Not a lot of fishing.

Monday – Dad slept in to noon. He needed it. My little 5-year-old spent the night and into the morning throwing up…sooooooo I was on the clean up crew most of Monday as well. We went out for about an hour and half before dark and caught a few nice fish including the 6.23 my dad caught.




Tuesday – Madison was done throwing up, but with a 103.1 dregree morning temp. it was off to the Doctor’s office and not the Salado. She has strep throat and tonsillitis. Dad and I once again went out for an hour or so at night. Dad didn’t get the Yum Dinger bite going, but I caught four fish… in the 9 lb class, another about 7 and two cookie cutter 2-3 lbers. The 9 and the 7 came out of the same bush/tree.




Wednesday – Here we are and it’s Wednesday about 1 o’clock in the afternoon. Not on the water. Dad wasn’t feeling that good in the morning and I wasn’t to sure about leaving Madison quite yet. Good news Madison’s meds have worked and she is feeling much better, but still is battling the temp. NOT NEAR as bad though…..100ish. Dad doesn’t adjust well to Zapata dining… With the wind blowing I believe we are all going to try and meet my wife in Laredo.(that girl is a work a holic) Everyone wants to watch the new OZ movie, pending Madison’s temperature.



One last note before the tourney starts tomorrow. I have talked to several pros……now they could be holding their cards tight, but I don’t think so. They are struggling as a whole and anybody that has fished this lake recently should not be surprised. These guys are extremely dedicated and talented fishermen, but they are not god and can’t produce fish where fish are not. Falcon is BIG lake and I fish it dang near EVERY single day. I also cover it from top to bottom at least once a week. Like I have already wrote….I have 7 “spots” where this tournament could be won. Are there a few more “spots” that I am not aware of? I sure hope so and I will be out there over the next 4 days hoping they find some magical areas that are not on my radar. I am not holding my breath though and it has nothing to do with their level of skill, etc.



Good luck men,




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