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Falcon Report

No half day magic…..***UPDATE!!!***

By February 5, 2014No Comments

Not a single bite for the first 3 hours this morning. We put the rods down and I tried to just show him as many creeks and options as possible at that point. I would have no problem betting on Ricky next weekend. Good luck and thanks for putting me in your corner.




I am supposed to work the next two days, but we will see if my client wants to tangle with a mean and nasty Falcon with equally mean and nasty weather. I am gassed up and ready and it will be Kenny’s call.






I went out with the girlies after picking them up from school. I have a white/black bass trip on the books for Saturday. Sooooooo down to the lake we went with an 8th oz chrome rattle trap that I just bought from ole James at the top of the hill. Sierra chunked it for about 15 minutes with nothing to show. We were really bummed out and figure this cold front messed the white bass up too. Then Sierra got a hold of a whopper. Problem was it wasn’t a white bass, but a dang largemouth and a dang big one to boot. When she first hooked up I thought she had snagged, but it didn’t take long for that big girl to come flying out of the water. She was an easy 8 pound fish and probably closer to 9. Sierra’s pink rod with 6 lb test line on it is not equipped to handle something like that… That big ole girl headed to the retama and it was game over. Now I did go swimming and yes it was cold, but she pulled off after a breast stroke or two. (well maybe a doggie paddle) Micheal Phelps I am not… I would of loved for Sierra to have gotten that thing in……what a pic and memory that would of been.