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My last trip for February 2015…..

…certainly didn’t go out with a bang, but rather a snot rocket or 13.




What a crock of shit. Do you see the “feels like” temperature? 34?….. No#$%&ing way. More like -34 and that was at 1 this afternoon! I took a pic of Dr. Jack this morning waiting for his first bite.

dr jack freezing


This February was the best February I have had in two years. Numbers were waaaaaay up and more days than not, brought opportunities at elite level fish. Did we boat a lot of those fish?… Not exactly, but just having them on and seeing them damn near daily was worth the price of admission. Here is the pic of my last February 2015 fish. She was a good one and I got lucky to boat her. I under estimated her size and went to boat flip and she broke my line. I thought at first that she had broke my rod. Luckily she broke off and landed in the boat for a nice photo op.



With the end of February fast approaching my calendar is just about maxed out in March. Take a quick look below at the next three months. If you see a day or two that looks interesting give me a shout. I am probably only going to book one or two more days in March.







See ya in March.




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