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BVT, Sugar Clay, 45.22, Pokemon Go and the one that got away.

I spent the last three days on Sugar Lake with Barbara and Clay. I know you want me to describe their trip. I’m sorry, but there is no way I can do it justice. Clay wanted a great trip for Barbara and they both wanted to get away together for some much needed R and R. Sugar Lake certainly did not disappoint. Barbara had a 5 lb personal best that she was gunning for and three casts into the first day she had a new PB of 6.22 lbs.



We struggled in a big way however, and only caught a fish here and there until 1 o’clock on that first day. I don’t know whether it was a timing thing or a location thing or a lure thing or a little of all three, but after we made a big move in the afternoon magic happened. We switched over to deep diving cranks and literally caught fish on every cast for over 2+ hours and we left them biting…..silly. I know what you’re thinking…..ah, you caught a bunch of dinks to pad your numbers.



Barbara ended the day with a personal best that we all thought would last a lifetime. I will also come clean…..I biggie eyed that fish. When I hung her on the scales I thought without question I would see 13 flash up on that screen.


Thirteen did flash up on the screen, just in the wrong spot!… Still an incredible fish to end an incredible first day in paradise with BVT and Clay. Before diner that night I felt something on my hand and couldn’t figure out what it was……


and this guy showed up too….



Nasty lil thing…….lol. You all know I am a video game nerd from waaaaaaaaaaaaaay back. I have been reading about this Pokemon Go craze that is sweeping the world. Now listen….if I’m not tossing a football or blasting aliens or bad guys online I don’t play it. But I have to admit, that Pokemon Go thing is pretty cool. Barbara caught plenty of new geographic specific Pokemon while at Sugar Lake you can believe that…….and this leads us to the quote of 2016 or heck any year for that matter. After landing the 11.13 BVT says…..”wow! that was better than catching a rare Pokemon”. I told her thank God you didn’t say “almost” because my feelings might of got hurt.



Before I went to bed I decided to go to one of those Bass weight calculator websites to see if my scale cheated BVT. We took measurements for the replica that she is going to have done. I typed those into the calculator…..


11.15 lbs…….ugh.


Day 2 was a grind from start to finish. Why? I have no idea…..we fished every square inch of Sugar and threw everything, but the kitchen sink at em. We probably caught 30 fish all day and the highlight? A near miss PB for Clay.




Day 3 was as good a day as I’ve ever had in my guiding career. We fished a half day and caught a 40 lb bag. BVT also had another fish on that would of shattered her PB from two days ago. She was 15 feet from the boat when she came rocketing out of the water and spit her crank. Have I been biggie eyeing fish lately? YES… go ahead and feel free to doubt how big I think that fish was. Here is the breakdown…..I would of bet both Rangers she was over 12 lbs, I would of bet 10k she was over 13 lbs and I would of bet a 100 dollar bill she was over 14 lbs.





Our best 5 for the three day trip went……..



……and speaking of both Rangers.


I am on cloud nine……It’s been 7 months since both Rangers were in that carport fully operational. I have about 5 hours of break in time to put on that SHO before she will be put back into the starting rotation. I can’t thank Clay enough for setting me up with John from Dean’s Marine and for driving it back down for me. Thanks again for the opportunity to show you and Barbara a great time on Sugar Lake.

Thanks amigo




Charlie and I go whacking and stacking on Falcon Lake.

It sure was fun not only being back on Falcon, but back on Falcon with my man Charlie. We only fished till noon today and goodness was it an action packed 5 hours of fishing. We caught fish everywhere, but we stumbled onto the absolute mother-load that padded our stats and stringer considerably. We had 6 walrus bites and went 0fer the first 5 before I finally boated this 7.98.


That fish had an 11 lb head, but was the skinniest fish I’ve caught in some time. Don’t throw your used plastics in the water folks. Fish will eat them and then the plastics swell inside their belly… over, starvation ensues. Here are some more nice fish from a 60ish fish half day of fishing.(not official…..clicker left in the vehicle.)

img_0726.jpg img_0725.jpg

img_0730.jpg img_0732.jpg



Nothing personal Charlie!!!!!, but my favorite pic of the day?



There she is…….7 months in the making. Sooooooo happy to have her back in the carport with new carpet, livewell controls, seat bushings, powerhead and more. Dean’s Marine and John the service manager hooked me up to say the least. I can’t thank Clay and Barbara enough for bringing her down all the way from Odessa. That z522 is the ultimate guide platform and I am beyond excited to get the new powerhead broken in and get her back on the water. With all that said…..WHAT. A. JOB. my back up boat did. I bought that 2004 521vx a little over two years ago and have leaned on it pretty hard during the last two years. It owes me nothing. Very much looking forward to giving her a much deserved vacation from the every day rigors of guiding.




My world tour ends at Sugar Lake Mexico with Gary the Great. Two DD’s?

Just got back from about as epic of a Sugar trip as you could have. Here are the numbers.


Day 1:

Fish caught: 108 (80 ish of those fish were between 3 and 5 lbs)

Best 5: 33 and change

Kicker: 7.25 lbs



Day 2:

Fish caught: 75 (again the quality was awesome…..most fish between 3 to 5 lbs)

Best 5: 37 and change

Kicker: 10.41




We only took one pic of a 6 and here it is….



Gary’s big fish came in at 7.90




The biggest fish we weighed did not make it unfortunately.




A true MEGA walrus, that unfortunately tried to eat a MEGA tilapia walrus. Oddly enough the tilapia was still alive, but the bass was not able to be saved. We caught fish from 4 to 14 foot of water…..trigged worms/lizards, squarebills and Norman deep lil N’s. What a great trip and hope Gary and I have many more to come.



Here is a look at the rest of my world tour……Pennsylvania? Check.




A lake Erie walrus!!!!!



Cleveland? Check.





The time of my life with my two best friends? check. Already counting the days down until Thanksgiving.


The next stop on the World tour? You guessed it….Vegas.


One of the very best hands of BJ I’ve ever had. I was winning and pressed my bet to 1k…….then an EPIC shit show broke out. A PAIR OF EIGHT’S!!!!

oh shit


Ok, stay calm….just 2K. I got this…..then a 3 to make it 11!!!!!


Now I have 3k out there….still no problem. That is what I was up. Next card was a freaking 4 to make 15. Great. Next card? ANOTHER FREAKING 8!!!!!

chris rock oh shit


Now we have 4k on the table and yes this is my first night in Vegas…..soooooo typical. I’ve read this book before and the ending ain’t good. Next card?…..a deuce to make 10.


We are now at 5k on the table after the double down. Out comes a welcomed 10 of hearts for 20. Next card? A three……yes boys and girls that makes 11 and another double down and for those scoring at home that is now 6k on the table and an empty money clip. Next card is a Jack of diamonds…..21. Dealer had a 2 showing and flips over a King…..for 12, the 3 for 15 and then the 9 for the bust.



Needless to say I had a monster Vegas trip and ate pretty damn good too.



I’m glad to be back on the border….the fishing right now is just not describable. If you have the time and the resources you need to experience this silliness for yourself.




Dan the Man and Sir James invade Sugar lake….epic whack fest from word go.

Both Danny and James like whacking on fish…..did we try some big fish areas? Absolutely, but the biggest we landed went 7 lbs 14 oz on Sir James’ scale. We didn’t weigh anything else. I forgot my clicker both days, but I promise you we had nearly 200 fish in two days and left them biting. That is also with two lines in the water as I was running cameras and working on boat position. I also wanted to be damn sure I didn’t catch the big fish. So you ask what was the secret bait? Um… A wet lure. Seriously, there were times that I just don’t think it mattered. A texas rigged jalapeno would of caught you more 2-4 lb fish than an episode of Bill Dance Outdoors. Danny has some great footage for the site update and his drone was so freaking cool.



Unfortunately the drone didn’t pick up any footage of Danny on Dr. J’s operating table. James was on his A game however and maned the GoPro for the extraction.

Let’s check out some fish pics. Here is a look at Sr. James and his 7-14.


The pics below give you an idea of what we were catching a lot of. Nothing huge, but certainly fun.

img_0136.jpg img_0141.jpg

img_0143.jpg img_0144.jpg





Don’t laugh…..James won a buck on that fish.

make it rain


Check out this walrus that was caught at the boat ramp as we were pulling up……


Unfortunately that fish was made into walrus soup.


Great memories were made this trip and in the end it’s memories that remain. Over the next three weeks I will be making many more memories. I want to wish everyone a great and safe 4th of July. I will see ya when I see ya.







A fun trip to Sugar Lake with Justin and Marty, Marty the one man party.

Our totals from two days…..

img_0124.jpg img_0129.jpg

Our big fish from two days…


She went 7.96 lbs

Best 5 on day one came in at a very respectable 32 ish lbs. Day 2 came in at around 20 lbs.



img_0116.jpg img_0118.jpg

img_0126.jpg img_0130.jpg

Our best bait this trip was a chartreuse/powder blue back Strike King 5xd crankbait thrown on 20 lb test fluoro. Why the big line? We were fishing tree tops in 12ish foot of water and need the “4 wheel drive” that the 20 lb test line provides. It also keeps the crank much higher in the water column. Our best plastic was the Zoom U-vibe with chartreuse dip N dye. We stuck with 1/2 texas rig bullet weights both days. I had a great time with these two guys….am I a little disappointed that I couldn’t put these guys on a 9 lb or better fish? Sure……heck I’m disappointed when I don’t boat a DD on Sugar. I also want to be clear on something…..just because I’m disappointed doesn’t mean I’m not grateful for Sugar Lake and how it’s fishing. To call a trip like we had the last two days “disappointing” is just a testament of how amazing Sugar truly is. I am back at it for two more days on Sugar. One of Highstakesbassin’s founding fathers will be in the house. I call him “the man behind the curtain”, a great client, and above all a terrific friend.


My man Danny is making his Sugar Lake debut tomorrow. He will be sharing the front deck with this guy for two days………

IMG_1285.JPG IMG_1396.JPG


Danny and I will both be working on this trip….I will be working on putting him on fish and he will be working on material for the new face-lift for Rumor has it a drone will be deployed tomorrow on Sugar Lake. Danny is awesome at what he does and I can’t wait the new updates to the site. Should be exciting. So you say what about James? What’s he going to be doing? Well, James is going to do what James does and that’s have a rocking good time and go walrus hunting South of the border.



I’ll see ya’ll when I see ya……..




Barbara does some serious work on Falcon Lake.

Took out Tom and Barbara today and these two had a great time catching fish and expanding their knowledge of Falcon Lake. Barbara had the hot hand today and was a lot of fun to watch. Here she is with her new personal best of 5.66 lbs.



and she added another nice chunk later in the day….



I had the big fish of the trip…..she was in the 8 lb class. My first 10xd fish in who knows how many months.



I am off tomorrow and then it’s 4 straight on Sugar. I have a new client Sunday/Monday and then the 10 lb hunt for my man Danny continues Tuesday/Wednesday. Looking forward to some Sugar Lake magic.





Thursday Night Working Man’s Tournament 



Congrats to team Pena!!! How cool is that pic? Father/daughter winning a tournament….with a 10.08! Congrats again to Mark and daughter Cassandra. I want to thank all that came out to participate. It wasn’t about the money or bragging rights or anything like that. Just folks coming together for an evening of comradery that ended with a Dad spending an unforgettable evening with his daughter. Life’s good. How did team Mr. Steve do?…..12 ish pounds with a 7 lb kicker and a lot of laughs. I love Mr. Steve and the time I got to spend with him tonight was priceless……just what the Dr. ordered. I want to thank James and my man John for putting this event on. Check back daily at for the next get together. If you are in town for one of these events don’t be a stranger. Join in…..there are no ego’s here. Just friends enjoying each others company and a cold one or two. More the merrier.


I am on the water manana with a husband/wife combo and the wind looks to be a player. I will be launching down South and looking forward to that. See ya tomorrow.






A new personal best, a bum wrist, and 3 big break offs

I had Tommy and his Son Austin today here on Falcon Lake. These two started out on fire…..quickly boating their first Texas fish.

img_0091.jpg img_0092.jpg

Then some bad luck hit….they each broke off a monster apiece. Then the REAL bad luck hit…..Tommy tweaked his wrist on one of the hooksets that followed and it pretty much ended his day around 9 am. BIG TIME BUMMER. I added to the break offs later in the day. I stuck this big ole gal in the middle of the jungle and got her turned and coming out when she broke me off. GUT PUNCH. There is some good news from today though…..these two still got to spend some grade A+ father/son quality time and my man Austin has a certified personal best now that went 5.49 lbs. Next stop…..the 6 lb club.



I am off tomorrow and will be sitting in a dentist chair. I have a fractured molar. Epic Shitshow is inbound.




A schedule update and the Thursday Working Man’s Falcon Tournaments

I have two days open for the rest of this month. (23rd and 25th) My next availability will not be until July 11th and 12th (Monday and Tuesday). If I can get you out there drop me an email, text, or call.


There are a few people trying to put together a Thursday night Tournament here on Falcon Lake. I was asked to participate when I can and to be honest I wasn’t planning on fishing them. I don’t want someone to EVER think I would hold out on them on a guided trip because of ANY tournament. I understand the implied conflict of interest. Sooooooo I reached out to Mr. Steve and decided if he wants to fish it with me I’m in………you can rest assure that Steve and I don’t give two rips about the money. This gives us an excuse to hang out and I like it.



If you want info on these Thursday night get togethers give James a call at Falcon Lake Tackle.




Fathers Day 2016

Watching the tribe play the Pale Hose during the day and the Cavs game 7 tonight. I can’t think of a better way to spend Fathers Day. Well…….guess that’s a lie.


I could be at the game with this crew……T-minus 13 days.


Happy Father’s Day everyone.

img_0072.jpg IMG_2293.JPG



IMG_2213.JPG IMG_2205.JPG IMG_2214.JPG

IMG_2194.JPG IMG_2171.JPG

IMG_1741.JPG IMG_1735.JPG





Love you Dad.






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