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My health, Falcon Lake, and Sugar Lake updates.

A lot has happened since my last report. I want to start off thanking everyone that has continued to have me in their thoughts and prayers. Please don’t stop as I am still in a dog fight. The first 6 days after the surgery were the worst 6 days of my 39 years on this planet. Listen…..I know pain. I have had multiple bouts of shingles….two blown out knees, a major neck reconstruction 5 years ago, a ruptured appendix and a few severely dislocated fingers, etc, etc. But I can promise you that they were nothing compared to the pure torture I endured for 6 straight days following my last neck surgery. It wasn’t till a steroid shot, that I received Monday, did I finally get some sort of relief. I am still heavily dependent on nerve and pain meds. I go to San Antonio for my check up Tuesday. Prior to the surgery the Dr thought a reasonable time line for me getting back in a boat was Christmas. I can’t imagine that at the moment. I do not want to be a Debby Downer, but I am not in good shape and Christmas is a mere 2 weeks out or so. With that said I do plan on jumping in James’ boat or Mr. Steve’s boat during this time period, but not to fish. I just want to go out and be on the water…..I don’t need to fish and certainly will not be going out in less than ideal conditions. I promised myself and my family that I would take this healing and recovery process slow, but it sure is tough. I’ve gained nearly 20 freaking pounds already and I literally can’t fit into my jeans…..pretty damn pissed about that development. I guess sitting in a recliner watching football and playing video games while eating boxes of twinkies isn’t good for ones waist line.


Enough about my health…….let’s talk about the fishing. I’ve stumbled myself down to the dock a few times to shoot the shit with fellow anglers and the common theme they tell me? I am not missing much right now…..which is so typical this time of year. These bass are getting crushed right now with cold fronts and rapidly cooling water temps along with a slow, but steady rise in the water levels. All of that mentioned equals some tough sledding, but if you are a trophy hunter? and have some patience? Head down South get into 15 to 25 foot of water and go to work. Big cranks and big plastics. What about Sugar you ask? I have talked to 3 boats in the last 4 weeks or so and its the same story it was when I was there prior to my surgery……catching fish isn’t a problem at all, but quality is still lacking. Folks are fishing much, much, much shallower right now on Sugar as it’s water levels went up a great deal as well.


There has been another “incident” on Falcon Lake this week. It happened around 8:45 at night and I don’t know any details and I don’t anticipate the real story will ever come out as well. I don’t like to hear of anyone losing their life regardless of the reasons. We are all on this Earth trying to survive and provide for our families and I will leave it at that.

Let me be clear as possible.

Zapata, TX is the nicest, friendliest, and quietest small town I’ve ever been too. VERY FEW people here wouldn’t give the shirt off their back to help anyone that comes to our town. When I hear of internet morons trashing this community and the surrounding areas it infuriates me. I love this town and I do mean this town….which is far more than just the lake for me. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again……you could offer me a million dollars cold cash to move from Zapata, TX. I would tell you to keep your money.


Thanks again for the thoughts and prayers everyone. We are going to keep fighting.




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