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Falcon Report

No half day magic….

By July 22, 2012No Comments

Well, took Steve and Jason on a falcon lake bass guide trip this morning. They fished yesterday and got burnt and I do mean burnt. They were gonna run a follow boat, but Jason’s two kids wanted to take a day off to recover. Soooo we stayed north and banged trees with bills, blades and plastics with mixed results. The biggest fish boated was a 7 that I caught. We certainly had some quality fish on, but just could not finish the deal today. They want to do another half day tomorrow, which is cool because I have it off and I reeeeeaaally want them to boat a few of those big girls. We will have more lines in the water as well. Looks as though the follow boat will be up and running.

Total fish: 13 (4 hours)
Best five: 21lbs
Kicker: my 7

Noooooo pics 🙁