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On the Lake with TnT…….

…..and I ain’t talking dynamite either. lol……..Tommy, Tony, and I decided to go out do some more scouting. Tony is a guide from Oklahoma that comes here ever winter to guide and take his clients from Grande Lake to this winter wonderland on the border. Today was a carbon copy of what I saw on Monday with Mr. Steve. The only difference?……I wasn’t in shorts, but I was still plenty cold. It’s December and I am still in my fall fishing mindset with leaving my foul weather gear at home. That mistake will not be made again…..if you are coming down to fish this winter be prepared for 40’s or 80’s…..or anywhere in between. The fishing you ask? We had about the same amount of action as I did on Monday, but we got a handful of quality bites as well that were missing fromĀ a couple of days ago. Tommy boated two Jr. Walruses as can be seen below, but also broke a dag gone good one off too. I told him to grab the other braid rod I had…….lol andĀ speaking of braid… typical fashion my bites have decreased, but not to the point that I am ready to switch back just yet and especially after Tommy’s breakoff. I really think the 65 lb braid to 40 lb fluoro is the ticket. I only used straight braid today. The weather after Christmas is looking dang good…….give me a ring and let’s get out there and tangle with a few of these big girls.






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