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Another wonderful Christmas in the books……

…..and I hope all of you out there got the chance and opportunity to have a wonderful Christmas day with the ones you love the most. Here are a few pics from The Greishaw’s Christmas on the border.


img_1652.jpg img_1644.jpg




I am currently working on 2016’s Year in Review post and as always it sure is fun looking back at the year that was.




My health, Falcon Lake, and Sugar Lake updates.

A lot has happened since my last report. I want to start off thanking everyone that has continued to have me in their thoughts and prayers. Please don’t stop as I am still in a dog fight. The first 6 days after the surgery were the worst 6 days of my 39 years on this planet. Listen…..I know pain. I have had multiple bouts of shingles….two blown out knees, a major neck reconstruction 5 years ago, a ruptured appendix and a few severely dislocated fingers, etc, etc. But I can promise you that they were nothing compared to the pure torture I endured for 6 straight days following my last neck surgery. It wasn’t till a steroid shot, that I received Monday, did I finally get some sort of relief. I am still heavily dependent on nerve and pain meds. I go to San Antonio for my check up Tuesday. Prior to the surgery the Dr thought a reasonable time line for me getting back in a boat was Christmas. I can’t imagine that at the moment. I do not want to be a Debby Downer, but I am not in good shape and Christmas is a mere 2 weeks out or so. With that said I do plan on jumping in James’ boat or Mr. Steve’s boat during this time period, but not to fish. I just want to go out and be on the water…..I don’t need to fish and certainly will not be going out in less than ideal conditions. I promised myself and my family that I would take this healing and recovery process slow, but it sure is tough. I’ve gained nearly 20 freaking pounds already and I literally can’t fit into my jeans…..pretty damn pissed about that development. I guess sitting in a recliner watching football and playing video games while eating boxes of twinkies isn’t good for ones waist line.


Enough about my health…….let’s talk about the fishing. I’ve stumbled myself down to the dock a few times to shoot the shit with fellow anglers and the common theme they tell me? I am not missing much right now…..which is so typical this time of year. These bass are getting crushed right now with cold fronts and rapidly cooling water temps along with a slow, but steady rise in the water levels. All of that mentioned equals some tough sledding, but if you are a trophy hunter? and have some patience? Head down South get into 15 to 25 foot of water and go to work. Big cranks and big plastics. What about Sugar you ask? I have talked to 3 boats in the last 4 weeks or so and its the same story it was when I was there prior to my surgery……catching fish isn’t a problem at all, but quality is still lacking. Folks are fishing much, much, much shallower right now on Sugar as it’s water levels went up a great deal as well.


There has been another “incident” on Falcon Lake this week. It happened around 8:45 at night and I don’t know any details and I don’t anticipate the real story will ever come out as well. I don’t like to hear of anyone losing their life regardless of the reasons. We are all on this Earth trying to survive and provide for our families and I will leave it at that.

Let me be clear as possible.

Zapata, TX is the nicest, friendliest, and quietest small town I’ve ever been too. VERY FEW people here wouldn’t give the shirt off their back to help anyone that comes to our town. When I hear of internet morons trashing this community and the surrounding areas it infuriates me. I love this town and I do mean this town….which is far more than just the lake for me. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again……you could offer me a million dollars cold cash to move from Zapata, TX. I would tell you to keep your money.


Thanks again for the thoughts and prayers everyone. We are going to keep fighting.




I am heading for spine surgery November 28th…..

…..literally 5 years to the day of my first spine surgery. As Alanis Morissette once sung…..Isn’t it ironic, don’t ya think. I know a lot of you have been wondering for sometime what the heck is wrong with me and where the heck have I been. Well… ya know and it truly breaks my heart to have to say it. My worst fear is not being able to walk my girls down the isle when that day comes and not too far behind that fear is not being able to guide anymore. I have a love and passion for guiding like no other. Many of you have experienced that and the last several months that passion was put to the test as I struggled to hide the fact that I was dealing with an awful lot of pain. It all came crashing down the day after I returned home from Cleveland. I woke up that Sunday in pain that can’t be described. I want to apologize for not being truthful in my last report. I believe I wrote that I “tweaked” my neck or something of the sorts. Nah……my neck was done and I have been hanging on for dear life. I feel bad that those clients had to see me in that kind of shape, but I did inform them that I was barely able to function. I also told them I still wanted to go because of how wonderful the weather was. I have spent this month turning down jobs and/or canceling them. I have been busy going to Dr’s appointments, hospitals, MRI’s, specialists, etc. I met with the neuro surgeon yesterday and although I will be heading to the operating table we do have some good news. Dr. Galvin is going to try a new surgical procedure that goes in through the back of my neck to repair the disks that are damaged. He will not be doing a total reconstruction like my last surgery. We are all hopeful that this procedure will work and buy me time. I’m not going to act like a tough guy because I’m not. I’m scared….even more so than what I was 5 years ago at this time. Luckily I have an incredibly strong family and that family is stronger today than it ever has been with the addition of all of you out there. I have so many people that have my back. (pun intended) With all the scared gloom and doom aside…..I fully expect and plan on beating this thing once again. I won round 1 and I plan on winning this round too. I also fully understand that there are wonderful people out there that are far worse than me. I’m going to come out the other side of this…..walruses take note, if surgery goes well I will be looking at a Mid January return to action.


Please if you have me booked for December and I have NOT contacted you, please contact me. I have three trips that I can not find contact info for. I also want to wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving.




The last three weeks…….

…..have been nothing short of a blur. The Tribe pushed the Cubs to the brink, but ran out of gas in the World Series. What a terrific and incredibly fun run that all started with me attending the first two games against the Bo Sox. After I got back I tweaked my neck, but worked nearly everyday either on Falcon or Sugar. I want to thank all those clients that stuck it out and really helped me get through the last 3 weeks. I didn’t want to cancel on em and they didn’t want me to cancel on them either. We toughed it out and on most days we got rewarded. You don’t have to look any further than Jerry’s near miss MEGA walrus that went 9.60 pounds.



My man Gary also got into the near miss MEGA walrus category with 9.39 pounder.



Gary also added an 8.11 on his trip too.



Here are a few more Walruses and Jr. Walruses.

img_1420.jpg img_1463.jpg

img_1478.jpg img_1460.jpg

img_1477.jpg img_1429.jpg



……and heck I even gimped in a couple Falcon Lake Walruses with the biggest going 8.24 lbs.

img_1488.jpg img_1487.jpg


I also celebrated my 39th birthday a few days back… about a blur. Good grief. Thanks as always High Stakes Bassin fans. Cya on the water.








October fishing and October baseball with The Tribe!!

Feels like its been 3 years since I last wrote, but in reality its been about 3 weeks. Last I wrote a terrible cold front with a lot of rain was looming for Dr. Jack and I. Dr. Jack decided to tough it out and come. He got rewarded for sticking it out with a couple of really nice post frontal days at the end of his trip. Here are a few picture worthy fish for our efforts.



img_1265.jpg img_1258.jpg


As many of you know I am a die-hard Tribe fan and I spent last week in Cleveland with Mom and Dad. WHAT. A. GREAT. trip. Tribe won both games and Mom and I put a beat down on the casino as well. Here are a few pics from the trip.

img_1348.jpg img_1373.jpg


img_1330.jpg img_1403.jpg

img_1360.jpg img_1377.jpg


Such a fun start to October and I have a funny feeling it’s going to get even better as I have trips on the books that I am really looking forward to. See ya in a few.




Fall is here!!!!

…..well maybe on the calendar, but certainly not from a temperature stand point. HOLY freaking cow….100’s? You bet, like 103 to 107 and change. I went out Tuesday for about an hour and a half. Juuuuuuuust long enough to check a few spots close to town and yes there was plenty of fish in em and on em. Next week looks as though we are going to have our first cold front and some real chances at significant rain. Would certainly love to see it, as we are pretty dag gone dry yet again. Here’s a look……



I am on one hell of roll here lately with cancelling and re-scheduling trips. Not fun to say the least and looks as though Dr. Jack and I will either be in Noah’s Ark come Monday or we will be staring dead into another re-schedule. UGH.


Pray for some rain folks……I will talk to ya’ll again at some point in October and hopefully with a report full of WALRUSES.





Always good to go and good to come back.

The good to go part? You guest it….I went out to my home away from home for opening week of the NFL season. Here are a couple of shots from my room. My host hooked me up with a killer view.





My room was just under the ‘t’ in Planet.



The very first night I hit my biggest slot win I’ve ever had.




That unfortunately was the only real highlight of the trip from a gambling perspective. I ended up coming home with 7 dollars less than I went there with. My next trip out there will more than likely be for my nephew’s 21st birthday Vegas celebration…..bad Uncle time.


Now as far as the good to be back part? Of course the girlies were excited and dogs too, but it sure was fun to step off the plane and have Charles and his Dad Allen waiting to go on a Falcon Lake walrus hunt. Did we smack any walruses? Nah, but we got close twice and Charles now has an official personal best to shoot for.



She went 6.04 lbs… stop for Charles will be the 7 lb club! Charles’ Dad also got into the 6 lb mix with a 6.03. Yes Charles was having some serious fun with the fact that his bass weighed 1 hundredth of a pound more than his Dad’s big fish……and who can blame him?


Here is another good Jr. walrus for Charles that ended our day.


oh and a funky looking catfish that you certainly don’t see everyday while dragging a senko.



Thanks again guys! and hope we can do it again South of the border.





High Stakes Bassin Wall of Fame *updated*

I took a few moments today to put up the latest inductees into the HSB Wall of Fame. I get goosebumps every time I look at that page. Here’s a look at the update.






The link to the HSB WoF is below.

High Stakes Bassin Wall of Fame


So……are you interested in joining the elite club and think you have what it takes? Let’s get you on the books and on the Wall. Email, Text, or call. Hmmmmmm got a lil Dr. Seuss in me.





Andy from Poland…..

……had as bad a day on Falcon as you can have and make it back to the dock alive. One the toughest parts of being a guide is matching a pattern to a clients skill level or vise versa. I’ll be the first to admit I did an absolute terrible job of that today. I launched here in town and that was a mistake too. I would of loved to of been down at the dam where I could of had him troll the rip rap or at least try it. Bass fishing is a different dog as 99.9% of you are aware of. It was also incredibly tough for me to teach Andy with the massive language barrier that we had. We both tried, but it wasn’t working. Soooooooo the Poland experiment is going to be a one and done for both our sake. With all the gloom and doom said…..I blasted the fish and I know that’s not what a guide should do, but man we needed a morale boost several times throughout the day. Me picking up a rod was imperative both from a fish catching perspective and a modelling perspective. Both of the walruses below had DD frames and heads, but man they were both scary skinny.








I also got the news today that my leak was from a faulty speedometer hose that got damaged. It was pouring water through the rigging tube and the faster I went?…..The harder it sprayed into the back of my hull. Soooooooo…..fingers crossed. I’m taking my lovely bride out in the morning. She’s been seeing all these Falcon Lake Walrus photos and she’s gotten a lil jelly.




2016 finally slows down on the schedule, but certainly not on the water.

If you look at the schedule page you can see that there is plenty of availability. With that said I can’t complain as I have had a record year and I am extremely grateful for that. I had a few trips on Sugar Lake that I decided to cancel/reschedule this month and that certainly didn’t help the look of my September schedule either. I believe it was the right call however. There isn’t a place I would rather be on the planet right now and I look forward to resuming my Sugar Lake walrus hunt in the coming weeks, months, and years. This week has been a frustrating week let there be no doubt. Since getting my z522 back I have had to spend a week fixing the carpet, I “lost” my front fish finder, and the most aggravating of all is that I have a nasty leak somewhere and I’ll be damned if I can’t find that SOB. I have ripped apart the back of the boat trying to find the ever elusive needle in the haystack. The boat place did livewell work, but I have 100% eliminated that as a suspect. My rigging tube had a huge hole in it and I patched that and my drain plug wasn’t tight. Soooooooooo I am going to have the Mrs. drive the boat while my head is shoved to the bottom of the boat with a flashlight. It isn’t leaking water while just sitting in the water. When you jump it on plane and come off plane and open the back compartment it looks the #$%&ing TITANIC.

frustrated gif

That GIF up there pretty much was me a couple of days ago…..I’m sure people at the dock were impressed. When I wasn’t messing around with the z522 this week, I was detailing the 521vx and putting a coat of wax on it. Much more fun than trying to find a damn leak, that I can assure you. I am really looking forward to the next two days. My client is coming all the way from Poland to hunt for Falcon Lake walruses…….HSB goes worldwide.



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