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One day…..two trips

I haven’t had a guide trip since the end of August and today I ran two. Lol…. The first trip wasn’t planned, but I felt bad about them getting no showed and took em out for a few hours in the morning. They were most comfortable with spinning gear, so I took them to El Tigre and taught em how to drop shot. It didn’t take Robert and Robby long to start whacking the fish. Then the rain hit and I do mean hit like a ball peen hammer. I have never seen rain like that and I’ve been through a few tropical activities. We got back to the dock soaked to the bone. They wanted an adventure and they certainly got one….lol.

Next up? Da Boyz. We fished hard all the way till the sun went down. (Behind clouds mind you) The bite really got tough after all that weather finally pushed through. Did they all catch fish? Sure, but it certainly did not come as easy as it did in the morning. The three amigos will be back at it tomorrow.







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