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Falcon Report

Okie Poke Tom and Cash…….Research and Development Team

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Today was a straight up awesome day on Falcon.  We could run anywhere and fish anything.  The fishing was “ok” by current standards.  I didn’t pick up one of my rods all day and we still managed 9 fish.  We were very close to having a dang good day.  We pulled into an area where I have been getting my fealings hurt a lot and I told Tom and Cash about it.  Sure enough…..Momma came to play and she beat ole Tom in a one sided fight.  In Tom’s defense there is just not a lot you can do when you are fishing in 10ft trees.  Luck has got to be on your side and for Tom it wasn’t, at least this time around.  Today was Cashes first time on a bass boat.  Pretty cool stuff, I don’t think this will be his last time on a trip though.  Never fished with a baitcaster, but by the end of the day he was flinging the heck out of everything.  I am looking forward to tomorrow.

A few pics from today……


Tom got us off to a fast start with a perfect pitch for a nice chunk.




Not long after Cash collects his first bass ever!….woooooot.




…..and another.




This was our best boated fish of the day…….




Research and Development Team
Sure was good to get my girls out on the water.  Jaime has been putting in 70 plus hours at work and I am booked up for the forseeable future.  After the big Max scare we decided we are going to do whatever it takes to make time for moments like this.  Even if it were just for an hour or so.
Jaime caught three fish and the girls and I drew the colar….dang Falcon.  I did break off a silly big fish and I might as well come clean.  Straight up laziness cost me this one.  My wife had caught three small fish on this spot and I had gotten hung up a few times and decided against re-tying my leader.  In typical fashion Moby Dick hits and I lean into the hookset knowing that my leader is nicked up.  Fish on, and big.  Loosen drag….jumps, runs pulling drag the whole time.  The crowd is pumped.  This beast is mine…..the last thought in my mind was I wonder where my fiz needle is.  (fish was caught out of 33 feet of water)  Then this tank made a ridiculous run and still broke my line while pulling drag.  ugh….damn braid main line.  ah well at least I had my girls there to console me.
My parents made it home safe and sound…….we miss em already.
Time to go to bed.