Not on fish

Nothing else to say really. My money holes came up snake eyes today and crapped out. We caught 9 total fish with a 7 and change kicker on the boga grips. We had 2 other 4’s, maybe a 3 and the rest were two pounds and under. Not what these fellas came down from Canada for. Franks 7 lb’er was caught on a citrus 10xd, pretty cool. Paul did some work on a drop shot too and even caught a cat on it. I thought the cat weighed about 15 lbs. lol, they laughed and said maybe 3 lbs. That seals it, I am nooooo catfish expert. I thought it was huge…lol. We are going to have to be careful and creative tomorrow as the weather looks to be a dangerous factor for those of us with spine issues.




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