Numbers are waaaaay up and a new whip

Falcon is spitting out some serious numbers of fish right now. Problem is the quality has taken a nose dive……at least in my boat. We caught 71 the other day without a single fish over 3 lbs. Now that right there is awfully tough to do here on Falcon Lake, but by God we did it. With that said each and everyday somebody on the lake runs into a monster. When it’s your time it’s your time and the only way it will ever be your time is with a line in the water. So if you’re down here and struggling to catch a good one just know we all are having to wade through small fish right now. It could be worse and we’ve seen it worse not long ago. I would rather be wading through half pound fish than wondering when my next bite will be. I heard of a 10 lber caught by a fella fishing for white bass of all things. Like I said when it’s your time it’s your time. Here are a few pics from some recent trips.

img_1406.jpg img_1405.jpg



and yes the crappie are still very VERY active…….I caught a 2.21 pounder the other day on a dag gone 6 inch senko. Here’s a good one that Justin caught.



And speaking of Justin…….Him and his Grandpa were my first ever clients. Justin was fresh out of college at the ripe ole age of 22. Fast forward to now, he is 31 and heading to med school with a few white hairs in the mix. Where in the Sam HECK does time go. Here is a double from his trip last week. Good times were once again certainly had.


I also got to take out my main lil man Tobin last week……he caught a tough freaking wind day, but he damn sure made the best of it.


as you can see by the pic below ole Falcon took him to the canvas.



I also picked up a new boat this week.


……and Sir James did the honors of catching the first fish.


We will call that a Micro Walrus and my first fish….. a Mini Walrus.


and the biggest catch of the day went to me……..


If anyone kicked this over their boat at the dam recently give me a shout……it’s currently at Falcon Lake Tackle. Busy days ahead here along the border and the fish be a biting.