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Falcon Report

Naked pea gravel and a big rat……

By January 20, 2013No Comments

I was gonna take today off and just fiddle with the boat and equipment before the big football games.  That was until ole Steve shot me a text and asked if I wanted to head out for a few hours.  I am not one to turn down Steve and we were both pretty geeked up after finding out about a 13 lber that was weighed in yesterday at one of the tournaments.  I think there was 5 different clubs in town.  It was packed this weekend.



We hit a few GRADE A spots of ours and got into a few fish and one in particular broke my heart…….and line.  I deserved it though, ole karma got me.  James was texting us and asking where we were and saying he hadn’t had a bite, etc.  So I called him and had him come over to us.  I told Steve I was gonna do a fake hook set on a rock when he pulled up.  Well he pulled up and I swung, but the problem is it wasn’t a joke and certainly no rock.  She was the best fish I’ve hit in a while and she wasn’t on for more than 0.0034 seconds.  Knot fail…..ugh.  James didn’t believe the action we were reporting, but on his second cast on this spot he hit paydirt……..



Now ole James said she went 9 and a quarter, but I think his scales might need an adjustment……lol.  We shared a few laughs over some pea gravel and talked about a big rat named Hannibal. Yawning+fancy+rat


James caught another fish before we all called it a day.  James caught his two fish on an old stand by…..10.5 inch t-rigged plum ole monster.  Hey James, when are my damn 10xds gonna be in!?!?!?


Steve and his lovely wife Susan came over for steak, what a great way to end the day.


The grilling of the steak took an eventful turn, but luckily I had my fire retardant suit handy and got everything under control……


My client that will be in town Tuesday and Wednesday is also my web developer and dang good friend.  If you see my site acting up later in the week you know it didn’t go well.  LOL.  He is bringing the GoPRO down, ugh…talk about pressure.