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Back to back Sugar Lake 11 pounders

Here is the pic of my 11.81 pounder.



and the very next day Tom boats his new personal best that tipped the scales at 11.32 pounds.



The last 7 days have been nothing short of story book. Multiple DD’s? check……Multiple 40 lb stringers? check…..Multiple personal bests? Check. I wish I could write a better report, but truth is my eyes are burning and I’m literally falling asleep as I write this. Oh and I’m frantically trying to order a vented T1 Yamaha prop for my HPDI.


Yeah…..lil bit of a shit show. I was running along in 30 foot of water and nearly flipped the ear. I didn’t hit anything….just got weak I guess. A big thanks to Tim for letting me borrow is Mucho expensive prop. Makes me nervous running that thing which is why I am trying like heck to buy my own! If anybody reading this can help me buy a vented T1 (has to be vented) shoot me an email or text.

Here is some BASS PORN from the last couple of days!!!

IMG_2451-0.jpg IMG_2461-0.jpg

IMG_2435.JPG IMG_2436.JPG





What a wonderful week with a great bunch of clients. Gracias amigos and sorry about the lackluster report! I promise to make it up to ya’ll.









Internet/computer is down…..epic Sugar Lake trip for David and Tim.

Not going to have much of a write up. I’m having to use my phone. We caught 231 fish in two days of fishing. Best five yesterday was just shy of 30 lbs with a 9.72 lb kicker from Tim. Today’s best 5 went 41 and change anchored by Tim’s 9.42 and an almost personal best for me that went 11.81 lbs. Carlos helped me with this 4 person trip and they kicked some serious butt too. The guys said they had a lot of fun fishing with Carlos and that is certainly no surprise. I’m back to Sugar for a three day trip with Tom. Hopefully the Internet/computer issue will be resolved when I return. In the meantime check out Facebook for some pics of two amazing days.


A tough Sugar Lake bite doesn’t stop Guy from boating personal best!


Day 1 total



Day 2 total


IMG_2421.JPG IMG_2420.JPG

A couple of bass we tried to make look 5 lbs.


aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand last, but certainly not least Guy’s 8.84 and new PB!



Guy earned that fish…..we battled the wind and tough bite on day 1. Our last stop produced that beauty of a walrus. We celebrated like we won 21 power ball loto’s. It’s amazing what a lil ole green fish will do to us. Guy is a fantastic client, but also like so many others, is one hell of friend and I don’t take that for granted. Thanks again amigo…….get Genifer down here with ya ASAP. We need her to bust out the drop shot on Sugar Lake.




Jared and Jonathan make Sugar Lake their own bass playground.



Here is a look at a couple of “typical” fish from today.



Jared’s pitch game was an A…… Jonathan’s? an A+++ and arguably the best pitcher I have ever had on my boat. For reference I would grade my pitching at a B. Bottom line, they were laying that bait into the strike zone pitch after pitch after pitch. Our two best went 8.26 and 8.23.

IMG_2411.JPG IMG_2418.JPG


I really enjoyed a no pressure fun @ss day on the water with these two. Take care guys and thanks for the opportunity. Here are a few more pics from a great day on Sugar Lake Mexico.

IMG_2404.JPG IMG_2399.JPG

IMG_2413.JPG IMG_2406.JPG






Ronnie has himself a day with a new personal best on Falcon Lake Texas and a new hat?

My last day on Falcon until May was straight up awesome. New personal best? You bet….check out Ronnie’s 8.51 lb Falcon Lake walrus.



That wasn’t Ronnie’s only walrus…….



IF and that’s a big IF the wind doesn’t blow 30 mph the fishing here on Falcon is borderline spec freaking tacular. It’s been a looooooooong time since I’ve been able to say that with a straight face.



So I stop in to shoot the @#$% with the fellas at FLT and James goes around the counter and grabs two hats. He goes to hand me em and I tell him I’m not interested in a new hat……..he proceeds to say mine is starting to look a little rough.



Man I love that dag gone green hat and trust me she ain’t going anywhere. With that said I am going to give that beautiful red billed sombrero a shot manana.







The Z522 is in good hands



John at Dean’s Marine in Odessa has seen the exact problem with my SHO 2 other times and has been fixing SHO’s for years. Here’s hoping he can fix mine. I will also be getting new carpet, a remote drain plug, and a few other small items fixed. When I get the boat back she should be brand new and ready to finish 2016 strong. I’m back on Falcon tomorrow for the last time this month. 18 and a half hours round trip…..I’m hitting a pillow.


After a record setting day……

……….we left it on the trailer today. I like to keep things positive on this website and will continue to do so today as well. On the first day Jeff told me that he didn’t want his picture on my site, something about his publicist not allowing it.  Sooooo no worries. I’m going to post the pics that I was able to crop out their likeness and still be able to see the fish pretty well.


IMG_2373.JPG IMG_2374.JPG






The first day was pretty slow and was really tough to find active fish.



The second day was arguably the best day I’ve ever had on Sugar.


…..the quality was fantastic with very few fish that were under 2 lbs. Our three biggest went 8.13/8.50/9.52.


I’m off tomorrow as well and I will be making a long road trip with my z522. I have to get that thing back to 100%. I have a great client that highly recommends these folks for SHO work. I can not wait to turn the page on that motor. It’s been down for nearly 4 months……and speaking of turning the page? I am going to turn the page on this trip too.


Love ya Highstakesbassin family. See ya in a few days.




Record setting trip on Sugar Lake Mexico.

Report to follow mañana after we return. Travis and Jeff have one more day in paradise.

Falcon was a tough son of $&@tch today.



I took this pic at our first stop of the day. I sat there for a few seconds and gave many thanks. One of the most beautiful pics I’ve ever taken on the lake.


The fishing you ask? I didn’t do a very good job putting these guys on fish today. Pretty simple. If you can own a 104 fish day you better be able to own a 16 fish day as well. It wasn’t my finest hour today……made several errors from a tactical standpoint that really hurt. I wanted to fish areas that either had too much wind on em or I just couldn’t get to. I kept trying to shove a square block into a round hole all day. We fished the Salado most of the day and our best bait was the spinnerbait. I really believe the main reason the blade was our best bait was because of the gale force winds that we fished in all day. It was tough to feel a t-rig. These guys are kicking around the idea of a Sugar trip in the not so distant future. I hope I get that opportunity.


Take care guys.

IMG_2370.JPG IMG_2371.JPG




WARNING! GRAPHIC IMAGE BELOW. Look at your own risk.




Luckily nobody got hurt and all four of us made it back to the dock. We actually caught a few fish too. (56) Check out Rudy’s JR. Walrus.




One more day with these guys on Falcon and then it’s Sugar as far as the eye can see.




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