Ok….gonna come clean.

The fishing is very good right now. There I said it. Even with the 40 degree temperature drop, Falcon was on fire today. Falcon will probably SMACK me in my mouth now for saying it, but man I had to. Shallow? check. Wood? check. Rock? check. Deep? check. Falcon has been on the craziest rollercoaster ride I have ever seen from not only this lake, but any lake since August of last year. Great days followed by days where you struggle to get a single bite, etc, etc. The fishing here has been damn good most days for some time now and it scares me to talk like that because every time I have in the past, Falcon nosedives. Enough is enough though. Falcon right now is as good as I have seen it in a very long time. Alan and his dad had a day today they will not ever forget. unfortunately pics will not accompany the memory. Well at least the pics of the 3 DD’s and Alan’s fish that I would bet my z522 went an easy 12 lbs if it weighed an oz. That fish enters the top 3 biggest fish I have ever seen get off.


1. http://highstakesbassin.com/falcon-report/well-it-happened/

The fish above will never be topped as number one…..never.




3. Number 3 belongs to Mr. Alan…..incredibly big fish. How big? I hate to guess, but it was an easy 12lbs. Just a freak of a fish that was within 5 ft of coming to the boat and my scales.




On the bright side of things both Alan and his dad Jeff have new personal bests. Both caught bass right at the 6-0 mark……we will be back at it tomorrow. Let’s hope for some Walrus pics.













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