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Out goes an incredibly busy July and in comes August

July was pretty much a blur. August is here and if you look at my schedule you will see things have slowed down quite a bit.


I am taking the weekend of the 9th and 10th off. We will be celebrating Madison’s 7th birthday and my wife and I’s 12th anniversary in San Antonio. The Drury Plaza Hotel Riverwalk will be the destination for a couple of relaxing nights.


Let’s talk Falcon Lake for a minute. We are in pretty good shape water wise. A year ago at this time we were launching off of points down South and were pretty worried about our water outlook. We were sitting roughly 10 feet lower than what we were a year ago. With that said you won’t hear me complain too much if we caught another 10 foot between now and October. It looks as though the weather guessers were dead on in their predictions about this year being a slow one in regards to tropical activity. We haven’t even so much as caught a whiff of anything with a name. 4 years ago Falcon was as full as it ever was thanks to a July Tropical depression. July of 14 has come and gone and we are still in need of a tropical turd floater or two. Are we still getting a few storms? Sure… I type Mexico and all around us is getting pummeled, but it won’t make much of a difference to our bottom line.





The fishing you ask? Well that depends on who you talk to. I talked to three different boats today down at the ramp and between the three they caught a handful of fish that might of weight 8 lbs total. With that said I am reading on a few other sites and seeing pics as well of some pretty dang good fish. Like I said…..depends on who ya talk to. I want to be upfront, my info is second hand as July had me going everywhere, but the moon. I plan on changing that in the not so distant future and hope to put in writing some first hand info that will include depths, lures, and patterns……and maybe a selfie or two of a me and a big ole Falcon Lake walrus. I am going to get off this computer before I get electrocuted…




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