News flash…..

……I love Falcon Lake. I mean the type of love that I can’t even talk about on this report because of the kids that read my report. I’m serious. If I go three days without being on her (Falcon…..get your minds out of the gutter) I start getting the shakes. Did Tommy and I catch 100 fish with a 40 pound bag? Nope and not close either, but goodness where else can you catch two 4 lbers and a 7.59 by 9 o’clock this time of year? I sure enjoyed the day to no ends. I could listen to Mr. Steve, Tommy, James, etc, etc talk about Falcon for days on end. As much as I like Vegas history and I have one heck of a library mind you….NOTHING beats listening to folks who have fished this lake as long as I have been alive. I know….NERD….go ahead call me a nerd, don’t care. I will be guiding Sunday and Wednesday for the week coming up. Got follow boats for both days, been a while since I had one of those. I am looking forward getting back out there with clients and sharing this straight up wonderful fishery.




Hey click on the link below and check out the video Tommy shot…..funny stuff.






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