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Falcon Report

Nikki and Randy finish strong…..

By March 9, 2013No Comments

Nikki and Randy booked this trip before Basschamps posted their schedule sooooooo we went out today with the intent of winning the tournament. We also wanted to stay away from the crowd and we fished most of the day without a single boat within eyesight, which was nice. Nikki nearly won on her own……lol. She caught our 3 biggest fish today going 6.57, 6.79, and 6-15 (6.93). The last weight was in ounces. Why? My stinking $200 dollar Cul-m-rite scales don’t work in the wind/waves. Why? When you hang a fish on these scales it has to be still and if it is not it flashes 0.00 and will not put up a weight. So I had to break out the #$%^ing Berkleys. Did the weight bounce around? Sure, but at least it gave me a damn weight and we took the middle number. So I converted the ounces to 100th of a pound in parenthesis. You know it’s a great day when your client breaks a personal best 3 times in one day. Randy has a keeper for sure. Nikki was soooooo eager to learn and did she ever. These two reminded me a lot of my wife and I. They are not only husband and wife, but best friends too. They had a trip that they certainly won’t soon forget. Thanks for the opportunity you two and I sure hope to see you all again in the not so distant future.


Here are the unofficial Basschamps results…….them Haralson’s don’t mess around here on Falcon. Good gravy.





My girl Nikki would have slid into the 5 hole with her 20.29 lb sack today. No win, but a top five finish none the less. Well done Nikki!!!!



The doubles photo was on back to back casts for Nikki…..I put the first in the livewell to get the scales and cameras ready. I had her throw back out there while I did all this and BANG another fight to the finish was on….lol. Pretty freakin awesome.