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OOPS……David does it again.


“An 11-15 will do that to a man. David has broke his personal best with me 4 different times over his trips down here. I think he does it again this trip. What? You say that I’m crazy? Tune in Thursday night to find out!……”


That’s the quote………here’s the fish.




Here is a look at this MEGA walrus beside a JR. Walrus.




We set up a GoPro, but decided not to turn it on first thing. Well three pitches into David’s trip….. magic happens. David was the magician. How he got that beast through the trees around a gillnet and into a net would make David Copperfield question reality. We did not get the pitch, hookset, fight and netting on film, but we did turn the GoPro on for the celebration. I’m scared to watch the video to be honest. I was geeked up……yes I will post the video at some point. It would not surprise me if it went viral.

popcorn gif


David and I partied like rock stars last night to celebrate a trip neither of will ever, ever, EVER forget.

IMG_2095.JPG IMG_2113-0.jpg


Now listen…..I readily admit, I don’t drink hardly ever. I am the biggest lightweight on the planet right now, but when a great friend and client smashes his PB with a 12.23? You gotta party and party we did. Did I pay the price this morning?



Yeah I did not feel like teenage Britney this morning. Here’s a pic Juan took of me heading to the Suburban this morning.



Fishing once again was so incredible. On day 2 we had the bites and the fish on to push a 52 lb bag. I’m not joking…..I don’t have it in me to go into the details. David jumped off a 10+ at the boat. He didn’t realize how big she was until it was too late. (raced towards him at mach one) Me? I had 4 mega walruses on and didn’t land one. Nuff said……Here are some more walruses from the trip. We pushed 100 fish for three days of fishing.

IMG_2094-0.jpg IMG_2097-0.jpg

IMG_2099-0.jpg IMG_2105-0.jpg

IMG_2107-0.jpg IMG_2116-0.jpg


Look at this next tank…..we missed hitting 3 other DD’s by fractions of a pound including the one below that I have no idea how it didn’t hit 10 on the scales.



If you are a bass fishing enthusiast you need to experience Sugar Lake at least one time in your life and if you have the means and the time? You need come down as often as you can. Sounds like a sales pitch doesn’t it? I can assure you that it’s no sales pitch. It is reality and if I can help you set up a fishing trip of a lifetime please shoot me an email and lets get you Sugar Lake dreaming.



Thanks for supporting my business David. You could literally do anything or be anywhere…..anytime and you choose Zapata and Mexico with me. Gracias amigo….until next time.






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