Chad and I got on the fish early and often Friday. We only had one tough stretch and it came around noon to 2 o’clock. I really don’t know how many fish we caught. It was fun to say the least. We did not have a monster stringer, but to say we had our chances would be understatement of epic proportions.


Our best 5:




Kicker: (I caught it…..wasn’t close to biggest fish on, but was the biggest fish boated. ugh)



Our two best baits today were the Root Beer Deep Lil N(again) and the Plum Powerbait worm(shocker). We also caught fish on 6xds(citrus and char/blue back), Flukes(W/R) and spinnerbaits(white and char). Was a fun day with Chad to say the least. Chad decided to cut the trip short and play it safe(smart), as the weather Saturday was going to be dicey to say the least.



Sorry about the late post folks…….have a wonderful weekend.





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