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My favorite times of the year….

……and if you are reading this odds are you already know what I look forward to the most.





Got to see my folks for the first time in 2019 and my girlies and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute. My Dad and I got to fish several days and watch a fair number of Tribe games. As you can tell by the pic above the girlies kept my Mom occupied most days. The fishing you ask? I am happy to report the fishing has taken a massive turn for the good. I honestly can’t remember the last time Falcon has fished so big. You can literally catch fish in 2 foot of water out to 22 foot from the North end to the South end and everywhere in between. Fun times are here let there be no doubt. Here are a few nice fish over the past handful of trips including Master Mike’s 10.02 lb MEGA Walrus which was the first DD of the year for High Stakes Bassin.



img_6029.jpg img_6037.jpg

img_0167.jpg img_0165.jpg

img_0164.jpg img_6075.jpg

img_6077.jpg img_6082.jpg


Check out my calendar and if you see some dates that catch your eye, drop me a line. I’m confident Falcon will not disappoint.



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