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My personal biggest fish of 2014…….

…….didn’t find her way to the scales. This one will be in my dreams for a while. DD22…..hit like a freight train and then nothing at all. I honestly thought I had a dink that hit the heck out of me and I pulled into a rock etc. Little did I realize it was swimming as fast as it could towards my boat. I literally didn’t catch up to that fish until it was 10 ft or so on the other side. I tried to stop that fish and that wasn’t happening. It got to about 30 ft to the other side before I turned her and she came to the top. I really thought I was about to see another alligator gar monster. Nope…..just a straight up giant of a bass. I knew I was in bad shape with that fish and was really hoping to get lucky and recover from the ass whooping she gave me, but she didn’t give me another chance as she spit the DD22 and went back down. Ohhhhh Falcon……that one hurt. Ryan also had an absolute brute get him all tangled up and broke off in the timber. lol……has not been our week for boating the big girls. Two of the last 4 days we have had some really big bites, but no dice. Ryan has one more day. Come on Falcon,┬áplay nice……please.




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