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Cell phone update

My new cell should be at the house by noon Monday. The insurance process went extremely well. If you need to talk to me today you can dial my number and it will be forwarded to my wife’s cell. Texts will not go through. If nobody answers just leave a short message and I will give you a ring back. Also if you send me an email via my website you have to input the email you wish me to contact you back with. Appreciate the patience…..I thought I was going to go a full year without cellphone issue.






Another Iphone down the drain……

…….so if you are trying to get ahold of me please email. What really stinks is that I was looking at a text from somebody asking about a Sugar trip for the 22nd – 24th when I dropped the phone. If you are that person email me when you get a chance. I have those dates open at the moment. Thankfully no GoPro evidence will be surfacing of what transpired. Guy, Andrew, and I were at the end of a pretty damn fun day here on Falcon Lake when the phone took a Nestea plunge. I dove in head first after it and probably hit the 6 to 10 foot range. Unfortunately we were sitting in 24 foot. I am fortunate though. My $200 sunglasses and $600 rod and reel combo were luckily retrieved as I was swimming back up to the surface. Had some great pics from today that are now gone and we shall see soon enough how well I backed up that phone. Shit show inbound and speaking of shit show? I bought the insurance on that phone that covers loss/theft…….I’ve never claimed anything in my 38 years of living. Should be a good time.




May 2016 started in Vegas and ended with the Great Lord Byrom with a whole lot fun in the middle

May 2016 was an incredible month. The fishing on Sugar Lake is not describable. I personally didn’t think I would ever fish a lake anywhere in the world that is fishing as good as Sugar is right now. I know, I know……I’ve been saying that for months. If you are reading these words and are a bass fishing enthusiast you owe it to yourself to book a Sugar Lake trip experience. You say, “what about Falcon?” Falcon Lake is fishing pretty well too for most. You can easily have an awesome trip, but you can still just as easily go out and catch 20 fish that don’t weigh 10 lbs combined as well. My parents were here for about a week and a half. Dad and I split our time between Falcon and Sugar. Dad did catch a 10.06 at Sugar Lake that anchored a 46.96 lb stringer, but had an easy 11 plus pounder throw his jig INCHES from the net here on Falcon. So DD magic can still strike here on Falcon for sure and yes Dad is counting that fish on his DD resume. He turned 68 years young this trip so if he wants to count it he can count it and I’ll notarize it……lol. Here is a look at the May that was……




A Vegas trip with my Sister, Mother, and Brother from another mother is a hell of a start for any month. Here are some great pics from both Falcon and Sugar Lake. Great times with great clients and family.

img_2650-1.jpg img_2655-1.jpg

img_2651.jpg img_2653.jpg

img_2649.jpg img_2652-1.jpg

Yes folks…..that right there is a new Aggie Class ring and a new clicker record both of which owned by Lambo and his Dad David. Epic day of some serious fish whacking and a record that may stand for years to come.



Here are some more pics from a great month of May.

img_2591.jpg img_2590.jpg img_2589.jpg

img_2567.jpg img_2562.jpg img_2563.jpg

img_2566.jpg img_2641.jpg img_2646.jpg

img_2643.jpg img_2560.jpg img_2531.jpg

img_2529.jpg img_2527.jpg img_2540.jpg

img_2533.jpg img_2535.jpg img_2536.jpg

img_2530.jpg img_2539.jpg img_2538.jpg



The highlights of my year are when I get to spend time with my folks. Whether it be sitting beside my mom on a slot machine or standing with my Dad on a bass boat or eating a pizza at Patty’s Pizza in Erie, PA or sitting at a ballgame with them both. My parents are champions at life…..not bragging, just stating facts. Are they perfect? Nah….have they been perfect for me? You bet. They gave me a hell of templet to live up to in regards to being a parent and now later in life my best friends. God willing, I hope 30 years from now Madison and Sierra will say the same about my wife and I. Here are some pics from my parents trip.


Was the 4th fish that day that we swore up and down would be 10. The other three just missed hitting 10 and this one just got over the mark hence the fist pump from Pops.



img_2611.jpg img_2605.jpg

img_2596.jpg img_2594.jpg

img_2599.jpg img_2600.jpg

img_2592.jpg img_2598.jpg

img_2597.jpg img_2631.jpg

img_2608.jpg img_2624.jpg

img_2633.jpg img_2635.jpg



Here is an action photo of Dad fighting a Sugar Lake Walrus…..giggling the whole time.



May went out with a bang for sure…..


The Great Lord Byrom made damn sure of that.


These guys came down the middle of April and went buck wild crazy. This time they came down with 2 more friends and all 6 of em had a great time. Appreciate Carlos and Jim Edwards helping me out with this trip and showing all of these guys a grade A Sugar Lake experience. Sure, Lord Byrom stole the show with his 10.58, but don’t feel sorry for Tim. Good grief did he put a smack down on some Sugar Lake Walruses of his own.

img_2678-2.jpg img_2661-1.jpg

img_2662-2.jpg   img_2660.jpg




Ya see? I told you don’t feel sorry for Tim… Good grief he hammered em. He is very skilled with a crankbait and is as deadly as they come tickling it through the timber and bushes. Here are a few more from Big Fish Byrom.

img_2672-2.jpg img_2677-2.jpg



To top off my month of May? I got a phone call from John at Dean’s Marine and he gave me the word that Yamaha was going to take care of me. New power head and the works totally covered. He also called Ranger on my behalf and got them to warranty my lids/latches as well as the carpeting. Remember when I wrote and talked about knowing the boat was in good hands? I was/am speechless. John really went to bat for me and he didn’t have to. He knew I was between a rock and hard place…..there is no way I can thank John and Dean’s Marine enough. That was game changing news. I have two shops that I highly recommend now. Dean’s Marine in Odessa, TX and South Texas Marine in Alice TX. Both of those shops are A++++ and if you live within 5 hours of either you are truly blessed and in good hands.


The last pic I am going to show you is my favorite pic of 2016 and no it doesn’t have a walrus in it. It’s the family and with out everyone in this pic there is no High Stakes Bassin. God knows how much I love everyone in this pic. I want to thank all of you reading this a million times over for supporting High Stakes Bassin.







Rick the Stick and Eric the Great. Taking a break from the blog and Facebook.

Rick and Eric went to Sugar Lake looking to whack on some fish…..and whack on em they did to the tune of 73 bass. Did we boat any giants? Nah, did we have an opportunity or two? You bet. I could not of had two better clients to end an epic April and an Epic start to 2016. Here are a couple that were put into the ole 521vx.

IMG_2462.JPG IMG_2463.JPG



I will continue to check Emails and update my online calendar on a daily basis. The month of May will be another wonderfully busy month for I will, however, be taking a break from all Social Media including this blog for the month of May. I have been writing on a blog of some sorts or another for nearly 5 years. Time to give those minutes and hours to the family and re-evaluate my priorities when I am off the water or not in Mexico. I have been on Falcon or Sugar nearly everyday for months, either guiding or scouting. I come home prep boat for the following day, write my notes and a blog of the day that was, tap into Facebook, and forums all of which takes time and a lot of it. As many of you can tell, I love my job and love everything that goes with it. With that said I love my family as well. They have been INCREDIBLE over the last 4 months. I am going to make a conscious effort to give more time to my girlies going forward. I will return to the blog and Facebook June 2nd. Thanks as always for reading Highstakesbassin fans. We will see ya soon.




Back to back Sugar Lake 11 pounders

Here is the pic of my 11.81 pounder.



and the very next day Tom boats his new personal best that tipped the scales at 11.32 pounds.



The last 7 days have been nothing short of story book. Multiple DD’s? check……Multiple 40 lb stringers? check…..Multiple personal bests? Check. I wish I could write a better report, but truth is my eyes are burning and I’m literally falling asleep as I write this. Oh and I’m frantically trying to order a vented T1 Yamaha prop for my HPDI.


Yeah…..lil bit of a shit show. I was running along in 30 foot of water and nearly flipped the ear. I didn’t hit anything….just got weak I guess. A big thanks to Tim for letting me borrow is Mucho expensive prop. Makes me nervous running that thing which is why I am trying like heck to buy my own! If anybody reading this can help me buy a vented T1 (has to be vented) shoot me an email or text.

Here is some BASS PORN from the last couple of days!!!

IMG_2451-0.jpg IMG_2461-0.jpg

IMG_2435.JPG IMG_2436.JPG





What a wonderful week with a great bunch of clients. Gracias amigos and sorry about the lackluster report! I promise to make it up to ya’ll.









Internet/computer is down…..epic Sugar Lake trip for David and Tim.

Not going to have much of a write up. I’m having to use my phone. We caught 231 fish in two days of fishing. Best five yesterday was just shy of 30 lbs with a 9.72 lb kicker from Tim. Today’s best 5 went 41 and change anchored by Tim’s 9.42 and an almost personal best for me that went 11.81 lbs. Carlos helped me with this 4 person trip and they kicked some serious butt too. The guys said they had a lot of fun fishing with Carlos and that is certainly no surprise. I’m back to Sugar for a three day trip with Tom. Hopefully the Internet/computer issue will be resolved when I return. In the meantime check out Facebook for some pics of two amazing days.


A tough Sugar Lake bite doesn’t stop Guy from boating personal best!


Day 1 total



Day 2 total


IMG_2421.JPG IMG_2420.JPG

A couple of bass we tried to make look 5 lbs.


aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand last, but certainly not least Guy’s 8.84 and new PB!



Guy earned that fish…..we battled the wind and tough bite on day 1. Our last stop produced that beauty of a walrus. We celebrated like we won 21 power ball loto’s. It’s amazing what a lil ole green fish will do to us. Guy is a fantastic client, but also like so many others, is one hell of friend and I don’t take that for granted. Thanks again amigo…….get Genifer down here with ya ASAP. We need her to bust out the drop shot on Sugar Lake.




Jared and Jonathan make Sugar Lake their own bass playground.



Here is a look at a couple of “typical” fish from today.



Jared’s pitch game was an A…… Jonathan’s? an A+++ and arguably the best pitcher I have ever had on my boat. For reference I would grade my pitching at a B. Bottom line, they were laying that bait into the strike zone pitch after pitch after pitch. Our two best went 8.26 and 8.23.

IMG_2411.JPG IMG_2418.JPG


I really enjoyed a no pressure fun @ss day on the water with these two. Take care guys and thanks for the opportunity. Here are a few more pics from a great day on Sugar Lake Mexico.

IMG_2404.JPG IMG_2399.JPG

IMG_2413.JPG IMG_2406.JPG






Ronnie has himself a day with a new personal best on Falcon Lake Texas and a new hat?

My last day on Falcon until May was straight up awesome. New personal best? You bet….check out Ronnie’s 8.51 lb Falcon Lake walrus.



That wasn’t Ronnie’s only walrus…….



IF and that’s a big IF the wind doesn’t blow 30 mph the fishing here on Falcon is borderline spec freaking tacular. It’s been a looooooooong time since I’ve been able to say that with a straight face.



So I stop in to shoot the @#$% with the fellas at FLT and James goes around the counter and grabs two hats. He goes to hand me em and I tell him I’m not interested in a new hat……..he proceeds to say mine is starting to look a little rough.



Man I love that dag gone green hat and trust me she ain’t going anywhere. With that said I am going to give that beautiful red billed sombrero a shot manana.







The Z522 is in good hands



John at Dean’s Marine in Odessa has seen the exact problem with my SHO 2 other times and has been fixing SHO’s for years. Here’s hoping he can fix mine. I will also be getting new carpet, a remote drain plug, and a few other small items fixed. When I get the boat back she should be brand new and ready to finish 2016 strong. I’m back on Falcon tomorrow for the last time this month. 18 and a half hours round trip…..I’m hitting a pillow.


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