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Barbara does some serious work on Falcon Lake.

Took out Tom and Barbara today and these two had a great time catching fish and expanding their knowledge of Falcon Lake. Barbara had the hot hand today and was a lot of fun to watch. Here she is with her new personal best of 5.66 lbs.



and she added another nice chunk later in the day….



I had the big fish of the trip…..she was in the 8 lb class. My first 10xd fish in who knows how many months.



I am off tomorrow and then it’s 4 straight on Sugar. I have a new client Sunday/Monday and then the 10 lb hunt for my man Danny continues Tuesday/Wednesday. Looking forward to some Sugar Lake magic.





Thursday Night Working Man’s Tournament 



Congrats to team Pena!!! How cool is that pic? Father/daughter winning a tournament….with a 10.08! Congrats again to Mark and daughter Cassandra. I want to thank all that came out to participate. It wasn’t about the money or bragging rights or anything like that. Just folks coming together for an evening of comradery that ended with a Dad spending an unforgettable evening with his daughter. Life’s good. How did team Mr. Steve do?…..12 ish pounds with a 7 lb kicker and a lot of laughs. I love Mr. Steve and the time I got to spend with him tonight was priceless……just what the Dr. ordered. I want to thank James and my man John for putting this event on. Check back daily at for the next get together. If you are in town for one of these events don’t be a stranger. Join in…..there are no ego’s here. Just friends enjoying each others company and a cold one or two. More the merrier.


I am on the water manana with a husband/wife combo and the wind looks to be a player. I will be launching down South and looking forward to that. See ya tomorrow.






A new personal best, a bum wrist, and 3 big break offs

I had Tommy and his Son Austin today here on Falcon Lake. These two started out on fire…..quickly boating their first Texas fish.

img_0091.jpg img_0092.jpg

Then some bad luck hit….they each broke off a monster apiece. Then the REAL bad luck hit…..Tommy tweaked his wrist on one of the hooksets that followed and it pretty much ended his day around 9 am. BIG TIME BUMMER. I added to the break offs later in the day. I stuck this big ole gal in the middle of the jungle and got her turned and coming out when she broke me off. GUT PUNCH. There is some good news from today though…..these two still got to spend some grade A+ father/son quality time and my man Austin has a certified personal best now that went 5.49 lbs. Next stop…..the 6 lb club.



I am off tomorrow and will be sitting in a dentist chair. I have a fractured molar. Epic Shitshow is inbound.




A schedule update and the Thursday Working Man’s Falcon Tournaments

I have two days open for the rest of this month. (23rd and 25th) My next availability will not be until July 11th and 12th (Monday and Tuesday). If I can get you out there drop me an email, text, or call.


There are a few people trying to put together a Thursday night Tournament here on Falcon Lake. I was asked to participate when I can and to be honest I wasn’t planning on fishing them. I don’t want someone to EVER think I would hold out on them on a guided trip because of ANY tournament. I understand the implied conflict of interest. Sooooooo I reached out to Mr. Steve and decided if he wants to fish it with me I’m in………you can rest assure that Steve and I don’t give two rips about the money. This gives us an excuse to hang out and I like it.



If you want info on these Thursday night get togethers give James a call at Falcon Lake Tackle.




Fathers Day 2016

Watching the tribe play the Pale Hose during the day and the Cavs game 7 tonight. I can’t think of a better way to spend Fathers Day. Well…….guess that’s a lie.


I could be at the game with this crew……T-minus 13 days.


Happy Father’s Day everyone.

img_0072.jpg IMG_2293.JPG



IMG_2213.JPG IMG_2205.JPG IMG_2214.JPG

IMG_2194.JPG IMG_2171.JPG

IMG_1741.JPG IMG_1735.JPG





Love you Dad.






Da Nagy crews puts hard hats on and go to work.

That title pretty much says it…..we caught plenty of fish today and some damn good ones too, but I’m gonna tell ya these men worked for every fish they caught. Let’s check out some nice Falcon fish porn.

img_0068.jpg img_0066.jpg

img_0067.jpg img_0069.jpg

img_0073.jpg img_0070.jpg


This trip was their annual father, son, son trip to Falcon. Been fortunate to have em in my boat for the last 4 years and can only hope and pray for many more years to come. Happy Fathers Day Bill.






The Nagy men laugh at 25+ mph wind gusts and smack ole Falcon around.

img_0054.jpg img_0053.jpg

img_0056.jpg img_0057.jpg

img_0058.jpg img_0061.jpg


Today was a great day on Falcon Lake. The opportunities were there for a straight up EPIC day as well. We jumped off two sixes, a seven and Roy had one that we all wish we could of seen. Was it a catfish?, Alligator gar?, foul hooked talipia? we will never know. My money is on a mega walrus. We caught fish from 4 foot to 12 foot today. Hot baits were the 6xd (chartreuse blue back), plum powerbait, jig, apple plum mag II, and a 5 inch senko. We caught em in bushes and trees, pea gravel, and rocks. The best bite without question was in the morning. We boated 26 in the first three hours. The last 5 hours we caught fish at every stop, but we never got back into the mother load. Tomorrow looks very promising from a wind perspective. I feel like a kid the night before Christmas. I live for wind forecasts without gusts.


monkey thumbs up

(that monkey cracks me up)





First booking of 2017 has been recorded.


To nobody’s surprise February gets the first call of 2017. I’m sure January, March, and April dates will not be far behind. There was some crazy good fishing early in 2016 and I look for the same in 2017. I’m on Falcon with the Nagy crew for the next two days. The champ is back. The current Highstakesbassin record holder makes his 2016 debut.





High Stakes Bassin Wall of Fame update and Falcon Lake

I just updated the pics on the WoF page. Go check em out if you get a spare moment. Click on the pic to enlarge. Here’s the link.

High Stakes Bassin Wall of Fame


My next three jobs are on Falcon Lake and I’m gonna tell ya if the dag gone wind doesn’t blow 20 plus she’s fishing damn good right now. I’ve got the 3 amigos for two days starting on Thursday. Love these guys and sure hope I can deliver a couple memorable days for them. My man David from Colorado got his replica back a few weeks ago from his 12 lber. Here she is….



Beautiful mount right there David! Plenty of space on that tree for a 13 too.

monkey thumbs up




Meet the newest member of the Highstakesbassin Wall of Fame.


Cody had a goal……..get into the DD club. An 11.10 lb mega walrus later? Mission accomplished. We hit 81 on the clicker today and I have no clue how many 3 to 5 lb fish we caught. Silly. Cody followed the mega walrus up with a 7.96 lb “regular” walrus.



Now listen…..Cody got a lot of help today from his friend Chance. Ole Chance took it for the team all day. If there was a fish under 3 lbs in the area he damn sure caught it.

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Thanks for the trip guys and very much looking forward to round two in the not so distant future.






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