did he say that up came the wood equivalent of a MEGA WALRUS. The 4 of us laughed about that for 3 days. I’m not going to lie I will be laughing about that for years, God willing. Rusty caught 27 Tree pounders this trip, but none quite as spectacular as the one pictured above. On Day two I saw that he had a bite and I said, “get em!” He set the hook and up came…….you guessed it, but this time with a fish too. I told him I have heard of the Good Lord turning water into wine, but I was beginning to think he was turning bass into wood. I had Rusty, Justin and their Dad Ronald for this three day Sugar trip. The first day we had a beautiful day and caught 68 bass with three 8’s and a few 6 pounders. Most of our fish fell into the 2-4 lb category. I thought for sure I would break Justin’s and Rusty’s personal bests this trip. (5 lbs and 7 lbs) Ronald on the other hand has a 10 lber to his name and thought that one might be a little harder to break. Well, Rusty and Justin never had on a fish that I honestly thought would break their PB. They both caught a couple that were close, but didn’t make it. Then there is my man Ronald. I have been wrestling with how to approach this for 2 and a half days. Ronald had some straight up awful luck this trip with MEGA walruses. The first encounter was literally one tree away from the tree that David caught his 12.23 out of. ZERO chance that it was the same fish. This fish was much paler and I’m telling you right now was much bigger. Go ahead and call BS…don’t care. She was 10 feet from the boat when she came out and spit that GAMA hook. Two hours later about a 100 yards away……it happens again. Words can’t describe how bad I felt for Ronald. He says, “I never thought I would see another fish that big again and then it happened again on the same day”. Folks…..that’s Sugar Lake right now. Here are a few that we took pics of.

IMG_2213.JPG IMG_2210.JPG

IMG_2214.JPG IMG_2211.JPG


We dropped Justin off later in the day so he could catch up on some sleep and went back to where we started the day. This area has been full on NUCLEAR for numbers and also walruses, but for whatever reason we could not get a big bite in there in the morning. (caught 25 fish in an hour and half with a five and half as big) I decide to pick up a rod and pinch hit for the man down and……..



The 2nd Day was as bad a day from a wind stand point as you can have. Justin decided he was going to stay on dry land and not go out. Rusty, Ronald and I bundled up and headed straight into the best that ole Sugar Lake could throw at us. I mean to tell you she had more than what we wanted and that is for damn sure. We got to our first spot and the three of us were drenched. I have no idea how or where all that water got into my 100 mph suit, but it did. We managed to boat 17 fish and was happy to get each one of them…including this beautiful walrus from Ronald.


I have had a knack of late for blinking pics. Grrrrreat fish and awesome fight. We picked up Justin for the last hour of fishing and he slung a spinnerbait out there in about 10 foot of water and picked up the fish below.


Notice Justin is dry……rat bastard.

Day 3 rolled around and the North wind was still blowing pretty hard and the fishing was as tough as you will find on Sugar. We boated 14 with none that would hit 5 pounds. We put it on the trailer at 2 and headed back to Zapata. Our best bait once again was the Rage Lobster in the Falcon Lake Craw color…….


Can’t imagine why?………lol. I also had a roommate this last trip.


We had a good talk the first night. We both agreed to stay on our own side of the room unless he saw a scorpion moving towards my bed. I said gracias amigo. Another fantastic trip to paradise with another fantastic group of world class individuals. Every year I think to myself…no way can I have as many kick ass new clients as I did the year before and every year folks like Rusty, Justin, and Ronald find their way into my boat. Can’t describe how fortunate and blessed I am.




Thanks again for the opportunity men…..stay in touch.







Enrique and Arturo battle a fickle Falcon.

Falcon is without question fishing better in the morning right now. Back to back days where we started very strong, but limped to the finish line. The quality today also took a major hit. We caught 38 fish today and a lot of 0.5 lb fish and under. Our best baits were baby brush hogs and 5 inch senkos…..I know shocker. Folks if you are fishing with me on Falcon in the near future it is a must to have a Mexico fishing license. I quite simply do not have enough fish on the U.S. side for a full day of fishing. I need to be able to fish both sides right now to have a shot at a productive day. If you do not want to buy a Mexico license please email me or text me so that we can talk about expectations. The first pic below is Enrique with our best deep fish.



The pic below is our best shallow, pitching fish of the day.



As you can tell by Enrique’s electric smile…..we had a great time today. Enrique and Arturo are just now really getting into bass fishing and more specifically bass fishing on Falcon Lake. To say they have the bug would be a mild understatement.


I am off to Sugar in the morning for a three day trip with a Father, Son, Son combo. The weekend weather is looking nothing short of awful. These men sound hardcore and trust me they will need to be.




A great three days with my man Charlie comes to an end.

When my caller ID reads Charlie it puts an instant smile on my face. I have a lot of return clients that I look forward to seeing throughout the year. Charlie certainly fits that bill. He comes to see me 3 to 4 times a year and a good time is ALWAYS had. He has seen some terrible fishing here on Falcon and he has seen some epic fishing as well. Here is a snippet from our text convo from earlier today….



Needless to say Charlie had a damn nice trip this go around. Here a couple of good fish from today. My fish had a 9 pound head, but a 4 pound body. That ole gal might not see another spawn.




Back on Falcon for one more day before a three day trip to Sugar. I gotta say I have had a great time here on Falcon recently. Once again, a shout out to Mr. Steve and……

bad santa


See ya tomorrow.





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