I am not going to hold anything back. Falcon was tough as nails today boys and girls from start to finish. Did we catch fish? Sure about 15. Any over 7? 1……and a few in that 5ish lb range. These fellas worked HARRRRRRRRD for every single bite today. The Deep crankbait bite was MIA. We caught more fish on plastics today than we did yesterday and we mixed in some squarebills and spinnerbaits as well. The weather was fantastic and the wind allowed us to fish anywhere on the lake. We didn’t fish the Salinas, but Doc has a Mexico fishing license now. We are going to launch South tomorrow and really pound the Salinas and let the chips fall where they may. Even though the fishing was just not that good, boy did we have a great time. Tomorrow we hope Falcon will be singing……





Party on,






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